What’s Happening in the World of Web Development?


With advancing technology, web has integrated in the human life. Today, people are dependent on web from banking to shopping, to reading online news. This dependency is calling for a rise in web development. Many web development company Canada are also contributing different new and advanced technology to web development.

There have been many significant technologies that came up in 2018 and are ready to shape future in 2019. Some of these are listed below:

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been prevalent because of its capability to map the human intelligence. It has gained much advances lately due to which it is expected that it can shape the future for good. The world’s huge tech companies which include Google, Facebook and Microsoft are readily adapting and relying on artificial intelligence technology. Artificial intelligence is also being used to improve functionalities of different search engines. Since there is easy accessibility to AI tools, it is expected that the web developers may incorporate AI in a different and innovative ways.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality or VR has emerged and being greatly used in gaming industry. Vive and Oculus Rift are the examples of incorporation of VR into the gaming app industry. Different web browsers are using VR technology on APIs. It is expected that virtual reality technology may hit in the apps covering from news to real estate.

Internet of Things

IoT or Internet of Things has enabled various non-Internet connected objects to be connected in a single network. The web developers have started using IoT on API in the web development process so that innovative apps may be built. The major concern that developers face while using IoT is that of security.

Rails 5

Though Rails 5 was launched back in June 2016, it has a lot of potential to become popular among web developers. Rails 5 has merged rails_api gem into the codebase of Rails. With this, the web developers can easily develop API-only apps in Rails. Also, the developers will be able to use JavaScript and other native frameworks.

Angular 2

Angular 2 has made a lot of change in JavaScript framework of front-end of Google. With its collaboration with JavaScript ES6, the developers can create apps written in TypeScript. Also, a lot of changes can be made in the component-driven traditional architecture. It is expected that Angular may bring some new updates which can help the developers in designing of the app.

Yarn package manager

JavaScript communities give much credit to package managers. With package managers, it becomes easy for the developer in installing, updating, configuring as well as uninstalling code modules within the apps. Some popular package managers of JavaScript communities include Bower and NPM. Yarn is basically aiming to address issues which Facebook has experienced because of NPM. It aims to provide more safety and security to Facebook data and analytics.

Static website generator

With the help of static website generators, the developers can create good websites out of plain text. This text is stored in files rather than in databases. Some generators like Jekyll allow increased speed, high security as well as easy deployment of static websites. The major disadvantage is that it does not have any real time content because of its static nature. The developers can effectively use static website generators by separating templates from markup.

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Web design evolution

The tech field is expected to experience different web designs this time. Movement-based interfaces may transform into staple on the web. Thee may be use of bold typography by the designers to make the user interface more appealing. Also, the apps can also be developed to engage videos or storytelling visuals which can help the user to access information quickly.

There are top rated web designers working all around the globe. Some significant web development company Canada are listed below:

  • iQlance Solutions

iQlance Solutions is a team of highly skilled and talented web developers and designers. The developers at iQlance can bring imagination into existence while designers can make the app user-friendly and highly interactive. This contributes to making iQlance Solutions as a successful web development company.

  • Lounge Lizard

Canada-based digital agency, Lounge Lizard specializes in web development by creative strategy and cutting-edge technology. The workforce of the company possesses extreme creativity to fulfil the vision of the company. It aims to bring out the best final product for its client by making the product fashionable as well as exciting.


Established in 1991, ELEKS is a web development company. It helps in digitally transforming the business by providing best software engineering services along with consultancy services. It has contributed its innovative products to many big enterprises. Its workforce is continuously working on updating its talent as well as polishing it.

  • DockYard Inc.

DockYard Inc. is a Canada-based company which specializes in digital product innovations. It offers excellent strategies along with great designing as well as custom software consulting. It has worked in collaboration with great brands like Netflix, Zipoar, Apple, Harvard, Mc-Graw Hill, CollegeVine, MassMutual, Fidelity Investments and other funded startups. It helps the organizations to transform its complex innovative ideas into well-deployed web applications.

  • Xtreem Solution

Xtreem Solution excels in delivering perfect web applications. It is a popular web development company. It builds web as well as mobile solutions. The workforce at Xtreem is well versed with the advanced technology, which further helps in growth of different startups, funded small businesses as well as enterprises. The workforce is skilled and has the perfect knowledge of technology like Artificial intelligence, Big Data, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality.

  • Netmaxims Technologies Private Limited

Established in 2002, Netmaxims Technologies is basically a web as well as mobile development company. It has a workforce of highly qualified and highly skilled IT professionals. Its basic expertise is in SEO and digital marketing.

  • 247 labs

247 labs is a web development company which has a trained team of developers as well as designers. The workforce is experienced enough and follows hybrid approach to provide its clients the best development projects. 247 labs is serving the technological industry since 2013 and has worked with various agencies, small businesses as well as startups. Thus, it is a great team to provide the best development solutions.


INGIC is a mobile as well as web development Canada-based company. It promises to deliver the best development as well as design through firm strategies. It has a talented as well as dedicated workforce which has the capability of converting small ideas to great products. It provides robust solutions to its clients.

  • Dev Technosys Pvt Ltd

Dev Technosys is excellent when it comes to web development because of its quick implementation and effective communication style. It has a workforce which provides great tech solutions, in accordance with the vision of the company. It has stimulated its growth by diversifying into various operations.

  • NOTO IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

It is ISO 9001:2008 certified development company. NOTO is a great hub of skilled as well as domain-expert web developers. These web developers have immense knowledge and can work on latest web development frameworks. The workforce at NOTO is globally acknowledged.

  • Techugo

Techugo lets the technology surpass the imagination. The developers at Techugo can work at high speed with greater accuracy to provide the best web development projets to its clients. The company encourages its developers to learn as well as utilize maximum potential to create digitally innovative apps. The developers can work on both Android as well as iOS platforms.

  • Debut Infotech

Established in 2011, Debut Infotech is a leading web development company Canada. It provides different services like app consultation, high quality user interface design along with SaaS offerings. Debut Infotech also makes use of blockchain technology to make the apps run more smoothly.

  • Maestro Digital

Maestro Digital aims to make a simple idea into an impactful brand. It has a team of great IT professionals which can creatively design and develop the apps digitally. The workforce at Maestro helps in strategically planning the branding as well as positioning of the app. The invention workforce aims to solve complex situations providing good solutions to the clients.

  • Mobisoft Infotech

Mobisoft Infotech can help in discovering the mobility solutions. It is a web development company which provides cloud services as well. It has worked with various startups, small and medium enterprises. The developers at Mobisoft can develop the app for both Android as well as iOS platform. They aim to provide the best product development to the clients.


INTERSOG helps to give premium digital solutions cost-effectively. Established in 2005, it is a leading web development company . It operates in more than 150 locations all over the globe. It provides various services to its end users with the help of advanced technologies like Big Data, IoT, Cloud computing and wearable tech. It helps the small business to become brands by deploying high quality services to the customers.


We completely understand your business category and create a website, which is according to your site requirements and lets you stand apart from the crowd. our team has specialize in web designing and development.

Angular JS has gained Popularity as an open-source Web app development

angularjs-development services

Developing app is becoming a culture more than remaining a craze. The sheer number of ways to develop an app sets the tone of the challenge for the app developer. Angular JS is one choice for many of the developers due to its simplicity and easy integrability.

Easy for new developers

Angular JS is a JavaScript framework that helps new developers understand coding structure and application functionality. It works very well to manage heavy web applications, along with its complex requirements and many components. So, if you spend some time learning it, you will benefit.

Easy to adapt

The plug and play functionality helps the developer to copy and paste the existing features that he wants to use in the modern design. So, the old features will come in the modern design without any need for new code. But, this does not mean that the developer can become an expert without any knowledge. He will need to know JQuery and JavaScript. Once he knows these two, then the other things will move on easily. With more practice, the developer will become more proficient. With experience, one can design many stunning apps with Angular JS.

Most other codes need you to write an MVC pipeline. But, with Angular JS you need not do that. You can develop smaller data models using HTML. Besides, you have an evolving community because of the open-source nature of the language. Plus, Google developed it, so it will always have interested people and experts backing the entire project.

Less distraction during design

The development is so easy because the developer does not have to bother with the JQuery calls and DOM configurations. The UI developers find it easy to work with a greater focus on design. You get encouragement to work with models on the client side. And you also see the same thing happen on the server-side.

Developing apps with AngularJS is so simple and easy. The developers design new ones without breaking a sweat within a brief period. It is easy to get started and as easy to finish the design with simple HTML code. Another good feature that we see in AngularJS is that it exhibits two-way binding. So, you avoid writing enormous amounts of boilerplate code. The two-way data binding works to synchronize the model with the DOM working both ways.

Separation of the logic component

The MVC structure remains implemented by AngularJS; the logic component and the data remains separate. It then uses dependency injection to put in place server-side services in the traditional manner. Some of these are view-dependent controllers and web applications on the client side.

The AngularJS framework helps develop small one-page applications. This makes it a favorite among new developers. The custom tag attributes remain embedded into an HTML page. AngularJS framework first reads the HTML page and reckons the attributes as directives. These directives help bind the input and output parts of the page to any model denoted using normal JavaScript variables. You can set the values for those variables in the code or JSON resources that may remain static or dynamic.

AngularJS is the frontend of the MEAN stack. This MEAN stack is the combination of MongoDB database and Express.js web application server framework. AngularJS makes up another part of this stack with the Node.js providing the runtime environment.

The premise for the construction of the framework remains based on the argument that the business logic of the application is best defined by the imperative programming. The creation of user interfaces and connection to software components remains done by declarative programming. Thus, you develop a structure for the building of an app from designing the UI to the final testing the app phase.

Hire Offshore AngularJS Development Company


iQlance is a leading AngularJS development company, based in CA. Since its launch, it has become an amazing way of declaring static documents. Our expertise in AngularJS has saved a lot of time of our developers. with its skilled team of AngularJS developers is a highly experienced web and mobile app development company, which has delivered few exceptional mobile solutions to clients across the world.

Know about Android app shortcuts that are actually useful

android code shortcut tips

The android phone is a big boon due to the simplicity of use compared to the iPhone and the computer. But, when it comes to the crunch, does it deliver? How many times have you dug out the phone and then put it back because the moment had passed and you could not access the app in time? We come to the moment when we can finally install the shortcuts that allows instant access to apps you need to use.

Make a shortcut for Massages, Direct calls, Navigation

You can use the Messages and the Calls with just a tap on the Home screen. Go to the Widgets sections and activate the Directly Call and Message a contact. You can also use the Navigate widget to find the shortcut to any place you want to go. When you use communication apps like Skype or WhatsApp you can create groups. This lets you get in touch at a mere touch.

Use Activity shortcuts to go directly to the app android app shortcuts

You see Activities depicted as screens for an app. You can create app shortcuts and create links to specific pages within the app. Like this you can create a direct link to the Navigation screen of the Maps app. In addition, you can use the third-party launchers. This will come with the app you download. There you have the option of placing the app on the Home screen. You cannot use the shortcut on any other screen.

Use Google Voice Commands

This helps you manage your Android hands-free. You must activate the “OK Google” voice detection in the Settings. Under Settings, go to Voice. Then, click the OK button and you can activate the phone by saying “OK Google”. You can set reminders, make calls, take notes, or make a general query.

Make the Search for apps easy

When you have plenty of apps installed, searching for app that you use once in a while may be difficult. Then, there is one way around this. Google widget helps you locate and launch apps quickly. You can also use the search bar on the phone search page.

Scan a document

Did you know that Google Drive has a Scan button? You can quickly scan a receipt or any document but the process is tedious. Another way to do this is to tap and hold the Drive icon, you can then tap Scan. You will go immediately to the scanner viewfinder. The item you scan will upload to the top level in the Drive directory. You can change these files to another separate folder. For this, install Drive Scan widget. You will see this on your widgets screen.

Add a note fast

To do this, you must have Google Keep. Once you have downloaded the app you can tap and hold the Google Keep icon. Tap on New Audio Note and speak your piece. You will have a note transcribed of what you say in addition to recording your voice.

Easy touch

This may be a copy of the Assistive Touch from the iPhone but it proves useful. The idea of putting a floating button on the Home Screen was in the minds of many Android developers even before this. This EasyTouch button helps you with an array of functions including toggle Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, lock the screen, and much more. You can bring out the camera or launch your favorite app and do a lot of other things. It is fully integrable with the Android OS as it is today. And of course, you must be familiar with the pull-down screen to refresh the page.

So, those are the new things to brighten up your day. You will see more shortcuts as software developers come up with new things.

And with that you should be well on your way to implementing Android 7.1’s new feature App Shortcuts! You can find Android’s official documentation for App Shortcuts here. Feel free to leave any questions in the comments, and thanks for reading!

Be sure to to follow me on Twitter @iqlance for more awesome Android tips. If you found this article helpful, make sure to hit the green heart!

Top 5 White Hat and Black Hat SEO Optimization Techniques


Optimization is essential for obvious reasons – the search engines will ignore your website otherwise. Now, the way one optimizes is subject to debate so much so that the unethical practices become the Black Hat optimization and those that are accepted are the White Hat techniques. You can see how everyone is doing it and so they will all get the same ranking. What you need to do is to use a Black Hat technique in a way that does not offend the search engines.

Sandwiched link on site

This is straightforward and qualifies under white hat techniques because it does not lead you directly to a low content site or mislead the reader. The idea is to create links to your site and place them in between high-quality links. For instance, you use a first high-quality link to a high-authoritative site such as New York Times. Then, after the required number of words, you place the link to your main site. This is the site that sells sports equipment. After you fill in the needed number of words, you again link to a high-authoritative site such as Wikipedia. Now, this might fool Google search engine into thinking all the links have the same value and if it works, your page rank surges upward.

Information and contact scraping

Undoubtedly, scraping qualifies under Black Hat means of optimization. This means you use unfair means to obtain information. However, you stop short of spamming the website you take the content from and merely use scraping to increase the connections and thus build a wide network that could prove useful to many people. How does this work? Scraping is spinning content you lift off other websites, digging out webmaster information, sending automated messages for links, and so on. Once you scrape the website of all the domains, you can use software such as Growbots. Growbots is automated software that helps you connect to the people shown in the domain links.

Create internal links for your web pages

This is easy to do. If you have 5 pages on your website, create links on each of the pages and link them to other places on other pages. Use the right phrases to create the link so they enhance the value of the links. These links must provide value to the end user and you can do this by listing out the advantages of the product you sell and then distribute it all over your site as little links.

Check the links used for images

The images you use on the site could improve your ranking. This is brought out by the fact that Google uses a separate tab for images. Optimize the images by using good descriptions and words that match the content to use as links for the image. Keep the priority in the right order with the content and you will get a boost in the search engine rankings. You could omit some information and show them as images. This will make the reader look at them and thus increase value of the images.

Optimize title tags

This is so obvious but where do we stop? I mean, after you have got the top spot on Google, you will have someone come up from number two spot and push you from the number one spot. You can resort to a little partisan behavior here. Check up the list of websites and find out their selling point – how they came up on the number one page. Then, include these points in your website in some form. Keep up with the others who follow you and your website will retain the top spot.

You cannot go wrong if you put in the effort. As for Black Hat strategy, you have it under your White Hat.

Avoid Black Hat Tactics


Black Hat tactics traditionally involve methods of tricking the search engines and utilizing tactics that are purely based around exploiting certain characteristics of the Google Algorithm. All Black Hat tactics will damage your site and reputation.

Black Hat tactics include:

  • Purchased and/or irrelevant links
  • Duplicate content
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Link farms
  • Hidden, unrelated text

These tactics, while they can generate short-term success, can lead to your website being blacklisted by Google or other search engines. Once search engines catch on to tactics that violate their terms of service, a website utilizing these tactics could disappear from search results. This is why it is so vital to do SEO correctly. According to Google, “Not even the most experienced SEO can guarantee a certain rank for your site.” If someone says they can- RUN. They are bad news.


To the untrained eye, identifying if your site is potentially at risk from black hat techniques can be difficult, that’s why at iQlance we offer white hat SEO Techniques, So that your ranking up in SERP.

iOS 11 Release: Know the best features of Apple’s new OS

ios 11 features update news

Much awaited, the iOS 11 release has brought with it the lengthy list of design changes. On the subtler note, there is the touch of stronger accent in the darker lines and bolder fonts. The thin lines of that characterized the Apple fonts since iOS 7 have given way to the bolder ones.

Thicker lines and fonts

A few of the app have remained unchanged such as the Calendar and Reminders. The Phone and Calculator have added round buttons and thicker lines and fonts. We see some smaller tweaks in many other apps such as the Apple News, Podcasts, and Messages. The most significant changes we see in the UI elements in the Control Center.

In the older version, the iOS 10, you could split the Control Center into smaller windows by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. In the new iOS 11 the window has become consolidated into one unit. The icons are fashioned like bubbles. It has two top sections – one for Apple Music control including volume controls and brightness controls and the second for basic networking. Below these you have the array of smaller icons for various functions such as Do not disturb while driving, Timer, Flashlight, Camera, Alarm, and so on. So, when you bring up the control centre it takes up the entire screen.

. On the right side of the display, you see the Control Center.

New Notification Center

In the new iOS 11, the Notification Center and the Lock Customise Control Center

You can customize all the functions that appear on the Control Center. You can access a wider range of functions because it is visible on the screen. To do this, choose the Setting button and then make a selection of the apps you want to be able to access through the Control Center. This would include these:

  • Flashlight
  • Timer
  • Calculator
  • Camera
  • Accessibility Shortcut
  • Alarm
  • Apple TV Remote
  • Do Not Disturb While Driving
  • Guided Access
  • Home
  • Low Power Mode
  • Magnifier
  • Notes
  • Screen Recording
  • Stopwatch
  • Text Size
  • Voice Memos
  • Wallet

So, while you can add just about everything, the wise thing would be to add just what you use the most. Along with the customization options, you now have an added 3D option. The 3D touch brings up a larger window which is useful when you want to play songs. These are slightly more complicated than operating a mere on/off toggle button. On the iPad, the Control Center displays differently.

Improvements to Siri

Like always, Siri improves with new edition. The male and female voices on Siri has been revamped and made more realistic. Apple says it is trying to give Siri a more expressive voice that emphasises the right pronunciation. Th eon-device learning is to know about the personal preferences you have and to adapt them to the iOS usage no matter which device you use. Siri is getting smarter due to the cross-device Siri syncing. The emphasis is on privacy all the time with Apple.

One of the things you can do with Siri now is to ask Siri to suggest a topic to hear the Apple news. Similarly, while typing Siri will suggest ideas and phrases from topics you recently viewed. You can get Siri suggestions on Safari based on what you have been searching or reading so far.

Win More Users of Your Business Through iPhone Apps and Android Apps

mobile app

A recent study has shown that the worldwide mobile app revenue for 2015 and 2016 has been $69.7b and $88.3b respectively. The projected revenue for 2020 is said to be an astounding $188.9b. Seeing such figures makes one wonder, what makes the app industry such a high revenue yielding sector? And how do companies make money when most of the apps on the app store are free? Well, the answer to that question is not a secret.

Having an app is far easier than visiting a website or a physical store to get some product information. Let’s just take banking for example. Customers have realized that transferring of funds or checking your balance on the app is simpler and saves them a bank visit. Over the past few years, we have seen immense growth in mobile apps and developers. Companies want to ensure that they have their apps available to all their customers.

Drawing more traffic to your app:

Website for your Business

Marketing your app is a crucial element for the apps performance in the market. It begins even before the app is fully functional and out on the store. Below is few of the key ways one can advertise the app before rolling out in the market to draw users towards the product.

Blogging: There is no surprise that blogging is a power tool to voice out your opinion regarding anything that is going on. So why not your app. Create a dedicated blog regarding the upcoming app. Keep readers posted with updates and changes you have been making. This will help customers to build expectations from the app and will let you know what you might need to work on.

Beta Version Testing: Considering releasing a beta version to the android / iOS developer forum to get inputs from other developers.

Video Demonstration: Once the app is up and running, it would be a good practice if you could give the users a demo tour of the app. Screen capture the different aspects of what the app can do so that the users are aware what the app is capable of and how it would help them.

Social Media: Ensure that you share you app updates on all your social media platforms to cover all the target users possible. Using a screenshot of the app interface, app logo and other aspects will help drawing more attention.

Alternate App Store: Alongside releasing the app the native play store / app store considering uploading it on alternative app store for example Amazon Appstore, 9 apps or Appslib

App monetization: There are a few common ways a developer or software developing company earns revenue of an app, which is available on the app store.

In-app purchases: In this method, the app is supposedly free to download on the app store. Customers would download the app without any cost; however they will not be able to use the complete feature of the app unless there is an in-app purchase made. For instance, let us talk about a racing game. The user has downloaded the game for free and has unlocked a new stage. But to win that race they will have to buy a featured car through the app to beat the rival. This method is most common in the apps on the app store. The disclaimer itself says that the app is free, but has “in app purchases”

In-app Ad model: As the name says, developers allow other websites to post some ads on their apps. This app could be a small banner at the bottom, which does not interfere with the app interface, while others are a full screen which can be skipped or canceled. There are two ways a developer or company can get paid in this method.

Customer Click: Every time the user clicks on the ad on the app, the developer or top mobile app development company gets paid.  It could be a shopping website or an informative blog. It does not matter as long as the user clicks on the ad button and site is redirected to that particular website.

Merchant Pay: If the ad featured in the app is a shopping website, and the customer buys a particular product from that website, the merchant would pay the developer a certain percentage of the product purchased by the customer.

User Pay: This is probably the least way to earn revenue on your app. In this method, the posted app is not free and user needs to pay a certain amount to download this app. As you might have noticed there are very few apps that are paid because consumers do not want to pay just to download the app.

E-Mail Marketing Services

Subscription: This method is commonly used in music and video streaming apps like Netflix and Wynk respectively. Customers are able to download the app for free and would be given the full features of the app for a set timeframe (mostly 30 days). However, after a certain point of time they would require to purchase a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription. User opts for monthly subscription thinking about the low cost and thus the cycle continues.

Email Marketing: Every now we come across apps which need an account to be registered to use that particular app. At the same time, it also gives us an option to register using the user’s Facebook ID / Gmail ID. Since users usually have their Facebook or Gmail already registered on his phone, they do not need to go through the hassle of creating a new ID. Using this method, the developer is able to acquire the customer’s email ID which is crucial information. Depending on which ID is selected by the consumer Facebook or Google would pay the developer accordingly.

Cost per Install: Like it says, the developer is paid depending on the number of times the game is installed on a separate device.

Product Sales: If you are a retail seller of any kind you can have revenue coming in by having products displayed on the app for the customers. Rather than going to the physical store, customers would like to order the items they want to purchase directly from their phone.

Now, the next important remaining step is to carefully choose and hire best web development company having experience in building on demand apps.

Make sure before getting down to implementing your idea, consider analyzing competitors and their respective business model to build your app successfully to stand in the marketplace.

Consider this 10 Common App Rejection Reasons while going to live your app on App store


As of January 2017, the Apple store has approximately 2.2 million apps in the market. Out of these 2.2 million, 26% of the apps are games. With the mobile technology growing drastically with every passing day, it is safe to assume that we would have an enormous growth in the app sector. With that being said, Apple certainly has some norms they follow to ensure that the apps released on their store are worth their shelf time. They would not want buggy and copied apps to flood over their store which would, in turn, hurt their reputation. Though there is no clear indication from Apple about what steps they take before authorizing a potential beta app to be published on the store, below are the top 10 reasons why Apple could reject an app before it goes live. read more about App Store Review Guidelines.

Not factoring the target audience: One of the top reasons why apps fail is due to the fact that the target audience is not considered when developing the app. The whole purpose of the app is to reach out to the required users in order for them to use it on a regular basis. However, many app developers overlook this crucial step during the early stage of the project. Focusing on the target consumer helps a developer understand what an average user expects from the app. Apple knows this and would want the app to relate to the consumer. Your app might be well made but if a layman cannot understand how the app works or what are the functionalities of the app; this would lead to the failure of the app.

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Inadequate market research: Another reason why apps fail to hit the shelf is because of incomplete or in-depth research. If you have thought of a brilliant idea for an app it is most likely that there would be somebody else who has had the same thought. Thorough research is required before even developing the app you intend to. This helps developers understand the number of competitors in the field you want to build your app on. Also, it will help you determine the shortcoming of the rival on the market giving you an opportunity to supersede them. Lack of market research prior the development can hamper the success of the app in a major way.

mobile app testing

Buggy App: Nobody likes a buggy app. And Apple is no different. Having a bug free app is every developer’s dream. Such an app helps to build a reputation for the developer. Apple would not even consider apps that have bugs or crashes midway during the run time. As a good practice to thoroughly test the app for bugs and debug if any prior to submitting it for approval, you can see here many apps live in app store with bug free.

Incomplete App/Broken Links: The person who has set the Guinness record of the highest score on Pac-man said there was no end to the game. After a certain level binary codes and random computer language covers half of the screen. There are no credits, no background music or fade to black. You had nothing to do but go and die. The developers never expected anyone to reach that far in the game. The point here is that developers need to ensure that their app is robust and complete without any broken link. for best example like GPS Tracking app, The last thing Apple would want is the back-end code written in your favorite programming language shows on the phone screen.

Poor UI/UX: Apple has always strived on making their products stand out in the market. The design, form factor, and user interface of the phone is unlike any device in the market today. It is all the more true for an interface of the iOS.  An iPhone user usually finds it extremely difficult to switch back to an android or any other platform because of the simplicity and elegance of the iOS. And that is exactly what Apple would expect from their developers. Apps with a poor user interface or user experience would be rejected by Apple straight away because this would eventually harm their reputation.

Backward Compatibility: iOS 10 is currently the latest OS for iPhone. However, an app developer must realize that there are about 20% of iPhone users who are still using iOS 9 and 8. The reason for this could be because the users have not upgraded their OS or their iPhone. Whatever may be the reason, a developer needs to develop the app which will work on across all the variations of the OS. Apple will want every user with an iPhone can run the app from the app store.

No Monetization Strategy: An important part of app development is the monetization strategy. How the app makes money can make or break the deal? Apple knows that users do not want to pay money just to download the app. This leaves developers to either place ads on the interface of the app or gets paid for the number of times the app gets downloaded. Either way, if Apple feels that hosting the app on the store would not be profitable, it would be rejected.

Memory/Battery Usage: Apps which constantly run in the background draining the battery and using the phone memory are a big no. Users eventually feel that it is the phone which is facing issues when in reality the app is using up the phone memory making it run extremely slow. Users must be able to exit and quit the app whenever they want. Once the app is closed, it should not wake automatically and end up using the phone resources.

Approved app

Content:  The content of your app plays a crucial role in getting the approval from Apple. If your app is redundant or there are already apps like yours running in the market, it would be very difficult for you to attract consumers. Considering the competitor app has been on the market for a while, users will not want to have two apps of the same category on the phone. And eventually, would decide to stick with the current app they have.

Misleading users: Apps should never be misleading. Go to the App store and read the reviews of the lowest rated apps and you would realize that most of the customers had a different understanding of the description about the app.

Once you successfully done your apps with fixing this factors, you can easily make animations on view objects. Though, if you’d like to get to more advanced level, or make your iPhone application with advanced animations, graphics you may hire iPhone app development company and make recommendations for the improvement in your idea.

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