How to create a dating app like a Tinder?


In the era of technology, people prefer to use an online dating app to find their dating partner. It is obvious that one can not neglect the dating apps as compared to limited offline presence. As Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps and this app has magnified its reach over web version also.

Number of visitors finding online dating partner is increasing day by day. If you are also planning for the same, then you must be clear with the question that:

Why Tinder is so popular among users????

Do you want to develop a same mobile app like Tinder?????

Following are some factors that must be considered while creating a dating app:

? Safety features: Security of women and their private data is very important. It takes some time to understand a partner, as people can meet online to start their relationship but women require extra safety assurance.

? Proper UX: A good and proper UX is required for a mobile dating app which must provide the following:

  • Easy navigation in the app
  • Easy way to find a ‘match’
  • Chat facility

As dating apps are usually location-based which allow you to connect with mutually interested users to have interaction with them without any meeting. As these dating apps usually offer ‘swipe feature’ but it’s credit goes to the Tinder only which converted the initial clicking into swiping.

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If you have any idea to develop an app like Tinder, then you must consider:

Target audience: Who are your potential users and their age? On which concept you want to make a dating app? In order to become different from the crowd, add some new features using various concepts in your app. Make sure you want to target only girls, boys or gay, lesbian also. Here are some ideas that you must remember while planning for developing new app:

  • Grindr app is the largest gay social network in the world.
  • TasteBuds app connects people with same music interests.
  • Hater app meets new people based on the things you hate.
  • Her dating app is the best platform for queer women, bisexual and lesbian worldwide.

The concept of these apps is not copying the popular apps but to develop their own user base where people can reflect their preferences in fullest.


Features that your dating app should have:

  • Registration
  • Search engine
  • Geo-location
  • Admin panel
  • Chatting
  • Notifications
  • My profile
  • Login
  • Home Screen
  • Settings
  • Matching algorithms

Important things to remember while making a dating mobile app like Tinder:

  1. Create an intuitive navigation
  2. Make explanatory tutorial for unusual gestures so users can understand how to use the app.
  3. Select color and format of app according to target audience i.e. for youth or for elderly people.
  4. Add profiles in a readable form
  5. Give an up to date look to the app.

Some important things to consider during the development of a dating mobile app:

? Planning for cost and time to develop a dating app:

Keep following your competitors in order to know their weakness and strengths that you can develop an outstanding dating app like Tinder. Do a proper research about the product and needs of your target audience. Also, plan your budget which you can invest in the app development.

? Wireframing

Build a prototype to determine various factors of the cost of On-demand dating app development. Placement of every screen, button and icon should be planned correctly. Ensure the consistent animals to deliver a good user experience.

? User Profile: Feature to add or edit the information collected from other social media accounts of user.

? User Setting: Setting of app according to the age, gender and distance.

? Personal chat: Users can chat with their matched profiles according to their preference.

? Notification: There should be notification for every new match and message.

Cost to develop a dating app like Tinder?


Well, as you are now cleared with all the important aspects that you should be covered for dating app development. Now, it’s time to focus on investment. So, here we are going to share some factors that affect the cost of developing a dating app like Tinder:

(i) Features: Here are the major possibilities that you should consider while developing a dating app. You can go with viable features, advanced features as well as both basic & advanced features.

(ii) Operating System: Although, the device choice totally depends on the users that which operating system they prefer. But creating iOS app is much expensive than creating an android app. So, if you are planning to develop an app for both platforms then your budget should be according to that.

(iii) Technology: Code of mobile apps are different according to technology. If you have not technical knowledge of codes of mobile app development then you should get guidance from app developers.

(iv) Resources: If you are planning to hire a team for mobile app development then you should confirm their experiences after looking for their case studies. Now, compare the cost of app development and then take a decision.

Cost of mobile app development depends on different variables so it’s quite difficult to get an idea of the exact figure but you can have a rough idea. Include the maintenance and support cost in the total cost of app development.

If you are planning to develop an app with basic features , then the price can range between ******* to *******. But if your are planning to create an app with advanced features, then the cost can vary in between ***** to *****.

Conclusion: In the era of technology and modernism, developing a dating app like Tinder can be very beneficial for business. Although, there are many dating apps in market but if you succeed in offering extra features to clients then you can lead the race. So, let’s start with the best mobile app development to reap the best benefit.

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