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ECommerce App Development Gives Competitive Edge to ECommerce Stores


ECommerce industry is growing rapidly and shifting gradually towards the world of Smartphone devices. Since, a large number of people today prefer browsing eCommerce stores by using their mobile devices and operating apps, instead of visiting any website physically. Because of this, eCommerce app development helps to search products present in the store and at the same time, to make payment easily with it.

Keeping this is mind, our iQlance, known as a leading eCommerce app developer has offered an improved end-to-end functionality. We always remain ready to deliver you with the best possible eCommerce development solutions and help you to integrate your business with mobiles with the help of innovative eCommerce mobile app canada. Our apps come with almost every possible efficient marketing strategy to deliver you an engaging digital experience for your clients to maintain the best possible standards in eCommerce.

Let’s take a deep dive into the extraordinary features of the E-Commerce app development done by us

Experience a Rich eCommerce Application Development

Application for eCommerce store comes with countless features to provide intuitive experience to the users.
They include:

  • Secure payment gateway integration for fool-proofing financial information
  • High resolutions image of products to hold the interest
  • Multiple currency support
  • Customer database management

Ease Your User’s Login and Signup via Social Media

Our eCommerce app development services include social media integration of eCommerce stores. This helps you to ease both login and signup procedures. In addition, social media allows your users to share their buying experience on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media and thereby, help you in gaining a good recognition.

  • Placement of share plugins on your product page in Facebook/Twitter
  • Onsite sharing of user-generated social contents
  • Facility of social sign-in and usage of social comment systems
  • Display of any trending product on behalf of clients

Display of Personalized Suggestions

Our iQlance eCommerce solution provider knows very well that success of any eCommerce store depends solely on buying behavior of individual users. For this-

  • Usage of recommendation engine to analyze your users’ behavior to display personalized recommendations
  • To retain customers, engage them and increase cross-selling activities
  • To analyze buying behavior and preferences of users

One-Stop Shopping Facility

eCommerce solution comes with a wealth of capabilities designed to help you launch a powerful online web store in a very short time. As a leading eCommerce solution provider company, we bundle our managed services with eCommerce websites to provide one-stop-shopping experience

  • Product catalog building and features listing
  • Product reviews for making purchase decisions
  • Product search with QR codes to each reach the desired item
  • Cart development

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Advantages to Get an eCommerce Mobile App Solutions for Retail Stores

Today, with the consistent increase in competition in the online shopping industry, well-designed online store in combination with a highly optimized app are obviously the basic assets for any successful e-commerce business.

  • Mobile operated eCommerce apps help you to get a large number of loyal audiences and brand loyalty
  • Loading of contents at faster rate with apps than via any website
  • Brings improvement in usability of various mobile solutions

Mobile app solutions play a significant role to setup a strong connection in between customers and online stores.

  • Mobile apps are responsible to drive the highest possible user engagement
  • Significant growth in the tendency of app usage and eCommerce market associated with mobile apps development
  • Formulation of an effective and an advanced marketing/promotion strategy

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