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Vancouver is the third-largest metropolitan area in Canada and has classed as a Beta global city. Though awarded as one of the top ten cities in the world for better liveability, nowadays, it is famous for being a hub for technocrats. Yes, with high standards of living and relaxed immigration policies compared to the USA, Vancouver has become a favourite destination for tech firms across the globe that look for best foreign talent and a window for innovation. Even Silicon Valley companies too opting to open their 2nd headquarters in Vancouver as it is with the close proximity with San Francisco and Seattle.

Not just that, Vancouver has also become popular among-st technocrats due to some of the high-grade software and mobile apps were conceptualized here including Kik, Hoot suite and Slack.

Today, there are some prominent tech companies based in Vancouver including some of the most reputed app development companies too. If you are looking for the best company for app development in Vancouver, all you need to do is to read this post and you will be introduced with the best app development companies.

The Canadian government is business-friendly and has introduced some excellent policies to encourage start-ups to come up with new ideas and innovations. Gastown has become a new centre for startups across the country and there are new companies that are making their new homes in Vancouver. Also, there is a vast pool of talented human resources available in Vancouver and the decisions of the companies to relocate here actually make sense.

Let’s discuss some of the best companies for app development in Vancouver.

iQlance Solutions

iQlance has carved a niche for itself by offering valuable and scalable app development services to clients. It is a young team of enthusiastic and talented app developers who work together to bring the best outcomes for clients. From conceptualization to deliverance of the app, they will ensure that the clients get what they are looking for. Their expertise lies in offering the best user experience to the users. They stay updated with the latest trends and tools in the app development industry and put them into practices to develop highly scalable and superior apps that function in the best possible manner. Hire them to get a custom app with even complex features and functionalities.

Essential Designs

Located in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto, Essential Design is a team of talented custom app developers who know how to make clients happy with superior and robust custom software and app development. The company emphasizes more on creating the splendid user experience for apps it builds. Whether it is software or a mobile app, the company leaves no stones unturned to ensure that the clients get a high-quality, feature-rich and attractive end product that serves the core purpose.

The developers are having years of experience and expertise in their respective domains and leverage their expertise to bring the best product on the table. From conceptualization to wire framing to full app development, they offer 360-degree software and app development services. They will also deploy the end product. They have separate teams for each app design and development processes such as iOS and Android coding, wire-framing, UI/UX designing, development, testing and app store approvals. The best team with the greatest brains is here.

Aplos Innovations, Inc.

It is an interesting fact that the company was founded to kill the popular myth that technology is not for lay-man. The company strives hard to simplify the complex tasks of clients and the team. They come up with different strategies to simplify the complex tasks and come up with premium, high-quality outcomes that match the world standards. From requirement gathering to development to deployment, they believe in doing things in a funny yet professional manner.

Vog Vancouver App Developers

Vog Vancouver App Developers has a main headquarter in Vancouver and a development center in Canada. The company just started now and deals in software application development, website development and custom app development. They work with the clients on a contractual basis and you can rely on it for highly valuable error proof web, app and software development. If you are looking for a custom app development company, Vog Vancouver App Developers  is a name you can trust on.

Crysberry Studio

The main focus of Crysberry Studio is on research and development of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality products for the entertainment and education industries. The company believes that the first stage of product realization is very important and they offer the best R&D services to the clients for the initial stages of the product development. Also, the company offers excellent recruitment services to its clients. They offer managed services to the clients by introducing them with the best technical brains in the industry.

Two Tall Totems

TwoTallTotems is a renowned company that deals exclusively on web development, app development and database management. The company is located in Vancouver, Canada and has set a benchmark by offering the best services in its domain. The company offers the best scalable and robust app and web development services in a given timeframe. The developers are talented and experienced and have an in-depth understanding of development stages and product development. They will come up with creative ideas to carry out tasks in a more meaningful manner. They create best, innovative and creative solutions by investing in user interface, user experience and designing.

FreshWorks Studio

Located in Victoria, BC, FreshWorks Studio is a prestigious name when it comes to designing and development of web application and app development services. They majorly deal with commercial and enterprises. They will listen to your idea and come up with the best scalable, feature-rich web and mobile applications that are of world standards and serve the purpose. The company has a team of young, passionate, and skilled developers who keep the clients in the loop at each development stage to get their valuable inputs.

App-Scoop Solutions Inc

App-Scoop Solutions Inc is a dedicated web and app development company based in Vancouver that deals with custom, polished web and mobile applications that perform well. With custom software and app development solutions, you will be able to take your business to the next level. They have a team of experienced and skilled experts who are best when it comes to website and app development. Just share your idea with them and they will do the rest.

Convergence Concepts

The best part of Convergence Concepts is that it caters services to a wide range of industries such as medical systems, social media platforms, digital marketing tools, mobile photography, retail e-commerce apps and many more. Based in Vancouver, Canada, the company offers custom software and mobile applications that catch attention with their unique and custom features and serve the core purpose of the clients. They also offer highly valuable software consulting services along with software and app development services. In addition to that, the company also caters different management services such as corporate structuring, industrial partnering, business development and other services.

Radical I/O

Radical I/O is a name you can trust when you are looking for web and app development. They offer logical solutions that bring the paradigm shift in the way businesses conduct their processes and operations. Being an in-house development facility, they accept small, medium and large projects as they have a team of best-skilled development experts in the country.

Graphically Speaking

The company is located in Vancouver, Canada and has a team of 45 web and application experts who will make your web or all development project like smooth sailing. They come up with unique solutions that match world standards and at the same time, serves the company goals. From requirement planning and specifications to online storyboards, budgeting, schedule development, design and development, testing and CMS integration and hosting and deployment services, they will ensure that everything goes as planned.


Appsitude was founded in 2015, by Chris Kelsey, an alumnus of Forbes 30 under 30. The company is famous for its unusual, revolutionary ideas and offer high-end consulting services to companies across the world. The company was taken over by Cam Upson.

14 Oranges

If you are looking for a best 360-degree mobile app development company that solely dedicated to mobile app development, 14 Oranges is a name for you. The company has carved a niche for itself by offering highly valuable, scalable, feasible and robust mobile app development. The company caters mobile app development services in native iOS development, native Android development, React native development and Unity game development.

The company has professionally collaborated with fortune 500 companies of various business verticals including retail finance, healthcare, on-demand services and many more. They have a skilled team of app developers, designers and testers and project managers who will ensure high-end mobile apps that have an excellent user interface and user experience. If you are looking for the best mobile app development in Vancouver, 14 Oranges is for you.


In a short span of time, team iQlance Solutions has seen exponential growth as more and more software and app development companies are making Vancouver their 2nd headquarters or innovation centers. Choose any of the companies listed above for your web or software or custom app development to have best, robust and innovative technical solutions.

Importance of Mobile App Development for Your Business


Today I’d like to talk about mobile apps in combination with business, and why you should consider building a mobile app for your own company.

There is no doubt that, for any business to succeed in this competitive era, adapting the changes and evolving with the growing trends is highly important. But, most of the businesses fail to recognize this importance and are unable to sustain themselves in this digital fascination of today’s era. So, what can help businesses from falling because of innovation?

The only thing that can help businesses to hit the right mark is MOBILE APPS…

A conventional way of marketing like hanging billboards, handling leaflets, printing advertisements in newspapers etc. are some of the 80’s-90’s solution that doesn’t hold any importance today. This solution in today’s era can never help to establish a connection with customers and hence, cannot succeed in the 21st century.

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So, in such scenario, mobile apps becomes a top priority for any business to streamline workflow and reach out customers successfully. Mobile apps serve as a platform to reach out your voice to the global target audience and help you to climb your business goals.


Example to follow:

Domino’s Pizza sales hiked up by 19% after developing a mobile app. The company grew its online ordering business through its mobile app and boosted sales by 20% in the UK exclusively to 214.5 pounds million in sales across the group, 200 million pounds of which were in the UK.

But, how mobile app can be boon for the business???

Let’s zero it down some of the reasons…

  • Increases brand loyalty: If the business wishes to retain their customers and gain new customers, it needs to have a compelling brand identity in the eyes of a target audience.  Engaging mobile apps help the brand to increase customer engagement and help to stand tall amongst competitors.  Rewards and loyalty programs are the proven tools to build the brand loyalty.

For instance: Starbuck’s in-app based loyalty program helps to provide loyalty award stars as in-app points. If the customer is registered at Starbucks; have La Boulange / Teavana card and earns the desired points, they can get chance to grab a free drink. This Starbucks mobile loyalty app is highly admired by the customer as it has increased the brand loyalty by offering customer-centric campaigns and personalization service.

  • Builds brand recognition:

One of the most important things to increase your brand recognition is to increase communication and awareness about the brand. The more audience trusts you, more likely they will commit to your brand. Hence, developing a mobile app can be a platform to establish connections with the users. If you develop a mobile app which is user-friendly and have intuitive features then customers can surely involve and engage with your app. And when the customer thinks about product service, your brand will be the first one to recall.

  • Connects with on the move customers: People are always on the move… going to the school… going to the work… going to the gym… going to the restaurant… driving etc. When they are indulge in any physical activity, they do not have access to the laptops/desktops etc. but they do have access to the mobile apps. Hence, mobile apps provide you an opportunity to showcase your brand across the globe. One of the recent research says that, adult people spend about 3 and half hours a day across phone and various apps. This means, if you develop a mobile app, you can get an opportunity to connect with the customers wherever they are on the move.
  • Helps to provide personalization: You can create an emotional bond with your customers via mobile app… By knowing customer’s likes, dislikes, their shopping preferences etc. you can send personalized offers and show that how much you care for them. With the mobile app, it is easy to integrate behavioral data and profile data to provide personalization service to your customers and discounts. With the bespoke solution, you are more likely to meet the requirements and needs of the audience and convert them to the frequent users.
  • Results into more profits: When customers are satisfied with your brand, it naturally results into increased sales. Moreover, it said that buying experience is influenced by how customers are being treated. The more you please your customer, they’re more inclined to your app and make a purchase. The increase in mobile app surely provides a good return in long future. If you develop a mobile app and responsive website both, you will see a significant increase in sales and of course enhancing customer engagement.
  • Act as a marketing tool: Customers can access their business by sitting in any corner of the world at any time. Regular use of app strengthens your brand when the customer needs to purchase anything. Moreover, it can be easily integrated with Facebook, Twitter and other social media, which means in a single tap your customers can share your brand and their experience on social media. With the mobile app, you can offer push notification to your customers and prospects at the right time and the right place.

The Bottom Line

Mobile app development surely provides platform to enhance brand visibility and increase customer engagement. With the high-end advanced features, user friendly app interface and the optimized app performance, your app will surely climb the ladder.

iQlance being one of the leader in mobile app development company in Toronto, provides solution that can help to leverage your business by considering the requirements and need of your business. iQlance has the best mobile app developers in Toronto who can provide cutting-edge solution that can help you to convert casual buyers into frequent customers.

Interview with Krunal Vyas, iQlance Solutions – Good Firms


GoodFirms is B2B research and review platform for top software service companies. iQlance Solutions has been  listed as top mobile application development company in Canada on GoodFirm

– GoodFirm has selected our CEO Krunal Vyas to interview.

IQlance – one of the leading web and mobile application development company in Canada which promises to deliver bespoke solution was epitomized in GoodFirms with embellishing reviews and stars for its mobile app development service by their clients from across the globe. Krunal Vyas, the CEO of the company has put more focus on how mobile apps, web development, custom software solutions and game mobile app development helped their customer to generate ROI and reach out their target audience.

Krunal further talks about his inspiration in developing an innovative and meaningful solution with the help of technology and meeting the client’s expectation while also delivering state-of-art solution by strictly adhering to the deadline. He describes about the business model at iQlance that has made possible for the company to work with the top brands across the globe. The company is involved in diverse services that includes mobile app development, web development, enterprise solutions, game development, emerging technologies, digital marketing and the list goes on…

iQlance has the veteran team in Canada who makes sure to consider your requirements before building a solution. The team covers product development cycle from system analysis, wireframe to design, code implementation, quality assurance and launch and makes sure that there is zero tolerance error. Krunal believes that, his business model is successful of course due to its team, capability, domain knowledge and presence of iQlance in Canada, NYC and California.

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Being the CEO of iQance, Krunal takes care of end-to-end business operations and follows agile and scrum approach while conducting the weekly/daily meetings with team members and managers to know the overall insights of the task. He implements time tracking software to effectively monitor and manage project in real-time work environment. Following agile and scrum approach, he focuses on team’s ability to deliver fast product and respond quickly as and when client’s requirements changes.

Moreover, he also makes sure that there are no glitches and grudges for anyone in the company and employees and clients are working on the same page for the same goals. The company has built many mobile- based apps like on-demand taxi, fitness, real estate, healthcare and many more which has helped them to give an edge to the business.  Moreover, the company loves to take on the challenges that are involved in the projects and emphasize in retaining client and building a long-term partnership by delivering a leveraging solution.

The company has flexible development model and payment structure which assures the client that they are paying for what is received. Krunal aims is ‘ idea to innovation’ and would always support start-ups, Small business and individuals to bring idea to reality and focuses on tight budget project that can be delivered in a short time rather than liberal higher budget project. This enables the team to flourish the skills and push themselves to local communities as well. Ranging from $5000- $100,000 the company delivered 50+ mobile applications and 20+startups solution in 2017 to stand tall amongst competitors.

The company is very strict when it comes to security; they consider the process of developing apps after signing NDA only. Additionally, they also ensure transparency in work keeping the unexpected surprises at bay.

To know more how iQlance helps the start-ups to provide a solution, Check out our full interview on Good Firms.

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