Develop Cloud-based Service Optimization Platform like Quore

Developing an App like Quore

This is an age of technology that has never been seen before. It is an era of Cloud Technology. Everything is being provided to the users as a service from the cloud.  To make teams work faster and smarter while keeping the customers happy is an objective of such services. All such services are scalable i.e. services are provided to the users in quantity they require, neither more nor less. In peak hours more servers for the same service are added while at normal times, a few of the servers can handle the user queries. Some of the leading service providers are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. App Developers in Toronto, New York, India, and other places are now all turning to development with the cloud.

One of the recently reviewed apps that presented its services for hotel management from the cloud platform is Quore. It is a perfect hospitality management app for those who want to manage everyday business regarding their hotels. For the second consecutive year, Quore has been awarded the 2019 Top Rated Operations Product as also America’s fastest-growing provider of workforce communication and engineering/housekeeping management technologies. As one of the largest departments in any hotel, housekeeping presents some unique challenges related to the effective management of day-to-day communication. With the help of real-time, cloud-based technology, Quore’s Cleanings Plus   automatically signals rooms that are ready for cleaning, checks quality cleaning in detail, and notifies supervisors when room cleaning is complete, thereby reducing delays in spotless, guest-ready rooms.

What if you want to build one such app that resembles Quore? Will you contact the app developers Toronto or in India. No, you would just need to have the features that Quore has. This article goes through almost all the features of such an app and how it could benefit the owner and the users as well.


  • The Cloud-Based Platform: In the early days i.e. a few years back, you needed to have servers on your premises. In order to better the performance of your applications, you would need to add extra servers physically. This meant extra expenses for the organization. Now, this has changed. With the cloud coming into the picture, the organizations have moved their software from on-premises to on-cloud. If more users get connected with more load, extra virtual servers are added, if the load is less, the minimum number of specified servers serves the purpose.
  • Accessible through different devices: Today, we just don’t depend upon a personal computer to serve our needs. There are mobile devices such as phones and tabs. Moreover, the applications being built these days are compatible with all such devices. The type of applications that we are talking about must be accessible from the Personal Computer, Mobile Phone, and Tablets. This will lead to the widespread popularity of the app as it will be available to more than just a select section of the users.
  • Multiple Language Support: This has to be the main feature of an app that aims at gaining the support of the clients. With the app being made available in more than just 2 or 3 languages, it will be able to cover a wider user base, and hence gain popularity.
  • Features That Cover All Aspects: An app like Quore must-have features that cover almost all aspects of a business. The Quore app is said to cover more than 30 features of the hotel management business. It includes Preventive Maintenance tools, tools to manage capital expenses, and other tools that are bound to make your customers happier. The app can cover features for housekeeping too such as document and view updates of rooms of the guests who have checked in earlier or have arrived all of a sudden. Room service may also include planning, cleaning and inspection management and control.
  • Connecting the Staff: The app can be used to connect to the hotel staff without having to disturb the guests by making loud announcements. Also, the admin can pass notes to the other staff using this app. As data can be made available from the staff to the admin, it is a good way of storing that data online without having the staff to carry hefty binders
  • Finance Operations: The app should be able to approve any capital expenditure that can flow into the business. Reports can help in tracking the inflow and outflow of any such financial operations. The options can help the owner to Make smarter business choices and use trends and data to save money.
  • Guest Satisfaction: A very important aspect of hospitality management is guest satisfaction. The application must include an option where guests can leave their feedback regarding any kind of service they were provided at the hotel. On the other hand, the same must reach the owner/admin too so that reflecting upon the feedback major or minor changes can be made to the existing system to satisfy the guests.
  • Room Status, Room Notices, and Guest Room Notices: The room status option allows the admin to know what is required by a guest in a room. Room Notices is for the staff who must be notified to clean the room before the next guest can come in. Guest Room notices help the admin know what’s going on within a specific room.
  • The Front Desk: The app can have options that can directly connect to the guests and obtain feedback from them thus guaranteeing An option of guest requests can also help the hotel staff to fulfill the requirements of the guests as soon as possible.
  • The Sales Team: The sales and marketing team can also benefit from such an app by using the options to track and manage the sales that have been made. This gives the team an objective to achieve and better understand what the guests want and what type of guests must be sold the packages they offer.
  • Payment Options: Apps have revolutionized the world of hospitality. They have features that allow diners to order and pay at their table, while others require team members to stay connected to meet the needs of a guest. The hotels these days can connect their bank accounts to such an app and get paid through PAYTM, Debit Card, Credit Card, Google Pay and many such options.

Summing Up

Your hotel runs better with Quore like software, your guests leave satisfied and they go back and forth again and again. The right tools promote your work. These applications boost day-to-day activities, irrespective of your department. Implementing such an app in your hotels helps in making things much easier than they were earlier and also solve various issues. It’s a great asset to include in your business.

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