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Customized Mobile App Development Company In York

Since Inception, iQlance has specialized in mobile app development across many platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows mobile devices. Our app developers in York has got expertise in app development tools on many platforms which helps to deliver the best quality solution to the clients all over the globe. We plan, design, develop, test and deliver the solution that caters the client’s need.

It is not easy to please a client at all fronts, yet at iQlance York, we have always been successful in doing so. iQlance York developers provide all the reports during app development from day 1 to the app deployment stage, to the client when desired. Our developers ensure quality as well by testing the apps at all the stages before it moves to the next stage. Also, our clients are given technical support whenever required by the client.

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What We Do

App Development

Our skilled mobile app developers in York have gained expertise in delivering Android and iOS solution that helps your brand to beat the competitors. iQlance being the top mobile app development company in York, have years of experience in delivering mobile solutions that can help to gain maximum visibility and wider reach.

App Development

Being a leader in iPhone App Development Company in York, iQlqnce offers best iOS Apps Development Services using its iOS/iPhone Application developer’s team. Whether it is iBeacon or 3D Touch, we leverage Apple Operating system’s latest features in an iOS app to develop iPhone apps for categories like augmented reality, Banking Application etc.

App Development

iQlance is a leading android app development company in York offering mobile app development service of the latest android versions. Our experienced team of Android app developers offers techno-driven native and hybrid android app development solutions for different industry verticals such as gaming, social media, healthcare, sports, travel etc.

Custom Software

At iQlance, we make use of the latest tools, technologies, and state-of-the-art infrastructure to build tailor-made software solutions for mobile and web. Our custom software solutions intuitively solve complex business challenges. This helps businesses and brands achieve tremendous growth which they are looking out for.

React Native
App Development

For developing apps faster and within a specific time, our developers use React Native as it comes with in-built APIs. Features like code reusability, simple UI, stable apps, and being cost-effective make it the favourite development application tool of our developers at iQlance York.

Flutter App

Our developers use Flutter at iQlance York as it saves on time, increases performance and efficiency, is open source, and can be used for developing cross-platform apps with a single codebase. Another feature hot reload allows code modification without taking the app offline.


Our best web developers in York makes the use of best programming practices to build website that is scalable, secure and easy to use. Being the best web development company, we build responsive websites, mobile optimized sites, CMS based website on WordPress, Magento, Drupal and other open source technologies.

Enterprise App

iQlance is one of the fastest growing enterprise app development company which offers mobility solutions that can enhance your business growth. Our expert team of enterprise app developers offers enterprise ready solutions that can provide quick decision making process and help them stay at the top of their business market.

Game App

iQlance is amongst the top mobile game app development company in York with expertise in creating native mobile game apps or cross-platform gaming apps for any platform. Our game app developers have created several intuitive gaming apps for Android and iOS such as Puzzle Games, Racing Games, Arcade games, Adventure games, Education Games etc.

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The Process of Mobile App
Development in York

iQlance York has clients from diverse industries because of the Quality-First approach it follows. We ensure transparency across all our processes for the client. This ensures the client has our trust and we have theirs. We believe in a professional approach to app development as described below:


Our developers and the clients share their views with each other to start the development process. The idea of the client is given shape using tools and languages.


In the second stage, our developers create look-alike models of what the client needs. These are presented to the clients and they approve the one that suits them the most.


The developers at iQlance code the app as per the requirement. This leads to testing and then generating a final build of the app that has to be delivered.


The developers launch the app to a mobile store for the customers to use it. For us this is not the end as we still need to provide tech support.

Serving Our Clients Across
Diverse Industries

iQlance York has been serving its clients, big or small, with unmatched quality. Our developers provide cost-effective solutions that generate profits, and save on time. Not only are they built using next-gen technologies like Flutter and React Native, they are also future-ready. We serve our clients across different platforms such as iOS and Android with varying types of applications. All these apps have a simple UI that is easy to use and include the following:

Media and Entertainment

Real Estate





Travel & Hospitality

Oil & Gas

Endeavors that Make us Proud

iQlance solutions has always been honored with valuable words for the efforts given on mobile app development that are efficiently unique and user centric. Here are some of the best examples for this.

Dedicated Developers for Various Technologies

At iQlance York, we have a team of skilled and dedicated developers who create solutions as per the needs of the clients. They are skilled in not one but many technologies that are used for app development these days. The team of experts comprises developers, database administrators, and code testers. Our clients can get iOS or Android solutions, or even cross-platform solutions from our team of developers.

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Building Mobile Apps to Enhance Profits

At iQlance York, we ensure the clients get an app that brings about a boom in their business. As such, we ensure the app has no security loopholes using which hackers can make their way into the clients’ data. Following is our result card for building simple and easy-to-use apps:


of experience


Projects Delivered


Happy Clients
World Wide




Quality Delivery

Check How We Turn Your Idea Into Innovative Product

Our rich portfolio justifies that, we are one of the best app development company in Canada

Why Do Companies Partner With Us?

It’s the transparency in our processes, and the features of our apps that lead our clients to us. Some of these features that stand out in our apps include the following:


Our developers ensure with various protocols and tools the safety of the clients’ data. Our apps are insusceptible to Hackers and Malware attacks.


Following Agile techniques like SCRUM, our developers ensure a high-performance app that is completed in time. Such apps also use fewer resources.


Communicating with the clients is a necessary habit our developers have. This enables them to ensure they get the feedback and provide reports to the clients.


iQlance York has a team of various developers who are experts in their field. Each of them is dedicated to the project they are assigned.

On – Time

Using tools that enable fast development of the apps by using API’s and in-built controls following Agile techniques, our developers provide the app when guaranteed.

Quality – First

At iQlance the only approach we follow is Quality-First Approach. All approaches lead to developing quality apps at iQlance York using whatever technology.


The client is not only assured of a cost-effective app. This the developers do by selecting various models in the presence of the client.


After the deployment of the app, the real business begins. It is then we need to provide technical support to the client if they need it.

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