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DevOps Development Services

DevOps is a software development technique for applications. It brings together developers and the operations team to streamline the various processes involved in developing apps. By automating the infrastructure and workflows, as well as analyzing performance, it helps increase productivity and collaboration. This further is useful for the clients as they can serve their customers in a better way besides competing in the market more effectively. With DevOps it’s a never ending cycle of development that includes building, testing, releasing, monitoring, and planning.

Process We Follow to Build DevOps Development

At iQlance we always believe in providing solutions to our clients that are built using the latest technologies like DevOps. Our team of DevOps developers is unique in the sense they are not only developers, they also understand how to go about with all the operations in the best possible way. Our developers create stunning apps using the DevOps methodology. We offer our best services to the clients. Our development team has a way of doing things which is as follows:

  • We start by knowing the requirements of our clients and hire dedicated developers who are proficient in developing DevOps apps for the client.
  • To ensure quality, we provide the services of a quality tester to remove bugs and errors.
  • As a final step, we hand the app to the client and take regular feedback.
  • We select an expert developer from our team for building the clients’ app.
  • Analysis is the next step. Our team examines the project’s requirements and technical viability before recommending an experienced DevOps developer.

Our Design and Development Approach

It’s not just for any reason iQlance has been ranked as the top most DevOps Development company. It is the development approach used by the iQlance teams that has helped us get there. Following is the way our developers go about developing the apps with DevOps:

Requirement Gathering

The process of development starts with our developers getting in touch with the clients and enquiring about their requirements. They take any inputs the client can provide for developing their app.

Creating A Wireframe

Once the developers have all the inputs, they provide various models to the clients. The client can choose a model and based on that model our developers create a wireframe according to clients’ requisition.

Application UI Design

The next step is designing the UI. Our team of designers will code for creating the UI of the app such that it is capable of attracting more and more customers. Our DevOps developers know what the customers desire and as such design the app UI accordingly.

Quality Assurance

At iQlance, it is quality that counts. All processes at iQlance are checked for quality before the app is finalized. Doing so helps us move one step closer to client satisfaction. With the client satisfied we are also assured the client will retain us for any future app he plans to develop.

Deploy Software Product

At this stage, the DevOps developers deploy the app or the software so the clients can use it for its intended purpose. However, at iQlance this does not mark the end of the relation with the client, rather every successful deployment is a happy client retained.

Maintenance & Updates

According to SDLC, this is not a phase of the SDLC cycle. However, at iQlance it is the most important stage for us. iQlance developers ensure the client gets the regular updates to his app. If the client is unable to understand something from the app, or something goes wrong, iQlance developers are just a call away.

DevOps Development Services from iQlance

As DevOps developers iQlance is committed to provide the best services to its clients. iQlance maintains standards while providing any services and this is what keeps us ahead of the competition:

  • We develop user friendly, browser and all devices compatible websites.
  • You will get a dedicated account manager and team for real time maintenance & support during entire project execution
  • Our developers strictly adhere to international coding guidelines & standards, quality and timely project delivery
  • You can get independently verified customer reviews
  • Our project solutions offer seamless integration with other codes and APIs

UI/UX Design

Our developers develop a perfect UI/UX design compatible to the needs of the clients as per the selected model. Using DevOps, the developers and operations reach an understanding to provide the features best suited for the clients app.

Development Services

Our developers use the DevOps methodology coupled with Agile to develop the best app for the client. With such methodologies in use, the client can expect a futuristic app taking care of his business and one that is easy to use and understand.

App Integration

Our developers at iQlance understand the requirements of the clients and ensure they provide multiple app integrations into the clients app. This ensures features like security, chat, and payments can be handled from the same app.

Support & Maintenance

We are proud to state that iQlance provides its clients with support & maintenance even after deployment of the clients’ app. The client also has the option to avail of our various annual maintenance contracts targeted to keep the app functioning.

App Testing

At iQlance, DevOps Developers Canada ensures the app goes through all the quality checks before being deployed. This helps in avoiding any frustrations the client may otherwise have to face. At iQlance, app testing is a parameter of quality.

App Upgrade

iQlance provides new upgrades for the DevOps app to the clients. Regular updates mean the app does not stop functioning midway and cause problems to the clients. Such updates are also targeted at inserting new features to the DevOps app.

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Our developers at iQlance are experts at developing applications that can benefit the client at all times. DevOps apps are made available by the developers in a cloud environment. This way they are available at all times at the most nearest data centre.

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Endeavors that Make us Proud

It is a story of pride for iQlance to tell you that we have successfully completed and launched website based developed apps and softwares that are very unique and purpose driven. We are fledged with an enriching portfolio of our hardwork and skill sets.

Technology Stack

Framework & Languages

  • ASP.net
  • VB.net
  • .NET Core
  • C#

Front End Front End

  • React
  • Vue
  • Bootstrap
  • UWP Apps
  • Angular
  • jQuery
  • WPF

 Database Database

  • MS-SQL
  • MariaDB
  • MongoDB
  • Firebase
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • Elasticsearch


  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Kubernetes
  • Google Cloud
  • Docker


  • MVC
  • MVVM
  • MVP
  • Microservices


  • Biztalk Server
  • Office 365
  • Power BI
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Sharepoint Server


  • Memcached
  • Redis

 Testing Testing

  • Selenium
  • Katalon Test Studio
  • Test Rail
  • Postman
  • Apache JMeter
  • Browser Stack

 Project Management Tools Project Management Tools

  • Jira
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Basecamp

Why Companies Partner With Us

iQlance has created a name for itself in the world of DevOps app development by utilising a variety of technologies. When designing these web apps, our developers use the most up-to-date tools and technology and as a result are able to keep ahead of the competition.

Transparency and Integrity

We do not hide anything from our clients. Whether it is the cost calculation or the status of the app in development, all is made transparent to the client via various reports.

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction has to be and is the most important factor our developers consider while developing the apps. Our DevOps developers take into consideration all the needs of the clients and try to fit them into the app. They also keep in view the futuristic requirements of the client so the client doesn’t need to update the app time and again.

Dedicated Teams

iQlance team consists of hardworking individuals who devote their entire attention to the development of the client’s app. This commitment keeps iQlance at the top of the development market, and clients keep coming back to us.

Fixed Cost

The cost of an app at iQlance is fixed. Depending upon the model the client choses, the price can vary due to the features required and resources used in the app. However, iQlance DevOps developers are capable of providing great apps that are customized, cost-effective, scalable, and rich in features with a good UI/UX.

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Industries We Serve

We take challenges as a part of polishing our expertise in innovating webapps that are out of box and are 100% result driven.This makes us one of the most preferred web development company Canada. We work for a variety of industries such as below:



Media &

Real Estate





Travel &

Oil & Gas

Client Testimonials

Our clients all around the world appreciate our assurance to providing industry-specific technology solutions as well as our flexible processes. This is how they express their feelings about iQlance:

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Frequently Asked Questions

iQlance has been developing apps and web apps since its inception successfully. However, some clients come up with certain queries regarding some processes at iQlance. We ensure they are satisfied. Here we present a few of such questions:

At iQlance, our developers use the latest technologies and methodologies such as DevOps and Agile, Flutter, React Native, Node JS, C# etc.

At iQlance the developers use various security protocols to safeguard the interests of the client. iQlance ensures there is no data loss to the client.

At the start of the project, iQlance and the client signs a Non Disclosure Agreement that ensures security of the clients’ development ideas.

Yes. iQlance provides updated versions of the app to its clients. This ensures the app keeps running in future as well even if there is change of technology.

iQlance developers are available seven days a week. Just place your request on our website or even call us on the contact number provided on our website.

iQlance provides customized solutions as well as ready made solutions as per the clients needs.

Yes. The project code belongs only to the client. The client receives the code After clearing all dues, the project code is given to the client.

The two methodologies used by iQlance i.e. DevOps and Agile the app is provided to the client within the promised time frame.

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