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Top Mobile App Development Company in Markham

Based in Marckam, iQlance has the bunch of developers who are dedicated to provide web and mobile app solution. We have specialized web and mobile app development team, who provides mobile solution using native and hybrid app technologies and web solution using languages like PHP, Laravel, Joomla etc.

iQlance Markham provides mobile solutions with a UI that clients find easy to navigate. This results in attracting more customers for the client. As professional mobile app developers iQlance Markham ensures the timely delivery of its projects to the client by following SDLC techniques and using the AGILE technologies such as SCRUM, KANBAN and LEAN SIX SIGMA. Also, our apps are secured using well-known tools. This keeps the app secured from malware and digital frauds. Thus keeps your financial information secure from hackers.

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What We Do

Whatever the kind of mobile apps our clients want developed, our developers are ready to serve the same. At iQlance Markham, we have a team of developers who are experts in various fields. These include programmers, database experts, designers, testers, and those who will ensure that the app reaches you and you reach the app – the marketing team.

App Development

iQlance offers tailor-made, professional and effective mobile solutions that includes developing native apps, hybrid apps, iOS apps and Android apps. Our top mobile app developers in Markham build apps for a Mobile-first world, delivering stunning mobile apps high on function, which helps to sustain position on app store and play store

App Development

iQlance being renowned iPhone app development company offer you best-in-class mobile app that enable you to simplify all complexities by giving you a competitive edge. Our top developers in Markham have developed customized iOS apps since iPhone’s inception and are pioneers in writing Objective C and programming in Swift.

App Development

Understanding the popularity of appealing Android apps, we at iQlance are committed to develop mobile apps to bring the ultra-modern digital approach to your business. Our expert Android app developers in Markham builds Android app-enabled with the social media integration, gamification features etc. to bring a next level experience to your targeted audiences on play store.

Custom Software

Though iQlance Markham is mainly a mobile app and software development company, we also develop websites and desktop applications also. At iQlance, we provide what the clients ask for, from apps relating to Finance, Inventory, Real Estate, e-Commerce, Travel to Education, Logistics and Hospitality. Our client always returns satisfied.

React Native
App Development

React Native is a JavaScript controlled framework developed by Facebook with a huge set of in-built API’s. Initially meant for the iOS platform only, today React Native is used for developing both iOS and Android apps including Wear OS, Watch OS, DroidTV and tv OS apps as well.

Flutter App

Flutter App Development follows the concept of Write Once Use Many. At iQlance Markham we use Flutter to save time as Flutter generates a single codebase for multiple platforms. The client is content with such development as he can increase his user-base at no extra cost.


iQlance is an experienced web development company in Markham providing high quality and cost-effective web development services using latest technologies like ASP.Net, PHP, Joomla, Laravel, Xamarin etc. Our web development solutions are tailored to meet client’s requirements and business objectives of the customers.

App Development

iQlance provides highly customized enterprise mobile app development service for modern business. Our enterprise app developers in Markham provides specialized enterprise solution which helps in structuring and deploying easily manageable enterprise mobility solution and enables quick decision making process.

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The Process We Follow for Mobile App Development

At iQlance Markham, every project follows the rules of Software Development Life Cycle. As such all the projects pass through a previously defined strict life cycle. Expert developers at iQlance Markham ensure that all the rules are implemented, and tests carried out before the project is finally delivered to the client.


The iQlance developers start off by interacting with the clients to know what they want. Only the client has an idea of his needs which are shared with the developers.


The developers come up with various models and choose the best among them. This provides a prototype to the developers as to what the clients’ app must look like when ready.


The developers come up with various models and choose the best among them. This provides a prototype to the developers as to what the clients’ app must look like when ready.


The app is ready at this stage for the client. The developers after testing the app deploy it to the respective app store for the users to download it.

Serving Our Clients Across Diverse Industries

At iQlance Markham, we have a developer’s team who are expert in various technologies such as React Native, Flutter, Android Studio, Apple Platforms for developing iOS solutions, and a host of other recent technologies. We follow AGILE methodology to save precious development time. iQlance Markham has been proudly serving the following industries since its inception and continues to maintain its clientele till date while following the required industry standards:


Media and Entertainment

Real Estate





Travel & Hospitality

Oil & Gas

Endeavors that Make us Proud

iQlance solutions has always been honored with valuable words for the efforts given on mobile app development that are efficiently unique and user centric. Here are some of the best examples for this.

Dedicated Developers for Various Technologies

iQlance Markham has a host of developers who can code in different languages for different platforms. At iQlance Markham, we ensure that our clients get the best from our development team that comprises developers using Flutter, React Native, and APIs for Android and iOS app development. Our team of developers at iQlance Markham ensures the technical support the client may require at any point of time even after app deployment.

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Building Mobile Apps to Enhance Profits

iQlance Markham has been in the market for more than 7 years. During this time it has always ensured a profitable business for its clients. Our apps are feature-rich and secure. No doubt, the clients’ customers are happy to do business with our clients and thus generate profits. The proof of our satisfied clients is given below:


of experience


Projects Delivered


Happy Clients
World Wide




Quality Delivery

Check How We Turn Your Idea Into Innovative Product

Our rich portfolio justifies that, we are one of the best app development company in Canada

Why Partner With Us?

While developing our clients’ app, we at iQlance, ensure security and up-scaling features as a must. Our developers complete the project in time, thus helping us retain the clients. Other reasons are:


The ideas that the clients share with us are away from the reach of any other clients. Also, their data is kept safe using security protocols in our mobile apps.


At iQlance, our developers use SCRUM, Lean Six Sigma, and Kanban to enhance the working of the apps. This also reduces the time to develop the app.


As our clients are provided with the e-Mail Id’s and other contact info of the developers, they can easily communicate with them to bring about changes in the apps.


iQlance has a balanced team of developers who are dedicated to developing the projects assigned to them. Their skills ensure the timely completion of the projects and apps.


Due to the use of Agile methodologies like SCRUM and Kanban, and React Native and Flutter, our developers are able to deliver the apps on schedule and on-time.

Quality – First

Quality is a priority at iQlance. During mobile app development all our processes undergo a quality check routine so that a high-end app is provided to the client.

Cost Effective

Our developers have various models available for the clients but only the most cost-effective solution is selected so the client may also get profit when customers use the app.


Technical support is a must for the clients as they may come across new options. Whenever required, iQlance Markham is ready and happy to provide such support to the client.

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