A Guide To Create A Perfect Photo Editing App

A Guide To Create A Perfect Photo Editing App

Every day over millions of Instagram photos and Facebook photos are shared. While sharing these photos, we want those to not just look good but great. That is why more and more people are now using photo editing apps. These days, everyone takes and posts pictures on their social media accounts. But before they publish them, they add beautiful stickers, filters, and more to the photos. Photo editing apps are software applications intended to edit photos on mobile devices. These kinds of apps can offer a range of features including controlling shutter speed, adding filters, and cropping. Some photo editing apps give you added features like creating an automatic setting for different scenes or creating collages.

Photo editing applications have become a part of smartphones these days. Right from clicking the ideal selfie to adding glow to a sunset photo, they can meet your editing needs with lesser efforts. In earlier times, people relied on Photoshop to edit a photo in the correct light, exposure, and color. This took them hours. Big thanks to the photo editing apps, you now can use your smartphone to edit a photo in an instant. Such apps do not simply stop with photo editing, you can use these tools to also add a slow-motion, a boomerang, or rewind effects to your vacation or home videos.

Why Create a Photo Editing App?

Nowadays, photography is the mainstream and that calls for creating a high-quality photo editing app. Everyone out there is taking photos and posting them. Moreover, they want the photos to look good and attractive. For this, they use photo editing apps that have the best and a range of features.

To be honest, a lot is involved in creating a photo editing app. Photo editing app development is not only challenging but time-consuming as well. So, if you are thinking to create a photo editing app, here is all that goes into it, according to a renowned mobile app development company Canada.

How Does a Good Photo Editing App Works?

Though there are many different photo editing apps available in the market with exclusive features, they have the same logic behind their operation. If you want to make your own photo editing app, you should understand its working from a user’s perspective. This includes:

  • Uploading a picture: The photo editing apps these days offer an option to take a picture immediately or select a photo from the library.
  • Selecting a preset or a filter: After choosing a photo, users can use a filter that they like. Some apps also let you adjust the strength of the filter.
  • Editing the Photo: The photo editing apps also offer you the option to change the photo. You can rotate, crop, adjust brightness, and do a lot more.
  • Saving the photo: Once you have made all the changes, you get an option to save new pictures on your device.
    Sharing edited images: Many apps also let you share photos on social networks without needing to leave the app.

The Most Important Features To Include in A Photo Sharing App

If you are thinking to create a photo editing app, you first need to consider which functions you want and need to add. Generally, the features are categorized into two. These are basic and advanced. The basic features are the ones that are mandatory for all kinds of photo editing apps. They make them user-friendly and well-functional. However, if you want to make your app unique and different, you can choose to add the advanced features in your app.

What Basic Features Should A Photo Editing App Include?

The basic features of a photo editing app can also be considered as the MVP features while creating a photo editing app. These MVP features are used to launch an app and get feedback from the users initially. Following that, photo editing app development experts can add more thrilling and complex features.

  1. Account Creation: Your app should make users register and create their personal accounts. It should be followed by filling profile details with users’ data.
  2. Camera: It is a great idea to offer your users the chance to click pictures from the editing app directly.
  3. Photo Uploading: The very first feature of a photo editing app should be to add a photo that you want to edit from the phone’s gallery or the ability to clack a new picture.
  4. Filters: You should offer your users the option to change or add filters. They should be able to adjust different filters.
  5. Remove Needless Objects: Since people keep clicking photos anywhere, they need to sometimes delete unnecessary objects from the background. So, it is a great option to have in your app.
  6. Rotate and Crop: If you want to make a useful photo editing app, you should offer the option to change the image size as per the standardized media formats to your users. Except for that, your users will also love the option to create customized sizes.
  7. Collage Creation: Your app users will definitely like the feature of collage makers included in the app. With this feature, users can combine many photos to make a new one. They can collect photos in one place to create memories with this feature. With this, they can also choose the total number of photos they wish to add.
  8. Save The Photos And Share: Once the user has edited an image, he/she would like to save it. Your app should offer two different options to the user to either modify the photo or save a new photo. They will also like to get the added option of sharing the photos on social media like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.
  9. Albums creation: Albums are required to store the edited photos. Do not forget to make the most out of the chance to share the albums with other users.

What Advanced Features Should A Photo Editing App Include?

  • AR Filters: The augmented reality filters are very famous nowadays as they offer new and thrilling effects for video and photo editing. They enable the addition of diverse objects to your photos.
  • Add Frames: You can also offer your users with different and beautiful frames. Users can choose a photo from the gallery of their phone and select the frame that they like.
  • Change Background: You can also offer your users the chance to replace the background of the photos with just a few simple clicks. With this feature, they just need to cut a photo’s part and choose a new background.
  • Retouch: Another important feature that you can add to your photo editing app is “Retouch.” This famous tool lets you remove any imperfection from the photo. The users can also make their teeth white and clear up ache or blemishes from the skin with this feature.
  • Write and Draw on the Photo: Another great feature that can be included in the photo editing app is writing or drawing on the images. Users get an opportunity to add personalized texts and choose the color of their choice with this feature. This feature makes photos customized and more exciting.

Best Ways To Monetize Your Photo Editing Apps

Do you want to monetize your photo editing app? If yes, then you need to consider some specific monetization strategies. Let’s have a look at some of them here:


Though this monetization strategy is a clear one, it is quite effective. The advertisement in the app lets you make a photo editing app available for free for the users and also get in revenues for the owners. But a major drawback of this strategy is that sometimes these kinds of apps make the users annoyed due to the frequency or number of ads displayed. So, you should offer your users the chance to close the ads and get back to the editor.

In-App Purchases

In this business model, some important functions are offered to the users at no charges and users just need to pay out for some advanced functionalities only. This is the most common business model used by most photo editing applications.

Paid Apps 

This is another obvious idea. By having thrilling features and good designs, you can set a reasonable cost and earn money from the app’s paid version. However, not every user is ready to go for a paid app. Most people choose the photo editing apps that are available for free.


So, this was our guide on creating a good photo editing app for iOS or Android platforms. Though this is a perspective industry, it is challenging too. Photo editing applications are gaining immense popularity all around the work since everyone out there wants to post creative and fantastic photos. Now that you know about everything that goes into creating a photo editing app, you just have to find out a dependable photo editing app development company that can help you in the creation of photo editing app that can do wonders!

What Is App Store Optimization? How It Works?

ASO Optimization

Being famous as other names like App store marketing and mobile app SEO, App Store optimization is a resource application which improves the mobile application ranking. Let’s begin by knowing what exactly is App Store Optimization.

App stores basically depend on:

Moreover, algorithms of app ranking are tied to the freshness, user value signals and perceived app quality. Sounds interesting? Obviously, it should.

Experts are well aware of the benefits of generating increased ROI from app stores so they are targeting to improve app visibility which automatically affect its ranking and downloads.

ASO, as it is commonly called, is the process of improving the chances of an app on app stores to be found more often and of maximizing the downloads chances. This is somewhat similar to Search Engine Optimization on the web. An App Store is similar to a store in the market where we purchase goods and products. The products displayed right ahead are the ones that get the customers attention and are having maximum sales. Same is the case with App Stores. An App can be ranked with the help of certain given keywords so that the mobile app development company profits from the hits and downloads of that app.

ASO focuses on expert resource application to rank the apps higher in the store. Mobile apps are created for different platforms like iPhone/iPad, Android, and Windows Mobile. Besides ranking the app other goals that ASO help in achieving are increased brand exposure, better app reviews and ratings, audience involvement, and extra advertising channel broadening. You will be justified if you invest in ASO as the number of apps and their users are growing day by day. There was an increase of around 50 billion apps from 2016 to 2017. The next best thing in which to invest is App Store Optimization.

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SEO and ASO may at first seem to be similar but there are differences between the two. App Stores rely on finding app content easily, indexation, and app ranking algorithms. These ranking algorithms are tied to the apparent quality of the app, the brand of the app, the freshness element, reviews, ratings etc. Marketing experts depend mainly on the following Key Performance Indicators to get maximum return of investment from the App Stores:

  • Ranking
  • Impressions
  • Shares
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Downloads

ASO works like SEO to optimize your app in a manner that it is visible to everyone. This process of optimization is an ever-evolving process. Real work begins only after the app has been built.  Now you need people to know about your app, you have to drive them to it. Using ASO you can easily track and measure the performance of your app and know where it lacks. This helps you to improve upon your app and provide the users with a better updated version. This will place your app in a significant position in the app store.

App Store optimization

The ASO has its foundation based in the Organic Optimization. A number of tactics that help SEO gain can also be applied to ASO. These include:

  • App name, title, and URL optimization.
  • Keyword research for ASO.
  • App rating and reviews generation and handling.
  • Deep linking within a mobile app.
  • Click through rate optimization.

Besides these, a web site can be seen as a very good resource to up-market your app. The website should be able to send traffic from the web site to the app store for downloads. This is very important as app stores cannot do this themselves. A number of specific optimization areas within app stores can be targeted for updates, alteration, and continuing optimization. These can be:

App name, URL, and subtitle: Ensure that your title reflects the keywords that describe the functioning of the app. It must be kept in mind that these areas mirror the highest value keywords and user search behaviour.

App Keywords: The keywords must be updated to represent the latest user queries. The developers must perform a traditional research of keywords for the sake of optimization.

App ratings and reviews: This is one area which the user, developer, and the reviewer will peek into. There has to be a framework for a review system for the app. This will not only be responsible for reviewing but also for replying to and engaging with reviews.

App downloads: The more downloads you have on the app store, the more profits you have. It is only to increase the downloads that the whole concept of ASO exists. The more downloads the app has, the better prominence it receives in the app store rankings.

 The most important thing that you should consider is that the app must be error free, updated to the latest version, and have new feature additions so that it can draw the attention of the user. With frequent updates and new features, your brand value grows and next time users will start looking for the brand too when they search for an app on the app store. So, the fresher your app is, the better recognition your brand gets on the app store.

Here are some tips that will help you gain relevance in the app store:

Always ensure that you have relevant keywords in your app description, name, and title.  Spend some time on researching for the most sought-after keywords.

The product page should be well designed and easy to use. Keep on making changes to this page to facilitate the users.

While working on a macOS machine, ensure that you use Spotlight Search. By using this app, you can become familiar with keywords already existing. Provide some unique keywords for your app to rank in the app store.

Test each of your app store fields to frequently upgrade key metrics associated with the field (CTR, CRO etc.). This type of testing is critical for getting the most from the available optimization areas within app stores.

Videos, Screenshots, thumbnails help the user know what the app look like and how it functions. Don’t make very big videos as it will bore the users. A 30 sec video and 4 or 5 screenshots from your app will be enough of a look at your app.

Knowing beforehand the ranking algorithms and how they come into force while ranking your app on the app store, you will be ahead of your competitors by quite some ranks. However, remember that ASO is an ongoing process. The moment you are careless, your app might lose the rank it enjoyed. A successful ASO approach requires a sharp eye, a fondness for analytics, and regular check-ins.

Building the Perfect Team for Your Startup Business


To start a business, it is very essential that the start-up hires the right employees. However, it is also important to bring out the spirit of a team among all of them. For example, if you are planning to establish a business of mobile app development, then you should hire mobile app developers in Canada with relevant experience in this particular field. The employer or the manager could start by understanding the skills that each and every member of his team possess, and assign work accordingly. In this manner, all the employees would be working up to their potential.

Next, it is the vision of the organization that the employees must understand. For this to happen, the employer must share this vision/goal with his subordinates so that they can work towards achieving it together. The employees, accompanied by their skills, must be passionate enough to do so. The goal can be accomplished only if the zeal to do so exists.

If you look at research on why startups don’t make it, the wrong team is among the top reasons.


The following steps may be helpful to any new start-up:

  • Focus on Goals
  • Find Suitable Employees
  • Grow with the Company
  • Feedback
  • Involve in the Work

Focus on Goals

Any organization that is just starting up needs to be more focused on achieving its goals than others. This is something that will reflect in the attitude of the organization and you in particular. Goals make you come back to the office the next day. Be passionate about your goals. You could set certain goals as:

  • Satisfying Customer Needs
  • Work till today’s goal is achieved
  • Providing 24×7 Support
  • Providing the Product without any fault
  • Rewarding Team Members

The Right People


Next, the start-up must search for people who are willing to work with them with a passion to achieve the desired goals. Ensure that you do not fall prey to someone who might be just on the lookout for some lucrative designations but may actually lack the spirit that helps achieve the targets. Such people may have very high expectations irrespective of the time the organization is going through. High perks, bonuses, and other privileges are all that they might be desiring. Be aware.

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However, such individuals are very handy when they become partners or investors. Any success or failure is bound to be shared by them also. As such they will keep track of all activity that is taking place within the premises of the organization.

At this point of time, your skills can be cultivated. The start-up needs to have a culture of its own that will lead it to its goal. So, find people who have the capability of working with the same zeal as the owner does. Like minded people will lead the company to success, and its goals to fulfillment.


The employees who are working with the organization must be familiar with their (the company’s) vision. This is the job of management to explain the culture that they want to build in the organization. After all, employees are the building bricks of the company. The employees must know what the organizations wants to become in the times ahead. A hierarchy (customers, management, partners, colleagues etc.) that exists can also be explained and how to communicate within that hierarchy must be made clear to each one in the organization. Be a Team Member yourself, to begin with. Always follow a simple rule not to say “I will work to achieve goal” instead say “We will work together to achieve this goal”. “We” depicts your team spirit which creates positive environment in workplace.


Once inducted into the organization, do not let the employees feel a sense of no-doer. Get them going from day one with some useful work. Once they are doing something provide them time frames, or timelines in which to finish a work. They might see this as a chance to show themselves to their superiors and look for rewards as well. While on rewards, employers or senior management must come up with different types of rewards for employees who have come good with their work. These may be in the form of a pay hike, a bonus, a vacation for a few days etc. Another thing that the management can do is mentor their employees by partnering them with a senior or experienced person.

There will be people,however, in the organization that may always find fault in whatever projects are being undertaken. It might be due to their personal life, financial problems, some inability (physically or mentally) that dissuades them from doing their work. Deal with such employees very carefully. Handle them softly before imposing judgements or straight away firing them. These should be the last resort only.


An organization will only grow if all the members of that organization know what they are supposed to do or what are their roles. If this is not clear, there might be misgivings in a team and eventually, the organization and the employees will both suffer. Roles and the tasks to be performed by them must be updated from time to time.

Grow with the Company

Do not hire people who might want to be the Chief Operating Officer, Manager, Head of Department or want some title for them. Such people are not interested in the organizations’ but their growth. Let all the employees of the organization understand one basic fact – Everyone grows when the Company grows. Nobody gets a title until he/she deserves it. Of course, someday someone from the lot will get to have that position but as for now, they have to be just a normal employee. Make the concept of a review in the organization a regular feature so that the employees feel that they are bound to grow and will also put in some effort for the sake of it.

Team Building

To make the organization grow, it is necessary that the employees grow along too. If a project demands some set of skills, ensure to update some existing employees with the required skills rather than bring in new ones. This has a double benefit – the project gets the required skills, and the management gets an updated employee without having to spend much.

Team Value


The employees of an organization must have a bonding with the company. They must know that in good or bad, the organization will stand by them. Provide employees with the tools they want. Some leaves here and there would just enhance the employer’s image in their eyes (after all everyone has a life besides the company). Also, ensure to celebrate whenever an employee in the organization achieves a desired goal. This will fill him/her with pride and the employee will put more efforts while working on another project.


As people start working with the organization, the organization must keep all its eyes open to all its employees. This ensures that nobody is falling behind schedule, or going off track. In case such a thing is noticed by the management, there is the process of feedback that is good for both the organization as well as the employees. While the organization benefits by completing its project on schedule, the employee benefits by not making the same mistake time and again. Feedback is a report of the employee’s progress but on a softer note. As such it must be taken on a lighter note so that it has benefits instead of causing grudges.

The Work

Last, but not least is the work itself. The organization exists because it desires to achieve certain goals for which it needs to work with the right people following correct schedules and growing with those people who are ready to give their time to the organization. If the organization works with a focus in mind, in due time it will become the focus of its customer who might even become permanent customers of the organization for some products or services. The work of the organization can only be seen through the output it brings to the customers. Any negligence and the whole progress from the beginning to the project end might yield a negative impact on the organization. The organization has to bear in mind these factors before it can present its product in the market for the customers.

Keep in Mind

Some employees in the organization are just there to distract the professional environment by giving irrelevant ideas. Do not allow any of such employees to hinder the growth of the organization. It is fair enough to give them a chance but not every time. People who do not want a change either in their way of working or in the organization should be welcomed to leave. Also, it is better to avoid the employees who consider themselves the best. Let them survive by their way of competition.

Having said all this,  a word of understanding – “Do not resort to micro-management”. Micro-management is when you start observing your employees too much that they feel like prisoners when inside the company. Give them a free-hand and see the results. If they don’t turn up with something good, resort to feedback but not Micro-management.


What’s your best advice for building a superstar team?

How to create a dating app like a Tinder?


In the era of technology, people prefer to use an online dating app to find their dating partner. It is obvious that one can not neglect the dating apps as compared to limited offline presence. As Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps and this app has magnified its reach over web version also.

Number of visitors finding online dating partner is increasing day by day. If you are also planning for the same, then you must be clear with the question that:

Why Tinder is so popular among users????

Do you want to develop a same mobile app like Tinder?????

Following are some factors that must be considered while creating a dating app:

? Safety features: Security of women and their private data is very important. It takes some time to understand a partner, as people can meet online to start their relationship but women require extra safety assurance.

? Proper UX: A good and proper UX is required for a mobile dating app which must provide the following:

  • Easy navigation in the app
  • Easy way to find a ‘match’
  • Chat facility

As dating apps are usually location-based which allow you to connect with mutually interested users to have interaction with them without any meeting. As these dating apps usually offer ‘swipe feature’ but it’s credit goes to the Tinder only which converted the initial clicking into swiping.

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If you have any idea to develop an app like Tinder, then you must consider:

Target audience: Who are your potential users and their age? On which concept you want to make a dating app? In order to become different from the crowd, add some new features using various concepts in your app. Make sure you want to target only girls, boys or gay, lesbian also. Here are some ideas that you must remember while planning for developing new app:

  • Grindr app is the largest gay social network in the world.
  • TasteBuds app connects people with same music interests.
  • Hater app meets new people based on the things you hate.
  • Her dating app is the best platform for queer women, bisexual and lesbian worldwide.

The concept of these apps is not copying the popular apps but to develop their own user base where people can reflect their preferences in fullest.


Features that your dating app should have:

  • Registration
  • Search engine
  • Geo-location
  • Admin panel
  • Chatting
  • Notifications
  • My profile
  • Login
  • Home Screen
  • Settings
  • Matching algorithms

Important things to remember while making a dating mobile app like Tinder:

  1. Create an intuitive navigation
  2. Make explanatory tutorial for unusual gestures so users can understand how to use the app.
  3. Select color and format of app according to target audience i.e. for youth or for elderly people.
  4. Add profiles in a readable form
  5. Give an up to date look to the app.

Some important things to consider during the development of a dating mobile app:

? Planning for cost and time to develop a dating app:

Keep following your competitors in order to know their weakness and strengths that you can develop an outstanding dating app like Tinder. Do a proper research about the product and needs of your target audience. Also, plan your budget which you can invest in the app development.

? Wireframing

Build a prototype to determine various factors of the cost of On-demand dating app development. Placement of every screen, button and icon should be planned correctly. Ensure the consistent animals to deliver a good user experience.

? User Profile: Feature to add or edit the information collected from other social media accounts of user.

? User Setting: Setting of app according to the age, gender and distance.

? Personal chat: Users can chat with their matched profiles according to their preference.

? Notification: There should be notification for every new match and message.

Cost to develop a dating app like Tinder?


Well, as you are now cleared with all the important aspects that you should be covered for dating app development. Now, it’s time to focus on investment. So, here we are going to share some factors that affect the cost of developing a dating app like Tinder:

(i) Features: Here are the major possibilities that you should consider while developing a dating app. You can go with viable features, advanced features as well as both basic & advanced features.

(ii) Operating System: Although, the device choice totally depends on the users that which operating system they prefer. But creating iOS app is much expensive than creating an android app. So, if you are planning to develop an app for both platforms then your budget should be according to that.

(iii) Technology: Code of mobile apps are different according to technology. If you have not technical knowledge of codes of mobile app development then you should get guidance from app developers.

(iv) Resources: If you are planning to hire a team for mobile app development then you should confirm their experiences after looking for their case studies. Now, compare the cost of app development and then take a decision.

Cost of mobile app development depends on different variables so it’s quite difficult to get an idea of the exact figure but you can have a rough idea. Include the maintenance and support cost in the total cost of app development.

If you are planning to develop an app with basic features , then the price can range between ******* to *******. But if your are planning to create an app with advanced features, then the cost can vary in between ***** to *****.

Conclusion: In the era of technology and modernism, developing a dating app like Tinder can be very beneficial for business. Although, there are many dating apps in market but if you succeed in offering extra features to clients then you can lead the race. So, let’s start with the best mobile app development to reap the best benefit.



The basic aim of developing a on demand app is to track the real-time location of a person. But this tracking information as well as functionalities of various apps can be transformed and used in many ways across various industries. Some instances of using this app include following:

  • GPS location tracking can be used to streamline the fleet management operations. The users of the location tracking apps can offer the drivers with the mapping as well as routing functionalities. Through the GPS tracking app, the user can produce reports along with forwarding warnings, in case of any emergency. In these situations, a GPS location tracking app abolishes the need of buying any handheld electronics supporting GPS.
  • GPS tracking, when combined with the time tracking, can help to determine the efficiency as well as performance of employees. In addition to this, the GPS tracking app developer can integrate the automatic reporting with payment, but this depends on extra time the developer has. Thus, this app can stand as an efficient as well as robust management tool.
  • The developer can develop a GPS location app for outdoor as well as athletes so that the users can plan their day routes efficiently and get details of the distance they covered.

Factors affecting GPS tracking app development

  • The actions of the users as well as their frequency of re-evaluations are conducted with respect to the change in position or location of the user
  • Keep a record of location for references.
  • Cell-ID, Wi-Fi, Network data, along with GPS can help to provide the data on the location of the users. But it depends on the choices and can be difficult at times because all of them have differences in speed, exactitude, as well as battery efficiency.

These last two factors can lead to unfolding prevalence of the assisted GPS app. This app uses both functions of GPS as well as network data so that the information about the location can be obtained. Google Maps along with other map-related apps utilizes this style as well as recommend the user to connect their device to network data for getting an enhanced location positioning.

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If the customers of GPS apps happen to be iOS users, then the developer needs to compare Core Location Framework with the related APIs. It will help the developer to identify the status of the app’s user along with his/her direction, design, as well as plan the delivery of place as well as manage events, creating the geofence if there is any such requirement making sure that the app works well with iBeacons.

Developing a GPS application for Android users


There are two different approaches for receiving the information about the location of the user. These approaches are well compatible with Android platform.

  • Utilizing Google Play services location APIs
  • Utilizing Android framework location APIs

If GPS tracking app has to be developed, the developer needs to remember some points which require a special attention:

  • Optimum application performance. There are applications that can greatly heat the smartphone while operating. The reason is sometimes hidden in non-optimal algorithms for processing data collected from sensors or the lack of methods for caching and filtering information. That’s why it’s so important to hire development experts who really know how to create a GPS location app at a high professional level.
  • Interface design. The geolocation app of any format will display a large amount of information at different zoom levels. The designers should conduct several iterations of Usability testing in order to make sure that the GPS tracking app development leads to the desired result.
  • Quality assurance. Emulation of the location is not always able to find weaknesses and possible errors in mobile services. Therefore, QA engineers have to conduct many test scenarios in real operating conditions.

In fact, GPS apps are counted in those providing geolocation services and whose functions solely base on the location data of the user.

  1. GPS Apps having notifications in certain locations

Such apps are very effective for planning loyalty programs in different companies. For instance, a geolocation service can provide the users an opportunity to gain points when they visit certain locations. And then later these earned points can be used to avail some discount or some gift coupons.

So, if a person has a chain of shops, restaurants, pharmacies, and wants to do promotion of one of those outlets, he/she should opt for the GPS tracking app development.

  1. GPS Apps for finding various places and availing various services

Few examples of the apps which need geolocation service include Zomato and Foursquare. The apps allow the users to go through the various offers of the nearby restaurants. With these apps, it becomes easy for both the owners of the place to dine and for businessmen who need the creation of GPS location app for earning through advertisements, and getting paid exclusive features

Using the geolocation feature for developing GPS tracking apps.

1. Transport services

There is an ongoing competition between transport companies. This competition is increasing with the increase in time. That’s why a developer should search for new opportunities to grow the business as well as lower the costs. Today, one of the emerging opportunities is to develop GPS tracking app for transportation & logistics business.

A GPS-enabled app plays an important role in:

  1. Taxi services. It is because of the geolocation feature in the app that the dispatchers can easily track the location of the taxi. The customer booking a taxi now has a chance to check the number of nearby cars, and the distance of those from his/her location. If any such business which is related to the taxi service, the owner of the business needs to get a GPS app.
  2. Shipping and courier delivery. Because of GPS tracking apps, one can easily and effectively track the cargo transportation, check the delivery of goods, and track location as well as speed of the vehicles in real-time.

2. Content related to a certain location

Here, it refers to those apps whose content is available only in certain locations. For instance, SnapChat app offers its users the feature of Geo filters which helps in making the snaps supplemented with some specific pattern, specifically, for a certain location. There are many brands which take advantage of it to promote their services. For instance, McDonald’s has an excellent set of Geo filters which the users of Snap Chat can enjoy simultaneously dining in the establishment.

3. Caution about dangerous situations

The developer can create a location app which can help to send notifications to the users about possible dangerous situation near them. This geolocation service collects negative news as well as report the people about their immediate safety measures.

4. Automate tasks

People really love it when some other person performs the boring and monotonous routine actions on their behalf because there are various actions which are associated with certain locations. So, the app with geolocation services is likely to be in great demand, and it will beneficial for the developer to create such apps (that is, GPS tracking app development), because it can turn out to be a good source of profit.

There are some examples of such apps that already exist, like Trigger application. This app helps to send the notifications to the person who is leaving office in evening. The interface of this app is user-friendly with the disadvantage that it is compatible only with Android OS.

5. Recreation as well as entertainment

Thinking about how to build a GPS location apps if you want to provide people with a service that will help them to have a more effective rest. Such an application will tell users what restaurants they should visit nearby, which stores around them are offering discounts right now, where there is a sale, etc. This is a very promising area, believe us.


Arousing Consumer interest in the GPS location app development:

  1. Expanding the boundaries

Earlier, any individual would have to demonstrate to others his/her identity through his/her page in any social network. But this information was of “static” nature. With the introduction of the geolocation feature, it has become a trend of logical as well as improved continuation. Because of this, the user can feel “dynamism”. Now he/she can provide more information about his/her daily routine, lifestyle, and social status.

  1. High involvement of the users in the process of recommendations, assessments, and ranking

Today, almost all the successful businesses use geolocation services to a particular extent while interacting with the customers so that they can help them in generating independent content. Along with this, the users have freedom to create various geolocation marks so as to achieve an exclusive social status or to gain more points. This mechanism is very powerful and growing viral.

  1. Commercial benefits 

Any typical customer would appreciate the great advantages of location apps, like an opportunity to get the recommendations, tips, as well as hints from nearby people who have already availed that service.  So, a GPS-based app development is expanding its range for influencing the users. Instead of casually informing the user about the nearby happenings, these GPS-based apps are turning out to be a discount searching tool.


Opting for a Successful eCommerce Entrepreneurs


In this fast-changing world, everything comes wrapped in technology. Today it has become important to understand the ever-changing needs of customers to gain a competitive advantage in the market. While everything is becoming “E-“, there are many retailers who are suffering. This “E-“ involves “E-commerce”, “E-business”, and “E-retailing”. With the advent of “E-“, there has been a rise in eCommerce apps. Thus, it’s because of the concept of eCommerce, there has been a hike in eCommerce app development.

Starting with, let’s understand the concept of the revolutionary “E-“ factor. Firstly, “E-business” refers to doing business over the Internet exclusively. At the same time, it can be understood as a business which uses technology to improve its profit as well as productivity. Secondly, “E-commerce” can be understood as transaction of the goods using Internet or any other computer network. This transaction refers to the buying and selling of products and services. Lastly, “E-retailing” refers to selling the retail goods over Internet and can be related to B2C relationship.

The change in technological factors which influence the mindset of the customers include money and time. Today, the customers want to look at a larger picture and segment themselves in accordance with their convenience. Thus, slowly and gradually, the customers are moving from brick-and-mortar concept to “E-”concept, in accordance with their convenience. If the retailers want to survive in this cut-throat competition, they need not only add values to their products but also to their services. This value addition can help the retailers to customer gain as well as customer retention, thus acting as a hurdle to the rise of “E-“ factor.

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If one wants to become an entrepreneur and wants to understand various marketing skills effectively, so that he/she does not weaken to be kicked off from the market, then he/she should need to understand entrepreneurship and marketing from the scratch. It is important to learn the relevant skills because they can become an asset in the long-run for the entrepreneur. These marketing skills can help to inspire and build a good team and can take the business to a high level with the help of Internet. But before all this, he/she needs to be clear about the concept of Internet marketing, which can lead to building a strong startup.

1).  To stand out in the market, it is needed that a strong foundation of the business is laid. For this, the entrepreneur needs to choose the target audience and the target market wisely. If not done properly, all the marketing skills can get ruined.

2).  A novice who wants to become entrepreneur needs to know about the first step which can lead to the effective marketing of the business, but only a few people understand the initial step. The first step is to organize marketing campaigns. With the help of marketing campaigns, one can start building the business successfully by creating a long-lasting impact on the customers. The money which the entrepreneur spends on the marketing campaigns can benefit the business in the long-run. The business can reach to such a greater height that it can outshine all the existing competitors who working in the same niche. Along with the marketing campaigns, the Mobile apps can play a crucial role.

3).  After done with the marketing campaigns, the entrepreneur can analyze the stats and the traffic that’s coming his/her way. The next step is to take effective steps for online marketing. The marketing campaign turned beneficial but if online marketing is done at an effective level, it can add value to the business. From this, the entrepreneur can check and analyze the stats and conclude about the efficiency of the steps taken. With these two steps, the novice has gained a good experience in the entrepreneurship. This helps in deriving two- to three-fold results.

The third step is scaling the results. The scaling refers that the entrepreneur needs to execute mathematical calculations which can result the business to achieve greater heights in the market.

Now that the novice-cum-entrepreneur has successfully executed all the steps by using the marketing skills efficiently and has placed the business on the top, he/she needs to bring the business automation. With the help of this automation process, the business will not remain stagnant, instead will keep running 24X7X365.

The primary concern of an eCommerce entrepreneur is choosing right technology to sell its products and services online in an effective manner for short-run as well as long-run. The entire environment of eCommerce needs a form of organized logistics that can be controlled from the back-end.

The structure of eCommerce is concerned about selling. To define a successful eCommerce entrepreneur, the “knowing” part has to be considered. This is the time when one needs to know about the customer segmentation, the target audience and the target niche. For this, he/she needs to understand the demographic nature of the target audience and the target area too.

The path of eCommerce entrepreneurs is full of fluctuations. Sometimes, he/she might be spending more to get the customer attention and retention. Thus, the need of the hour is a perfect balance. The resources need to be optimally invested.

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The initial mistake that the eCommerce entrepreneur makes is to rushing out to launch the business website and the business mobile app too soon. A little patience is required during app development. Obviously, the website as well as app have to be launched but one should not start without any proper planning. For instance, one can buy the domain name for the website but instead of displaying the content over the website, leave a page “Coming Soon”. In this way, the website can be prepared side by side. There is a need of solid background to promote the website which includes the usage of SEO, social media, content marketing and paid advertising.

With the rise of eCommerce app development companies, has seen a hike. These mobile apps help to reach to the target customers all over the world with the help of Internet.

Because of the rising skills of eCommerce, many startups are preferring to give mobile apps to the customers over the website for selling the products online.

The technology of AI and VR is where the future of the eCommerce lies. The technology has the power to renovate the entire environment of eCommerce. So, for a successful eCommerce entrepreneur, it is important to have a mobile app which can further result in the following advantages:

  1. Enhance visibility to the customers

Recently, a survey was conducted which stated that over 60% of the business strategists depend on the mobile app development for developing a space for them in the market. Thus, as per the survey, it is evident that the future can see a great rise in the eCommerce mobile app development. With the rise in technology, there is a great dependency of people on mobiles. It will be beneficial for the business to develop the eCommerce mobile app if the large number of people has to be captured at the same time.

  1. Push Notifications

If an eCommerce entrepreneur wants to remind the customers about the ongoing or upcoming sale and offer of any product, he/she should go for the push notifications. At the same time, the push notifications should not be overused because it can lead to decline in customer retention. With the help of push notifications, the entrepreneur can create the brand awareness of its product and can update the customers regarding the latest products. Thus, an eCommerce mobile app can play an essential role in developing marketing strategies.

  1. Features of smartphone integrated with e-commerce apps

The different in-built features of smartphones include camera, microphone, GPS tracker, and others which can easily integrate with the features of eCommerce apps so as to keep a track of the activities of the customer. More integrated are the features of smartphone, more they can help the customers as well as eCommerce entrepreneurs to create a special place in the minds of the people. A well why eCommerce application can lead the website reach the top level, which can lead to increasing customer involvement with various smartphones. If an eCommerce entrepreneur aims to develop the website to be recognized, it is better to opt for an eCommerce mobile app too which demonstrates the business functionalities.

  1. Improved Usability

Once the app gets downloaded, it is necessary that that particular eCommerce mobile app possesses such features which enhance the usability of the app and are easy to use by a novice customer too. Because of the improved and enhanced usability, the eCommerce entrepreneur can make a strong of his/her business on the customers who are using his/her mobile app for purchasing the products. Along with this, it needs to be understood that as soon as the app is downloaded, it should start working within a fraction of seconds so that customers need not wait for a long time. The developers should develop the app in such a way that navigating across the app be easy and quick.

Which is Better? React Native or Real Native for Mobile app Development


So, you want to develop the mobile apps that work on both Android and iOS… Would you learn the native language for each app or would you learn JavaScript framework that helps to develop applications in both the language with the single code base?

Although in mobile app development ecosystem, before you start developing any apps, you need to choose tools, platforms, frameworks to build the apps. In selecting the right toolset, several factors are considered by mobile app developers i.e.:

  • Nature of the product
  • Target audience
  • Cost of the project
  • Existing code skills
  • Purpose of the app
  • Longevity of the product

Yet, knowing the goals, developers are perplexed by the choice of platform, frameworks or tools. But, the key selection they have to precisely make is about the platform – React Native or Native…

But what is Native applications and React Native all about?

Native applications are developed particularly for a specific platform with the tools specific to a programming language. For instance:  Android, developers need to code in Java using Android studio as the environment, while iOS apps are developed in Objective –C or Swift using Xcode as IDE. Development environments for both are different which means, you will need a team of developers for Android and iOS to develop two different applications.

On the contrary, React Native is a framework created by Facebook which is intended to develop applications for iOS and Android both. Hence, it refrains the need of two different applications; only single code is enough for both Android and iOS platform.

Let’s dive in deeper…..

  • Which is the best? React Native or Native


Well, it all depends on nature, size and target audience of the project.

But, it is said that after the arrival of React Native, there are many improvisations in the UI of mobile app; graphic elements improved to match the standards of platform. Moreover, it is developed by JavaScript which is a simple programming language and can be learned easily. It lessens up the time of app development and the cost as single team of developers can develop one app for two platform.

When it comes to Native apps i.e. Objective C or Swift; it is difficult to cope up with but errors can be caught at early stage of compilation. Moreover, Objective C and Java are getting upgraded to stand at par with modern language.

  • Third-party libraries

In Native app development, for adding functionality, you get full support from API or third party library and third-party library wouldn’t require any further integration. The community is small but there are lot of resources available to available to carry out the app development.

When it comes to React Native, although community is big, it doesn’t support APIs. To use third-party libraries of native apps, these incorporations must be written in Native modules i.e. you need to code for Android and iOS both which is very daunting task.

  • Web app development

When it comes to web app development, React Native stands on leading position. As web development is simple, comprehensive knowledge of web app development will prove beneficial as debugging flows and toolset architecture becomes easier. Moreover, developers can refrain from doing web programming if there are any React.js developers supporting the project.

When we talk about Native application, it has nothing to do with web app development.

  • Community Size

React Native was developed by Facebook which one of the high-performing social media platform. Hence, the number is enough to describe the number on the React Native community which is almost close to 32k. Moreover, React Native is an open source by nature and hence, reusable components can be used in applications.

When it comes to native applications, it doesn’t hold the support of large community and support from peer engineers.

  • App Performance

When Native applications and React Native are compared, both out-performs. With React Native, developing simple apps becomes much easier but if implemented with AR/VR, Blockchain, it may create problems.

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When developing apps with native applications, developers find it easier to develop apps by incorporating the techniques.

  • Reloading

In Native apps, making minor change is pain as it requires you to rebuild everything from scratch. You need to wait for the app to launch again to verify the changes which results into much tedious process. If the file contains number of files, then multiple runs add fuel to the fire and you have to spend much of the time in waiting.

React Native apps are equipped with JS bundle that holds the application code and other assets. Reload process is very quick and you don’t have to rebuild the app ever again as the content of the bundle are cached on the device.

  • Localization

In native apps, developers have to manage the separate files for localizing the strings. Although there are the frameworks that provide easier approach, it lacked standard ways to keep all translations in one place.

React-Native localization – one of the very popular module in React native apps uses single file of translation for strings all over project. This means, developers have to build only JSON file which holds translations for all language. React Native can understand the locale on user’s device and can apply translations accordingly.

So, who wins the battlefield?

By checking out the above-mentioned scenarios, in some ways React Native is standing in front and in some aspects Native proved better. Hence, the app developers need to develop the project on the language that works best according to the requirements.

React Native is the best suited if one is looking to develop app similar to Facebook or Instagram which has large community and reusable components. Native apps are better if one is looking to develop an app that has features of AR or if planning to use third party libraries or APIs.

It is always best to hire React app developers in Toronto to develop the application that can give you an edge to the business.

Wrapping it up

Both Native apps and React Native has its own pros and cons; however, it is up to the mobile app developers to decide which the best one is.

iQlance being the best mobile app development company in Toronto can help to develop the solution that can leverage your business. Our mobile app developers are well versed in developing React Native and Native apps and can build the apps that can cater your requirements.

Angular JS has gained Popularity as an open-source Web app development

angularjs-development services

Developing app is becoming a culture more than remaining a craze. The sheer number of ways to develop an app sets the tone of the challenge for the app developer. Angular JS is one choice for many of the developers due to its simplicity and easy integrability.

Easy for new developers

Angular JS is a JavaScript framework that helps new developers understand coding structure and application functionality. It works very well to manage heavy web applications, along with its complex requirements and many components. So, if you spend some time learning it, you will benefit.

Easy to adapt

The plug and play functionality helps the developer to copy and paste the existing features that he wants to use in the modern design. So, the old features will come in the modern design without any need for new code. But, this does not mean that the developer can become an expert without any knowledge. He will need to know JQuery and JavaScript. Once he knows these two, then the other things will move on easily. With more practice, the developer will become more proficient. With experience, one can design many stunning apps with Angular JS.

Most other codes need you to write an MVC pipeline. But, with Angular JS you need not do that. You can develop smaller data models using HTML. Besides, you have an evolving community because of the open-source nature of the language. Plus, Google developed it, so it will always have interested people and experts backing the entire project.

Less distraction during design

The development is so easy because the developer does not have to bother with the JQuery calls and DOM configurations. The UI developers find it easy to work with a greater focus on design. You get encouragement to work with models on the client side. And you also see the same thing happen on the server-side.

Developing apps with AngularJS is so simple and easy. The developers design new ones without breaking a sweat within a brief period. It is easy to get started and as easy to finish the design with simple HTML code. Another good feature that we see in AngularJS is that it exhibits two-way binding. So, you avoid writing enormous amounts of boilerplate code. The two-way data binding works to synchronize the model with the DOM working both ways.

Separation of the logic component

The MVC structure remains implemented by AngularJS; the logic component and the data remains separate. It then uses dependency injection to put in place server-side services in the traditional manner. Some of these are view-dependent controllers and web applications on the client side.

The AngularJS framework helps develop small one-page applications. This makes it a favorite among new developers. The custom tag attributes remain embedded into an HTML page. AngularJS framework first reads the HTML page and reckons the attributes as directives. These directives help bind the input and output parts of the page to any model denoted using normal JavaScript variables. You can set the values for those variables in the code or JSON resources that may remain static or dynamic.

AngularJS is the frontend of the MEAN stack. This MEAN stack is the combination of MongoDB database and Express.js web application server framework. AngularJS makes up another part of this stack with the Node.js providing the runtime environment.

The premise for the construction of the framework remains based on the argument that the business logic of the application is best defined by the imperative programming. The creation of user interfaces and connection to software components remains done by declarative programming. Thus, you develop a structure for the building of an app from designing the UI to the final testing the app phase.

Hire Offshore AngularJS Development Company


iQlance is a leading AngularJS development company, based in CA. Since its launch, it has become an amazing way of declaring static documents. Our expertise in AngularJS has saved a lot of time of our developers. with its skilled team of AngularJS developers is a highly experienced web and mobile app development company, which has delivered few exceptional mobile solutions to clients across the world.

Know about Android app shortcuts that are actually useful

android code shortcut tips

The android phone is a big boon due to the simplicity of use compared to the iPhone and the computer. But, when it comes to the crunch, does it deliver? How many times have you dug out the phone and then put it back because the moment had passed and you could not access the app in time? We come to the moment when we can finally install the shortcuts that allows instant access to apps you need to use.

Make a shortcut for Massages, Direct calls, Navigation

You can use the Messages and the Calls with just a tap on the Home screen. Go to the Widgets sections and activate the Directly Call and Message a contact. You can also use the Navigate widget to find the shortcut to any place you want to go. When you use communication apps like Skype or WhatsApp you can create groups. This lets you get in touch at a mere touch.

Use Activity shortcuts to go directly to the app android app shortcuts

You see Activities depicted as screens for an app. You can create app shortcuts and create links to specific pages within the app. Like this you can create a direct link to the Navigation screen of the Maps app. In addition, you can use the third-party launchers. This will come with the app you download. There you have the option of placing the app on the Home screen. You cannot use the shortcut on any other screen.

Use Google Voice Commands

This helps you manage your Android hands-free. You must activate the “OK Google” voice detection in the Settings. Under Settings, go to Voice. Then, click the OK button and you can activate the phone by saying “OK Google”. You can set reminders, make calls, take notes, or make a general query.

Make the Search for apps easy

When you have plenty of apps installed, searching for app that you use once in a while may be difficult. Then, there is one way around this. Google widget helps you locate and launch apps quickly. You can also use the search bar on the phone search page.

Scan a document

Did you know that Google Drive has a Scan button? You can quickly scan a receipt or any document but the process is tedious. Another way to do this is to tap and hold the Drive icon, you can then tap Scan. You will go immediately to the scanner viewfinder. The item you scan will upload to the top level in the Drive directory. You can change these files to another separate folder. For this, install Drive Scan widget. You will see this on your widgets screen.

Add a note fast

To do this, you must have Google Keep. Once you have downloaded the app you can tap and hold the Google Keep icon. Tap on New Audio Note and speak your piece. You will have a note transcribed of what you say in addition to recording your voice.

Easy touch

This may be a copy of the Assistive Touch from the iPhone but it proves useful. The idea of putting a floating button on the Home Screen was in the minds of many Android developers even before this. This EasyTouch button helps you with an array of functions including toggle Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, lock the screen, and much more. You can bring out the camera or launch your favorite app and do a lot of other things. It is fully integrable with the Android OS as it is today. And of course, you must be familiar with the pull-down screen to refresh the page.

So, those are the new things to brighten up your day. You will see more shortcuts as software developers come up with new things.

And with that you should be well on your way to implementing Android 7.1’s new feature App Shortcuts! You can find Android’s official documentation for App Shortcuts here. Feel free to leave any questions in the comments, and thanks for reading!

Be sure to to follow me on Twitter @iqlance for more awesome Android tips. If you found this article helpful, make sure to hit the green heart!

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