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It provides immense satisfaction in knowing that, we did our job to the highest level of standards. We like even more when our client takes time to acknowledge their satisfaction.


iQlance was responsive within hours and they followed their development schedule faithfully. With attentive customer service and a reasonable price. The team communicates clearly and reliably and also proved to be a strong app development leader.

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iQlance is a great company that provides wonderful services for an affordable price!

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iQlance...has been really nice to deal with them in terms of their communication skills and availability.

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They stayed on top of their deadlines, were responsive, and communicated well.

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I have connected with iQlance to enhance my offline business work into an online business,that has satisfied all our attributes and created an innovative mobile app and this is the place where you can find High level of technical skills and professionalism as well. Amazing experience working with Krunal & Team, and I wish to have a long term business relationship with iQlance.

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I have built a new app and promotional website with iQlance Solutions. In short, my experience was excellent. They deserve more than 5 stars. I highly recommend them. The App is fairly complex with a number of features.

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We have developed website with app for a service for finding and renting a car with a taxi license in a very limited time and budget. iQlance team helped us with the formulation and implementation of the business challenge, and responded promptly to all our requests throughout the project.

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