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Leading mobile app development company in Milton

iQlance has years of experience in developing web and mobile app development solution with the prime focus of maintaining and developing long term partnership with the client. Our best developers in Milton have extensive knowledge in iPhone apps, android apps and web app and work on range of mobile and web technologies to ensure that right solution is delivered at right time

iQlance Milton provides its clients with apps and solutions having an easy to use UI/UX. iQlance offers apps of a professional standard that are secure and feature-rich. We ensure that our clients are at all times safe from any malware attacks or from hackers trying to steal our clients’ data – financial or otherwise. A timely delivery of our apps ensures our clients are bound to iQlance. This is achieved using the various AGILE tools that are available at our disposal.

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What We Do

At iQlance Milton our motto is to present the client with the type of apps he demands. The client gets the same output that was promised to him at the time of project inception. Our developers achieve this due to the various skills they possess including AGILE technologies, Flutter, React native, and various databases.

App Development

iQlance is one of the leading mobile app development company in Milton developing world-class iOS apps and Android apps according to the client’s requirements. Our team of mobile app developers converts your idea into reality and provides multiplatform customized mobile apps that help to sustain and dominate the position on play store and app store.

App Development

At iQlance, we have team of Apple coders who are passionate about Objective-C and Swift and have fascination towards Cocoa and Cocoa touch Framework. We being the leading iOS app development company in Milton deliver end-to-end custom products that encompass the complete range of iOS devices such as iPad, Apple TV, watchOS and iPhone app development.

App Development

iQlance an award winning Android app development company in Milton and have been developing Android apps since years. Our Android app developers develop customer-centric Android mobile apps to create success legends in fierce competitive market. Our portfolio has array Android apps including m-commerce apps, entertainment app, location based apps, social apps etc.

Custom Software

iQlance is known for developing different types of software in Milton such as Financial, e-Commerce, Real Estate etc. Besides mobile apps, iQlance Milton also develops websites and desktop applications. Since our foundation, we have successfully developed such applications for a number of satisfied clients.

React Native
App Development

Today, time is what everyone wants to save. Developers also resort to tools that have in-built modules and API’s to accomplish various tasks. For mobile app development there seems to be no better tool than React Native that comes bundled with API’s and helps complete projects on-time.

Flutter App

Flutter helps to create apps that have a single codebase i.e. write the code for one platform and use it on multiple platforms. You don’t have to worry about writing different scripts for Android and iOS. This saves both money for the client and time of the developers.


iQlance the most trusted web development company in Milton who are highly experts in analyzing, strategizing and deploying complex website development projects. Having years of experience, our top web developers are successful in web development platforms like PHP, WordPress, ASP.Net, SharePoint, Drupal, Joomla, CakePHP etc. with utmost client satisfaction.

App Development

iQlance, the top enterprise app development company in Milton deliver enterprise apps built on various development platforms, web services and database over the years. Our top enterprise app developers develop custom enterprise applications that enable you to continue business on the go and streamline workforce productivity and speeds up decision making process.


iQlance is a professional game development company, having expert game developers who have years of experience needed to develop successful mobile games for you. Our top game app developers use Unity, Maya, Corona, Cocos2D and many other game industry leading tools to create the best gaming experience.

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The Process We Follow for Mobile App Development

At iQlance Milton, we consider the starting of the project from the day the client steps in to discuss the project. The client is kept informed of the project status at all times by iQlance Milton till the app is finally deployed. We keep on offering our services after app deployment even.


Discovering the clients’ interest is most important as it is the requirement of the client on which the app is based. In this stage, the client shares them with us.


Our developers create the models on which to base the app in this stage. The best model is chosen to start developing upon keeping the requirements in mind.


The build phase includes coding and compiling the final build of the app. Once ready, the app is tested for any shortcomings that may lead to a drop in quality.


Delivery is the final stage of the app when the app is deployed to the store the client wishes to use, whether on Google Play Store or Apple’s AppStore.

Serving Our Clients Across Diverse Industries

iQlance was set up around more than 7 years ago. Since then it has served more than 200 clients with 1500+ projects. iQlance Milton ensures that the apps we built live more than the expectations of the users. To achieve this we use technologies such as React Native, Flutter, Android Studio, Apple Platforms etc. Our clientele includes companies from small scale start-ups to large scale corporates and belong to the following fields:


Media and Entertainment

Real Estate





Travel & Hospitality

Oil & Gas

Dedicated Developers for Various Technologies

iQlance Milton is proud to state that it can serve various clients at the same time as we a team of dedicated developers for each project. Our developers can develop for Android using Android Studio, Flutter, React Native and other tools. For iOS platforms our developers can use React Native, Flutter,Swift, Objective C etc. Using these technologies, we are capable of providing our clients with a timely delivery of the apps as promised.

Endeavors that Make us Proud

iQlance solutions has always been honored with valuable words for the efforts given on mobile app development that are efficiently unique and user centric. Here are some of the best examples for this.

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Building Mobile Apps to Enhance Profits

Using various next-gen technologies, developers at iQlance Milton build apps that contain good and desired features in abundance. While developing these apps we ensure that the apps are built on a cost-effective model for the client. Have a look at the following to know what our clients feel about us:


of experience


Projects Delivered


Happy Clients
World Wide




Quality Delivery

Check How We Turn Your Idea Into Innovative Product

Our rich portfolio justifies that, we are one of the best app development company in Canada

Why Do Companies Partner With Us?

iQlance Milton is the best organization one can turn to for mobile app development that offers unparalleled features in its apps.. Have a look for yourself why people choose us:


The biggest worry today is data theft. At iQlance Milton, our developers ensure the app is laden with security features to allow for Data Protection.


The biggest worry today is data theft. At iQlance Milton, our developers ensure the app is laden with security features to allow for Data Protection.


To provide the feedback of the app to the developers or make changes in the app, the clients are provided with all the contact info of the developers.


iQlance Milton boasts of a dedicated in-house team that is capable of developing any kind of app using next-gen technologies for any platform the client requests for.

On – Time

Agile development coupled with tools such as Flutter and React Native helps our developers to deliver apps on-time. As such the client is happy to work with us.

Quality – First

The approach followed at iQlance Milton gives priority to Quality papps. Thus all apps are tested before being deployed. This helps in raising the clients’ profits also.

Cost Effective

From the first-step, our developers choose a cost-effective model for the client so that the clients earn a decent profit from the apps they have developed.


iQlance, provides the client with technical support whenever it is necessary. This is required as the clients may be new to the UI we provide.

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