Top Food Delivery Apps in Australia: Your Ultimate Guide

Best Australian Food Delivery Apps

Hungry and looking for a hassle-free way to satisfy those cravings? Look no further! The rise of Food delivery Apps has made it super easy to get your favourite dishes delivered right to your doorstep.

There are several other applications vying for your attention in Australia’s thriving meal delivery market. If you run a restaurant and want to offer meal delivery, or if you’re an entrepreneur hoping to break into the growing on-demand food delivery industry, iQlance can help you make it happen. Our top priority is providing our clients with cutting-edge mobile solutions that help them stand out from the crowd.

Let’s take a tasty trip through Australia’s best meal delivery apps and see what they have to offer. 

1. Menulog: The Widest-Reaching Food Delivery Service

Covering an astounding 90% of delivery addresses in Australia and New Zealand, Menulog ensures that no matter where you are, your cravings can be satisfied.

Menulog has joined forces with EatNow to become one of the most extensive food delivery apps around. With an abundance of user reviews and a diverse selection of restaurants offering various cuisines, Menulog has become a popular go-to choice. Plus, first-timers get a fantastic 25% discount on their orders, and they even have a price-matching guarantee within 24 hours. 

Type: Online Food Ordering and Delivery 

Founders: Leon Kamenev, Kevin Sherman, and Dan Katz 

Year Started: 2006 

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

2. EASI: Bringing Asian Delights to Your Doorstep

Calling all Asian food enthusiasts! EASI stands tall as Australia’s number one Asian food delivery app, with a vast array of gourmet offerings from over 12,000 restaurant partners. With immense popularity in major Australian cities and ongoing global expansion, EASI delivers deliciousness right to your doorstep. From Melbourne to Sydney, Adelaide to Brisbane, and beyond, EASI has got your Asian cravings covered!

Type: Food Delivery and Travel Booking 

Founder: Jie (Jason) Shen 

Year Started: 2015 

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

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3. Deliveroo: Best Food Delivery App in Australia

When time is of the essence and your taste buds are demanding a treat, Deliveroo swoops in to save the day! This leading food delivery app in Australia offers an extensive selection of restaurants to choose from, ranging from comforting delights to wholesome, healthy options and cherished local favorites.

What sets Deliveroo apart is its real-time order tracking feature, which ensures you’ll know precisely when your scrumptious meal will reach your doorstep. And hey, guess what? They’ve got you covered for those work functions too, with their catering options and even alcohol delivery. Talk about a comprehensive food delivery solution!

Type: Online Food Ordering and Delivery 

Founders: Will Shu, Greg Orlowski 

Year Started: 2013 

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

4. DoorDash: Connecting People with Possibility

Originally from the US, DoorDash ventured into Australia in 2019, and it’s been making a lasting impression ever since. As a tech-driven company, DoorDash is all about connecting you with the best local businesses, making your evenings easier, your days happier, and your communities stronger. Ordering from eligible restaurants is a breeze, and their secure online payment system ensures a seamless transaction. So sit back, relax, and let DoorDash bring the feast to your doorstep!

Type: Online Food Ordering and Delivery 

Founder: Tony Xu 

Year Started: 2013 

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

5. Order Up: Empowering Local Businesses

Order Up, an Australian-based food delivery app, takes pride in empowering local businesses and franchises. Their platform allows these businesses to customize their own delivery services, ensuring flexibility and affordability. With features like Contactless pickup and Delivery, Order Up is a reliable online ordering solution, especially during challenging times. Support local and eat global with Order Up!

Type: Online Food Ordering and Delivery 

Founders: Chris Jeffery, Jason Kwicien 

Year Started: 2009 

Headquarters: Baltimore, Maryland, United States

6. Me&U: The Smart Menu in Your Pocket

Dining out just got a whole lot smarter, thanks to Me&U! This innovative app integrates seamlessly with various restaurants, allowing you to order food and pay bills directly from your smartphone. Say goodbye to long waiting times and standing in lines. Me&U makes dining out a breeze, making it an ultimate win for both customers and restaurants alike. Smart dining for smart foodies!

Type: Online Food Ordering and Delivery 

Founder: Mr. Stevan Premutico 

Year Started: 2018 

Headquarters: Australia

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In Conclusion

The Australian food delivery market is thriving, and these apps have made it incredibly easy to indulge in your favorite dishes without leaving your home. Whether it’s the real-time tracking of Deliveroo, the vast coverage of Menulog, or the smart menu experience of Me&U, there’s an app to suit every craving and preference.

You can count on iQlance to create a fantastic app for delivering food. Our skilled and dedicated mobile App Developers in Australia, including Sydney and Adelaide, can produce a customized app that completely corresponds with your business goals and client requirements. You can harness the power of technology to give your customers a top-notch meal delivery experience by hiring App developers Adelaide from iQlance.

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