Steps to a Successful Flutter Mobile App Launch

How to Launch Flutter App Successfully

Discover the Formula for a Prosperous Launch of Your Flutter App with Our complete Guide. Here we will guide you, how you can do Flutter Mobile App Launch successfully.

Introduction: Navigating the Complexity of Launching a Flutter Mobile App

As you know, creating a mobile application goes beyond mere coding and testing. It has transformed into a multifaceted process that requires strategic planning, meticulous market analysis, and flawless execution. This is especially true when dealing with Flutter, Google’s innovative UI toolkit.

Developing an irresistible app entails not only utilizing Flutter’s capabilities but also having a well-thought-out mobile app launch strategy. Our skilled team at iQlance Solutions combines the power of Flutter with strategic thinking and seamless execution to craft cross-platform apps that capture users’ hearts. Hire Flutter developers in India, we will explore the complexities of designing an efficient Flutter app launch plan. Get from concrete suggestions, best practices, and real-world experiences.

The Allure of Flutter: An Introduction to Successful Launches

Before you embark on the journey of launching your mobile app, it’s essential to understand the significance of Flutter and Cost of Flutter app development within the developer community. Flutter, a groundbreaking creation of Google, empowers developers to create visually stunning mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms using a single codebase. This innovative approach drastically reduces development time and costs.

One of Flutter’s standout features is its ‘hot reload’ function, enabling developers to instantly see the impact of code changes. Drawing from our experience at iQlance Solutions, this feature has been crucial in expediting our development process, allowing us to build robust cross-platform applications efficiently. Additionally, Flutter’s extensive widget library enables developers to design captivating and user-friendly User Interfaces (UIs) with remarkable ease.

The success story of Xianyu, Alibaba’s app driven by Flutter and boasting over 50 million users, serves as evidence of Flutter’s capabilities. Xianyu utilized Flutter’s potential to create a high-performance app that maintains consistent aesthetics across both Android and iOS platforms. Xianyu’s success story provides valuable insights for aspiring Flutter app developers, showcasing the potential of leveraging Flutter’s capabilities to their advantage.

Crafting a Solid Flutter App Launch Strategy :

Creating a successful mobile app launch goes beyond understanding Flutter’s technical aspects. It involves having a clear understanding of the target market, a deep insight into user expectations, and strategic efforts to generate excitement for your app. In the following sections, we will navigate a comprehensive roadmap, unveiling ten crucial steps to formulate a successful Flutter app launch strategy.

1) Understanding Your Market Dynamics: Precision Matters

Identifying Your Target Audience The foundation of your journey lies in comprehending your target audience in-depth. Immerse yourself in their demographics, behaviors, preferences, and challenges. This holistic understanding equips you to develop an app that precisely caters to your audience’s needs and preferences.

Conducting Thorough Market Research

To create an app that stands out, a deep understanding of the existing market landscape, including competitors and current trends, is essential. Studying both successful and unsuccessful apps can reveal strategies that will set your Flutter app apart.

2) Planning Your App Development: Laying the Groundwork

Defining the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)The cornerstone of your development strategy involves identifying the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This means encapsulating your app’s core functionalities to address users’ primary challenges. The MVP should be developed enough to attract early adopters while remaining flexible to incorporate improvements based on user feedback.

Striving for Excellence

Excellence should permeate every aspect of your Flutter app, from coding to User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) design. Flutter App Development companies can help you with finding and correcting issues prior to the launch of your app. Regular code reviews and performance testing offer an even better user experience.

3) Generating Pre-Launch Excitement: Sparking Anticipation

Crafting an Engaging Landing PageA well-designed landing page serves as a platform to introduce your app to potential users. Clearly outline your app’s features and benefits, generating excitement well before the launch. Enhance the effectiveness of your landing page through SEO Services to increase organic traffic.

Harnessing the Potential of Social Media and Blogging

Social media platforms and blogs offer powerful tools to cultivate a vibrant community around your app. Consistently share sneak peeks, development updates, teasers, and relevant content to maintain user engagement.

4) Strategizing Your App Launch: Timing is Crucial

Strategic Timing The timing of your app launch holds immense importance. Data from Sensor Tower underscores the effectiveness of launching on weekdays, especially Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which result in higher download rates. However, the ideal launch day depends on your target audience and app category.

Leveraging PR and Influencer Marketing

Securing press coverage can significantly boost your app’s visibility and downloads. Platforms like Help a Reporter Out (HARO) facilitate connections with journalists seeking expert insights. Influencer marketing is another potent tool to expand your reach.

5)  Continuous Measurement and Optimization: Sustaining Post-Launch Success

Monitoring Key MetricsKey Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as Daily Active Users (DAU), Monthly Active Users (MAU), and average session duration provide valuable insights into user engagement. Tracking in-app transactions and ad clicks reveals revenue streams. Tools like Google Analytics for Firebase enable meticulous metric monitoring.

Responsiveness to User Feedback

User feedback serves as a guide for improving your app. Reviews on the App Store and Google Play Store offer a wealth of insights. Incorporating a mechanism within your app to collect user feedback encourages ongoing refinement.

6) Evolving through Updates and Enhancements: Sustaining Quality

Embracing Regular Updates Consistent updates are essential to maintaining the vitality of your app and accommodating changing user needs. Each update presents an opportunity to refine existing features, eliminate bugs, and introduce new functionalities.

7) The Significance of Localization: Reaching a Global Audience

Embracing Localization goes beyond mere translation, encompassing the adaptation of your app to align with the linguistic and cultural requirements of specific markets. This involves more than just textual content, extending to UI elements, imagery, temporal formats, and more.

8) Ascending in ASO: Amplifying Discoverability

Mastering App Store Optimization (ASO) plays a critical role in enhancing your app’s discoverability. An effective ASO strategy involves optimizing the app title, keywords, screenshots, descriptions, and user reviews to improve its search ranking.

9) Fostering User Loyalty: The Key to Retention

Crafting a User Retention Strategy Retaining users requires multifaceted strategies such as push notifications, in-app messages, email campaigns, and retargeting ads. User engagement is sustained through personalized, relevant content.

10)  Building a Thriving Community: Harnessing Engagement

Fostering a User Community Nurturing a user community creates a dynamic ecosystem that provides user insights, spreads the word about your app, and cultivates a positive app culture. In-app community features, social media groups, forums, and physical events all contribute to community development.

Conclusion: Leading the Way to an Exceptional Flutter Mobile App Launch

In the world of app launches, technological competence must work in tandem with market knowledge and successful marketing techniques. Your Flutter app can be an instant hit if you properly understand your audience, plan development carefully, create an intriguing pre-launch strategy, execute a successful launch, consistently optimize post-launch, and know how to choose the best flutter app development company.

Every app launch is unique, requiring a tailored approach to suit specific circumstances. At iQlance Solutions, we embody these principles in our Flutter app development process, delivering customized solutions that cater to individual client needs. Through meticulous planning, seamless execution, and ongoing refinement, your app is poised for a successful launch. Approach this journey with confidence, and may your launch be a resounding achievement.

Top Food Delivery Apps in Australia: Your Ultimate Guide

Best Australian Food Delivery Apps

Hungry and looking for a hassle-free way to satisfy those cravings? Look no further! The rise of Food delivery Apps has made it super easy to get your favourite dishes delivered right to your doorstep.

There are several other applications vying for your attention in Australia’s thriving meal delivery market. If you run a restaurant and want to offer meal delivery, or if you’re an entrepreneur hoping to break into the growing on-demand food delivery industry, iQlance can help you make it happen. Our top priority is providing our clients with cutting-edge mobile solutions that help them stand out from the crowd.

Let’s take a tasty trip through Australia’s best meal delivery apps and see what they have to offer. 

1. Menulog: The Widest-Reaching Food Delivery Service

Covering an astounding 90% of delivery addresses in Australia and New Zealand, Menulog ensures that no matter where you are, your cravings can be satisfied.

Menulog has joined forces with EatNow to become one of the most extensive food delivery apps around. With an abundance of user reviews and a diverse selection of restaurants offering various cuisines, Menulog has become a popular go-to choice. Plus, first-timers get a fantastic 25% discount on their orders, and they even have a price-matching guarantee within 24 hours. 

Type: Online Food Ordering and Delivery 

Founders: Leon Kamenev, Kevin Sherman, and Dan Katz 

Year Started: 2006 

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

2. EASI: Bringing Asian Delights to Your Doorstep

Calling all Asian food enthusiasts! EASI stands tall as Australia’s number one Asian food delivery app, with a vast array of gourmet offerings from over 12,000 restaurant partners. With immense popularity in major Australian cities and ongoing global expansion, EASI delivers deliciousness right to your doorstep. From Melbourne to Sydney, Adelaide to Brisbane, and beyond, EASI has got your Asian cravings covered!

Type: Food Delivery and Travel Booking 

Founder: Jie (Jason) Shen 

Year Started: 2015 

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

Read Also: Top Food Delivery Apps in Toronto

3. Deliveroo: Best Food Delivery App in Australia

When time is of the essence and your taste buds are demanding a treat, Deliveroo swoops in to save the day! This leading food delivery app in Australia offers an extensive selection of restaurants to choose from, ranging from comforting delights to wholesome, healthy options and cherished local favorites.

What sets Deliveroo apart is its real-time order tracking feature, which ensures you’ll know precisely when your scrumptious meal will reach your doorstep. And hey, guess what? They’ve got you covered for those work functions too, with their catering options and even alcohol delivery. Talk about a comprehensive food delivery solution!

Type: Online Food Ordering and Delivery 

Founders: Will Shu, Greg Orlowski 

Year Started: 2013 

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

4. DoorDash: Connecting People with Possibility

Originally from the US, DoorDash ventured into Australia in 2019, and it’s been making a lasting impression ever since. As a tech-driven company, DoorDash is all about connecting you with the best local businesses, making your evenings easier, your days happier, and your communities stronger. Ordering from eligible restaurants is a breeze, and their secure online payment system ensures a seamless transaction. So sit back, relax, and let DoorDash bring the feast to your doorstep!

Type: Online Food Ordering and Delivery 

Founder: Tony Xu 

Year Started: 2013 

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

5. Order Up: Empowering Local Businesses

Order Up, an Australian-based food delivery app, takes pride in empowering local businesses and franchises. Their platform allows these businesses to customize their own delivery services, ensuring flexibility and affordability. With features like Contactless pickup and Delivery, Order Up is a reliable online ordering solution, especially during challenging times. Support local and eat global with Order Up!

Type: Online Food Ordering and Delivery 

Founders: Chris Jeffery, Jason Kwicien 

Year Started: 2009 

Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland, United States

6. Me&U: The Smart Menu in Your Pocket

Dining out just got a whole lot smarter, thanks to Me&U! This innovative app integrates seamlessly with various restaurants, allowing you to order food and pay bills directly from your smartphone. Say goodbye to long waiting times and standing in lines. Me&U makes dining out a breeze, making it an ultimate win for both customers and restaurants alike. Smart dining for smart foodies!

Type: Online Food Ordering and Delivery 

Founder: Mr. Stevan Premutico 

Year Started: 2018 

Headquarters: Australia

Why Choose iQlance for Your Food Delivery app?

Looking to create your own food delivery app in Australia? iQlance is your go-to app development company that stands out from the rest! With a strong presence in Sydney and Adelaide, iQlance offers innovative solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our skilled Mobile app developers Sydney ensure a seamless user experience and robust functionality for your app. Whether you’re a restaurant owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, iQlance has the expertise to turn your vision into reality. Trust iQlance to deliver high-quality and user-friendly mobile apps that will set you apart from the competition!

In Conclusion

The Australian food delivery market is thriving, and these apps have made it incredibly easy to indulge in your favorite dishes without leaving your home. Whether it’s the real-time tracking of Deliveroo, the vast coverage of Menulog, or the smart menu experience of Me&U, there’s an app to suit every craving and preference.

You can count on iQlance to create a fantastic app for delivering food. Our skilled and dedicated mobile App Developers in Australia, including Sydney and Adelaide, can produce a customized app that completely corresponds with your business goals and client requirements. You can harness the power of technology to give your customers a top-notch meal delivery experience by hiring App developers Adelaide from iQlance.

Top 8 Android App Development Trends in 2021

Top 8 Android App Development Trends In 2021

With nearly 85% market share, Android, without a doubt, is the most popular mobile OS. As far as creating a mobile app is considered, Android OS gets the attention. Android mobile applications are user-friendly and are sure to lead the industry. With the ever-changing demands and supplies of products and services, mobile application development is flourishing with the latest technologies and trends. You should find the future trends that can help you stay ahead in the ever-changing mobile application development industry. Before you hire a top Android app development company in Canada, it’s best that you get familiar with the Latest trends in Android app development.

Let’s have a look at the Top 8 Android App Development Trends in 2021 that are sure to revolutionize the business models.

1) Instant Apps

When it comes to Android app development, Android instant apps aren’t a new phenomenon. However, they are becoming more and more popular. They let users try a game or an app without their installation on your device. As a result, end users do not need to download them. The instant apps technology helps gaming companies and eCommerce companies mainly. Moreover, the instant apps do not take extra space on the smartphone and decrease any needless interruptions. The most important benefit of instant apps is that you get complete access to the apps without even downloading them, additional storage, compatibility on all the Android devices, and outstanding UX/UI designs.

2) Apps For Foldable Phones

Flip phones was a thing of the past. Touch screen phones have been the latest trend in. the market. But foldable phones have again started making a comeback in the last few years. Foldable phones fold to expand or compress the screen size depending on the user preferences. From the viewpoint of app development, content creators and resellers should consider these devices when creating or updating apps. The main idea is that the app should flawlessly adjust the display when the screen of the phone folds or unfolds. 2021 will definitely see an increase in the foldable phones users. As a result, app developers should plan accordingly.

3) Flutter

Flutter, the latest Google’s technology, is the Android app development future. Flutter allows app development for platforms like Android and iOS using native interfaces. Most android developers will shift to flutter in 2021 because of its features and flexibility. The most essential benefits of using flutter app development are Support for MVP development, simple to learn features, and native designs. App developers are quickly including flutter in their app development approach, which is making it the future of Android development 2021.

4) Beacon Technology

This technology has been already included by many industries. From retail to hospitality, beacon technology can add superior functionalities to almost all mobile apps. The key advantage of beacons is proximity marketing, which is known to enhance the client experience within mobile apps. Thus businesses have begun using it to target potential customers already. It also assists businesses to send notifications and target clients when it comes to hotels and restaurants to smart devices.

5) Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence penetrated the mobile app development industry many years ago. But it has recently seen a rise. When we consider Artificial Intelligence, virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri come into our mind. However, it goes beyond this when it comes to app development. Recently, Apple launched Core ML 3, the recent version of iOS machine learning platform. It helps app developers embed Artificial Intelligence into their mobile apps. The best AI features that you can implement in an app include predictive maintenance, speech recognition, face detection, image recognition, sentiment classification and recognition, image and text classification, and more. AI can make your apps smarter by enhancing their performance at each level. Artificial Intelligence is surely going to change the ways mobile apps are built.

6) Chatbots

Increasingly more businesses are going to advantage from merging the content and services of their applications with Google Assistant in the coming year. The main benefit of this integration is that it allows faster methods form the users to use the app in the Assistant. It also lets you deep-link further to specific features in the app from Google Assistant. Android Slices, another important feature lets app developers display your app’s content from the app to the Assistant users. With an increase in the Google Assistant users, app integration with the Google Assistant will prove to be very helpful.

7) Advanced App Security

Everybody is vulnerable to cybercrime. Right from a freelance content creator to a multi-billion dollar business, no one is immune. An increase of 54% was seen in malware attacks that were intended to harm smartphones. Over 60% frauds originate from smartphones. Nearly 80% of these figures come from apps. As far as your app security is considered, you cannot take shortcuts. If you are a mobile app reseller, security of the apps should be your main priority. App users know security risks that are associated with the apps. So, they think twice about sharing information with third parties or sharing passwords. So, in 2021, app developers will begin implementing features such as Sing in With your Apple ID to apps. This will help users make an account and then sign in with their Apple ID.

8) On-Demand Mobile Apps

The on-demand mobile application development, will trend upwards in 2021. Users are witnessed spending over 57.6 billion dollars every year on on-demand services. With on-demand apps, the opportunities are endless. Being an app reseller, it’s a big opportunity to widen your client base. By using the on-demand abilities, your customers can add superior functionalities to their mobile apps and that is sure to boost profits for everybody.

Wrap Up

We see now ideas, trends, and innovations every year leading to a major shift in the technology world. By looking at these Android app development trends in 2021, we can say that Android will move towards a flawless experience to deliver to the user demands.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Tools For Marvelous Apps

Mobile App Development Tools

We all must agree with the fact that we are spending more time online than ever before, and 80% of that time is spent on different mobile applications. With the rise in the use of mobile, businesses are relying on mobile applications to boost their business visibility. Mobile apps save you valuable time in getting access to the website. With an app, you don’t have to enter a URL and wait for the browsing page to open. That was a brief explanation of why mobile apps prove better than desktop apps or websites. But, our topic of discussion is getting to know about mobile app development tools to build a fantastic and highly engaging app. Are you ready to delve into further exciting parts?

Here are the Top Ten Tools for Mobile app development:

1.   Headspin

It is the time to improve your mobile app performance with Headspin. It provides real-world and actionable user insight to develop more engaging and better apps for your business. The beauty of this tool is that it provides complete details about user experience and performance issues across each layer of the mobile stack. You can ask your mobile app developers in Toronto to use Headspin for your mobile app.


  • It has got on-premise and cloud setup;
  • No SDK to expand the code base as all is done through API access;
  • Load testing available;
  • Offer pre and post availability;
  • The tool is available to 150+ location around the world;
  • It offers dedicated, pay-as-you-go, and shared availability option;
  • Its AI solves the performance issues.

2.   Xamarin

One of the most preferred tools for mobile app development for native applications is xamarin. It is used in developing native apps for Android, Windows, iOS, tvOS, macOS, watchOS, and .NET. It allows code sharing for multiple platforms without much hassle.


  • It allows deep linking and application indexing;
  • Another striking feature is that it allows communication with the API of mobile devices due to its mono framework;
  • It has got component stores including third-party libraries, UI controls, and cross-platform libraries;
  • With this you can save time as it produces very few bugs and provides quick time to market it;
  • Platform-specifics allow consuming functionality that is available only on limited platforms.

3.   PhoneGap

PhoneGap is an open-source application based on HTML5, JavaScript. And CSS3 and it is one of the trusted frameworks in the category of cross-platform app development. With this, you can develop a single app that can work on all mobile devices and OS. it has access to the Cordova plugins library and assists SDK plugins so that developers can produce native components like file transfer and push notification.


  • Robust tool for building apps without having a specific skillset;
  • Can enhance development by integrating it with various tools;
  • Effectively on CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5;
  • With the help of plugin architecture, the developer can extend the functionality of the application.

4.   QT

QT is an open-source widget toolkit used for developing graphical user interfaces. Major applications and software that runs on different platforms like Linux, Android, Windows, macOS, and embedded systems.


  • Provide support for opaque private keys;
  • Support dual-mode networks and IPv6;
  • It has got new enabler classes for window and rendering;
  • Compiler and parser optimization have been implemented;

5.   React Native

React native is one of the best mobile app development tools. It is one of the reliable class JavaScript libraries for building user interfaces. Using this, developers can maintain two platforms with a single shared codebase. You can reap maximum benefits by using it as it is supported by many reputed companies and individuals globally.


  • Cost-effective solution for developing enterprise application;
  • Supported by a large community of developers;
  • Provides a seamless platform for the cross-platform app;
  • It is best is providing optimal performance, as it builds an interactive user interface;
  • It has got modular architecture and offers stable apps’;
  • Programming becomes easy with Javascript.

6.   Ionic

Ionic is an open-source built on AngularJS and Apache Cordova, used for hybrid mobile app development. It provides platform developing hybrid, desktop, and Progressive web apps using technologies like SASS, CSS, and HTML5.


  • Create a highly interactive app using great tools;
  • Can build native and progressive web apps for every app store;
  • It has got many JavaScript and CSS components for developing mobile apps;
  • Ionic uses native SDKs;
  • It’s lightweight PWA is two times faster than previous versions;
  • Provide typography, base theme, and readymade component for development;
  • Provide command-line Interface for project creation;

7.     Appcelerator Titanium

It is an open-source framework for the creation of native mobile apps using JavaScript codebase. Based on the MVC framework for developing apps for Windows UWP, Android, and iOS. Many app developers Toronto are making the best use of this fantastic tool.


  • Allows on-premise and private virtual deployment;
  • Improve the speed of mobile app development;
  • Provide support for multi-region global app deployment;
  • Provide high cloud capacity limits;
  • The developer can reuse code for both platforms: Android and Windows;
  • Other top features include Angular integration, Hyperloop, ES6, Vue.js integration support.

8.   Mobile Angular UI

Transform your desktop app to the mobile app with the mobile Angular UI. It is more like JQuery mobile and Sencha Touch. With the use of Bootstrap 3 syntax of mobile Angular UI to convert web apps to the mobile. It has got robust and reliable libraries like overthrow.js and fastclick.js.


  • It can easily squeeze and stretch the browser window to see the web as well as mobile versions;
  • Allow mobile app developers to test responsiveness and speed;
  • Allow to create great mobile components;
  • Provide complete native controls along with that you can make it interactive through HTML attributes without directly using Javascript.

9.  Mobincube

Mobincube is a popular choice for developing apps for health, games, business, educational, and whatnot. With the help of this app interface, developers can build different kinds of apps for Android, iOS, and windows. It gives the benefit of native apps even if you don’t possess knowledge of programming language and at no time investment.


  • Easy to communicate with users;
  • Developed advanced functionalities with the help of Mobincube;
  • Easy to customize each detail as per the need;
  • Easy to integrate with 3rd parties within the app;
  • Its dynamic filters let the users filter data fields from any database within the app;
  • Easy to update its online content;
  • It allows you to develop your own advanced functionalities.

10.  VuForia

VuForia is another popular name for providing Augmented Reality Software development kits. It helps to create apps based on Augmented Reality. It is one of the best tools to bridge the gap between the digital and real worlds.


  • Great aid in video playback
  • Support iOS devices, leading phones OS, digital eyewear and tablet based on Android;
  • It easily recognizes a large number of images, environments, and objects;
  • Can track a broader set of the objects;
  • Gives the freedom of customized design;
  • Deliver best-in-class computer vision;
  • Can create a virtual button for the app;
  • Occlusion management detects and tracks targets with ease.


Since the mobile application market is growing like never before, it has become even more considerable for businesses to have a business app. By selecting the best development tools, you can take a step towards an app development project. Moreover, a reliable and trusted mobile app development company Toronto can turn your dream app into a beautiful reality.

Develop Cloud-based Service Optimization Platform like Quore

Developing an App like Quore

This is an age of technology that has never been seen before. It is an era of Cloud Technology. Everything is being provided to the users as a service from the cloud.  To make teams work faster and smarter while keeping the customers happy is an objective of such services. All such services are scalable i.e. services are provided to the users in quantity they require, neither more nor less. In peak hours more servers for the same service are added while at normal times, a few of the servers can handle the user queries. Some of the leading service providers are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. App Developers in Toronto, New York, India, and other places are now all turning to development with the cloud.

One of the recently reviewed apps that presented its services for hotel management from the cloud platform is Quore. It is a perfect hospitality management app for those who want to manage everyday business regarding their hotels. For the second consecutive year, Quore has been awarded the 2019 Top Rated Operations Product as also America’s fastest-growing provider of workforce communication and engineering/housekeeping management technologies. As one of the largest departments in any hotel, housekeeping presents some unique challenges related to the effective management of day-to-day communication. With the help of real-time, cloud-based technology, Quore’s Cleanings Plus   automatically signals rooms that are ready for cleaning, checks quality cleaning in detail, and notifies supervisors when room cleaning is complete, thereby reducing delays in spotless, guest-ready rooms.

What if you want to build one such app that resembles Quore? Will you contact the app developers Toronto or in India. No, you would just need to have the features that Quore has. This article goes through almost all the features of such an app and how it could benefit the owner and the users as well.


  • The Cloud-Based Platform: In the early days i.e. a few years back, you needed to have servers on your premises. In order to better the performance of your applications, you would need to add extra servers physically. This meant extra expenses for the organization. Now, this has changed. With the cloud coming into the picture, the organizations have moved their software from on-premises to on-cloud. If more users get connected with more load, extra virtual servers are added, if the load is less, the minimum number of specified servers serves the purpose.
  • Accessible through different devices: Today, we just don’t depend upon a personal computer to serve our needs. There are mobile devices such as phones and tabs. Moreover, the applications being built these days are compatible with all such devices. The type of applications that we are talking about must be accessible from the Personal Computer, Mobile Phone, and Tablets. This will lead to the widespread popularity of the app as it will be available to more than just a select section of the users.
  • Multiple Language Support: This has to be the main feature of an app that aims at gaining the support of the clients. With the app being made available in more than just 2 or 3 languages, it will be able to cover a wider user base, and hence gain popularity.
  • Features That Cover All Aspects: An app like Quore must-have features that cover almost all aspects of a business. The Quore app is said to cover more than 30 features of the hotel management business. It includes Preventive Maintenance tools, tools to manage capital expenses, and other tools that are bound to make your customers happier. The app can cover features for housekeeping too such as document and view updates of rooms of the guests who have checked in earlier or have arrived all of a sudden. Room service may also include planning, cleaning and inspection management and control.
  • Connecting the Staff: The app can be used to connect to the hotel staff without having to disturb the guests by making loud announcements. Also, the admin can pass notes to the other staff using this app. As data can be made available from the staff to the admin, it is a good way of storing that data online without having the staff to carry hefty binders
  • Finance Operations: The app should be able to approve any capital expenditure that can flow into the business. Reports can help in tracking the inflow and outflow of any such financial operations. The options can help the owner to Make smarter business choices and use trends and data to save money.
  • Guest Satisfaction: A very important aspect of hospitality management is guest satisfaction. The application must include an option where guests can leave their feedback regarding any kind of service they were provided at the hotel. On the other hand, the same must reach the owner/admin too so that reflecting upon the feedback major or minor changes can be made to the existing system to satisfy the guests.
  • Room Status, Room Notices, and Guest Room Notices: The room status option allows the admin to know what is required by a guest in a room. Room Notices is for the staff who must be notified to clean the room before the next guest can come in. Guest Room notices help the admin know what’s going on within a specific room.
  • The Front Desk: The app can have options that can directly connect to the guests and obtain feedback from them thus guaranteeing An option of guest requests can also help the hotel staff to fulfill the requirements of the guests as soon as possible.
  • The Sales Team: The sales and marketing team can also benefit from such an app by using the options to track and manage the sales that have been made. This gives the team an objective to achieve and better understand what the guests want and what type of guests must be sold the packages they offer.
  • Payment Options: Apps have revolutionized the world of hospitality. They have features that allow diners to order and pay at their table, while others require team members to stay connected to meet the needs of a guest. The hotels these days can connect their bank accounts to such an app and get paid through PAYTM, Debit Card, Credit Card, Google Pay and many such options.

Summing Up

Your hotel runs better with Quore like software, your guests leave satisfied and they go back and forth again and again. The right tools promote your work. These applications boost day-to-day activities, irrespective of your department. Implementing such an app in your hotels helps in making things much easier than they were earlier and also solve various issues. It’s a great asset to include in your business.

Top 10 Mobile Apps Companies in Canada

top 10 mobile app development companies in canada 2020

It’s definitely easy to build great apps, but we feel they should be used. Here is a list of Best Mobile App Development Companies in Canada that provide a full range of custom-made mobile apps using digital innovation and technology to provide excellent user experience. They perform complex tasks to turn concepts into a valuable item by conducting innovative and efficient business process. Such Mobile App Development Companies in Canada are collaborating with the agile methodologies to create powerful solutions to growing business problems. These Top 10 Mobile App Development Firms in Canada, with their dedicated and professional team of Program Builders, are proud to work together to make your plans a reality and deliver quality products.

By always aiming to be among Canada’s Top Mobile App Development Companies, these companies have changed how the consumer communicates with your company through their unwavering passion of performance. They deliver exceptional user experience with creativity that surpasses all market deadlocks by bridging the gap, applying proper technology. These Top Canadian App Development Companies have opened avenues for those looking to hire Canadian App Developers.

Top 10 app development companies in Canada is as follows:

  • iQlance: iQlance is a team that comprises of extremely focused designers, developers and testers. The goal of the company is to achieve their business objectives through the mobile app and web app design and development services. With the company having expertise in blockchain Technology, Chatbots, iOT Technology, Mobile App Design & Development, Real-Time Apps, and Web Application Development one can easily rely on them to provide you the required solutions. The organization has been able to create innovative and cost-effective solutions for its customers based throughout the United States, UK, UAE, Japan, Australia, Canada and other parts of the world.
  • Net Solutions: Net Solutions is a global organization for the production of digital products with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. With a focus on combining design thinking with powerful technologies and data science to create meaningful digital interactions through internet, mobile and social media, Net Solutions has extensive experience in developing and scaling online platforms for companies of all sizes, including Unilever, Harvard Business Review, IMG and Mothercare. Net Solutions is an end-to-end organization, so through low and high fidelity mock-ups, clickable prototypes, MVP and ongoing revisions and enhancements, ideas can be taken from the idea stage. They have teams that work on business analysis, design, UI, UX, technology and development, QA, data science and testing. Net Solutions is well known for its expertise in customer experience, mobility, product development and e-commerce.
  • 21Twelve Interactive: 21Twelve Interactive offers developments in the production of mobile applications in Canada. Not only does it inspire, but it also helps to carry the torch for potential developments in mobile application growth. The company creates, manages develops and implements multiple levels of enterprise applications rapidly as a leading custom mobile application solutions provider. With Canada’s best mobile application development company, the company’s experts also take the appropriate steps to provide the application with reliable solutions and produce real results for your company. As a mobile app development company in Canada, they need to integrate solutions for different devices and operating systems. Applications are provided both for the Android as well as iOS. The company which was founded in 2016 has expertise in Android App Development, Digital Marketing, e-commerce Development, iPhone App Development, Magento development, Mobile App Development, PHP development, QA & Maintenance, Web Development, and WordPress development.
  • Appstudio: Based in Canada, Appstudio is a mobile application design and development company. It offers native development services for iOS (using Swift 3.0), native Android development (using Java), native React development, and Unity game development. The company has collaborations with a number of Fortune 500 companies besides the upcoming and mid-sized companies that belong to different fields around the world. The company develops applications for users around the world. It has the expertise in the fields such as Brand Identity Design, Native Android Application Development, Native iOS Application Development, User Experience and User Interface Design, Wearable App Development, and Web Application Development.
  • Brainvire Infotech Inc. – Brainvire, a Software Development Company & an IT Consulting Firm has been awarded by Clutch as one of the top 10 mobile app development companies in Canada. The company has on offer services such as Internet & Mobile Application Development, and Digital Marketing Services coupled with Mobile POS, E-Commerce and trending technologies such as IOT, BigData, AI, and many more. The company has 1300 + satisfied customers worldwide and 11 + years of experience in the digital transformation industry. Brainvire has an expert team of web and mobile developers who help to achieve their slogan of “focusing on becoming a trendsetter”.
  • 10Pearls: 10Pearls is an award-winning software development company that supports consumer research and design, product development and acceleration of innovation. It works closely with its customers in an AGILE way with a ONE TEAM mentality focused on delivering RESULTS. offers a full range of digital services. It assists the clients in designing, producing and launching innovative digital products that draw customers and drive revenue. In order to help them stay competitive in today’s digital world, companies rely on 10Pearls. The company is known to specialize in mobile & web applications, business solutions, cyber security, Big Data, IoT, Cloud and DevOps. It also helps in creating virtual interfaces, mobile apps, and exploiting artificial intelligence. 10Pearl’s Digital Transformation Consulting provides companies with end-to-end digital transformation services that help them become ready for the future. They develop, create and fund digital products that deliver results for companies, SMBs and start-ups. Some of their clients worth mentioning here are Nextel, AARP, National Geographic, Zubie, DC Taxi, Discovery Education, John Hopkins University, OICT, ADCOOPS, Careem, and LandMark
  • datarockets: Datarockets is a web and mobile development team focused on delivering high-quality products. The system of datarockets involves intensive interaction, fast delivery, automated and iterative processes. They work with clients as a single team and communicate proactively. datarockets pays attention to code quality and use modern tools to automate routine tasks. They have created over 20 custom products for startups and established businesses over the past four years. They partner with private businessmen and large companies such as Good, Wargaming, American Estate & Trust, HolacracyOne. The datarockets group focuses on developing custom software and applications, including SaaS applications, management systems, booking applications, Uber-like services, and other custom software styles. The services of datarockets include free consultancy & project estimation, development of web & mobile applications, safety audit & software review, application support. Key clients of the organization such as Nike Inc., American Estate & Trust, HolacracyOne, Toronto Experts (Toronto Startups), WeFindVenues, Freckle IoT (Freckle, Killi), PixelDreams, and Carvanro hint at the quality they offer with their products.
  • Simform: Simform is a tech company dedicated to helping successful businesses develop their engineering capabilities. Founded in October 2010, it has assisted organizations ranging from community start-ups to Fortune 500 businesses, and NGOs sponsored by WHO. Simform helps companies become innovation leaders by delivering software teams on demand. We help you – choose the right technologies to invest in, decide on the best architecture and processes to follow, and oversee the successful delivery of their software projects. Services provided by this organization include Custom software development, Enterprise mobile app development, Web application development, Cloud Migration and Management, Software testing, Dedicated development team, and API integration. In the list of their notable clients are Sony Music (EMI), Pepsico, Zep Inc., Intralinks, Nxt-ID, FreeWire Inc., Accent Inc., Mission Rabies, GFSC Group Inc., TransAction Logistics, PUSH Inc., Sourcebits LLC, LSL Holdings Co, Fyul Inc., DoggyBnB, Drizzle Labs, and
  • WebClues Infotech: WebClues Infotech was founded in 2014 and is an IT service provider based in India and the USA. They work with a vision to provide their clients with state-of – the-art solutions for mobile and web applications. They are known primarily for their holistic approach to delivering end-to-end solutions, tech experience, and web and mobile app development business intelligence. With a support staff of 150+ highly qualified and experienced IT professionals, they have marketing, web and mobile app development services that can be easily integrated into your company. A look at the number of services they provide is sufficient enough for the clients to jump their base to this organization. Their services include Mobile App Development, iPhone app development, Android app development, Flutter app development, Ionic app development, React Native app development, Blockchain app development, Wearable app development, IoT Development, iBeacon app development, Web Development, Magento Development, OpenCart Development, WordPress Development, Drupal Development, Joomla Development, PHP Development, AngularJS Development, and NodeJS Development. Among their key clients are VlogMe, MyOrde, Gemoo, Indian Railways, LaundroKart, Dimend Scaasi, Tile Dealer, Barunii, Reach Expansion, and C9 airwear.
  • WireTree: WireTree is popular for a wide range of web services with a passion for serving customers. They offer valuable assistance in all fields of web design, development and marketing, from small business units to large corporations. Their Toronto Web Design experts will keep your business goals in mind and ensure that you have a WordPress website that is successful and engaging. They have a team of experienced, talented and qualified web designers in Toronto, providing their customers with 100 percent satisfactory results. Their experts develop a strategy and work in a team to achieve positive results in order to deliver the best-in-class services. They use the latest tools and techniques to increase the revenue and rating of your website. They provide valuable support in all fields of Web Design, SEO, website design, iOS and Android applications, development of mobile apps, development of Flutter apps, creation of mobile apps, maintenance, and support.

How to Build a Smart On-Demand Grocery Delivery App


The inception of on-demand applications has revolutionized the whole scenario, and it is a need-of-hour for every business. These are smart applications that are readily available whenever a user needs them. From taxi services to other food delivery services, everyone is using on-demand applications to cater to the needs of their customers. Another vertical that is enjoying the benefits of these smart applications are online grocery delivery companies.

We are dwelling in a busy world, and people don’t have the time to move out of their homes for grocery shopping. So, it is the right time business owners should consider getting an on-demand application for targeting their audience and helping them in buying the products on the go.

Building an on-demand grocery application is a challenging task. You need to keep several things in mind to build an app that performs up to the mark.

Here is how to build an on-demand grocery delivery app

Before we start let us help you with a crucial piece of information.

Market giants like Grofers, Big Basket, and Instacart have already initiated their on-demand applications. And it is a clear proof that the future of on-demand grocery delivery app will flourish at a rapid pace.

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Select a perfect developing model

Start the process by developing a robust model of your business structure. You have to design the way your business will work and how your application should behave.

Imperative factors you should pay attention to are:

Same day delivery

Many users tend to buy grocery from apps that offer one-day or same-day delivery.

Appropriate warehousing

Make sure that your warehouse is located nearby to your logistical service so that you can seamlessly carry the orders.

Customer engagement

Lastly, you should focus on the user engagement of your on-demand app. It is vital if you want the buyers to choose you as their online grocery partner.

Some must-have features that will make your app a preferred choice among the customers

An on-demand app is of no use if it has irrelevant features, and there are no useful features present in the application. Here is a list of features your app should have in order to assists your buyers with convenience and ease.

Must have features in an on-demand buyer’s app:

Identification featuresgrocery-app-features

  • Signup and sign-in
  • Forgot password
  • Phone number and email verification
  • Social media profile linking

Operational features

  • Wishlist
  • Best-in-class shopping cart
  • Coupons and voucher code section
  • Live updates or order tracking
  • Checkout
  • Product listing
  • Product filter and search
  • On-going promotions
  • Support and customer helpline
  • Encrypted payment gateways

Features customizable by buyers

  • Address and delivery details
  • Payment option
  • Delivery schedule

These are some of the basic features your online grocery delivery app should have. Every buyer prefers to use an application that has all the features needed to make the shopping experience better.

You need to make a checklist of the required elements in your app before you get your app uploaded on the platforms.

Once you have completed all the necessities, you need to look for a reliable app development company in Toronto for getting your app developed.

What do you need to tell your on-demand application development company?


Disclose what you need:

Make sure to disclose each and every feature you want in your on-demand application. Don’t feel hesitated in discussing for the features as you can incorporate anything when the app is in the initial development stage.

Discuss your budget

It is crucial to discuss your budget before you hire a grocery delivery app development company. The total expenditure on your grocery app depends on the type of application you need. If you need a high-end application that works for all mobile platforms and is very compatible, then it is the time to tighten your belt with a substantial budget.

Ask whether they provide after-sales or maintenance services

Just like any other thing, an on-demand app needs maintenance. Ask the development company and make sure that they are readily available to help you in the case of uncertainties.

Get a prototype

Before you get the final app delivered, it is vital to get a prototype. It will help you in evaluating the performance of your grocery delivery app. An indispensable thing that needs your attention is the format of the application. Think like your customers and ensure that every feature is present in your on-demand application before you air it in the market.

Lastly, selecting the best application development company in Toronto, Ontario, is a necessity because they can upscale the level of the game by adding some spice to your on-demand application.

Wrapping it up

Long gone are the days when customers preferred brick and mortar stores for shopping. It is the era when everything is delivered at the doorsteps and to make an impact on the market, you need to build an on-demand grocery app that is quintessential and appealing to the customers, in every way.


Choose Top Mobile App Developers in Vancouver


Vancouver is the third-largest metropolitan area in Canada and has classed as a Beta global city. Though awarded as one of the top ten cities in the world for better liveability, nowadays, it is famous for being a hub for technocrats. Yes, with high standards of living and relaxed immigration policies compared to the USA, Vancouver has become a favourite destination for tech firms across the globe that look for best foreign talent and a window for innovation. Even Silicon Valley companies too opting to open their 2nd headquarters in Vancouver as it is with the close proximity with San Francisco and Seattle.

Not just that, Vancouver has also become popular among-st technocrats due to some of the high-grade software and mobile apps were conceptualized here including Kik, Hoot suite and Slack.

Today, there are some prominent tech companies based in Vancouver including some of the most reputed app development companies too. If you are looking for the best company for app development in Vancouver, all you need to do is to read this post and you will be introduced with the best app development companies.

The Canadian government is business-friendly and has introduced some excellent policies to encourage start-ups to come up with new ideas and innovations. Gastown has become a new centre for startups across the country and there are new companies that are making their new homes in Vancouver. Also, there is a vast pool of talented human resources available in Vancouver and the decisions of the companies to relocate here actually make sense.

Let’s discuss some of the best companies for app development in Vancouver.

iQlance Solutions

iQlance has carved a niche for itself by offering valuable and scalable app development services to clients. It is a young team of enthusiastic and talented app developers who work together to bring the best outcomes for clients. From conceptualization to deliverance of the app, they will ensure that the clients get what they are looking for. Their expertise lies in offering the best user experience to the users. They stay updated with the latest trends and tools in the app development industry and put them into practices to develop highly scalable and superior apps that function in the best possible manner. Hire them to get a custom app with even complex features and functionalities.

Essential Designs

Located in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto, Essential Design is a team of talented custom app developers who know how to make clients happy with superior and robust custom software and app development. The company emphasizes more on creating the splendid user experience for apps it builds. Whether it is software or a mobile app, the company leaves no stones unturned to ensure that the clients get a high-quality, feature-rich and attractive end product that serves the core purpose.

The developers are having years of experience and expertise in their respective domains and leverage their expertise to bring the best product on the table. From conceptualization to wire framing to full app development, they offer 360-degree software and app development services. They will also deploy the end product. They have separate teams for each app design and development processes such as iOS and Android coding, wire-framing, UI/UX designing, development, testing and app store approvals. The best team with the greatest brains is here.

Aplos Innovations, Inc.

It is an interesting fact that the company was founded to kill the popular myth that technology is not for lay-man. The company strives hard to simplify the complex tasks of clients and the team. They come up with different strategies to simplify the complex tasks and come up with premium, high-quality outcomes that match the world standards. From requirement gathering to development to deployment, they believe in doing things in a funny yet professional manner.

Vog Vancouver App Developers

Vog Vancouver App Developers has a main headquarter in Vancouver and a development center in Canada. The company just started now and deals in software application development, website development and custom app development. They work with the clients on a contractual basis and you can rely on it for highly valuable error proof web, app and software development. If you are looking for a custom app development company, Vog Vancouver App Developers  is a name you can trust on.

Crysberry Studio

The main focus of Crysberry Studio is on research and development of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality products for the entertainment and education industries. The company believes that the first stage of product realization is very important and they offer the best R&D services to the clients for the initial stages of the product development. Also, the company offers excellent recruitment services to its clients. They offer managed services to the clients by introducing them with the best technical brains in the industry.

Two Tall Totems

TwoTallTotems is a renowned company that deals exclusively on web development, app development and database management. The company is located in Vancouver, Canada and has set a benchmark by offering the best services in its domain. The company offers the best scalable and robust app and web development services in a given timeframe. The developers are talented and experienced and have an in-depth understanding of development stages and product development. They will come up with creative ideas to carry out tasks in a more meaningful manner. They create best, innovative and creative solutions by investing in user interface, user experience and designing.

FreshWorks Studio

Located in Victoria, BC, FreshWorks Studio is a prestigious name when it comes to designing and development of web application and app development services. They majorly deal with commercial and enterprises. They will listen to your idea and come up with the best scalable, feature-rich web and mobile applications that are of world standards and serve the purpose. The company has a team of young, passionate, and skilled developers who keep the clients in the loop at each development stage to get their valuable inputs.

App-Scoop Solutions Inc

App-Scoop Solutions Inc is a dedicated web and app development company based in Vancouver that deals with custom, polished web and mobile applications that perform well. With custom software and app development solutions, you will be able to take your business to the next level. They have a team of experienced and skilled experts who are best when it comes to website and app development. Just share your idea with them and they will do the rest.

Convergence Concepts

The best part of Convergence Concepts is that it caters services to a wide range of industries such as medical systems, social media platforms, digital marketing tools, mobile photography, retail e-commerce apps and many more. Based in Vancouver, Canada, the company offers custom software and mobile applications that catch attention with their unique and custom features and serve the core purpose of the clients. They also offer highly valuable software consulting services along with software and app development services. In addition to that, the company also caters different management services such as corporate structuring, industrial partnering, business development and other services.

Radical I/O

Radical I/O is a name you can trust when you are looking for web and app development. They offer logical solutions that bring the paradigm shift in the way businesses conduct their processes and operations. Being an in-house development facility, they accept small, medium and large projects as they have a team of best-skilled development experts in the country.

Graphically Speaking

The company is located in Vancouver, Canada and has a team of 45 web and application experts who will make your web or all development project like smooth sailing. They come up with unique solutions that match world standards and at the same time, serves the company goals. From requirement planning and specifications to online storyboards, budgeting, schedule development, design and development, testing and CMS integration and hosting and deployment services, they will ensure that everything goes as planned.


Appsitude was founded in 2015, by Chris Kelsey, an alumnus of Forbes 30 under 30. The company is famous for its unusual, revolutionary ideas and offer high-end consulting services to companies across the world. The company was taken over by Cam Upson.

14 Oranges

If you are looking for a best 360-degree mobile app development company that solely dedicated to mobile app development, 14 Oranges is a name for you. The company has carved a niche for itself by offering highly valuable, scalable, feasible and robust mobile app development. The company caters mobile app development services in native iOS development, native Android development, React native development and Unity game development.

The company has professionally collaborated with fortune 500 companies of various business verticals including retail finance, healthcare, on-demand services and many more. They have a skilled team of app developers, designers and testers and project managers who will ensure high-end mobile apps that have an excellent user interface and user experience. If you are looking for the best mobile app development in Vancouver, 14 Oranges is for you.


In a short span of time, team iQlance Solutions has seen exponential growth as more and more software and app development companies are making Vancouver their 2nd headquarters or innovation centers. Choose any of the companies listed above for your web or software or custom app development to have best, robust and innovative technical solutions.

Importance of Mobile App Development for Your Business


Today I’d like to talk about mobile apps in combination with business, and why you should consider building a mobile app for your own company.

There is no doubt that, for any business to succeed in this competitive era, adapting the changes and evolving with the growing trends is highly important. But, most of the businesses fail to recognize this importance and are unable to sustain themselves in this digital fascination of today’s era. So, what can help businesses from falling because of innovation?

The only thing that can help businesses to hit the right mark is MOBILE APPS…

A conventional way of marketing like hanging billboards, handling leaflets, printing advertisements in newspapers etc. are some of the 80’s-90’s solution that doesn’t hold any importance today. This solution in today’s era can never help to establish a connection with customers and hence, cannot succeed in the 21st century.

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So, in such scenario, mobile apps becomes a top priority for any business to streamline workflow and reach out customers successfully. Mobile apps serve as a platform to reach out your voice to the global target audience and help you to climb your business goals.


Example to follow:

Domino’s Pizza sales hiked up by 19% after developing a mobile app. The company grew its online ordering business through its mobile app and boosted sales by 20% in the UK exclusively to 214.5 pounds million in sales across the group, 200 million pounds of which were in the UK.

But, how mobile app can be boon for the business???

Let’s zero it down some of the reasons…

  • Increases brand loyalty: If the business wishes to retain their customers and gain new customers, it needs to have a compelling brand identity in the eyes of a target audience.  Engaging mobile apps help the brand to increase customer engagement and help to stand tall amongst competitors.  Rewards and loyalty programs are the proven tools to build the brand loyalty.

For instance: Starbuck’s in-app based loyalty program helps to provide loyalty award stars as in-app points. If the customer is registered at Starbucks; have La Boulange / Teavana card and earns the desired points, they can get chance to grab a free drink. This Starbucks mobile loyalty app is highly admired by the customer as it has increased the brand loyalty by offering customer-centric campaigns and personalization service.

  • Builds brand recognition:

One of the most important things to increase your brand recognition is to increase communication and awareness about the brand. The more audience trusts you, more likely they will commit to your brand. Hence, developing a mobile app can be a platform to establish connections with the users. If you develop a mobile app which is user-friendly and have intuitive features then customers can surely involve and engage with your app. And when the customer thinks about product service, your brand will be the first one to recall.

  • Connects with on the move customers: People are always on the move… going to the school… going to the work… going to the gym… going to the restaurant… driving etc. When they are indulge in any physical activity, they do not have access to the laptops/desktops etc. but they do have access to the mobile apps. Hence, mobile apps provide you an opportunity to showcase your brand across the globe. One of the recent research says that, adult people spend about 3 and half hours a day across phone and various apps. This means, if you develop a mobile app, you can get an opportunity to connect with the customers wherever they are on the move.
  • Helps to provide personalization: You can create an emotional bond with your customers via mobile app… By knowing customer’s likes, dislikes, their shopping preferences etc. you can send personalized offers and show that how much you care for them. With the mobile app, it is easy to integrate behavioral data and profile data to provide personalization service to your customers and discounts. With the bespoke solution, you are more likely to meet the requirements and needs of the audience and convert them to the frequent users.
  • Results into more profits: When customers are satisfied with your brand, it naturally results into increased sales. Moreover, it said that buying experience is influenced by how customers are being treated. The more you please your customer, they’re more inclined to your app and make a purchase. The increase in mobile app surely provides a good return in long future. If you develop a mobile app and responsive website both, you will see a significant increase in sales and of course enhancing customer engagement.
  • Act as a marketing tool: Customers can access their business by sitting in any corner of the world at any time. Regular use of app strengthens your brand when the customer needs to purchase anything. Moreover, it can be easily integrated with Facebook, Twitter and other social media, which means in a single tap your customers can share your brand and their experience on social media. With the mobile app, you can offer push notification to your customers and prospects at the right time and the right place.

The Bottom Line

Mobile app development surely provides platform to enhance brand visibility and increase customer engagement. With the high-end advanced features, user friendly app interface and the optimized app performance, your app will surely climb the ladder.

iQlance being one of the leader in mobile app development company in Toronto, provides solution that can help to leverage your business by considering the requirements and need of your business. iQlance has the best mobile app developers in Toronto who can provide cutting-edge solution that can help you to convert casual buyers into frequent customers.

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