How to Build a Smart On-Demand Grocery Delivery App


The inception of on-demand applications has revolutionized the whole scenario, and it is a need-of-hour for every business. These are smart applications that are readily available whenever a user needs them. From taxi services to other food delivery services, everyone is using on-demand applications to cater to the needs of their customers. Another vertical that is enjoying the benefits of these smart applications are online grocery delivery companies.

We are dwelling in a busy world, and people don’t have the time to move out of their homes for grocery shopping. So, it is the right time business owners should consider getting an on-demand application for targeting their audience and helping them in buying the products on the go.

Building an on-demand grocery application is a challenging task. You need to keep several things in mind to build an app that performs up to the mark.

Here is how to build an on-demand grocery delivery app

Before we start let us help you with a crucial piece of information.

Market giants like Grofers, Big Basket, and Instacart have already initiated their on-demand applications. And it is a clear proof that the future of on-demand grocery delivery app will flourish at a rapid pace.

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Select a perfect developing model

Start the process by developing a robust model of your business structure. You have to design the way your business will work and how your application should behave.

Imperative factors you should pay attention to are:

Same day delivery

Many users tend to buy grocery from apps that offer one-day or same-day delivery.

Appropriate warehousing

Make sure that your warehouse is located nearby to your logistical service so that you can seamlessly carry the orders.

Customer engagement

Lastly, you should focus on the user engagement of your on-demand app. It is vital if you want the buyers to choose you as their online grocery partner.

Some must-have features that will make your app a preferred choice among the customers

An on-demand app is of no use if it has irrelevant features, and there are no useful features present in the application. Here is a list of features your app should have in order to assists your buyers with convenience and ease.

Must have features in an on-demand buyer’s app:

Identification featuresgrocery-app-features

  • Signup and sign-in
  • Forgot password
  • Phone number and email verification
  • Social media profile linking

Operational features

  • Wishlist
  • Best-in-class shopping cart
  • Coupons and voucher code section
  • Live updates or order tracking
  • Checkout
  • Product listing
  • Product filter and search
  • On-going promotions
  • Support and customer helpline
  • Encrypted payment gateways

Features customizable by buyers

  • Address and delivery details
  • Payment option
  • Delivery schedule

These are some of the basic features your online grocery delivery app should have. Every buyer prefers to use an application that has all the features needed to make the shopping experience better.

You need to make a checklist of the required elements in your app before you get your app uploaded on the platforms.

Once you have completed all the necessities, you need to look for a reliable app development company in Toronto for getting your app developed.

What do you need to tell your on-demand application development company?


Disclose what you need:

Make sure to disclose each and every feature you want in your on-demand application. Don’t feel hesitated in discussing for the features as you can incorporate anything when the app is in the initial development stage.

Discuss your budget

It is crucial to discuss your budget before you hire a grocery delivery app development company. The total expenditure on your grocery app depends on the type of application you need. If you need a high-end application that works for all mobile platforms and is very compatible, then it is the time to tighten your belt with a substantial budget.

Ask whether they provide after-sales or maintenance services

Just like any other thing, an on-demand app needs maintenance. Ask the development company and make sure that they are readily available to help you in the case of uncertainties.

Get a prototype

Before you get the final app delivered, it is vital to get a prototype. It will help you in evaluating the performance of your grocery delivery app. An indispensable thing that needs your attention is the format of the application. Think like your customers and ensure that every feature is present in your on-demand application before you air it in the market.

Lastly, selecting the best application development company in Toronto, Ontario, is a necessity because they can upscale the level of the game by adding some spice to your on-demand application.

Wrapping it up

Long gone are the days when customers preferred brick and mortar stores for shopping. It is the era when everything is delivered at the doorsteps and to make an impact on the market, you need to build an on-demand grocery app that is quintessential and appealing to the customers, in every way.




The basic aim of developing a on demand app is to track the real-time location of a person. But this tracking information as well as functionalities of various apps can be transformed and used in many ways across various industries. Some instances of using this app include following:

  • GPS location tracking can be used to streamline the fleet management operations. The users of the location tracking apps can offer the drivers with the mapping as well as routing functionalities. Through the GPS tracking app, the user can produce reports along with forwarding warnings, in case of any emergency. In these situations, a GPS location tracking app abolishes the need of buying any handheld electronics supporting GPS.
  • GPS tracking, when combined with the time tracking, can help to determine the efficiency as well as performance of employees. In addition to this, the GPS tracking app developer can integrate the automatic reporting with payment, but this depends on extra time the developer has. Thus, this app can stand as an efficient as well as robust management tool.
  • The developer can develop a GPS location app for outdoor as well as athletes so that the users can plan their day routes efficiently and get details of the distance they covered.

Factors affecting GPS tracking app development

  • The actions of the users as well as their frequency of re-evaluations are conducted with respect to the change in position or location of the user
  • Keep a record of location for references.
  • Cell-ID, Wi-Fi, Network data, along with GPS can help to provide the data on the location of the users. But it depends on the choices and can be difficult at times because all of them have differences in speed, exactitude, as well as battery efficiency.

These last two factors can lead to unfolding prevalence of the assisted GPS app. This app uses both functions of GPS as well as network data so that the information about the location can be obtained. Google Maps along with other map-related apps utilizes this style as well as recommend the user to connect their device to network data for getting an enhanced location positioning.

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If the customers of GPS apps happen to be iOS users, then the developer needs to compare Core Location Framework with the related APIs. It will help the developer to identify the status of the app’s user along with his/her direction, design, as well as plan the delivery of place as well as manage events, creating the geofence if there is any such requirement making sure that the app works well with iBeacons.

Developing a GPS application for Android users


There are two different approaches for receiving the information about the location of the user. These approaches are well compatible with Android platform.

  • Utilizing Google Play services location APIs
  • Utilizing Android framework location APIs

If GPS tracking app has to be developed, the developer needs to remember some points which require a special attention:

  • Optimum application performance. There are applications that can greatly heat the smartphone while operating. The reason is sometimes hidden in non-optimal algorithms for processing data collected from sensors or the lack of methods for caching and filtering information. That’s why it’s so important to hire development experts who really know how to create a GPS location app at a high professional level.
  • Interface design. The geolocation app of any format will display a large amount of information at different zoom levels. The designers should conduct several iterations of Usability testing in order to make sure that the GPS tracking app development leads to the desired result.
  • Quality assurance. Emulation of the location is not always able to find weaknesses and possible errors in mobile services. Therefore, QA engineers have to conduct many test scenarios in real operating conditions.

In fact, GPS apps are counted in those providing geolocation services and whose functions solely base on the location data of the user.

  1. GPS Apps having notifications in certain locations

Such apps are very effective for planning loyalty programs in different companies. For instance, a geolocation service can provide the users an opportunity to gain points when they visit certain locations. And then later these earned points can be used to avail some discount or some gift coupons.

So, if a person has a chain of shops, restaurants, pharmacies, and wants to do promotion of one of those outlets, he/she should opt for the GPS tracking app development.

  1. GPS Apps for finding various places and availing various services

Few examples of the apps which need geolocation service include Zomato and Foursquare. The apps allow the users to go through the various offers of the nearby restaurants. With these apps, it becomes easy for both the owners of the place to dine and for businessmen who need the creation of GPS location app for earning through advertisements, and getting paid exclusive features

Using the geolocation feature for developing GPS tracking apps.

1. Transport services

There is an ongoing competition between transport companies. This competition is increasing with the increase in time. That’s why a developer should search for new opportunities to grow the business as well as lower the costs. Today, one of the emerging opportunities is to develop GPS tracking app for transportation & logistics business.

A GPS-enabled app plays an important role in:

  1. Taxi services. It is because of the geolocation feature in the app that the dispatchers can easily track the location of the taxi. The customer booking a taxi now has a chance to check the number of nearby cars, and the distance of those from his/her location. If any such business which is related to the taxi service, the owner of the business needs to get a GPS app.
  2. Shipping and courier delivery. Because of GPS tracking apps, one can easily and effectively track the cargo transportation, check the delivery of goods, and track location as well as speed of the vehicles in real-time.

2. Content related to a certain location

Here, it refers to those apps whose content is available only in certain locations. For instance, SnapChat app offers its users the feature of Geo filters which helps in making the snaps supplemented with some specific pattern, specifically, for a certain location. There are many brands which take advantage of it to promote their services. For instance, McDonald’s has an excellent set of Geo filters which the users of Snap Chat can enjoy simultaneously dining in the establishment.

3. Caution about dangerous situations

The developer can create a location app which can help to send notifications to the users about possible dangerous situation near them. This geolocation service collects negative news as well as report the people about their immediate safety measures.

4. Automate tasks

People really love it when some other person performs the boring and monotonous routine actions on their behalf because there are various actions which are associated with certain locations. So, the app with geolocation services is likely to be in great demand, and it will beneficial for the developer to create such apps (that is, GPS tracking app development), because it can turn out to be a good source of profit.

There are some examples of such apps that already exist, like Trigger application. This app helps to send the notifications to the person who is leaving office in evening. The interface of this app is user-friendly with the disadvantage that it is compatible only with Android OS.

5. Recreation as well as entertainment

Thinking about how to build a GPS location apps if you want to provide people with a service that will help them to have a more effective rest. Such an application will tell users what restaurants they should visit nearby, which stores around them are offering discounts right now, where there is a sale, etc. This is a very promising area, believe us.


Arousing Consumer interest in the GPS location app development:

  1. Expanding the boundaries

Earlier, any individual would have to demonstrate to others his/her identity through his/her page in any social network. But this information was of “static” nature. With the introduction of the geolocation feature, it has become a trend of logical as well as improved continuation. Because of this, the user can feel “dynamism”. Now he/she can provide more information about his/her daily routine, lifestyle, and social status.

  1. High involvement of the users in the process of recommendations, assessments, and ranking

Today, almost all the successful businesses use geolocation services to a particular extent while interacting with the customers so that they can help them in generating independent content. Along with this, the users have freedom to create various geolocation marks so as to achieve an exclusive social status or to gain more points. This mechanism is very powerful and growing viral.

  1. Commercial benefits 

Any typical customer would appreciate the great advantages of location apps, like an opportunity to get the recommendations, tips, as well as hints from nearby people who have already availed that service.  So, a GPS-based app development is expanding its range for influencing the users. Instead of casually informing the user about the nearby happenings, these GPS-based apps are turning out to be a discount searching tool.

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