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In this fast-changing world, everything comes wrapped in technology. Today it has become important to understand the ever-changing needs of customers to gain a competitive advantage in the market. While everything is becoming “E-“, there are many retailers who are suffering. This “E-“ involves “E-commerce”, “E-business”, and “E-retailing”. With the advent of “E-“, there has been a rise in eCommerce apps. Thus, it’s because of the concept of eCommerce, there has been a hike in eCommerce app development.

Starting with, let’s understand the concept of the revolutionary “E-“ factor. Firstly, “E-business” refers to doing business over the Internet exclusively. At the same time, it can be understood as a business which uses technology to improve its profit as well as productivity. Secondly, “E-commerce” can be understood as transaction of the goods using Internet or any other computer network. This transaction refers to the buying and selling of products and services. Lastly, “E-retailing” refers to selling the retail goods over Internet and can be related to B2C relationship.

The change in technological factors which influence the mindset of the customers include money and time. Today, the customers want to look at a larger picture and segment themselves in accordance with their convenience. Thus, slowly and gradually, the customers are moving from brick-and-mortar concept to “E-”concept, in accordance with their convenience. If the retailers want to survive in this cut-throat competition, they need not only add values to their products but also to their services. This value addition can help the retailers to customer gain as well as customer retention, thus acting as a hurdle to the rise of “E-“ factor.

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If one wants to become an entrepreneur and wants to understand various marketing skills effectively, so that he/she does not weaken to be kicked off from the market, then he/she should need to understand entrepreneurship and marketing from the scratch. It is important to learn the relevant skills because they can become an asset in the long-run for the entrepreneur. These marketing skills can help to inspire and build a good team and can take the business to a high level with the help of Internet. But before all this, he/she needs to be clear about the concept of Internet marketing, which can lead to building a strong startup.

1).  To stand out in the market, it is needed that a strong foundation of the business is laid. For this, the entrepreneur needs to choose the target audience and the target market wisely. If not done properly, all the marketing skills can get ruined.

2).  A novice who wants to become entrepreneur needs to know about the first step which can lead to the effective marketing of the business, but only a few people understand the initial step. The first step is to organize marketing campaigns. With the help of marketing campaigns, one can start building the business successfully by creating a long-lasting impact on the customers. The money which the entrepreneur spends on the marketing campaigns can benefit the business in the long-run. The business can reach to such a greater height that it can outshine all the existing competitors who working in the same niche. Along with the marketing campaigns, the Mobile apps can play a crucial role.

3).  After done with the marketing campaigns, the entrepreneur can analyze the stats and the traffic that’s coming his/her way. The next step is to take effective steps for online marketing. The marketing campaign turned beneficial but if online marketing is done at an effective level, it can add value to the business. From this, the entrepreneur can check and analyze the stats and conclude about the efficiency of the steps taken. With these two steps, the novice has gained a good experience in the entrepreneurship. This helps in deriving two- to three-fold results.

The third step is scaling the results. The scaling refers that the entrepreneur needs to execute mathematical calculations which can result the business to achieve greater heights in the market.

Now that the novice-cum-entrepreneur has successfully executed all the steps by using the marketing skills efficiently and has placed the business on the top, he/she needs to bring the business automation. With the help of this automation process, the business will not remain stagnant, instead will keep running 24X7X365.

The primary concern of an eCommerce entrepreneur is choosing right technology to sell its products and services online in an effective manner for short-run as well as long-run. The entire environment of eCommerce needs a form of organized logistics that can be controlled from the back-end.

The structure of eCommerce is concerned about selling. To define a successful eCommerce entrepreneur, the “knowing” part has to be considered. This is the time when one needs to know about the customer segmentation, the target audience and the target niche. For this, he/she needs to understand the demographic nature of the target audience and the target area too.

The path of eCommerce entrepreneurs is full of fluctuations. Sometimes, he/she might be spending more to get the customer attention and retention. Thus, the need of the hour is a perfect balance. The resources need to be optimally invested.

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The initial mistake that the eCommerce entrepreneur makes is to rushing out to launch the business website and the business mobile app too soon. A little patience is required during app development. Obviously, the website as well as app have to be launched but one should not start without any proper planning. For instance, one can buy the domain name for the website but instead of displaying the content over the website, leave a page “Coming Soon”. In this way, the website can be prepared side by side. There is a need of solid background to promote the website which includes the usage of SEO, social media, content marketing and paid advertising.

With the rise of eCommerce app development companies, has seen a hike. These mobile apps help to reach to the target customers all over the world with the help of Internet.

Because of the rising skills of eCommerce, many startups are preferring to give mobile apps to the customers over the website for selling the products online.

The technology of AI and VR is where the future of the eCommerce lies. The technology has the power to renovate the entire environment of eCommerce. So, for a successful eCommerce entrepreneur, it is important to have a mobile app which can further result in the following advantages:

  1. Enhance visibility to the customers

Recently, a survey was conducted which stated that over 60% of the business strategists depend on the mobile app development for developing a space for them in the market. Thus, as per the survey, it is evident that the future can see a great rise in the eCommerce mobile app development. With the rise in technology, there is a great dependency of people on mobiles. It will be beneficial for the business to develop the eCommerce mobile app if the large number of people has to be captured at the same time.

  1. Push Notifications

If an eCommerce entrepreneur wants to remind the customers about the ongoing or upcoming sale and offer of any product, he/she should go for the push notifications. At the same time, the push notifications should not be overused because it can lead to decline in customer retention. With the help of push notifications, the entrepreneur can create the brand awareness of its product and can update the customers regarding the latest products. Thus, an eCommerce mobile app can play an essential role in developing marketing strategies.

  1. Features of smartphone integrated with e-commerce apps

The different in-built features of smartphones include camera, microphone, GPS tracker, and others which can easily integrate with the features of eCommerce apps so as to keep a track of the activities of the customer. More integrated are the features of smartphone, more they can help the customers as well as eCommerce entrepreneurs to create a special place in the minds of the people. A well why eCommerce application can lead the website reach the top level, which can lead to increasing customer involvement with various smartphones. If an eCommerce entrepreneur aims to develop the website to be recognized, it is better to opt for an eCommerce mobile app too which demonstrates the business functionalities.

  1. Improved Usability

Once the app gets downloaded, it is necessary that that particular eCommerce mobile app possesses such features which enhance the usability of the app and are easy to use by a novice customer too. Because of the improved and enhanced usability, the eCommerce entrepreneur can make a strong of his/her business on the customers who are using his/her mobile app for purchasing the products. Along with this, it needs to be understood that as soon as the app is downloaded, it should start working within a fraction of seconds so that customers need not wait for a long time. The developers should develop the app in such a way that navigating across the app be easy and quick.

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