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What is Chatbot?

Chatbot refers to a computer program designed primarily to stimulate conversation with various human users, particularly with the help of internet. Chatbot app development solutions offered by our iQlance team thus acts as an assistant to communicate with users with the help of text messages, instant messengers, applications or a virtual companion aims at integrating into websites.

Robot responds by providing many valuable suggestions regarding a particular topic. If this is not enough, you may use our chat-bot app development solutions to communicate with your clients with almost every preferable messaging platform, such as mobile app, website, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Why Choose our iQlance for Chatbot Development

We at iQlance offer you with a full scale of Chatbot app development solutions, so that you may revolutionize many ways, in which you as business owners communicate with various prospects/customers, while streamline interactions.

As a top chatbot development company, we deliver you with intelligent and highly sophisticated chatbot solutions to implement into your diversified domains. These include entertainment, e-commerce, delivery solutions and customer support or healthcare solutions.

We have a team of professional developers to create chatbot or automated assistants to revolutionizing the way, in which your business may interact with people. Besides this, our iQlance team delivers automated customer support as well as interactive experiences based on our chatbot platform.

Our iQlance has a large number of experts in the sector of chatbot technology to assist you in building chatbots across varying platforms. These are Microsoft, Facebook, Slack, Telegram, Oracle and several others. Unlike our competitors, we always deliver you with a comprehensive level of services in rule based testing, design, development and Artificial Intelligence operated chatbots.

Therefore, whether you want to create conversation bots, chatbots, IVR chatbots, online bots, message bots, online bots or anything else, we deliver you everything with differentiated services. In this way, our iQlance team always tailored itself to tailor with your specific requirements.

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Benefits to opt for Chatbot application development

  • A fully dedicated resource to provide you with unmatched control as well as transparency during your almost every operational phase
  • Gives quick scalability to users
  • Offers easily usable interface
  • Sound management of supply chains and generation of essential purchase orders
  • Allows encoding to perform a wide range of automated actions
  • To assist ecommerce store owners by notifying of the arrival of any new shipment and at the same time, to deliver inventory reports on real time basis
  • Brings improvement in the efforts related to mobile marketing and yields improved results for users eventually
  • Chatbots are of less expensive and build easily even with the highest possible adoption rate
  • Our chatbot app development solutions provide you with an easy understanding and a clean conversation structure and flow.
  • Provides uncompromising level of privacy standards, workflows and automated transactions
  • Realistic and friendly language to allow efficient interaction with other users
  • Delivery of personalized interaction to boost customer loyalty and customer retention eventually
  • We at iQlance take steps to bring improvement in various mobile marketing efforts and yield the best results


  • Implementation of the best possible tools and practices to develop intuitive and easily scalable chatbots
  • To design conversations in an intelligent way
  • To create data-driven chatbots
  • To customize chatbots, so that it deals with your key business procedures in a hassle-free way
  • To help in seamless procedures
  • To provide high quality chatbot solutions at the most competitive rate


Our Top chatbot app developers gives many business/company owners and entrepreneurs an opportunity to come close with their customers. In this way, we provide you with an automated communication system to interact with others. Along with this, we provide you with smart chatbot options operating on artificial intelligence while communicating with users.

Chatbot brings reliable, sturdy and steady communication in the business sector

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