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  • trackupro
  • cabhub
  • careerbuilder
  • string flix
  • shifty
  • bonuspack


  • Food Tracking
  • Wallet Payment
  • Referral Code
Hungry Eh? Try Lejoy food delivery app to order your favorite dish from anywhere in Toronto. Our driver will deliver the hot and delicious food at your door. We offer User app, Restaurant Web App and Driver Application on Android and iOS Platform.

Foxx Legacy

  • Business Material Video
  • Sharing Via Email Or Text
  • Generated Unique Key
Foxx Legacy produces profoundly effective natural nutraceutical products. Foxx Legacy app is an easy to use set of messaging tools. The app automatically formats messages about products and the people who’s lives are changed by the predicts. Send text or email messages to recipients that directly request information in person or choose from existing contacts. All message are automatically linked to your Foxx Legacy site. The app’s messaging tool will customize the links so that you can see marketing activity results from your Foxx Legacy members back office.


  • Daily schedule tracker
  • Online appointment booking
  • Client reports
Specially develop to keep our inner athletic spirit high and maintain the fitness and health of the body . This app helps our customers to directly communicate with their gym instructor or nearby gym members . It has some exciting features like trending deals , rating option , chatting module , membership cards etc. For trainers it also gives business analysis and tracks its clients regular updates.


  • Live Image Capture
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • My Drives
Dollar drive app allows you to click beautiful images from outdoor and save favorite location. Its live GPS tracking Mobile app solutions from point A to B so user can show from where he/she travelled and mark footstep.

VRV – Voluntary Refund Value

  • GPS Navigation
  • Real Time Funds
  • 2 Steps Verification
VRV is a Rewarding Recycling Schedule Application. with aim to build a recycling mobile application is to change the way people think about trash by creating a unique incentive to recycle.

Affordable Homecare

  • Score Information
  • Latest News
  • Messages
Affordable Home care application is basically designed to customize the comfort zone of corporate world .The application increases the interest of the employee in an organization by giving the points as per the response given by them.

Afghan Smart

  • Live MP3 and Video music
  • Artist wise Music
  • Music Downloading
AfghanSmart is particularly designed for the lovers of Afghan Music . As name suggest , this application will take you in a tour to beautiful afghan music and leave you under the era of enchanting Afghanistan Culture.


  • Online Tracking
  • Invoice Creation & Submission
  • Show Estimated Time To Reach The Destination
All The Pardons is an app where you can custom set your regular location venues (work, school, train, doctors office, theater, etc.) and then receive messages when you arrive at the location reminding you to be kind with your phone use. There are also random messages that remind you of thoughtful phone use in your general everyday life.


  • One To One And Group Chat
  • Video Call
  • Customized Email Functionalities
For an organization or an individual we have created one stop solutions ?Chat and Email?. Solutions developed using Quickblox and created own customized code for one platform app which support video call , chat and email functions.


  • Mobile Ordering
  • Tracking
  • Real time Analysis
BudTender is the end to end dispensary software solution for improving efficiency through business intelligence and mobile ordering system. System gives regulators, licensed producers, and dispensaries the ability to understand and identify their consumer and business needs in real time.


  • Customized Video Player
  • Play Vide Of Individual Closed Guard Techniques
  • Developed Total 16 IOS Apps For Same Client
Closed Guard application has put together the essential closed guard defence. In this app you will learn to escape, defend and counter attack while in your opponents closed guards. Learn this technique and you will no longer feel threaten or deprived in any circumstances.


  • Custom Song Editing
  • Payment On Music Delivery
  • Play, Download & Share Music
I-cut Music is specially designed for all the DJ?s and music creators . This application is hosted by experienced music directors . Here the user can request for customized songs as per their requirements . (Under Development)


  • GPS
  • Bar Code
  • Deals
Pizza Ordering mobile app and make ordering your favorite pizza faster and easier than ever! Order a popular Pizza or easily create your own. The app also saves past order information, so you can reorder with the tap of a button! Get online deals, find nearby locations, and more.


  • Prayer Reminder Push Notification
  • Sync Phone Contact
  • Multi Language – Hebrew And English
Its a daily calendar based Christianity prayer schedule application which keeps track on the schedule of mass prayer and has other reminder features . This application is specially designed for the devotees ,who can get reminded every time whenever the prayer should be held.


  • Random User Selection For Quiz Play
  • Different Categories For Quiz
  • Awards, Rewards For Winner
As name highlights the key features of playing Quiz app. Eye catchy UI and quiz category is usp of this app. Create quiz, Sponsored quiz add extra focus on app.


  • Invite your players
  • Coach’s control
  • Player food preferences
Recover & Refuel prepares team nutritionally for their next match by alerting them of what and when to eat and drink to ensure they are prepared to play at their highest-level.


  • Draw Live Paths On The Map
  • View Trackers History Based On Date And Time
  • Multiple Geo Fence
Tracktor (Now Minifinder) Is Online Based Gps Alarm And Tracking System Offering Real Time Tracking Of Any Kind Of Gps Tracker. Tracktor® Is Easy To Use And You Can Track Unlimited Number Of Devices At The Same Time From Your Computer, Smart Phone Or A Tablet.


  • GPS Live Tracking
  • PayPal
  • Customer Notification
TrackUrPro’s unique and innovative platform bridges the gaps between Management-Worker-Customer to facilitate seamless job completion coordination.


  • California centric Map with offers point
  • Login via social plugin
  • Allow calendar feature
This application is developed for the smart California users . The application gives coupons and referrals related to food, fashion, travel, mobiles, appliances, beauty and health, etc.It gives complete pack providing user the calendar feature which gives them the list of all events and promotion with its dates


  • Chat facility and allows to communicate directly to the seller or wholesaler
  • Allows seller to keep track on its craft Status .
  • The main categories of the app covers almost all the Product in the market.
A mobile app from where you can either buy or sell any product related to categories like organic products, furniture, arts and crafts, household items, Health and beauty or even Handmade clothing.


  • login and signup module
  • Find a car module
  • Lease a car module
One single app through which user can also rent a vehicle or can lease its vehicle for others to use it. Only one of its type which does collaborative function for both i.e. renter and owner of the vehicles respectively . Being cherry on the cake It also gives live tracking to its users .


  • One of the most promising social video sharing mobile app.
  • Add Co-Creators
Is your friend Daniel is shifting to Spain and you wanted to give him some really out of box farewell blast ? Or Is your small brother Cavin is turning 21 and you got to surprise him with one awesome collective video from all the best wishes from his entire clan ?But of course you don�t have time to knock every next door Dah!


It�s an iPhone app which allows yard owners to use their dead space efficiently and make it convert to Parking area. It will help user to estimate the capacity of their yard .This app will act as virtual valet parking area ,which scans the driving license, allows it to do check in, allow attendee to draw parking slots , and notifies attendee whenever the vehicle gets out or in of its parking slots .

Fitness App Workout Trainer

  • Daily schedule tracker
  • Online appointment booking
  • Client reports
Fitness is very important now a days, so we develop app which store daily schedule and get help you to book appointment for gym / trainer at your home /office. Fitness mobile app solutions allows customer to find the best fitness trainer and communicate with him/her directly. Application offers many other exciting features like rating option, membership, deals etc.


The Denver DNA & Drug Center is a private, paternity DNA, genetic DNA, drug and alcohol testing center. Team help client to build the back end on ASP.NET MVC.


Anglo Schools International Services (ASIS) Ltd is an education consultancy working to expand global opportunities for international students, taking them into world class schools and universities and from there, on to top international careers and jobs.


PJ Apartments specialize in renovating classic, historic buildings. apartments and houses are beautifully furnished and incorporate every modern convenience.


Afghan Smart is a record label associated with producing and marketing of music recordings and music videos and is Afghanistan’s No.1 & fast-growing record label.


Dane Street provides IME and Peer Review services covering the lines of business and referral types listed below.�Dane Street�s QA team of nurses and claims personnel�provides quality assurance on 100% of files�prior to delivery�


Ciderr is a registry system for your photography or videography business. It’s fully branded to promote your business. You’ll give your clients the right tools to spread the word about your business and help them pay for your products and services! It’s easy and fun for your clients and for their friends and family. It’s a win-win for everyone!


Marketdojo is a software-as-a-service(SaaS) company that offers professional, intelligent and easy-to-use online negotiation software at commoditized pricing.


StringFlix is a social media app that helps people create group videos for events or campaigns across the world, by easily stringing their clips together.Via video group invitations, we are motivating people to become creators and participants of their milestone events for friends or for public causes around the world. StringFlix has a unique, easy, and fun way to make videos!


An app to let you know when you’re being rude with your cell phone.�Because we all want the world to be a better place. User can access and download the application on Apple and Android platforms.


TrackUrPro’s unique and innovative platform bridges the gaps between Management-Worker-Customer to facilitate seamless job completion coordination. User can download the application from iTunes and Google Play store.


There are certain recyclable materials that can be recycled but would redeem no value to consumers if they recycle them (eg., Wine-corks). Voluntary Refund Value gives consumers the opportunity to sign up (become a user) and place a subjective value (Vrv deposit) on these materials in order to entice them to recycle.

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