Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in Toronto

Top 10 food delivery apps in Toronto

The idea of getting food delivered at your doorstep after a tough working day is itself enough to attract customers. It has been quite easy for many people to order the food they like now. The idea of standing in queues for good food is long lost and a new era has begun. There has been a race among many online food delivery giants to attract customers since the beginning of these services. Many companies have fallen and many have excelled and have built their own reputation through the services provided by them. This article features the Top food delivery apps in Toronto that have provided great customer services, good quality food delivery and have maintained themselves in this ever growing market. Read this full-fledged article to have a brief introduction of the apps developed by app developers Toronto.

1. Foodora:

Foodora is a German company that built itself after absorbing many small food delivery services including ‘Hurrier’. It is one of the best options as an online food delivery portal in Toronto. You just have to enter the address in the app and the app will list out the restaurants closest to you. Foodora allows you to schedule your delivery 2 days ahead of time, thus enabling you to lock it at the time you crave food.

2. UberEats

UberEats is one of the most expensive and most trusted options available in the market. They charge an increased fee in some areas at busy hours and a $4.99 delivery charge on all orders. However, it is one of the easiest options too. You are just a tap away from your food at your doorstep at any hour of the day as they deliver food in just 10 minutes. People love UberEats for the quality of services they provide and that is the reason they are ready to pay hiked prices for it too.

3. Skip the dishes

Skip the dishes is a Winnipeg based that absorbed Just Eat. Just-Eat being a British company had been in the market for quite a while. They offer a large number of places to choose from to order food or pickup. You can choose self pickup to save delivery charges, they even offer free delivery is your order is large enough.

4. Chanmao:

Chanmao is the best option to fulfill your Chinese Food Craving anytime. A lot of restaurants listed with Cmeow are not listed with any other major food delivery service providers in Toronto. The reason being the speciality of Chinese food mastered by the Chanmao. Moreover, it is good to have this app as the Chinese food craving can happen anytime, anywhere.

5. DoorDash

DoorDash connects you with many popular restaurants in the Toronto city. They charge a flat fare of $4.99 and they put your favourite dishes right at your fingertips. Through DoorDash, every last bit of your order can be highly customised and people love to use DoorDash for this very feature. DoorDash charges for the kind of services it provide but they are loved by many for the same.

6. Eat Click:

Eat Click is another food delivery service in Toronto. They cater timely delivery and a variety of restaurants to choose your food from. They also provide handpicked daily menu from top local lunch spots so that you can get to choose from the best that is available nearby.

7. TodaysMenu:

TodaysMenu is a healthy food delivery service that caters food for 1, 2, or 4. They provide vegan options, gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian food too. It is quite convenient to use and open from Monday to Saturday during daytimes.

8. Thai Lime:

Thai Lime specializes in Thai and Malasian cuisine. They have a good food delivery app that can help you order the food online and get it delivered at your doorstep. If you love Thai food then you must give them a shot.

9. Lejoy Food Delivery:

Lejoy is one of the best food delivery apps in Toronto. They provide great services at reasonable prices. The customer service and support of Lejoy is among the best in Toronto. They have listed many restaurants and are one of the rising food delivery services in Toronto. They are good in case you get to serve unexpected guests or throw a party at your place. They provide brilliant food delivery services at your doorstep.

10. Platterz:

Platterz is one of the best services if you want to cater food at an important business meeting or any other office occasion. Platterz does the work of carrying the plates for you. Platterz offers each of your team members to order personalized packaged meal that lies within the boundaries of your budget. It helps in reduction of food waste and maximizes the utility of food ordered.

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Benefits of ordering food online:

  • No need to stand in queues to get your favorite food.
  • Availability of a huge variety of options while when you go out you get limited to the place’s food.
  • No need to go to the restaurant and get food delivered in the comfort of your home.
  • Easy to place order and choose from the menu and get food after a busy working day.
  • A good way to have a taste of the restaurant’s food if you are not able to visit the place.
  • Save time and use it according to your requirements.
  • GIft someone special a meal at their place.

Anyhow, food is a necessity and the rise in online orders since the beginning of food delivery services ensure regular growth in the sector for quite a while now. Many companies are struggling to build up their name among the locals and many companies have already earned consumer trust. There is an ever growing opportunity for many key players in the online food delivery segment and they will keep fighting to be listed among the top food delivery apps in Toronto. We have made our efforts in listing out the best food delivery apps in Toronto and we hope that we were able to get you your answers. So, get your food delivered at your doorstep now!

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A Guide To Create A Perfect Photo Editing App

A Guide To Create A Perfect Photo Editing App

Every day over millions of Instagram photos and Facebook photos are shared. While sharing these photos, we want those to not just look good but great. That is why more and more people are now using photo editing apps. These days, everyone takes and posts pictures on their social media accounts. But before they publish them, they add beautiful stickers, filters, and more to the photos. Photo editing apps are software applications intended to edit photos on mobile devices. These kinds of apps can offer a range of features including controlling shutter speed, adding filters, and cropping. Some photo editing apps give you added features like creating an automatic setting for different scenes or creating collages.

Photo editing applications have become a part of smartphones these days. Right from clicking the ideal selfie to adding glow to a sunset photo, they can meet your editing needs with lesser efforts. In earlier times, people relied on Photoshop to edit a photo in the correct light, exposure, and color. This took them hours. Big thanks to the photo editing apps, you now can use your smartphone to edit a photo in an instant. Such apps do not simply stop with photo editing, you can use these tools to also add a slow-motion, a boomerang, or rewind effects to your vacation or home videos.

Why Create a Photo Editing App?

Nowadays, photography is the mainstream and that calls for creating a high-quality photo editing app. Everyone out there is taking photos and posting them. Moreover, they want the photos to look good and attractive. For this, they use photo editing apps that have the best and a range of features.

To be honest, a lot is involved in creating a photo editing app. Photo editing app development is not only challenging but time-consuming as well. So, if you are thinking to create a photo editing app, here is all that goes into it, according to a renowned mobile app development company Canada.

How Does a Good Photo Editing App Works?

Though there are many different photo editing apps available in the market with exclusive features, they have the same logic behind their operation. If you want to make your own photo editing app, you should understand its working from a user’s perspective. This includes:

  • Uploading a picture: The photo editing apps these days offer an option to take a picture immediately or select a photo from the library.
  • Selecting a preset or a filter: After choosing a photo, users can use a filter that they like. Some apps also let you adjust the strength of the filter.
  • Editing the Photo: The photo editing apps also offer you the option to change the photo. You can rotate, crop, adjust brightness, and do a lot more.
  • Saving the photo: Once you have made all the changes, you get an option to save new pictures on your device.
    Sharing edited images: Many apps also let you share photos on social networks without needing to leave the app.

The Most Important Features To Include in A Photo Sharing App

If you are thinking to create a photo editing app, you first need to consider which functions you want and need to add. Generally, the features are categorized into two. These are basic and advanced. The basic features are the ones that are mandatory for all kinds of photo editing apps. They make them user-friendly and well-functional. However, if you want to make your app unique and different, you can choose to add the advanced features in your app.

What Basic Features Should A Photo Editing App Include?

The basic features of a photo editing app can also be considered as the MVP features while creating a photo editing app. These MVP features are used to launch an app and get feedback from the users initially. Following that, photo editing app development experts can add more thrilling and complex features.

  1. Account Creation: Your app should make users register and create their personal accounts. It should be followed by filling profile details with users’ data.
  2. Camera: It is a great idea to offer your users the chance to click pictures from the editing app directly.
  3. Photo Uploading: The very first feature of a photo editing app should be to add a photo that you want to edit from the phone’s gallery or the ability to clack a new picture.
  4. Filters: You should offer your users the option to change or add filters. They should be able to adjust different filters.
  5. Remove Needless Objects: Since people keep clicking photos anywhere, they need to sometimes delete unnecessary objects from the background. So, it is a great option to have in your app.
  6. Rotate and Crop: If you want to make a useful photo editing app, you should offer the option to change the image size as per the standardized media formats to your users. Except for that, your users will also love the option to create customized sizes.
  7. Collage Creation: Your app users will definitely like the feature of collage makers included in the app. With this feature, users can combine many photos to make a new one. They can collect photos in one place to create memories with this feature. With this, they can also choose the total number of photos they wish to add.
  8. Save The Photos And Share: Once the user has edited an image, he/she would like to save it. Your app should offer two different options to the user to either modify the photo or save a new photo. They will also like to get the added option of sharing the photos on social media like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.
  9. Albums creation: Albums are required to store the edited photos. Do not forget to make the most out of the chance to share the albums with other users.

What Advanced Features Should A Photo Editing App Include?

  • AR Filters: The augmented reality filters are very famous nowadays as they offer new and thrilling effects for video and photo editing. They enable the addition of diverse objects to your photos.
  • Add Frames: You can also offer your users with different and beautiful frames. Users can choose a photo from the gallery of their phone and select the frame that they like.
  • Change Background: You can also offer your users the chance to replace the background of the photos with just a few simple clicks. With this feature, they just need to cut a photo’s part and choose a new background.
  • Retouch: Another important feature that you can add to your photo editing app is “Retouch.” This famous tool lets you remove any imperfection from the photo. The users can also make their teeth white and clear up ache or blemishes from the skin with this feature.
  • Write and Draw on the Photo: Another great feature that can be included in the photo editing app is writing or drawing on the images. Users get an opportunity to add personalized texts and choose the color of their choice with this feature. This feature makes photos customized and more exciting.

Best Ways To Monetize Your Photo Editing Apps

Do you want to monetize your photo editing app? If yes, then you need to consider some specific monetization strategies. Let’s have a look at some of them here:


Though this monetization strategy is a clear one, it is quite effective. The advertisement in the app lets you make a photo editing app available for free for the users and also get in revenues for the owners. But a major drawback of this strategy is that sometimes these kinds of apps make the users annoyed due to the frequency or number of ads displayed. So, you should offer your users the chance to close the ads and get back to the editor.

In-App Purchases

In this business model, some important functions are offered to the users at no charges and users just need to pay out for some advanced functionalities only. This is the most common business model used by most photo editing applications.

Paid Apps 

This is another obvious idea. By having thrilling features and good designs, you can set a reasonable cost and earn money from the app’s paid version. However, not every user is ready to go for a paid app. Most people choose the photo editing apps that are available for free.


So, this was our guide on creating a good photo editing app for iOS or Android platforms. Though this is a perspective industry, it is challenging too. Photo editing applications are gaining immense popularity all around the work since everyone out there wants to post creative and fantastic photos. Now that you know about everything that goes into creating a photo editing app, you just have to find out a dependable photo editing app development company that can help you in the creation of photo editing app that can do wonders!

Top 10 Mobile Apps Companies in Canada

top 10 mobile app development companies in canada 2020

It’s definitely easy to build great apps, but we feel they should be used. Here is a list of Best Mobile App Development Companies in Canada that provide a full range of custom-made mobile apps using digital innovation and technology to provide excellent user experience. They perform complex tasks to turn concepts into a valuable item by conducting innovative and efficient business process. Such Mobile App Development Companies in Canada are collaborating with the agile methodologies to create powerful solutions to growing business problems. These Top 10 Mobile App Development Firms in Canada, with their dedicated and professional team of Program Builders, are proud to work together to make your plans a reality and deliver quality products.

By always aiming to be among Canada’s Top Mobile App Development Companies, these companies have changed how the consumer communicates with your company through their unwavering passion of performance. They deliver exceptional user experience with creativity that surpasses all market deadlocks by bridging the gap, applying proper technology. These Top Canadian App Development Companies have opened avenues for those looking to hire Canadian App Developers.

Top 10 app development companies in Canada is as follows:

  • iQlance: iQlance is a team that comprises of extremely focused designers, developers and testers. The goal of the company is to achieve their business objectives through the mobile app and web app design and development services. With the company having expertise in blockchain Technology, Chatbots, iOT Technology, Mobile App Design & Development, Real-Time Apps, and Web Application Development one can easily rely on them to provide you the required solutions. The organization has been able to create innovative and cost-effective solutions for its customers based throughout the United States, UK, UAE, Japan, Australia, Canada and other parts of the world.
  • Net Solutions: Net Solutions is a global organization for the production of digital products with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. With a focus on combining design thinking with powerful technologies and data science to create meaningful digital interactions through internet, mobile and social media, Net Solutions has extensive experience in developing and scaling online platforms for companies of all sizes, including Unilever, Harvard Business Review, IMG and Mothercare. Net Solutions is an end-to-end organization, so through low and high fidelity mock-ups, clickable prototypes, MVP and ongoing revisions and enhancements, ideas can be taken from the idea stage. They have teams that work on business analysis, design, UI, UX, technology and development, QA, data science and testing. Net Solutions is well known for its expertise in customer experience, mobility, product development and e-commerce.
  • 21Twelve Interactive: 21Twelve Interactive offers developments in the production of mobile applications in Canada. Not only does it inspire, but it also helps to carry the torch for potential developments in mobile application growth. The company creates, manages develops and implements multiple levels of enterprise applications rapidly as a leading custom mobile application solutions provider. With Canada’s best mobile application development company, the company’s experts also take the appropriate steps to provide the application with reliable solutions and produce real results for your company. As a mobile app development company in Canada, they need to integrate solutions for different devices and operating systems. Applications are provided both for the Android as well as iOS. The company which was founded in 2016 has expertise in Android App Development, Digital Marketing, e-commerce Development, iPhone App Development, Magento development, Mobile App Development, PHP development, QA & Maintenance, Web Development, and WordPress development.
  • Appstudio: Based in Canada, Appstudio is a mobile application design and development company. It offers native development services for iOS (using Swift 3.0), native Android development (using Java), native React development, and Unity game development. The company has collaborations with a number of Fortune 500 companies besides the upcoming and mid-sized companies that belong to different fields around the world. The company develops applications for users around the world. It has the expertise in the fields such as Brand Identity Design, Native Android Application Development, Native iOS Application Development, User Experience and User Interface Design, Wearable App Development, and Web Application Development.
  • Brainvire Infotech Inc. – Brainvire, a Software Development Company & an IT Consulting Firm has been awarded by Clutch as one of the top 10 mobile app development companies in Canada. The company has on offer services such as Internet & Mobile Application Development, and Digital Marketing Services coupled with Mobile POS, E-Commerce and trending technologies such as IOT, BigData, AI, and many more. The company has 1300 + satisfied customers worldwide and 11 + years of experience in the digital transformation industry. Brainvire has an expert team of web and mobile developers who help to achieve their slogan of “focusing on becoming a trendsetter”.
  • 10Pearls: 10Pearls is an award-winning software development company that supports consumer research and design, product development and acceleration of innovation. It works closely with its customers in an AGILE way with a ONE TEAM mentality focused on delivering RESULTS. offers a full range of digital services. It assists the clients in designing, producing and launching innovative digital products that draw customers and drive revenue. In order to help them stay competitive in today’s digital world, companies rely on 10Pearls. The company is known to specialize in mobile & web applications, business solutions, cyber security, Big Data, IoT, Cloud and DevOps. It also helps in creating virtual interfaces, mobile apps, and exploiting artificial intelligence. 10Pearl’s Digital Transformation Consulting provides companies with end-to-end digital transformation services that help them become ready for the future. They develop, create and fund digital products that deliver results for companies, SMBs and start-ups. Some of their clients worth mentioning here are Nextel, AARP, National Geographic, Zubie, DC Taxi, Discovery Education, John Hopkins University, OICT, ADCOOPS, Careem, and LandMark
  • datarockets: Datarockets is a web and mobile development team focused on delivering high-quality products. The system of datarockets involves intensive interaction, fast delivery, automated and iterative processes. They work with clients as a single team and communicate proactively. datarockets pays attention to code quality and use modern tools to automate routine tasks. They have created over 20 custom products for startups and established businesses over the past four years. They partner with private businessmen and large companies such as Good, Wargaming, American Estate & Trust, HolacracyOne. The datarockets group focuses on developing custom software and applications, including SaaS applications, management systems, booking applications, Uber-like services, and other custom software styles. The services of datarockets include free consultancy & project estimation, development of web & mobile applications, safety audit & software review, application support. Key clients of the organization such as Nike Inc., American Estate & Trust, HolacracyOne, Toronto Experts (Toronto Startups), WeFindVenues, Freckle IoT (Freckle, Killi), PixelDreams, and Carvanro hint at the quality they offer with their products.
  • Simform: Simform is a tech company dedicated to helping successful businesses develop their engineering capabilities. Founded in October 2010, it has assisted organizations ranging from community start-ups to Fortune 500 businesses, and NGOs sponsored by WHO. Simform helps companies become innovation leaders by delivering software teams on demand. We help you – choose the right technologies to invest in, decide on the best architecture and processes to follow, and oversee the successful delivery of their software projects. Services provided by this organization include Custom software development, Enterprise mobile app development, Web application development, Cloud Migration and Management, Software testing, Dedicated development team, and API integration. In the list of their notable clients are Sony Music (EMI), Pepsico, Zep Inc., Intralinks, Nxt-ID, FreeWire Inc., Accent Inc., Mission Rabies, GFSC Group Inc., TransAction Logistics, PUSH Inc., Sourcebits LLC, LSL Holdings Co, Fyul Inc., DoggyBnB, Drizzle Labs, and
  • WebClues Infotech: WebClues Infotech was founded in 2014 and is an IT service provider based in India and the USA. They work with a vision to provide their clients with state-of – the-art solutions for mobile and web applications. They are known primarily for their holistic approach to delivering end-to-end solutions, tech experience, and web and mobile app development business intelligence. With a support staff of 150+ highly qualified and experienced IT professionals, they have marketing, web and mobile app development services that can be easily integrated into your company. A look at the number of services they provide is sufficient enough for the clients to jump their base to this organization. Their services include Mobile App Development, iPhone app development, Android app development, Flutter app development, Ionic app development, React Native app development, Blockchain app development, Wearable app development, IoT Development, iBeacon app development, Web Development, Magento Development, OpenCart Development, WordPress Development, Drupal Development, Joomla Development, PHP Development, AngularJS Development, and NodeJS Development. Among their key clients are VlogMe, MyOrde, Gemoo, Indian Railways, LaundroKart, Dimend Scaasi, Tile Dealer, Barunii, Reach Expansion, and C9 airwear.
  • WireTree: WireTree is popular for a wide range of web services with a passion for serving customers. They offer valuable assistance in all fields of web design, development and marketing, from small business units to large corporations. Their Toronto Web Design experts will keep your business goals in mind and ensure that you have a WordPress website that is successful and engaging. They have a team of experienced, talented and qualified web designers in Toronto, providing their customers with 100 percent satisfactory results. Their experts develop a strategy and work in a team to achieve positive results in order to deliver the best-in-class services. They use the latest tools and techniques to increase the revenue and rating of your website. They provide valuable support in all fields of Web Design, SEO, website design, iOS and Android applications, development of mobile apps, development of Flutter apps, creation of mobile apps, maintenance, and support.

All about the best dating app in Toronto

dating app development in Toronto

Technology has crept into almost every sphere of our life. Be it food, studies, travel, lifestyle, or socializing we can always find an app for it, most of all, ever since the advent of mobiles. There are tutorial apps that can teach you, apps where you can order food, book rooms in hotels, or even market apps such as Flipkart and Amazon to buy certain products. Well, there is another kind of app also (in the socializing circle) that helps you in finding partners you may want to date. As it is very hard to get time from a busy schedule to find a good partner so such dating apps are like a blessing for such individuals.

The dating apps development companies can be found in abundance in Toronto and elsewhere. Various dating apps that we may come across include Woo You, Tinder, Bumble, EliteSingles, eSingles, SilverSingles and many more. These dating app development companies based in Toronto have been coming up with unique ideas of dating. One of such dating app companies came with an idea of having a similar kind of taste in eating so they could enjoy the food and each other’s company together. So, there are many apps to fulfill the fantasy to meet a partner but it is very hard to find the best app developer in Toronto as this app needs a lot  of attention.

The market in Toronto is flooded with dating development app companies. But what if these companies develop apps that do not meet the requirements of the user, and may not have a very attractive and easy to use interface. There are various factors that must be accounted for while developing a dating app.


To begin with, one of such factors is the privacy and security of a customer’s credentials and his/her likes and dislikes. It’s not a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). A young girl may be provided with wrong details due to which she might even have to suffer. In the last 5 years or so, such crimes have been on the rise. So, anybody who wants to use your dating app must be liable to provide some sort of identification for the safety of the other person. Not only will this be good for the customer, but it will also be good for the company as well that develops the dating app.

dating app development

Distance and Location

Consider developing a dating app, that matches your likes and dislikes, and finds you a partner albeit a thousand miles away. Such an app is, to be precise, useless. Who would go looking for a dating partner so far away? Well, nobody. The app must have a location-based search system. So if you are in Toronto, you find friends in and around Toronto, not the UK or Australia.

Most important of all, the three features that every user will be looking for include access control, match making (don’t confuse with marriage), and messaging or chatting with the other partner.

Access Control

A majority of apps, whether for Android or iOS, allow their users to sign up using Facebook, Twitter, or Google. The reason for this is not the one-click sign-up option rather by doing so these apps can access the common circle of friends that the users may share. One thing that needs to be done before allowing a user to sign-up using a social website id is to warn them that they will not post any dating app related information to that social website. A good example of this is Her, where only female users are allowed. So there is no question of time wasters embarrassing the users of the app. Some apps verify your pictures while others verify your place of work, school, and your mutual friends. In the past, dating apps allowed fake names to be posted, but as dating is all about meeting people, users are encouraged to post their actual details in the profile they present.

Match Making

The dating apps match people based on their interests, location, friend circle etc. There are no fixed mathematical formulae for matching of partners. While Tinder makes the matches based on their interest and location, Hinge does it from within a circle you already have. What Hinge does it might limit the number of matches that can be made but it sure is one way to guarantee the security of its users. There is yet another dating app Dine that uses the services offered by Yelp to let you choose three restaurants of your choice. It then matches your choice with that of others to help find you a partner who even might have similar eating and drinking habits.

Like I mentioned earlier, there is no fixed algorithm for matchmaking. Some apps can ask you questions while matchmaking that you just might think “are you crazy man?”. For instance, OkCupid might ask you “You like a dog or a cat?”. Yes, crazy but a way of matching your interests.


Another aspect of a dating app is the ability of the app to allow its users to chat or message each other. Almost every dating app does provide for this option. However, users tend not to be too active on dating apps. Once a match is made they may not even start with a hello soon enough. The JSwipe app came up with a perfect solution for this. If you don’t start a conversation, matches made will expire. But some users have found a way out of this also. They would send insensitive messages, and other users might leave the app. OkCupid has its own way. It does not force conversation but reminds you time and again that you have a match and you can start a conversation.

The UI

Besides the above-mentioned features, the users must have access to an app with a very easy to use UI. Imagine a UI of a dating app that comes up with multiple matches for you showing the picture, name, age, gender, and other details in a list. Just how boring. You would like to have a UI where a card could present all the details including the pic, and you could just swipe left or right for more results.

How to gain users?

Having talked a great deal about what a dating app should look like or the features it should have, let’s jump down to the question that matters the most – not to the end-user but the app development company – how do we gain users? Well, there are so many apps for dating today that it is quite a problem to bring users to your app. Listed here are some of the facts that must be kept in mind while developing the app.

  1. Target Audience: Though there are a number of dating apps, each has its own target base. Some apps allow the only similar type of communities to date (JSWIPE), similar gender dating apps (Bro, Hey), LGBT community(Her), and even for those who have the same kind of pets (Twindog). This must be decided at the onset of the project itself.
  2. Positioning Your App: Once the target audience is decided, the next thing should be how to communicate with the audience. Your app must send a clear message that will show in all your advertising material.
  3. Advantage Over Others: Having defined your positioning, evaluate how your app differs from others in a better way. Use this competitive edge anywhere you can while reaching out to the users.
  4. Start a Social Media Page: Almost every user today is hooked on to the net, rather the social media. The youth of today can be easily reached out from some kind of social media be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp or some other. You can promote your dating apps ad on a Facebook page and also allow the user to link to the app or download it from there only. This increases your reach to your customer.
  5. Have a Website: Having a website is one of the great advantages the development company could think off. The company could showcase all the features of its app on the website with some nice graphics such as how the app might display results on different devices, and how responsive the app is.
  6. Blogs: Within the website, you may resort to writing blogs that will feature the various aspects of the dating app and also build an emotional connection between the app and the potential user.
  7. Do not fall prey to Fake Accounts: As a new app, you might think it as a strategy to show that your app is quite popular among users. Thus you may create fake accounts for the said purpose. On the contrary, this may have a negative impact on the potential user. The user today is quite intelligent to understand that a new app in the market cannot have so many users in such a less time. Instead of gaining you might even happen to lose your potential users. Don’t go for this game.


A whole bunch of dating apps are on the market today. However, there are only a few of them that happen to succeed. These are the ones that take care of their users by vouching for their security, provide matches that are within the reachable distances, have a nice UI, and also know how to attract potential customers. iQlance is famous for providing best app development services in Toronto according to the business requirements.

Innovative Ways Canada Can Own and Adopt Artificial Intelligence for the Century


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence categorizes a special area of computer science. It emphasizes to create intelligent machines capable to react and work like human beings. AI combined with computer systems are able to perform various activities, which include learning, speech recognition, planning and solving problems.

Objectives of Artificial Intelligence

Experts of the industry have come up with Artificial Intelligence to fulfill a prime objective to resolve various core problems related to programming of computer systems to fulfill specific traits. These include-

  • Reasoning
  • Problem solving
  • Knowledge
  • Planning
  • Learning
  • Perception and
  • Ability to move and manipulate objects

Artificial Intelligence Originated in Canada

In the recent few years, a large number of foundational research works in the sector of Artificial Intelligence have originated in different areas by top technological groups in Canada. In January 2018, learning software provided by Alibaba and Microsoft Group had shown excellent performance than humans in RC i.e. reading and comprehension tests. This step has further opened scope to the launch of Artificial Intelligence based medical inquiries, customer services and several other innovative applications.

Canadian Companies Achieved third Biggest AI Talent Pool

Furthermore, if you look at the report given by Element AI consultancy group, you will find that Canadian companies pioneered research work in neural networks to secure the worldwide third biggest Artificial Intelligence talent pool. Based on this, we can say that research work and investments in the field of AI has exploded worldwide in a drastic manner during the last few years.

AI Development Pace at Global Level

According to experienced Canadian app developers and other technological experts, AI development is moving ahead at a fast pace and it is consistently showing rapid growth and huge potential. If you estimate the value of 2017, you will find $US2.4billion which is almost equal to double of the value, which was there during 2016.

How Canada should Advance its Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Based on such a high value $US2.4billion, as mentioned here, Mobile App Developers Toronto and other big cities of Canada have to think and take essential steps to advance their already existing Artificial Intelligence based businesses and technologies to retain their strong position in the competitive yet global market. However, as Canada is a small country and has open economy with economic and social stability both, it may easily setup its strong AI research to secure top position for developing the best AI practices to advance in both social and economic interests.

Ways to Advance AI Development by Canada/Canadian Companies

Web designers, web developers, app designers and app developers, along with other technological experts in different regions of Canada should essentially follow the mentioned important ways to advance in their AI Development.

  • Support from Leading Canadian Institutions to App Developers

Gone those days when people perceive Canada as a country for producing manufactured goods and commodities. Instead, today, Canada has gained its recognition to develop and attract various innovative AI solutions, quantum computation technologies and innovative blockchain methods.

Even the country is ready to become the topmost hub for a large number of scientific talents very soon. Thanks to its leading institutions named Creative Destruction Lab and Vector Institute, whose experts are consistently supporting App Developers Toronto and other technological experts to come up with latest concepts/methods in AI.

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Furthermore, both corporate organizations and startup groups in Canada consistently always encourage supply of a large number of talented graduates and flow of many innovative ideas. This is the prime reason, for which organizations often collaborate with top Toronto-based and other Universities in Canada to enable technology-focused engineers and researchers to perform their functions as a single and strong unit.

On the other side, collaborations of educational institutes with business/corporate organizations make sure that best technological experts will continue undertaking research driven tasks with huge curiosity and a strong desire to fix many problems of the real world.

  • Achieve Sales and Grab Growth Opportunities from Global Market

On the other side, a large number of Canadian-based startup companies and already established companies in developing markets are taking steps to grab global opportunities in Europe and in the United States. Furthermore, many Canadian AI companies have already started gaining from huge sales from competitive AI and business markets.

  • Advancement in Competitive AI Policies

Canada is consistently advancing its competitive local and international Artificial Intelligence policies with the aim to leverage its position as one of the reputed promoter of stability, openness and rules. Hence, with its good position at the global level, app developers get pool of opportunities to advance in the existing AI policies directed towards improving living standards, promotion of inclusivity, advocating collecting transparent data and various unbiased algorithms.

  • Canadian Government and People should Address Fears Collectivity

A majority of studies have revealed that innovative technologies, including Artificial Intelligence will result in loss of employment, even though there is no evidence, analysis or report justifies the statement and about it’s widespread. However, the thing that is clear in front of us is that phenomenal pace associated with change is disruptive and benefits associated with innovative technologies will never go to share broadly.

Hence, instead of protecting/preventing Canadian people from adopting technological variations, Canadian government, educators, business-people and Canadian mobile app developers should actively involved to prepare citizens to gain knowledge about leveraging potential AI and its technological benefits.

  • Vast and Diversified Data in Abundance

According to App Developers, Canada not only has a big pool of talent, but also it has vast and diversified data. For instance, Canadian publicly funded services’ systems, like energy, healthcare and transit have created many big data sets. Based on diversity associated with these data sets, they may act as goldmine for a large number of AI developers across the country.

If you look at the scenario associated with voice-recognition early, you will find that voice-recognition software struggled in recognizing voice of a female, as engineers only trained to use only male voice. On the other side, face-recognition software fails to deliver its optimum performance on various non-white faces. In both cases, the only solution is to create data sets, which act as representatives of diversified populations.

Positively, Canada, as a country setup on immigration, it has diversified data to resolve this issue. Even a Toronto-based company has launched an AI-based system aimed to bring improvement in the screening of various job applicants with the help of AI, which overlooks characteristics related to gender, race and disability status in a deliberate way.

Other than this, another Toronto-based entrepreneur group has combined diversified data sets and essential predictive tools to help large business/consumer enterprises to improve the way, in which they should engage with their customers. The main objective of experts is to reduce bias and to come up with predictive decisions.

  • Openness to Technologies, Entrepreneurs and Investments

Canada always remains open to investments, technologies, entrepreneurs/startup companies and other common people irrespective of its geographical boundaries. Moreover, the country entices talented experts, foreign investment and companies across a huge range of various AI verticals.



Therefore, based on each of the aforementioned facts about Canada’s initiative and already taken measures towards Artificial Intelligence, it has unique opportunities to leverage the Artificial Intelligence moment globally and thereby, to give good shape to the future of Artificial Intelligence.

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