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Hire Dedicated .NET and C# Developers in India

There is plenty of web-based programming like Python, R, JAVA, Ruby, and PHP that are on-demand these days, but Microsoft.Net with C# provides the capability of design and develops the end-to-end solution independently with the Microsoft Visual Studio Environment, live data connections with the multiple types of templates.

.Net enables the best UI interactive and UX design interfaces with the full support of modern frameworks libraries and in-build templates.

There are several types of software companies in India, for example consulting, outsourcing, start-ups they adapted the .Net technologies to develop the applications in multiple domains and hire c# and .net developers as per their business requirements.

Using the skill of ASP.Net with C# developers can easily integrate the application with multiple cloud solutions using Integrated Development Environment(IDE) and work on web-based to mobile apps. The .Net framework has the capability to work in multiple types of languages

Hiring. NET skills can provide secure, scalable, and innovative solutions with the best performance result benefits to the organization. It can provide better productivity results for the business and with the best output in a shorter time.

There are various real-time ASP.net web applications that are in very demand these days, such as Customized CRM, Azure Cloud, Single source of truth UI, B2B/ B2C apps, Live-Streaming web/mobile using REST-APIs, IoT enabled, Console-based Gaming solutions, Manufacturing, and finance web-based applications.

Benefits of Choosing iQlance as Your Technology Partner

  • Get the proficiency and high-skilled developers team for your business requirement as per all time-zone.
  • A great fully transparent development cycle
  • Agile, flexible, scalable, and custom services
  • The capability to convert from a small level of business to a big enterprise and years of IT experience with a talented team.
  • The capacity of timely manner delivery by given deadlines with the 24×7 working model
  • An excellent feature of AI-enabled applications with benefits reserved to the customers
  • Utilizing diverse communication channels of robust conversation for beneficial to our clients
  • Government assistance for serving overseas clients to get the business outcome with trusted outsourcing policies
  • Utilizing the renowned global standards i.e. CMM, ISO 9000, TQM, COPS, Six Sigma
  • Offer time adaptability for our customer’s requirements, as per their preferable Time Zone: EST/PST/CST/MST
  • Data responses are fairly close with streaming processing and sensor data monitoring.
  • To keep your infrastructure working smoothly, we provide software upgrades, cloud migration, and IT architecture evaluations.

Ready to Hire ASP.NET Developers in India to Build your Next Great Idea?

We are team of talented, experienced, designers and .NET developers in India. Let us build something extra ordinary.

Endeavors that Make us Proud

iQlance solutions has always been honored with valuable words for the efforts given on software and mobile app development that are efficiently unique and user centric. Here are some of the best examples for this.

Expertise You Get With Our ASP.NET Developers

For hiring specialized Dotnet developers, ASP.NET Development companies in India need to focus on these services, which provide insights into the features and latest solutions.

Best Outsourcing Capability

Best Outsourcing Capability

There are outsourcing-based organizations in India that hire full-stack .NET app developers for developing flexible and scalable solutions to their products, they prefer to have experience on Angular JS, Bootstrap JS, JQuery, and HTML5 skills.

Powerful Solutions Capabilities

Powerful Solutions Capabilities

Various organizations in India and Canada prefer cloud-based solutions experienced developers who have hands-on experience with Azure cloud services. Using Microsoft visual studio developers can easily deploy or publish the applications on the Azure cloud as a PAAS cloud method.

.Net e-commerce Based Applications

.Net e-commerce Based Applications

Hiring an eCommerce domain-based skilled application developer can add the best value to the eCommerce-based organization. They can work on a web-based portal and provide a quicker solution as per the business requirements.

Migration Inbuilt Solutions to .Net

Migration Inbuilt Solutions to .Net

Using the .Net Technologies existing application can transform into modern web-based and scalable features using excellent performance with the Agility approach. Dot net provides the SDK, and Nuget packages using this application can work with additional functionality.

Asp.Net Cms Development

ASP.Net CMS Development

With the ability of CMS (content management system) development .Net developers can easily develop complex patterns into robust smart solutions. With this intelligence, they can publish, edit and convert the content into the best workflow.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality Assurance & Testing

Microsoft Visual Studio presents the create a separate project to write the test cases as per the business logic developers write it, and it supports the developers to understand the logic scenarios as per the acceptance criteria. This approach enables the approach of (TDD) Test-Driven Development, we can consider it as functional test automation.

Business Models for Hiring ASP.NET Developers

iQlance offers three engagement models in custom software, web and mobile app development: part-time hiring, full-time hiring and hourly hiring. Our engagement models are designed to give you maximum flexibility while helping you meet your resource requirements.

Full – Time Hiring

  • Duration : 8 Hours Per day, 5 Days/Week
  • Communication : Email, Skype, Phone
  • Billing : Monthly
  • Hiring Period : Minimum 1 Month

Part Time Hiring

  • Duration : 4 Hours Per day, 5 Days/Week
  • Communication : Email, Skype, Phone
  • Billing : Monthly
  • Hiring Period : Minimum 1 Month

Hourly Hiring

  • Communication : Email, Skype, Phone
  • Billing : Monthly
  • Hiring Period : Minimum 1 Month

Benefits of Hire ASP.NET Developers

Here are the best benefits of hiring asp dot net developers with the experience of full-stack development skills for real-type based applications that can be helpful to all major companies based in india.

  • Website sustaining & support : Hiring a full stack ASP.NET web developer supports not only the development but also the website enhancement and troubleshooting on the live production issue.
  • .Net provides an Object-oriented programming: Concept which is the modernized and standardized programming language mechanism using this approach developers can develop complex asp.Net applications with the reusability of code, adaptability, efficient ways of problem-solving, simple techniques of troubleshooting, scalable solutions, and quicker deployment.
  • .net Renders the Multi-language Independent Adaptability Asp.net Solutions: Which Include the C#, F#, Python, and R, It Has the Capability of Publishing It on Multiple Platforms.
  • Asp.net Source Code Can Be Shared and Reusable in Hybrid Application Development Environments: Which Provides Code Customization as Per the Real-time Scenarios Solutions For Example, Pharmaceutical, Manufacture, and Aviation, Geographic Information Systems (Gis).
  • .net Has Its Framework and Libraries: As Per the Specific Domains for Example Gis Domain Arcgis Sdk. It Provides Versatile Solutions to the Industries as Per the Business Needs. These Libraries Can Be Installed and Can Integrate Easily From the Nuget.
  • It Has the Feature of Platform Portability: Of use the application and apis in multiple operating system environments which are mac os, linux, and apache, including microsoft-supported platforms (windows apps and windows).
  • The .net Portability Analyzer: Accommodates You to Discover How Adaptable Your Software Application Is in Multiple Types of .net Platforms Environments and Operations Systems Such as Android, Iphone, and Windows.
  • Technologies We Use We use numerous types of most advanced trend technologies in software developments of Front-end, Back-end, mobile-based, and cloud solutions with the CI-CD Automations using GitHub
Benefits of Hire ASP.NET Developers

Flexible Hiring Models for .NET Developers

Hire highly skilled and expert .NET developers India to leverage your organizational growth to the next level based on a monthly or on fixed-priced model.

Hire Team

  • Requirement discussion and road mapping
  • Evaluation and finalization of scope of project
  • Hire dedicated developers and get them onboard

Project Development

  • Brainstorming and Rough Designing
  • Finalization and Development
  • Testing of the Product

Project Delivery

  • Product Testing
  • Confirmation of solution with features
  • Launch of the product

Project Requirements

  • Understanding Scope of project
  • Evaluation and project finalization
  • Onboarding and documentation

Project Development

  • Design roadmapping
  • Evaluation and programming
  • Release for approval

Project Delivery

  • Testing of features and processing
  • Debugging and error solutions
  • Launch of product

Hire a dedicated team of .NET Developers

Switch to a pool of expertised hands and talent to make your innovative idea a unique reality based on the .NET platform.

Integrity and Transparency

We believe in honesty. Hence, we ensure that our clients get the project’s progress.

Integrity and Transparency


We know the significance of the budget. So, our .net development is very affordable.


Flawless Design

We enrich your .net application with creativity and flawless designs.

Flawless Design

Hire .NET Developer from iQlance to Build Something Extraordinary.

Schedule an interview and Get 7 Days Free Trial

We are team of talented, experienced, and certified designers and developers

Technologies We Use

We use numerous types of most advanced trend technologies in software developments of Front-end, Back-end, mobile-based, and cloud solutions with the CI-CD Automations using GitHub.



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Our customers across the globe acknowledge our resolution to produce industry-enabled focused technology solutions, as well as our flexible and scalable processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have specific questions related to our app developers and the cost of development in india, Here are all relevant answers to all types of common questions.

You can always contact us by using live chat support or the Contact us page. If you have a specific scope and specification of an application or Website you can directly contact us at info@iqlance.com One of our IT Consultants will revert back to you as soon as they can.

You can easily subscribe to our Blog page to acquire all the latest technology updates or any new releases.

We work 8 Hours/Day + 1 Hour Lunch Break

Our business days are Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM CST to 5:00 PM CST.

Our Team hugely respects confidentiality and guarantees that data and information about your innovation idea, pattern, about your project will be protected. Hence to give you full support and confidence in security we sign on your NDA.

We do appreciate and consider all your investment and efforts. Hence after completion of the project and getting approval from the Account Manager we regularly hand over the Source code, IP rights, and Project documents.

We do support three different development models. We are completely flexible to prefer or support as per your requirement. For more info, you can refer Development Engagement Model Page.

We have successfully completed and achieved various types of applications such as Fitness, Social Networking, Live Streaming, GPS ( Live Tracking), Security, and various other domains.

Absolutely, we can. Reference links of an application or website help us to examine the structure of the system to outline the development timeline and quote. A detailed and accurate Project Plan can be planned after having a detailed discussion with our CTO.

Yes, we have an experienced and professional Quality Assurance team who work with our Development team to make sure we release a standard, secure, scalable, flexible, and user-friendly system.

We have 24X7 Live Chat support to address any question. However, if you immediately like to discuss this with our IT Consultant you can reach him on Skype at “iQlance”.

We love to develop an amazing product on which we can take pride. Hence, we do make sure we have understood your thought and idea. Design time differs based on the requirement. However basic website design takes around 1 Week to perform along with Logo.

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