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What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is the talk of today! In no time it has become the world’s largest leading software podium and has resulted in a boom to one’s digital chattels. What is Blockchain and why it has become the talk of the town? The Blockchain is now in mainstream all because of its disseminated ledger expertise; means it can record any sort of transaction or data digitally, which is of valued importance. It will help to rescue your business from all the complex problems and will give it a top-notch security. More or less it is the second internet.

As to understand how Blockchain works one need to understand the terms of Block and Chain specifically. Block means a record of the transaction and once the blocks are done they are added to chain resulting it as a Blockchain. It also plays an important role in Bitcoin app development and Cryptocurrency wallet development. All because it has made the transfer of digital money hassle free and now when you sell bitcoin to someone, your identity is secured whereas the value of money can be known using Blockchain removing the middlemen.

Why Choose iQlance to Build Blockchain App

iQlance is a pioneer in Blockchain App Development company. We hold expertise in developing and securing the applications as per recent trends of Blockchain while keeping in mind all the technical repercussions. Our team holds commendable 7 years of experience and 200+ satisfied clients in this field. The team is fully equipped with the latest software and works on the edge of the technology to help the clients in reaching their goals be it any industry. We design from the scratch and come with customizable solutions. Our front-end and back-end team is well-versed.

We at iQlance is a Blockchain App Development company vancouver that focuses on providing work worth value of money, high-quality services with regard to applications such as Bitcoin app development and Cryptocurrency wallet development.

We are fully aware of the security threats and the disaster it can result to. This is the reason our team constantly works on developing secure codes and smart contracts to keep your industry transaction and details with utmost safety. We take your requirements and note down every bit of it in order analyze and comprehend the potential of technology and to congregate the end-product. We are dedicated to providing high-performance with the latest strategies.

Our Blockchain Development Process:

As a leading blockchain app development services Canada, iQlance solutions follow several stages in the process of blockchain app development. This app can be customized as per your needs. Gain a swift experience by working with our expert and experienced blockchain developers.

In-depth Research

The idea, Consultation, Research, Goal Definition, & Requirements Gathering.


Designing Wireframes, UI/UX Designing, System Architecture & Prototyping then approval.


Preparing, Coding and optimizing software to be developed.


Quality Checking of the developed system and analyzing errors and solving them.


Successfully launching the app on the respective app store or browser.


We offer post technical help in case of any issues.

Benefits of Blockchain Technology

Let’s discuss what makes Blockchain so special?

  • A secure technology – even being open source software it is exceptionally difficult to do any changes to the stored data.
  • No middlemen – the use of Blockchain technology has removed the middlemen reducing the cost of transactions.
  • 24*7 working hours – unlike any other banks or financial institutions, Blockchain offers its services all around the clock.
  • User control – as there is no middleman involved, it is only the user or the developer who has the complete control of all the transaction in his/her hands.
  • Everlasting Services – Blockchain is a public ledger and till the time it is under operation, the data stored in it will be accessible to the users.
  • Security – The data stored in Blockchain is fully secured; every user or developer has a complete copy of their respective ledger in their own system. Also, only the sender and recipient can take hold of the data across the Blockchain.

Due to an increase of hacking and other illegal acts happening in the internet, Blockchain is the need of the hour. The industries that are now using Blockchain-

  • Banking and finance
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Warehouse
  • Government
  • Insurance and trading
  • Automobile and Transportation

Services Offered

Get on the boat with us and enjoy the most trusted and reliable Blockchain. Hire us as your Blockchain Mobile App Development Partner and mount your business yield to another level.

  • Smart Contract Development –Full Stack embedded contracts and codes
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Development – Build your own Cryptocurrency Wallet with us
  • Multichain Development – Support features with multiple networks
  • Ethereum Development – Enter the world of Ethereum Development with iQlance.
  • Bitcoin App development – Integrated and fully customised custom app
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Blockchain Development Services

As one of the top Blockchain development companies in Canada & the USA, iQlance solution leads for its creative approach to deliver the best user experience app and add value to every project that it undertakes. Blockchain app development services Canada has the best team on board to develop and design all the services ranging from simple to advanced Blockchain architecture.


We provide solutions to exchange cryptocurrency and perform tasks such as Buy, Sell and exchange multiple currencies online

Secured Blockchains

We develop highly secured and personalized blockchains for your organization.

Development of Smart Contracts

Developing smart contracts is a blockchain application that helps you to incline your business reputation.

Supply Chain BlockChain

We ensure smart, secured, swift, transparent and trustful supply chain blockchain development.


Our experienced blockchain developers Canada are capable to innovate distributed applications to take your business to next level using Etherum.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Get safet and reliable development of cryptocurrency wallet to manage your transactions.

Looking to Hire Dedicated Team?

We are team of talented, experienced, and certified designers and developers.

Let us build something extraordinary.


App developers Canada are rapid and innovative innovators of excellent solutions.

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Endeavors that Make us Proud

iQlance solutions has always been honored with valuable words for the efforts given on mobile app development that are efficiently unique and user centric. Here are some of the best examples for this.

Technology Stack

Framework & Languages

  • ASP.net
  • VB.net
  • .NET Core
  • C#

Front End Front End

  • React
  • Vue
  • Bootstrap
  • UWP Apps
  • Angular
  • jQuery
  • WPF

 Database Database

  • MS-SQL
  • MariaDB
  • MongoDB
  • Firebase
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • Elasticsearch


  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Kubernetes
  • Google Cloud
  • Docker


  • MVC
  • MVVM
  • MVP
  • Microservices


  • Biztalk Server
  • Office 365
  • Power BI
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Sharepoint Server


  • Memcached
  • Redis

 Testing Testing

  • Selenium
  • Katalon Test Studio
  • Test Rail
  • Postman
  • Apache JMeter
  • Browser Stack

 Project Management Tools Project Management Tools

  • Jira
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Basecamp

Why Companies Partner With Us

App development team of iQlance solutions works for excellence in the developed solutions instead of satisfactory development. this is the only reason companies are willing to make us their development partner.

Transparency and Integrity

We follow a highly transparent development method in which clients are involved personally, every minute details are shared with them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. No hidden acts are followed by app developers India

Client Satisfaction

Our success lies in your satisfaction. We work on the latest technologies and frameworks to cater you with the new, secure, scalable, and user-friendly business solutions according to your requirements.

Dedicated Teams

We are a team of dedicated app developers in Canada. Our expert app developers are devoted to their work and more focused on the solution innovated by them. So that you can take relief regarding the results created.

Fixed Cost

There are no hidden cost surprises for you after the finalization of the cost and project. We follow a cost finalizing process so that you never have to worry about cost on launch.

Industries We Serve

We are eager to face new challenges and innovate solutions with new and emerging technologies based on a variety of niches. This makes us one of the most preferred app development company Canada.



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Real Estate





Travel &

Oil & Gas

Client Testimonials

We are repeatedly honored by our client’s praise of words that bring us immense happiness and pride. Here are a few of them.

Check How We Turn Your Idea Into Innovative Product

Our rich portfolio justifies that, we are one of the best app development company in Canada

Some General Questions From Clients

Answers to Some of the frequently asked questions on our app and software development services by some valuable clients such as you!

You can always contact us by using live chat support or Contact us page. If you have detail scope and specification of an application or Website you can directly contact us on info@iqlance.com One of our IT Consultant will revert back to you with as soon as they can.

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We work 8 Hours/Day + 1 Hour Lunch Break

Our business days are Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM CST to 5:00 PM CST.

Team iQlance greatly respect confidentiality and guarantee that information about your idea, pattern or any data about your project will be secured. Hence to give you full assurance on security we sign on your NDA.

We do respect all your investment and efforts. Hence after completion of project and getting approval from Account Manager we officially handover the Source code, IP rights and Project documents.

We do follow three different development models. We are completely flexible to choose or follow as per your requirement. For more info you can refer Development Engagement Model Page.

We have successfully implemented Fitness, Social Networking, Live Streaming, GPS ( Live Tracking), Security and many other domains.

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