What’s Happening in the World of Web Development?


With advancing technology, web has integrated in the human life. Today, people are dependent on web from banking to shopping, to reading online news. This dependency is calling for a rise in web development. Many web development company Canada are also contributing different new and advanced technology to web development.

There have been many significant technologies that came up in 2018 and are ready to shape future in 2019. Some of these are listed below:

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been prevalent because of its capability to map the human intelligence. It has gained much advances lately due to which it is expected that it can shape the future for good. The world’s huge tech companies which include Google, Facebook and Microsoft are readily adapting and relying on artificial intelligence technology. Artificial intelligence is also being used to improve functionalities of different search engines. Since there is easy accessibility to AI tools, it is expected that the web developers may incorporate AI in a different and innovative ways.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality or VR has emerged and being greatly used in gaming industry. Vive and Oculus Rift are the examples of incorporation of VR into the gaming app industry. Different web browsers are using VR technology on APIs. It is expected that virtual reality technology may hit in the apps covering from news to real estate.

Internet of Things

IoT or Internet of Things has enabled various non-Internet connected objects to be connected in a single network. The web developers have started using IoT on API in the web development process so that innovative apps may be built. The major concern that developers face while using IoT is that of security.

Rails 5

Though Rails 5 was launched back in June 2016, it has a lot of potential to become popular among web developers. Rails 5 has merged rails_api gem into the codebase of Rails. With this, the web developers can easily develop API-only apps in Rails. Also, the developers will be able to use JavaScript and other native frameworks.

Angular 2

Angular 2 has made a lot of change in JavaScript framework of front-end of Google. With its collaboration with JavaScript ES6, the developers can create apps written in TypeScript. Also, a lot of changes can be made in the component-driven traditional architecture. It is expected that Angular may bring some new updates which can help the developers in designing of the app.

Yarn package manager

JavaScript communities give much credit to package managers. With package managers, it becomes easy for the developer in installing, updating, configuring as well as uninstalling code modules within the apps. Some popular package managers of JavaScript communities include Bower and NPM. Yarn is basically aiming to address issues which Facebook has experienced because of NPM. It aims to provide more safety and security to Facebook data and analytics.

Static website generator

With the help of static website generators, the developers can create good websites out of plain text. This text is stored in files rather than in databases. Some generators like Jekyll allow increased speed, high security as well as easy deployment of static websites. The major disadvantage is that it does not have any real time content because of its static nature. The developers can effectively use static website generators by separating templates from markup.

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Web design evolution

The tech field is expected to experience different web designs this time. Movement-based interfaces may transform into staple on the web. Thee may be use of bold typography by the designers to make the user interface more appealing. Also, the apps can also be developed to engage videos or storytelling visuals which can help the user to access information quickly.

There are top rated web designers working all around the globe. Some significant web development company Canada are listed below:

  • iQlance Solutions

iQlance Solutions is a team of highly skilled and talented web developers and designers. The developers at iQlance can bring imagination into existence while designers can make the app user-friendly and highly interactive. This contributes to making iQlance Solutions as a successful web development company.

  • Lounge Lizard

Canada-based digital agency, Lounge Lizard specializes in web development by creative strategy and cutting-edge technology. The workforce of the company possesses extreme creativity to fulfil the vision of the company. It aims to bring out the best final product for its client by making the product fashionable as well as exciting.


Established in 1991, ELEKS is a web development company. It helps in digitally transforming the business by providing best software engineering services along with consultancy services. It has contributed its innovative products to many big enterprises. Its workforce is continuously working on updating its talent as well as polishing it.

  • DockYard Inc.

DockYard Inc. is a Canada-based company which specializes in digital product innovations. It offers excellent strategies along with great designing as well as custom software consulting. It has worked in collaboration with great brands like Netflix, Zipoar, Apple, Harvard, Mc-Graw Hill, CollegeVine, MassMutual, Fidelity Investments and other funded startups. It helps the organizations to transform its complex innovative ideas into well-deployed web applications.

  • Xtreem Solution

Xtreem Solution excels in delivering perfect web applications. It is a popular web development company. It builds web as well as mobile solutions. The workforce at Xtreem is well versed with the advanced technology, which further helps in growth of different startups, funded small businesses as well as enterprises. The workforce is skilled and has the perfect knowledge of technology like Artificial intelligence, Big Data, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality.

  • Netmaxims Technologies Private Limited

Established in 2002, Netmaxims Technologies is basically a web as well as mobile development company. It has a workforce of highly qualified and highly skilled IT professionals. Its basic expertise is in SEO and digital marketing.

  • 247 labs

247 labs is a web development company which has a trained team of developers as well as designers. The workforce is experienced enough and follows hybrid approach to provide its clients the best development projects. 247 labs is serving the technological industry since 2013 and has worked with various agencies, small businesses as well as startups. Thus, it is a great team to provide the best development solutions.


INGIC is a mobile as well as web development Canada-based company. It promises to deliver the best development as well as design through firm strategies. It has a talented as well as dedicated workforce which has the capability of converting small ideas to great products. It provides robust solutions to its clients.

  • Dev Technosys Pvt Ltd

Dev Technosys is excellent when it comes to web development because of its quick implementation and effective communication style. It has a workforce which provides great tech solutions, in accordance with the vision of the company. It has stimulated its growth by diversifying into various operations.

  • NOTO IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

It is ISO 9001:2008 certified development company. NOTO is a great hub of skilled as well as domain-expert web developers. These web developers have immense knowledge and can work on latest web development frameworks. The workforce at NOTO is globally acknowledged.

  • Techugo

Techugo lets the technology surpass the imagination. The developers at Techugo can work at high speed with greater accuracy to provide the best web development projets to its clients. The company encourages its developers to learn as well as utilize maximum potential to create digitally innovative apps. The developers can work on both Android as well as iOS platforms.

  • Debut Infotech

Established in 2011, Debut Infotech is a leading web development company Canada. It provides different services like app consultation, high quality user interface design along with SaaS offerings. Debut Infotech also makes use of blockchain technology to make the apps run more smoothly.

  • Maestro Digital

Maestro Digital aims to make a simple idea into an impactful brand. It has a team of great IT professionals which can creatively design and develop the apps digitally. The workforce at Maestro helps in strategically planning the branding as well as positioning of the app. The invention workforce aims to solve complex situations providing good solutions to the clients.

  • Mobisoft Infotech

Mobisoft Infotech can help in discovering the mobility solutions. It is a web development company which provides cloud services as well. It has worked with various startups, small and medium enterprises. The developers at Mobisoft can develop the app for both Android as well as iOS platform. They aim to provide the best product development to the clients.


INTERSOG helps to give premium digital solutions cost-effectively. Established in 2005, it is a leading web development company . It operates in more than 150 locations all over the globe. It provides various services to its end users with the help of advanced technologies like Big Data, IoT, Cloud computing and wearable tech. It helps the small business to become brands by deploying high quality services to the customers.


We completely understand your business category and create a website, which is according to your site requirements and lets you stand apart from the crowd. our team has specialize in web designing and development.

Which is Better? React Native or Real Native for Mobile app Development


So, you want to develop the mobile apps that work on both Android and iOS… Would you learn the native language for each app or would you learn JavaScript framework that helps to develop applications in both the language with the single code base?

Although in mobile app development ecosystem, before you start developing any apps, you need to choose tools, platforms, frameworks to build the apps. In selecting the right toolset, several factors are considered by mobile app developers i.e.:

  • Nature of the product
  • Target audience
  • Cost of the project
  • Existing code skills
  • Purpose of the app
  • Longevity of the product

Yet, knowing the goals, developers are perplexed by the choice of platform, frameworks or tools. But, the key selection they have to precisely make is about the platform – React Native or Native…

But what is Native applications and React Native all about?

Native applications are developed particularly for a specific platform with the tools specific to a programming language. For instance:  Android, developers need to code in Java using Android studio as the environment, while iOS apps are developed in Objective –C or Swift using Xcode as IDE. Development environments for both are different which means, you will need a team of developers for Android and iOS to develop two different applications.

On the contrary, React Native is a framework created by Facebook which is intended to develop applications for iOS and Android both. Hence, it refrains the need of two different applications; only single code is enough for both Android and iOS platform.

Let’s dive in deeper…..

  • Which is the best? React Native or Native


Well, it all depends on nature, size and target audience of the project.

But, it is said that after the arrival of React Native, there are many improvisations in the UI of mobile app; graphic elements improved to match the standards of platform. Moreover, it is developed by JavaScript which is a simple programming language and can be learned easily. It lessens up the time of app development and the cost as single team of developers can develop one app for two platform.

When it comes to Native apps i.e. Objective C or Swift; it is difficult to cope up with but errors can be caught at early stage of compilation. Moreover, Objective C and Java are getting upgraded to stand at par with modern language.

  • Third-party libraries

In Native app development, for adding functionality, you get full support from API or third party library and third-party library wouldn’t require any further integration. The community is small but there are lot of resources available to available to carry out the app development.

When it comes to React Native, although community is big, it doesn’t support APIs. To use third-party libraries of native apps, these incorporations must be written in Native modules i.e. you need to code for Android and iOS both which is very daunting task.

  • Web app development

When it comes to web app development, React Native stands on leading position. As web development is simple, comprehensive knowledge of web app development will prove beneficial as debugging flows and toolset architecture becomes easier. Moreover, developers can refrain from doing web programming if there are any React.js developers supporting the project.

When we talk about Native application, it has nothing to do with web app development.

  • Community Size

React Native was developed by Facebook which one of the high-performing social media platform. Hence, the number is enough to describe the number on the React Native community which is almost close to 32k. Moreover, React Native is an open source by nature and hence, reusable components can be used in applications.

When it comes to native applications, it doesn’t hold the support of large community and support from peer engineers.

  • App Performance

When Native applications and React Native are compared, both out-performs. With React Native, developing simple apps becomes much easier but if implemented with AR/VR, Blockchain, it may create problems.

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When developing apps with native applications, developers find it easier to develop apps by incorporating the techniques.

  • Reloading

In Native apps, making minor change is pain as it requires you to rebuild everything from scratch. You need to wait for the app to launch again to verify the changes which results into much tedious process. If the file contains number of files, then multiple runs add fuel to the fire and you have to spend much of the time in waiting.

React Native apps are equipped with JS bundle that holds the application code and other assets. Reload process is very quick and you don’t have to rebuild the app ever again as the content of the bundle are cached on the device.

  • Localization

In native apps, developers have to manage the separate files for localizing the strings. Although there are the frameworks that provide easier approach, it lacked standard ways to keep all translations in one place.

React-Native localization – one of the very popular module in React native apps uses single file of translation for strings all over project. This means, developers have to build only JSON file which holds translations for all language. React Native can understand the locale on user’s device and can apply translations accordingly.

So, who wins the battlefield?

By checking out the above-mentioned scenarios, in some ways React Native is standing in front and in some aspects Native proved better. Hence, the app developers need to develop the project on the language that works best according to the requirements.

React Native is the best suited if one is looking to develop app similar to Facebook or Instagram which has large community and reusable components. Native apps are better if one is looking to develop an app that has features of AR or if planning to use third party libraries or APIs.

It is always best to hire React app developers in Toronto to develop the application that can give you an edge to the business.

Wrapping it up

Both Native apps and React Native has its own pros and cons; however, it is up to the mobile app developers to decide which the best one is.

iQlance being the best mobile app development company in Toronto can help to develop the solution that can leverage your business. Our mobile app developers are well versed in developing React Native and Native apps and can build the apps that can cater your requirements.

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