The Real Cost of Building Your App In-House

A. Navigating the Mobile App Revolution

The mobile app revolution has transformed industries across the globe. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, consumers now demand intuitive and feature-rich applications that cater to their unique needs. Businesses recognize the immense potential of apps in reaching a wider audience, enhancing customer engagement, and driving revenue growth.

B. Cracking the Price Tag Mystery: Unraveling App Development Costs

One of the most significant challenges businesses face when considering app development is determining the true cost. The price tag associated with building an app in-house involves various factors that must be carefully examined and understood. From human resources and infrastructure to project management and coordination, each element contributes to the overall expenditure.

C. iQlance’s Take on In-House App Development

iQlance, a leading app development company, has been at the forefront of the industry for years. With their expertise and deep understanding of the app development process, iQlance provides valuable insights into the advantages and challenges of in-house app development. By unraveling the hidden code behind building apps in-house, iQlance empowers businesses to make informed decisions about their app development strategies.

The iQlance Edge: Mastering the App Development Symphony

A. Behind the Curtain: The iQlance Difference

iQlance’s success lies in their ability to unleash the potential of Toronto’s vibrant app development scene. With a team of top app developers Toronto and a finger on the pulse of the industry, iQlance has established itself as a leader in app development services. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to staying ahead of the curve make them a trusted partner for businesses looking to create exceptional applications.

1. Unleashing the Potential of Toronto’s App Development Scene

Toronto, known for its thriving tech ecosystem, provides iQlance with a rich pool of talent and innovative ideas. The city’s diverse and dynamic app development community fuels iQlance’s ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet the unique needs of their clients for APP Development Company Toronto.

2. Canada’s Finest: iQlance’s Elite App Development Services

iQlance sets itself apart by offering elite app development services Toronto that encompass the entire development lifecycle. From concept ideation and design to development and maintenance, iQlance’s comprehensive approach ensures that each app they build is tailored to their clients’ specific requirements.

3. Empowering Toronto: App Development Solutions for the Digital Era

iQlance understands the evolving nature of the digital landscape and develops apps that empower businesses to thrive in this era of digital transformation. By leveraging the latest technologies and trends, iQlance equips their clients with the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive market.

In-House Development: A Double-Edged Sword

While in-house app development offers certain advantages, it also comes with its own set of challenges. Understanding the pros and cons of building an app in-house is essential for businesses to make informed decisions about their development strategies.

A. Unveiling the Pros of In-House Development

1. Pioneering Control: Unleash Your Creative Vision

One of the primary benefits of in-house development is the ability to have full control over the app’s design and functionality. By keeping the development process in-house, businesses can shape the app according to their creative vision and ensure it aligns with their brand identity.

2. Team Synergy: Direct Collaboration for Stellar Results

In-house development allows for direct collaboration between various teams, such as design, development, and marketing. This seamless coordination fosters synergy, promotes effective communication, and ultimately leads to the creation of a high-quality app that meets both the business and user expectations.

3. Empowering Minds: Skill Enrichment and Knowledge Transfer

Building an app in-house provides an opportunity for skill enrichment and knowledge transfer within the organization. Team members can acquire new skills, expand their expertise, and gain a deeper understanding of the app development process. This knowledge can be leveraged in future projects, fostering growth and innovation.

B. Beware the Hidden Dragons: Cons of In-House Development

1. Costs: The Price of Total Control

While having control over the development process can be advantageous, it also comes at a cost. In-house development requires significant financial investment in hiring skilled professionals, training, infrastructure, and ongoing maintenance. These costs can quickly add up and strain the budget of businesses, especially smaller ones.

2. Time, the Elusive Commodity: Taming the Learning Curve

In-house development often involves a learning curve, particularly if the organization lacks prior experience in app development. Time spent on acquiring new skills and overcoming technical challenges can delay the app’s time-to-market, impacting the business’s ability to capitalize on market opportunities.

3. Skill Shortfalls: The Art of Specialization

App development encompasses a wide range of skills and expertise. It can be challenging for in-house teams to possess the necessary depth and breadth of knowledge in areas such as design, programming, and quality assurance. This lack of specialization can compromise the app’s quality and user experience.

Unmasking the App Development Budget: Factors Influencing the True Cost

To understand the true cost of in-house app development, it is essential to delve into the factors that influence the budget. These factors encompass human resources, infrastructure and tools, as well as project management and coordination.

A. Human Resources: The Creative Crusaders

1. Talent Acquisition and Training: Investing in Excellence

Building an exceptional in-house Toronto app development team requires attracting top talent and providing them with the necessary training and resources to excel. The cost of recruiting skilled professionals, conducting interviews, and onboarding them into the organization should be considered when calculating the development budget.

2. Salaries and Benefits: Fueling the Dream Team

Attracting and retaining top talent comes with a price. Salaries and benefits for app developers, designers, and other team members must be factored into the budget. Competitive compensation packages ensure that the team remains motivated, engaged, and committed to delivering high-quality apps.

3. Productivity Pitfalls: Time is Money

The productivity of the in-house team directly impacts the app development timeline and, consequently, the overall cost. Factors such as inefficient workflows, lack of standardized processes, and distractions can lead to reduced productivity and increased development time.

B. Infrastructure and Tools: Building the Digital Arsenal

1. The Hardware Hustle: Crafting the Optimal Workspace

A well-equipped workspace is crucial for efficient app development. Computers, devices, and other hardware must be up to date to support the development process. Additionally, investing in infrastructure such as servers and network systems ensures a robust and secure environment for app development.

2. Software Stash: The Code Library that Never Sleeps

App development requires access to a diverse set of software tools and libraries. Licensing costs, subscriptions, and maintenance fees associated with these tools should be included in the budget. Regular updates and upgrades are necessary to stay current with the latest industry standards and technologies.

3. Shielding the Valuables: Security and Data Protection

Protecting sensitive data and ensuring app security is of paramount importance. Implementing robust security measures, conducting regular audits, and investing in data protection technologies are essential for safeguarding valuable intellectual property. The associated costs must be considered when calculating the overall budget.

C. Project Management and Coordination: The Conductor’s Baton

1. Resource Rhapsody: Orchestrating the Dream Team

Efficient project management and resource allocation are critical for successful app development. Appointing experienced project managers who can effectively coordinate tasks, manage timelines, and allocate resources optimally is essential. The cost of project management, including salaries and software tools, should be factored into the budget.

2. Harmony in Communication: Tools for Seamless Collaboration

Effective communication is key to smooth collaboration within the in-house development team. Investing in communication and collaboration tools, such as project management software, messaging platforms, and video conferencing solutions, enhances team productivity and reduces miscommunication-related delays.

3. Scope Supervision: Navigating the App Development Symphony

Scope management is crucial to prevent budget overruns and timeline delays. Clear definition and documentation of project requirements, regular scope reviews, and change management processes help ensure that the app development stays on track and within budget.

Unveiling the Shadows: Hidden Costs and Risks of In-House Development

While in-house development offers control and customization, there are hidden costs and risks that businesses must be aware of before embarking on this path.

A. Opportunity Costs: Time is of the Essence

1. Distracted from the Core: The Battle of Priorities

Building an app in-house can divert resources and attention from the core competencies of the business. Key personnel may be pulled away from their primary responsibilities, impacting other important projects and hindering overall business growth.

2. The Missed Crescendo: Lost Market Opportunities

In-house development often involves a longer time-to-market compared to outsourcing. Delays in launching the app can result in missed opportunities to capture a significant market share or meet consumer demand, ultimately affecting the app’s success and revenue potential.

B. Quality Quandaries: When Expertise Makes the Difference

1. Specialized Skills: Unlocking the Code to Success

Developing a high-quality app requires specialized skills in various domains such as user experience design, performance optimization, and security. In-house teams may lack the depth of expertise needed to deliver a polished and seamless app experience, potentially leading to user dissatisfaction and negative reviews.

2. The Bug Sonata: Performance Issues and Maintenance Hurdles

In-house development teams may encounter challenges in identifying and resolving performance issues, bugs, and compatibility problems. Ongoing maintenance and updates can become burdensome, consuming valuable time and resources that could be better utilized in other business activities.

C. Time-to-Market Tango: Dancing with Delays

1. Stumbling on the Steps: In-House Development Bottlenecks

In-house app development often faces bottlenecks due to limited resources, skill gaps, and competing priorities. These bottlenecks can cause delays in the development process, hampering the app’s time-to-market and potentially allowing competitors to gain an advantage.

2. The Symphony of Revenue: The Impact on User Acquisition

Delayed app launches can impact user acquisition and revenue generation. Users have a myriad of options, and a delayed app launch may result in reduced user interest and lower user acquisition rates. Maximizing revenue potential requires timely entry into the market.

The Outsourcing Overture: Alternatives to In-House Development

Outsourcing app development Ottawa is a viable alternative for businesses looking to mitigate the challenges and risks associated with in-house development. Partnering with an experienced App Development Company Canada offers several benefits.

A. The Symphony of Expertise: Leverage Specialized Skills

App development companies specialize in building applications, bringing a wealth of expertise to the table. They have dedicated teams with specialized skills in design, development, quality assurance, and project management. Partnering with such companies ensures access to a talent pool that possesses the required knowledge and experience to create top-tier apps.

B. Cost Optimization Concerto: Budget-Friendly Solutions

Outsourcing app development ottawat can be cost-effective compared to in-house development. App development companies have pre-existing infrastructure, tools, and resources, saving businesses from the initial investment required to set up an in-house team. They also offer flexible pricing models, such as fixed-cost or hourly rates, allowing businesses to optimize their budget and allocate resources more efficiently.

C. Time-to-Market Maestro: Accelerate Your App’s Journey

App development companies have streamlined development processes and efficient workflows in place. They can start development promptly, leveraging their expertise and experience to accelerate the app’s time-to-market. Swift entry into the market maximizes the app’s revenue potential and ensures businesses stay ahead of the competition.

D. Risk Mitigation Symphony: Navigating Choppy Waters

Outsourcing app development reduces the risks associated with in-house development. App development companies have a proven track record and a portfolio of successful projects, instilling confidence in their ability to deliver high-quality apps. Additionally, they assume responsibility for project management, allowing businesses to focus on their core activities.

Conclusion: Striking the Right Chord for App Development Success

Building an app in-house offers control and customization but comes with inherent challenges and costs. Understanding the true cost of in-house development requires a comprehensive analysis of human resources, infrastructure, project management, and coordination factors. Hidden costs, such as opportunity costs and quality risks, can impact the app’s success.

Outsourcing app development to an experienced partner like iQlance presents a compelling alternative. Leveraging specialized skills, optimizing costs, accelerating time-to-market, and mitigating risks are among the advantages of outsourcing. By striking the right chord between in-house and outsourcing strategies, businesses can set themselves on the path to app development success.

How Custom Software Development Companies Can Help Your Business: iQlance Solutions Explains

Custom Software Development Companies Can Help Your Business

In today’s digital landscape, software is critical for organizations of all sorts, from small start-ups to major enterprises. Bespoke software development firms such as iQlance Solutions Pvt Ltd are critical in generating tailor-made solutions that match the individual needs of each client. In this article, we’ll look at what custom software development firms perform, what their essential functions are, and how iQlance Software Development Company London may help organizations grow and thrive.

What Custom Software Development Companies Do?

Custom software development firms, such as iQlance Development London, specialize in designing, developing, and managing software solutions that are customized to their client’s needs. At iQlance, we collaborate with clients from several industries, including banking, healthcare, education, and e-commerce. We have a team of software engineers, designers, and developers who collaborate to produce high-quality, customized software.

The role of bespoke software development businesses is to provide software solutions that are customized to the specific needs of their clients. This means that they do not provide pre-built software, but rather construct software to match the specific needs of each client.

Key Things that a Custom Software Development Company Does

Analysis and Planning: At iQlance Solutions, we begin each project by assessing the client’s needs and formulating a project plan. We undertake research and collect information on the client’s company operations and goals to guarantee that the software solution suits their specific demands. We collaborate with customers to understand their needs and create a plan that corresponds with their business goals. This allows us to ensure that the final software solution is suited to the specific demands of each client.

Software Development: Our software development team begins the development process after analyzing the client’s requirements. We use a variety of programming languages and technologies to develop a high-quality software solution that meets the needs of the client. We use agile methodologies to ensure a smooth and efficient software development process.

Quality Assurance: After the software is built, it is subjected to intensive testing and quality assurance checks to guarantee that it fulfills the client’s criteria and is free of flaws and faults. To assure the best quality software, iQlance Solutions use several testing methodologies and technologies. This comprises functional testing, performance testing, security testing, and usability testing. Our goal is to ensure that the program is dependable, secure, and operates well under a variety of scenarios.

Maintenance and Support: After the program is installed, we provide continuing maintenance and support to guarantee that it remains updated and working. We provide regular updates and upgrades to ensure that the software functions properly and safely. We also give technical assistance to address any difficulties that may emerge and to assist clients in making adjustments to the program as their company needs change.

How iQlance Solutions Can Help You:

1.Customized Options:

At iQlance Solutions, we believe in providing software solutions that are suited to your company’s specific needs. We offer a wide range of software solutions, like WordPress Development Services London, and we can design software to address your organization’s unique challenges and needs, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment. This means that you can have software adapted to your specific business needs rather than depending on pre-built software that may not meet your demands.

2.Security and scalability:

Bespoke software development firms like iQlance also prioritize security and scalability. Businesses can add security measures that are relevant to their needs using bespoke software solutions. Security is a major problem in today’s digital landscape, and custom software development firms are well-equipped to supply secure software solutions. To protect company data, they can utilize a variety of security methods such as data encryption, access limits, and user authentication.

Scalability is another important aspect that custom software development firms may supply. The software requirements of firms may alter as they expand and adapt. Bespoke software solutions can be scaled up or down based on the demands of the firm, guaranteeing that the software can develop as the business does. This is not achievable with off-the-shelf software, which may not be able to satisfy the needs of a developing business.

3.Expertise and experience:

Bespoke software development firms such as iQlance have years of expertise in providing high-quality software solutions for businesses of all sizes. We know a wide range of programming languages and technologies, allowing them to develop customized solutions that match the needs of their clients.

We have teams of expert software engineers, designers, and developers who work closely with clients to understand their business processes and goals. We partner with clients to provide unique solutions that help them reach their goals. This degree of skill and experience is not attainable with off-the-shelf software solutions.

4.Cost-effective solutions:

Bespoke software development firms can also give cost-effective solutions. While off-the-shelf software may appear to be a less expensive alternative, it may not satisfy all of a company’s demands, and the expense of maintaining and supporting it can pile up over time. Custom software solutions allow businesses to pay just for the capabilities they require, and maintenance and support costs are often lower than with off-the-shelf software.

Furthermore, custom software development firms such as iQlance may assist businesses in saving money by streamlining procedures and enhancing efficiency. Bespoke software solutions can automate monotonous operations, allowing employees to focus on more vital responsibilities. This can result in considerable time and cost savings for enterprises.

5.Competitive Advantage:

Ultimately, a bespoke software solution might provide a competitive advantage to a corporation. Businesses can differentiate themselves from the competition and deliver unique value to their clients by using customized software. Bespoke software solutions can assist organizations in streamlining their operations, increasing efficiency and production, and ultimately providing better products and services to their consumers.

Custom software development firms like iQlance can assist organizations in standing out in their respective industries. We collaborate extensively with clients to understand their specific demands and design software solutions that address those objectives. Businesses can improve their operations, increase their competitiveness, and ultimately achieve their business objectives by implementing a bespoke software solution.

Why Is iQlance Solutions the Best Partner for Your Bespoke Software Development Needs?

iQlance Solutions is a renowned custom software development firm that offers clients in several industries tailor-made software solutions. With over a decade of industry experience, we have a proven track record of producing high-quality software solutions that match our client’s specific objectives.

Our team of software engineers, designers, and developers has the skills to create software solutions that are not only effective but also user-friendly. We use cutting-edge programming languages and technologies to create software that is strong, safe, and scalable ensuring that it can satisfy your company’s present and future needs.

We at iQlance Solutions take pleasure in our customer-centric approach. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and goals, and we engage with them every step of the way to ensure that the software solution we deliver satisfies those expectations. Our goal is to assist our clients in achieving their goals by providing them with software solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and innovative.


At iQlance Solutions, we specialize in offering custom software development services to clients across a wide range of sectors. We have a team of skilled software engineers, designers, and developers who can create software solutions that match your specific demands and help your organization grow and thrive. We have the expertise to offer high-quality results whether you’re wanting to design a custom web application, mobile app, or enterprise software solution.

To learn more about our custom software development services and how we can help your business, please contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with a free consultation.

Everything you need to know about the future of web development

The World Wide Web keeps on growing every year, and there are thousands of new websites that are being added to the list. With the increasing number of websites on the internet, the number of users also increases. In case you are also thinking of getting a web development company canada design a website for your business, it is a must for you to have some information about the future trends of web development. In this article, we have mentioned some of the technologies that are going to change the world and will rule it for the upcoming years.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, along with machine learning, has been able to give the world a new direction. Almost all of the greatest internet-based companies in the world have understood the significance and role of these in the digital transformation journey. That is why the companies have started their research to dig deep for finding amazing applications of artificial intelligence. The studies that were conducted state that the growth of Artificial intelligence will rise by about seventy percent this year and about twenty to thirty percent in the next one.

The dominance of Artificial intelligence in high when it comes to web development. Even the world’s largest technology companies are spending their money on researching it. It is being estimated that artificial intelligence will be ruling most of our lives in the coming time. Integrating AI with websites can easily make it more interactive with users. Also, it will help you in studying user behavior and providing them with what they need and expect from you.

There are also tools that will make the artificial intelligence to design your website without you having to brainstorm. These tools are surely going to change the development world and will help in overcoming all the limitations of the website development and designing that we face today. You can even take help from the WEB DEVELOPMENT COMPANY CANADA for integrating AI with your web application.


The importance of javascript with respect to web development is quite clear. This library is one of the most important ones and will help you to build a dynamic web application. Almost all the libraries included in the javascript are open source and will not cost even a single penny for integrating them into your website. This java library helps the developers in building websites that are extremely strong, clean as well as responsive in nature. With the new features being added to this framework with every update, it is clear that even in the upcoming years, it is still going to be the strongest framework to develop web applications.

This is one of the most popular frameworks that are being used to create web applications that have been JavaScript since 2016. This framework helps in creating the websites more interactive as well as user-friendly in nature. It also allows the developers to add some additional features like animations and other dynamic features on the website. The language also provides developers with a chance to show off their creativity and have a better grip over the interface of the web application. It is easier to use the applications designed in javascript on any of the modern-day web browsers; because there is no need to go through the trouble of integrating the plug-in software with the software.

Static site generators

These tools are said to be the next big thing in the world of website development and designing. The static site generators allow you to create a website without the need to use a database. All that is required is some text files with the required data, and you are good to go. The static site generators are the simplest tools that you can use in order to create the website. It also makes sure that the website loading time is reduced as compared to the dynamic websites. Other advantages include a better method of handling the security and high performance of the website. The smooth deployment process of these websites will surely provide you an opportunity to choose the workflow as per your suiting.

There a number of static site generators that are present in the market nowadays and help to create websites that are extremely great and user-friendly. This is the web platform that is preferred by most of the web bloggers and startups. These websites, apart from offering all other services, are cost-effective and enhance the speed and performance as well. It is being predicted that the use of the site generators is going to increase by the year 2020. This technology is going to help the internet crawl from our computers and shift right into the appliances in our homes. IoT integrated with different applications will allow the user to easily control their household devices with just a few simple clicks. It will even allow you to set customized timers that can easily control the objects appropriately according to your requirements.

Accelerated mobile pages

This product is the latest one in the market, and since it is released, it has been able to change the course of technological development. The accelerated mobile pages are known to develop the performance as well as the speed of the websites, and the cherry on the cake is that it is open source. You will not have to spend even a single coin to use this technology in your next web application. These are known to offer the users with the best and most amazing user experience that it has in store. The accelerated mobile pages are meant to benefit mobile users more if compared to other users of web applications. This feature of the AMP based web applications will make it efficient in saving more time. It will also help the websites to experience better and more SEO features that are enhanced for the website owner’s benefit.


These chatbots have been able to create a great sensation in the digital world. The best example to look for the usage of the chatbots is the e-commerce portals. These have been extremely helpful in changing the methods and processes of communication. The businesses now need not worry about hiring a completely new line of customer service separately, and they can work on the other important part of their business. With chatbots on the web application, the conversations will be stuck to the straightforward question and answers only. These bots are surely going to make your life a lot easier, and these are going to help you make some decisions quickly without wasting any more time. That is one of the reasons why chatbots are here to stay. This idea is not a new one but is gaining popularity in recent times. This is one of the best trends that are surely going to be the future of web development applications. The companies are paying a lot of attention to the chatbots in the past couple of years so that the users can easily have personalized experience while talking about their problems to the bots.

Motion User Interface

It is sure that the world of web development is going to make a huge number of changes and is going to evolve and become better by the year 2020. One of the most attractive tools that you can add on your web application is the motion UI. The motion UI is going to offer the website with the transitions in web development along with some animations as well. This kind of UI is one of the creative approaches that developers use in order to increase the conversion rates of the website that your business has.

This is one of the great trends of the future that is surely going to change the world of the web application. It also offers developers a web development platform that allows them to create motion on the applications that have naive settings. The newest versions of this emerging motion UI has different CSS patterns and JavaScript libraries bundled up in it. These help in creating seamless applications with proper integration of animation in it. There are also some pre-defined motions that you can choose to apply to your website. In case you need some kind of help, you can always look forward to consulting with the WEB DEVELOPMENT COMPANY CANADA.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things is the next big thing in the world of the digital revolution. This technology enables you to make connections with the objects that do not even have internet connectivity. No matter if it is your toaster or kettle, you can easily control it with the help of IoT integrated
applications. These kinds of applications are surely going to make our lives a lot easier.

There are some of the big organizations that have already started to work on creating APIs that will allow users to establish communication with other devices just with the help of the applications. The developer will be able to easily integrate these APIs in the web applications and then use it accordingly. The studies have been estimating that by the year 2020, the number of devices connected to the Applications will reach up to thirty billion. This number simply provides us an idea about how great the IoT integration is going to be in the coming years.

Virtual Reality

The WEB DEVELOPMENT COMPANY CANADA can easily help you to integrate the virtual reality in your applications. After all, this is one of the biggest and most extraordinary things to happen in the filled with web development. It is known that the VR applications are going to be the next big thing, and these are going to change the web world in the upcoming years.

The use of virtual reality applications is not just limited to the gaming sector, but it has also been helpful in the development of some incredible real-life applications as well. Many technology giants have already started their research to find out ways to help the VR technology-based application and how these can be used and integrated with the web applications. That is the reason why we are going to see more of these virtual reality-based applications in the following years.

Single-page applications

The single-page web applications have gained recent fame in the world of web development. Because of all the attractive and mesmerizing advantages that it has to offer, it is being speculated that we are going to see an increased number of single page applications when it comes to web development. These advantages include the decrease in time that is taken by a page to load, a user interaction process that has been made simpler for your privilege. Along with everything else that it has to offer, the single-page applications also provide the facility of dynamic loading either of partial content or a page on the website. These features surely are excellent.

The evolution of web design

The designing part is also known to improve and evolve in the coming years. It is being said that there will be an addition of interfaces that are going to be movement based. These developments are surely like dreams coming true. The interfaces having hand movement recognition and response capabilities in it are going to be the next generation of web development. There are a lot of details in this context that surely needs to be worked out. There will also be more videos as well as visual based development coming in the next age of web development that will not only increase the number of users on the website. But will also help in providing clear and authentic information to the users in a quick manner. The WEB DEVELOPMENT COMPANY CANADA is your answer for building web applications in the upcoming time with the help of all the latest technologies.

Why Does a Business Require Custom Software Development?

Custom Software Development Toronto

In today’s cutthroat marketplace, it is critical to create software or an application that fulfils the needs of a specific industry. Custom software development Toronto is the process of planning, designing, building, and delivering software for a specific customer, whether that customer is a person, a small team within an organization, or an outside business with a contract.

Custom software outperforms generic programs because it is personalised for each particular user (COTS). COTS is more widely accepted than custom-built solutions since it addresses more use cases. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from incorporating commercial off-the-shelf software into their operations, which is why it is aggressively promoted and marketed. Off-the-Shelf products, such as Microsoft Office, are ideal examples because they can meet the needs of a diverse range of individuals all over the world with a single product.

However, a general declaration cannot meet the demands of every organization. Certain company processes and personnel groups have unique requirements that can only be satisfied by custom-fit solutions. There is a definite requirement for customized software in this situation. Custom software packages might have student-facing portals for course modules or e-commerce software made for a certain industry to make buying easier.

Investing in a custom software development company can be a wise investment if it can boost your company’s productivity and help it expand and thrive. But it doesn’t mean there aren’t any issues with custom-built software. It has both benefits and drawbacks.

So, Exactly What is Custom Software Development?

The term “custom software development” refers to the process of creating and updating programs that are tailored to the needs of a specific client. These features are typically not included in mass-market software packages.

As a result, custom software is created for a specific business and caters to its specific needs. A third-party software development company with the right experience and tools makes these kinds of apps.

In this situation, it’s likely that an in-house development team wouldn’t be able to finish the whole development life cycle because they don’t have enough expertise or technology.

What should you expect from it, and how can you be certain that it will provide you with the answers you require for your business? Now, let’s look at how and why custom-fit software can help your business soar.

Why is Customized Software Necessary?

Customized software allows businesses to better meet the needs of their customers. But do all of these scenarios necessitate one-of-a-kind software?

Many commercial software packages include application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow for easy personalization and integration with other programs. This allows some commercial apps to stand out despite being built on top of more generic software.

To decide whether custom or off-the-shelf software is best for your company’s software needs, you must first define your objectives and the amount of money you are willing to invest. There’s enough analysis below to help you pick the best option.

Custom software development is the most important phase for identifying the larger vision and future roadmap because it provides the concept and designs it to your business’s specifications and demands.

The following are some bullet points that explain why businesses require custom software development:

  • Fast and Easy Setup

Some businesses use up to a dozen different programs at various stages of development. Because it was built using different technologies, architectures, and development techniques, the components and other resources you have on hand may not be compatible with the bespoke software you choose.

This can lead to integration and compatibility issues, lowering productivity and efficiency. Custom software development enables the integration of previously separate systems.

Custom solutions are easy to add to an organization’s existing infrastructure, and they can even be used to make existing software run better.

Collaboration with a custom software development company is the best way for businesses to get solutions that work for them. Following that, the customized solution will be implemented and integrated into your company’s infrastructure.

  • Extremely cost-effective

Building company-specific software may appear costly at first, but it saves money in the long run. Custom software is an excellent investment because it is both cost-effective and time-saving. If you shop around and are flexible about the type and level of integration you require, you may be able to find custom software at a reasonable price.

You can now begin building the most important elements and, if funds allow, make other additions afterwards. During the process, you can test the product, get feedback from users, and make any necessary changes.

  • Scalability

As your firm grows, more sophisticated resources will be required to meet the rising complexity of its operations. By using custom software development, you may ensure that your application will grow with your organization. It will help businesses grow faster by getting rid of old or unreliable software that slows them down.

Bespoke software is the most dependable and versatile. Custom software grows proportionally and can be scaled up by combining new features and improving processes.

  • Innovation

Businesses benefit from custom software development when they can give their program a unique look and feel. Customized solutions make it much easier to integrate technology into your business processes. Custom software design is the process of designing and building a system that fits your business model and, as a result, makes your brand stand out.

  • Faster Adoption

The custom software can address any business problem or need. Training takes less time and money, and the market adjusts more quickly. Companies can easily implement the bespoke software solution without having to change their processes to accommodate the software. According to reports, the software solution is tailored to their processes.

  • Flexibility and efficiency

The ability to adapt quickly and easily to changing circumstances.

Programmers create “custom” software to meet the specific needs of a company. Software is designed to fit the way a business operates. Firms will be able to boost output and efficiency as a result of this.

It can help to automate routine operations and promote interdepartmental collaboration. Corporations are only interested in it because of its ability to increase efficiency and production.

  • Absolute security

Malicious hackers frequently target software systems. Cybercriminals prioritize commercial software solutions in order to make the most money. They never go for custom-built enterprise programs.

Furthermore, because these custom-made solutions are developed from the ground up, they are difficult to crack. Professionals in bespoke software development understand how to encrypt data for added security.

  • Maintenance and Support

When you invest in custom software development, you receive immediate access to a team of experts who can provide extensive technical support and maintenance. The custom-made program may have some technical problems or security holes, but these can be fixed quickly with dedicated help and maintenance.

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about your software provider abruptly discontinuing support for a crucial service or product. In the future, businesses will have access to ongoing software maintenance and help with making software better.

What can you anticipate from Custom Software and Web Development Canada?

It is difficult to create one’s own piece of software. iQlance software or Web Development Canada with a track record of listening to customer feedback and developing scalable, flexible solutions are in high demand. However, simply comprehending the requirements is insufficient. If you seek for a few different qualities and attributes, you will be able to identify a trustworthy friend.

A good custom software development business should have the following characteristics:

  • Expertise and knowledge of applicable technologies: The only two metrics by which a custom software development firm can be measured are the quality of its applications and the growth it has fostered for its clients. Firms that specialize in software development and have the requisite technical and leadership skills will have a diverse portfolio of projects. A company that knows a lot about cutting-edge technology and has worked with both small and large businesses for a long time can make and implement a solution that can grow with demand.
  • Ability to communicate: Essential for comprehending the customer’s goals and specifications. A software development firm can generate software that will improve its operations with the correct amount of preparation, communication, and project understanding. Maintaining consistent contact with consumers is critical for developing long-term partnerships. In order to improve communication between their team and their clients, a software development company uses enterprise-level communication services like Zoom and Skype for Business.
  • Fluency in technical and programming languages is not enough: Market awareness is required. A software development company must have good commercial abilities to turn ideas into workable software. You can get an idea of how good they are at making custom software by looking at their portfolio of finished work and list of happy clients.
  • Expression: essential for deciphering the customer’s goals and specifications. A bespoke software development company can carefully design and produce software that will add value to its business with the right amount of communication and project understanding. Maintaining consistent contact with consumers is critical for developing long-term partnerships. In order to improve communication between their team and their clients, a software development company uses enterprise-level communication services like Zoom and Skype for Business.
  • Pricing structure: Get a detailed breakdown of all fees and costs before signing a contract with any software development company. It’s wise to avoid companies that try to sneak in extra expenses.

Wrap Up

To summarize briefly numerous organizations of all sizes are abandoning the use of stock software in favour of custom-built programs that meet their precise needs. This provides companies with a number of technological and business advantages that help them keep their edge in a competitive market.

If you are thinking about investing in custom software development or web development in Canada, or if you have any concerns about the benefits of doing so, please contact us at iQlance. We’d love to hear more about your company and have an in-depth conversation about how you can get the most out of custom software development since we’ve completed over 500 unique projects for a wide range of clients around the world.

You can reach us by call us at (647) 637-9108 or by email at for more information.

How to Build Microservices with ASP.NET core, and advantages

How to Build Microservices with ASP.NET core, and advantages


Microservice is the recommended technique in current modern time development. These days, organizations are implemented and fully trained in various types of domains and runtime-based applications. Microservices’ architecture is a different approach that can be implemented to develop advanced software applications. We can consider Microservices as a procedure that supports merging various types of services synchronically. Many companies, such as PayPal, Netflix, Amazon, Twitter, and eBay, have already profited from using microservice. There are many ASP.Net Development Companies in India that deliver various types of custom Application Development, Web Development using core with microservice skills, and Mobile App development services, to customers across the world and Hire ASP.NET Developers.

In this article, we will understand the concept of microservice with ASP.Net core/, along with the advantages.

Below are Specific Key advantages In Adapting Microservices using ASP.NET Core

  • It is more simple to understand and manage
  • Extensive up-gradation and performs independently autonomously
  • Operates efficiently with different technologies
  • Speedy scalability and reusability
  • Smooth transitions and fast implementation
  • Performs seamlessly using container technology
  • Maintains various languages and platforms
  • Swift innovations and simple implementation
  • Open Source environment and agile development
  • The most suitable pattern to execute high-performing resolutions
  • Cloud-based configuration and Enhanced Quicker Containerization
  • Various Run-time cross-platform using Mac, Linux, or Windows with Expanded Compatibility
  • Advanced Lightweight Features And Consistency
  • Maintains the lesser codes with simpler implementation
  • Decrease in Build Time
  • The monolithic application enables us to combine further features in the fastest approach
  • The easy deployment process of service is individually
  • Scalable feature using horizontal scaling
  • Every service can manage a distinctive technology stack

Major Elements In A Microservices Architecture using .Net Core

  • API Gateway: It is a primary element and works as a combined access point for the client.
  • Identity Provider: It controls the identification of data using the distributed network of validation services.
  • Management: It Maintains the services nodes using the security mechanism.
  • Content Delivery Network: It provides the static resources as web page content in a distributed or cluttered network.
  • Service Discovery: It traces the addresses of endpoints from microservices.

Why ASP.NET core for Microservices?

In ASP.Net Core, we see the latest enhancement along with its best feature templates and easy migration of application code from ASP.Net to .Net Core with the help of its compatibility using Windows, Linux, and macOS, Docker Container, cloud-based techniques, fast execution performance, and many ways.

Here are the important features of Microservices using .Net Core

Expanded Compatibility: ASP.NET Core is extremely compatible using Kubernetes, as it is an add-on innovation in the ASP. NET Core features. The technology is intended to get the help of Kubernetes resources and features and the best recommendation for developers to develop Microservices solutions efficiently as it allows all the required specific documents using Docker.

More excellent And durable Containerization: We can keep the ASP .NET Core application inside a Docker container with the container technology and it enables the higher feature image more actively.

Compatibility With Cross-Platform Applications: ASP .NET Core maintains various operating systems and is compatible with cross-platform technology. The latest .net Core version provides cross-platform for microservices to perform as independent on any platform or architecture.

More agile Speed And Higher Constancy: The most advanced releases of ASP .NET Core provide faster with more agility and more enhanced security to the applications.

Flexibility To use IDE (Integrated development environment): Developers can build the application using a Microservices environment with ASP .NET Core with the help of IDE. It provides the best flexibility to use free software to develop their applications in Microservices.

Cloud Compatibility: ASP .NET Core maintains cloud scalability solutions. Using these various types of applications can be developed with this and can publish/execute seamlessly on all relevant cloud-based services example: Azure cloud technology, which is the more easy environment to deploy the application from visual studio IDE.

Modular & Lightweight: Here we have the two basic features of ASP .NET Core: its modular nature and its light weightiness are essential keys to selecting these for building a container-based Microservice application.

Command Line Oriented Technique: ASP.NET Core provides easy ways to create, compile, run and deploy your application with the help of a command line as per the below example. Using a single command similar as “dotnet latest webapi,” here you have scaffold features for your microservice.

Real-Time Processing using core Microservice: ASP.NET Core enables comprehensive cross-platform help in developing IoT web applications. Microservice provides the quick and reliable solution to run your application using real-time processing data to perform in any the challenges of slow performance. Real-time processing effects with a continuous stream of data, for example from an amount of Internet of Things devices. This data flow happened due to the multiprocessing execution of background tasks. With the help of microservice, it expedites this real-time flow and correctly regulates the incoming flow of streaming data.

.Net Core’s modularity using Docker: For developing the application using .Net core and deploying it to different platforms for implementing this process, developers need to create a Docker image that is more modest and can be built from the .Net core framework. Using Docker, we can easily deploy your application in various types of operating systems (OS).

Consolidation: There is one extension platform for two types of application deployment processes using cloud and on-premises deployments. ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, and ASP.NET Web Pages have been combined into an individual framework, and all excessive abilities are removed.

New functionality:
In extension to the architectural modifications, there are many innovative capabilities have been combined, which include more simple route mapping syntax, view components, latest POCO (Plain Old CLR Object) controllers, Tag Helpers, and interpreted claims types of authorization techniques.

ASP.NET Core MicroService using various databases and an Event-driven approach

Here is the best advantage of microservices that can be scaled independently in different databases such as My SQL or MongoDB.

Several microservices executed can perform from various types of e-commerce modules across its features functionalities like Discount, Basket, Catalog, and Ordering with independent microservices using NoSQL (MongoDB or Redis) and Relational databases, SQL Server or PostgreSQL) with corresponding with RabbitMQ Event-Driven Communication and using Ocelot API Gateway.

It balances and maintains loads of performance from different microservices (REST APIs) as per the below process flow diagram.

Microservices’ repository using .Net Core

In .Net core, Microservice Catalog and Basket merge these below techniques.

  • ASP.NET Core Web API application
  • REST API Procedure using CRUD operations
  • MongoDB NoSQL database connectivity on Cloud-enabled docker containerization
  • N-Layer implementation, including Repository Model pattern
  • Swagger Open API execution
  • Docker-compose and Dockerfile implementation
  • Redis database connectivity on Cloud-enabled Docker containerization

How Microservices Communicates

Below are the process and steps to the communication of Micro-service.

  • Sync inter-service using gRPC (A language-agnostic, high-performance Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Communication
  • Async Microservices Communication using RabbitMQ Message-Broker Service.
  • Managing RabbitMQ Publish/Subscribe Topic Exchange Model
  • Using MassTransit for reflection over RabbitMQ Message-Broker system
  • From Basket microservices -> Publishing BasketCheckout event queue and from Ordering microservices -> Subscribing this event
  • Formulate RabbitMQ EventBus.Messages Common Class Library and adds the references of Microservices


We hope this article helped you understand about How to build Microservice using ASP.NET core. Here, we discussed the detailed level of the concept of the benefits and advantages of Microsoft .Net Core along with the latest innovations of microservices. It makes your ASP.Net applications more robust, responsive, flexible, and scalable, which will be helpful to professional developers from .net backgrounds, application architectures, and other learners looking for information on Microsoft .Net using C#. You will find more useful articles like this one at iQlance. We are a Software Development Company India in India and Hire.NET Developers in India. Check out the official site for more information.

Do you know the Importance of UI/UX in the Brand Development?


Today when we look around us, it’s all about smartphones and tablets. Be it work or play, smartphones and tablets have taken over the need to use laptops and desktops are practically extinct now. Due to this change in the way things are functioning around us, technology and even anything new that comes into play are centered around mobile and tablets. Hence, arises the need for mobile-friendly apps. In other words, now it’s not only about your venture having a website; the current technical requirements have to lead to the need of having a mobile-friendly website along with a mobile app, which is compatible with iPhones as well as Android phones. Only when these requirements are met, then can you expect your venture to succeed.

Now talking about mobile apps, as users we are well aware of how many mobile apps are launched and taken off the app store or the Google play store every day. There are even multiple apps for the same purpose created by different developers. However, not all apps work or in other words, succeed. The same app from one developer might be more popular than the same app from another developer. So what makes apps popular? What is that the developers like app developers in Toronto do so that the app is popular and more and more users are using the app?

Why is it important to design the UI/UX correctly?

So let’s look at apps from a users perspective. What would or what makes attracts you to a particular app? Once we have it, what keeps us hooked on to the app? The main thing about the mobile apps that different app development teams, like the App Development, need to understand that any app needs to have a stunning design. The look i.e., the design of the app needs to be eye-catching such that the user cannot let go of the app. The design of the app needs to ensure that the end-user experience is an effective User experience (UX) and User interface (UI) design. Mobile apps that are designed without considering the UI/UX, are mainly the apps that fail since they fail to attract users and keep the users connected. An outstanding user-interface needs to not only look spectacular along with being easy to use.

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So that people or end-users feel good after using them. Hence now app developers are putting more time designing the look and feel of the app since they are well aware that’s where the success story for the app would begin. As discussed, since the UI and the UX of the app are so vital, then let’s understand what goes into the UI and the UX that would help the app to succeed.

The UI or the User Interface:

When we talk about the User interface or the UI design of the app, we are referring to how the app would look and how it would feel when it’s being used. In short, this means how the experience of the user is when they interact with the app. So the designer, who works on this aspect of the app, mainly focuses on the appearance of the app. They have to prepare a graphical UI design keeping in mind the end user who would be finally using the app and ensure that the design of the app enhances the user experience.

The UX or the User Experience:

Now coming to the User Experience or the UX, which forms the deciding factor from the user point of view, when they use the app. The UX of the application is finally the part, which creates an impact on the mind of the end-user and thus further ensuring the perception or the impact that your venture has on the minds of the user. The main purpose of the app or the UX for that matter should be such that it should work on building satisfaction and trust in the mind of the end-user. This can be achieved by providing a simplistic design, improving the usability and finally it is the confidence that the user feels while interacting with the app. Hence the UX designer would ensure that he studies the market and does a comprehensive research of the targeted market, within the particular industry and understanding the end-users’ needs and so on before they initiate working on the design for the app.

The Elements that make up an efficient UI and UX

  • Colors and Fonts

These are probably the first things that catch the users’ attention. Also, these are very important when the company is a well-known brand or even a familiar brand for that matter. If the company has a design document or some policies, which determines these parameters, the designer needs to ensure that they follow these guidelines or parameters. This is further important as it increases familiarity with the brand and enables the user to recognize the brand, thus earning you goodie points at the first stage itself.

In cases, where the font style, font size, and the colors are not determined already, the designer needs to ensure that the right font style and the right font size is used while designing the app. The font should be too fancy or even too small or too big for that matter. And always ensure that there is no capitalization. As far as the app color knows, the right combination needs to be used, using light font colors on a light background and for that matter, dark font colors on a dark background is also not right, since the user would have difficulty reading the text in the app and might even cause the user to uninstall the app.

  • Language

The app language needs to be correct and simple to understand; so that even if the user has a basic knowledge of the language, they should be able to operate the app with ease. It shouldn’t be that the user feels a requirement to use the dictionary for using the app.

  • Visuals

Visuals always plan an important role, when it comes to sharing a story. Visuals in the app tell the user the story of your venture. Visuals are known to be more attractive and remembered easily, as far as human psychology is concerned. By looking at the icon of the app, the user should be able to easily relate to the venture associated with the app.

  • Notifications

Any app needs to ensure that they display the right notifications and with precise content, like notification for when the app needs to be updated, when its installed or even for that matter when it’s uninstalled or notification mentioning new features provided in the update. People and in other words the users, are always busy and sometimes don’t have time to check the apps repeatedly. In this way, you are motivating the user to use the app. Also along with this, it is important to ensure that the app loads fast. By considering these factors your are valuing the users’ time.


Importance of having an Effective UI/UX

In today’s world, with everything being very competitive, mobile apps also face the same scenarios. App development companies have to spend a lot of time in advance doing research and ensuring that everything is well planned, before initiating the work on the app design. Below are some of the reasons how the right app works for you.

Customer satisfaction

The main center of attraction for having a perfectly designed app, that it not only helps manage the content along with that if the app is simple to use, but you can also be ensured that the client is satisfied. A satisfied client will not only provide a great rating and feedback, but they also will recommend your app to others. Also, this ensures that they are loyal to you and will always be returning for more and in turn increasing your business.

Understanding the audience

Before building the app, it’s very important to understand and study the targeted audience. In other words, knowing who the client is. The app needs to be built based on what they need. If the app is developed keeping the targeted audience in mind, you also have a chance to convert the prospective clients into actual buyers on the app, which would again in result in increased sales.

Brand building

Ultimately, it’s all about building your brand. The more efficient the UI and the UX designs are, the more likely you will have more satisfied customers. Also, it’s human psychology that everyone likes to work with things that make him or her happy. Thus they become more open in giving you feedback and thus helping in building a relationship with the customer. This at the end of the day results in the growth and value of the brand and business.

Saves both time and money

It’s better to spend enough time developing and quality checking the app before it is launched. The reasons are simple, a well-developed app would mean that the user is less likely to find a loophole with the app, which also means lesser time spent on updates. Updating and upgrading the app also means that you would need to spend more time and money, thus causing losses to the business.


Finally, it’s important to understand that a mobile app needs to be used by the end-user and hence it needs to center around his needs and requirements. It’s also important to understand that the app needs to be easy to use as well engaging or the end-user will lose interest in the app. Developing the right app with an effective UI/UX design are the first steps to a successful app and in turn a successful venture.

What does it take to develop a mobile app like Uber?


Taxi booking service is mushrooming everywhere and has emerged as one of the reliable way to commute within or outside the city. When we talk about taxi service, Uber is one of the name that has become synonymous with it.  Since it’s inception, Uber is pleasing users across the globe and the only point of contact between passengers and Uber is mobile app. Although there are hundreds of taxi booking mobile apps but what has evolved over a period of time, since the inception of Uber, is technology development on the booking front.

With the current scenario in the market, Uber is boosting more and more entrepreneurs with the idea to repeat its feet and create something similar. However, developing a Taxi mobile app like Uber and going live on app store and play store is just not that easy and two separate application with different functionality:

  • Passenger app – for those who looks to book taxi
  • Driver app – Get orders and they ride passenger to their destination

Its features plays vital role; let’s zero down some of the basic ones:

Basic features of passenger app:

  • Register/login: You can provide varied options to register like social media integration, e-mail etc.
  • Booking Interface: Here customer needs to add address, select a cab type and set the pickup location
  • Tracking: Track driver’s location, status updation during or after a ride
  • Fare calculator: Calculates the estimated cost from source to destination before booking
  • Payments: Cashless, plain cash , can pay automatically via plastic money and invoice is received to phone or e-mail
  • Push Notifications: Keeps the user updated on order status, estimated time, taxi arrival, car model, driver’s contact number, car number and much more
  • Messaging, ratings and reviews, booking history: Messaging driver for the perfect pick up, feedback and ratings given by the customer for the service provided, displays the details of previous booking

Basic features of driver app:

  • Register/profile/status: Required to provide extra verification details like taxi number, licence during registration, status functionality helping them to adjust the schedule and availability
  • Booking: Options to accept or reject the incoming order, information of customer location, booking history etc.
  • Push Notifications: For order alerts, taxi booking data, for order updates and completion of ride
  • Navigation: Google Maps integration to get optimal direction of customer’s destination
  • Cost estimation and reports: Provides the estimated cost with discounts and offer the insights of trip status, payroll, history etc.

Furthermore, to streamline process and driver from the central point, a web app is required to manage and review all in-app activity like interactions, ride routes, payments and much more.

How Uber Works?

Passengers let the Uber know that they need a ride; Uber asks you about the location; finds the nearby driver and notifies the duration of driver’s arrival. After completion of ride, cost is automatically charged from your card and then passenger needs to provide feedback about the ride.


So to build such paradigm, what technology stack does Uber rely on?

It relies on some giant foundations like:-

Geo-location: The cab providing service like UBER depends on GPS (Global positioning system) technology to track the current position of the customer. When Uber started its venture, the technology wasn’t that progressive, but today the things have become easier. The geo-location depends on:-

  • Identifying a device’s location: To identify the location of the customer, Uber app for iOS uses CoreLocation framework which provides classes and protocols to configure and schedule delivery and send location event to the server. This framework also enables the Uber to define geographic region and track the device moments as it crosses the boundary.

The Uber app for Android uses Google’s Location API which can manage underlying location technology meeting all the needs to tailor the app when integrating location-based features.

  • Providing the right direction: For developing iOS app, MapKit is used to display point-to-point directions on map. It registers the app as routing app then makes direction available to the Map apps and other mapping software.

For developing on Google, Google Maps Android API is used to make routes and directions possible.

  • Integration with mapping software: Uber implemented Google Maps for both iOS and Android version and to avoid paying Google for access of their solutions, Uber opt for mapping technology companies to solve the logistic issues.

Messaging or Notification: After you order a ride, Uber sends you a couple of notifications like when driver accepts the request, driver is few miles away, cancellation of ride etc. Uber text messages are powered by the Twilio telecommunications provider and you may choose to receive these messages either via SMS or through the push notifications. To implement push notifications in the iOS app, Uber uses Apple Push Notifications Service, and for the Android app Uber uses Google Cloud Messaging (GCM).

Payment Integration: For calculating fare, Uber looks for the factors like base fare, cost/mile and cost/min. Uber promotes a cashless system which means you can pay via plastic card, e-wallets or use a promo code which removes error prone human-to-human cash transfers. Uber chose to partner with Braintree, one of the leaders in the mobile payment market, to accept card payments and also uses PayPal’s service for credit card scanning on iOS.

The iOS users can make of the Apple Pay for making the payment and the Android users can use the Google Wallet for the same purpose. It is better to collaborate with some online payment company to make the experiences better and faster.

Advantages of Uber like app

  • Reduce the number of drunk drivers
  • Saves your money for commuting
  • Provides opportunity to make extra cash for the driver
  • Makes the way to the customer’s destination really beautiful

Advantages of having mobile app

  • Having a white label mobile app gives your taxi business a broad visibility and an automatic customer boost.
  • Reduces the overhead costs generated by managing everything manually and connecting passengers to the drivers in real-time enables the business to grow smartly in autopilot mode.
  • Leads to the higher profit as the taxi service provider can develop their own app and save on the commission paid to the cab platform.

How much does it cost?

Well it depends! There are several factors affecting the total cost

  • Your budget
  • Number of features
  • Design of UI/UX
  • Backend development
  • Web development
  • Security

If you wish to develop a basic taxi service app then it will cost around $15,000 USD to $20,000 USD; Uber like app $20,000 USD to $35,000 USD. It takes 2 to 3 weeks approximately to design the app and 10 to 12 weeks approximately for development process. Lastly, the cost varies according to Toronto app development company you hire to get your job done.


The 5 Steps of Successful influencer Marketing Strategies


Marketing is a realm where you have no place for dreamers. It is a practical world not one where you sow and harness the power of dreams. So much so, the tipping point in marketing comes from the influencers who are convinced that your product is the right one for them. If they decide, they can set the ball rolling in the marketing sector and you will not have to spend too much money on advertising.

Isolate the influencer

So, get the influencer and bring the ball! It is not that easy because we do not know who the influencers are. That is the hard part of the Influencer Marketing Strategy. That becomes the first step of our marketing strategy –isolating the region of the influencers. This is relatively simple, we can find that most of the marketing decisions emanate from one sector of society. Then, we put the rest of the plan into place.  If on the other hand, we know who the influencer is, say a popular public figure, then we can get him or her to endorse the products and achieve marketing success. influencer marketing is also part of digital marketing.

Initiate the action

The action of the influencer is by building something around their idea and igniting community passion and seeking collaboration with the people of their community. This operates entirely on trust and goes on to become a brand engagement. To do this one must have a story to tell. This story will speak of the values and help the viewers adopt the right standard to make the improvement in their lives. It could be how being poor need not stop one from succeeding in sports.

Also check this info-graphic of Cheat Sheet hope you love it.


Build the story on the social media

Once you have the influencer and the story, it is time for the wild bushfire to spread through the countryside. Here, we are not marketing the brand through the social media; we push the story of how the influencers are reacting through the social media.

The people will do the searching for themselves and then remain convinced that they were not influenced to buy the brand. People who have implemented successful selling programmes for their company will know how much the success depends on the intrinsic values of the product. This is why we need the influencer.

Improve sharing of ideas related to the product

This is pure social media marketing. And a lot more besides but you have to involve the common man in it. They need to have a stand point about the product. And since this must not be negative, you need to have the advance story about how the poor will succeed. In your marketing campaign, include incentives for people who share the story the most or help in distributing it.

Keep a grip on the values

You do not want to compete with the rest of the field. You want to create a dent big enough for them to fall through. Your values must remain clear and distinct from those of the rest.

Undoubtedly, the last step is the most important. But, it will not work without the rest of the steps, so start from the top.

A Swift Tutorial for Google Maps SDK


The free mapping service by Google that gives you various types of geographical information we call as Google Maps. To use this mapping service on your website, you use an API given by Google. Here you will learn how to use the API and use the mapping service.

Code for creating Google Maps

First thing is to become familiar with JavaScript. If you know a little of HTML, it will help. Here is the code that will make a map for you.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>My First Google Map</h1>
<div id="googleMap" style="width:100%;height:400px;"></div>
function myMap() {
  var mapProp= {
    center:new google.maps.LatLng(8.91011,12.1314),  zoom:5,
  var map=new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById("googleMap"),mapProp);
<script src=""></script>

There are tons of things you can do with maps. From presenting a location to discovering the routes, the map proves useful for the user. iOS was using Google Mobile Maps for all its needs until recently. But, things changed and Apple began to use the Map Kit for its mapping services. Ever since Apple stopped using the Google Maps, Google decided to use its own Maps SDK for all platforms including iOS. This then is the strong contender for all map SDKs used on every platform. This is why writing Google Maps SDK for iOS is definitely worth it.

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You need to get the API Key if you want to use the Google maps in your project. This consists of a special string of code that you get from Google which you can use within your app to call the maps function. This you do by fetching it from the special place for Mobile App developers known as Google Developers Console. You need a Google account to operate from this place.

Using your Google account, sign in to the Google Developers Console and click to the API Project Option. Next expand by clicking on APIs & auth menu. You need to find out the Google Maps SDK for iOS and so go through the list presented to you. Click on the correct tab and you will go to the page where you can enable the API. After that, click on Credentials options under the APIs and auth menu.

In the new page, click on Create new Key button. This will be on the bottom left side. Once you click the button, a dialog window will open asking you what type of key you want to create. Inside this box, you have many options shown such as Server key, Browser key, Android key, and iOS key. In the next window, you can type or paste the bundle identifier of your app. You can copy the value of the com.appcoda.GMapsDemo and this step makes our app authorised to use the Google Maps API.

Once you click on the Create button, you create the API. If you want to add or remove the app bundle IDs you click on the Edit Allowed iOS Applications button.

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