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Cross Platform Apps Development

We Design, Build and Deliver Top Ranking Cross Platform Apps.

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Cross App Development Company

IQlance is a leading Toronto mobile app development company that provides high end enhanced cross apps that help clients to diversify their business across various industry verticals. Multi-platform mobile application development provides the user with experience that combines functionality of native apps with the multi-platform compatibility of mobile web apps.

With the increase in demand for apps, cross app development has been predicted to rise significantly across the globe. In a dynamic marketplace where the future is unclear, cross-platform apps will play a major role in supporting your desire to expand your business

Why choose iQlance as Android App Development Partner

  • Expert team in multiple development frameworks like Xamarin, PhoneGap & Titanium
  • IQlance has deployed multiple cross-platform apps in iOS & Android App stores
  • Strong web technology & mobile experience
  • Quick turnaround time with agile development

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Cross App. Development Process

IQlance uses latest and trending technology to make its Cross App development project execution a unique and simple process. We set milestones at every stage to ensure that app development process is executed within the designated time frame.

  • Listen and interpret: Our one on one client centric approach allows us to sit down, listen to your ideas and help you expand on them. These brainstorming sessions ease the development process and introduce a much needed layer of transparency.
  • Design: We keep the target audience in mind when we design apps for you. Our designs are a conglomeration of intricate and simple design ideas and features all infused in one single app.
  • Develop: We use the best programming techniques and platforms to make your idea a reality
  • QA and maintenance: We are not the ones to compromise with quality as it is essential to our very existence. Our Cross application is not released until it has been checked and approved over and over again.
  • App Promotion and Release: We have a wide array of application marketing tools and strategies to smooth out the application release as it could be a tricky process.

Tools used by iQlance:

We use numerous tools and frameworks available in the industry today to build best of cross breed-platform apps. Some of the popular tools are listed below:

  • Xamarin – It is one of the most widely used app development platforms by enterprises. It helps build native cross platform applications with 75% code sharing across iOS, Android & Windows platforms. Xamarin App Developers Canada use C# to build apps. Xamarin enables developers run automated tests for mobile apps and monitor app performance.
  • PhoneGap / Apache Cordova – It is basically a web application which is packaged in a native application container where each operation is executed by JavaScript through device-level APIs. PhoneGap developers have freedom to use the platform using HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Appcelerator’s Titanium – It provides a unified JavaScript API which can be integrated with the native platform and allows access to all the features of the platform. Titanium developers write JavaScript codes and utilize the Alloy MVC framework for reusing the native UI components, improving performance for the cross platform app development.

Cross application development services from iQlance

  • We have expert in multiple development frameworks like Xamarin, PhoneGap & Titanium
  • We work with multiple cross-platform apps in iOS & Android App stores
  • Robust web technology & mobile experience
  • Quick turnaround time with agile development

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