How to Double your Mobile Sales with Google Shopping Ads


The specialized listing service for products that permits merchants to exhibit their product on the top of the Google search listing page is Google Shopping ads. This means, the results appear above the search results in the results page. So, if this is so special, why doesn’t everyone want to use it?

Exclusive selling platform

Google shopping has undergone significant changes that have made it more exclusive. At first it was a free shopping site. It then introduced specific promoted sections but now it is a fully paid platform. Google Ad-words is the paid advertising platform for Google; from this, the users manage their Google Shopping Ads. This is a tough chore for those who are unfamiliar to paid advertising.

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You have to add key information regarding your product so that the search engines are able to identify it perfectly. This information includes the ID which you use to identify the product. The product should have a unique text. This is the description that comes up when someone clicks on it. Next is the product type and category. You must define the product type and the product category, you can choose from the predefined groups by Google. One useful piece of information you must include is whether the item is in stock. If not, it should read not available.

Best things about Google Shopping Ads

You have many small advantages of using Google Shopping Ads other than the big ones.

  • You find the results display when the customer is trying to decide if you should make the purchase.
  • The competition from the other retailers is small and if your product is good, you will probably get the sale.
  • All the work on matching the keywords to searches, Google does. In specific instances, the use of negative keywords too did not matter.
  • You get the ability to promote products that have good conversion rates. You can also suppress those that do not do too well.
  • When your product is shown above the search engine listing, your brand name is mentioned too.
  • The images of your product appear above the organic listings and search engine results, which is good publicity for your brand.

So, how does one get their product to feature on the top of the page? The guidelines regarding this is not clear but it looks as though it depends on how much your product is related to the search and how much you are willing to pay per click. (You don’t have to pay if the searcher does not click on your product.) And, if they do click, the chances are that they want to buy it.

Before diving into the tactics of optimizing Google Shopping for smartphones, make sure your product pages provide a totally friction-less shopping experience for your customers.

Your site should have an entirely flawless UX across all devices.


By allowing the online merchants the chance to showcase their product on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), Google has enhanced the probability of a sale for the product that appears on the top of the page. The sales can be boosted using the product listing ad (PLA) services. The PLA helps target the Smartphone segment of the market.

This is no surprise, as mobile PLAs sit atop the Google SERP (search engine results page) and shoppers love thumbing through the interactive, image-centric carousel.


Use of online data

The possibility of using data amassed from the phone usage leading to better conversion than the use of data from the retailer’s site makes the PLA service a boon for the marketer. This means, more people are browsing on their Smartphones than on the retailer’s site. The behavioral changes are studied to improve the predictability and anticipate the trend.

By capitalizing on the Smartphone market, Google Ads campaigns have the potential to reach once-unreachable customers. Online marketing is tough and if online marketers do not keep on updating their websites, they will lose the touch and the market to Google Shopping ads campaigns. Once must make an optimal bid for an ad so it pays well when it converts.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Setup your Mobile App Re-Marketing

App re-marketing services

What is Mobile App Remarketing

Re-marketing is the art of getting back what you lost. Other than the social media marketing like Facebook and Twitter, there are two main channels, those dependent on Google networks and those that are independent of this network.

To help you navigate the landscape of Mobile app marketing, here is our starting lineup of app re-marketing strategies that are proven to be effective.

To tackle the social media market

The first step is to integrate the Facebook SDK into your app. You must choose the events that you would like to target such as app open, level up, sign up, or log in. Depending on the behaviour of the users, you can use the tag to target your audience.

Mobile App Remarketing

Register app with Facebook. To do this, go to and check that your SDK is working perfectly. Find and click App Insights à Choose App à Select App Events. If the table is showing the events, then the SDK is working fine.

Make custom audience. This is a key step in the Facebook Re-marketing. This is also based on the actions of the users applicable within the app.

Ad Manager à Power Editor à Audiences. This will be in the left menu. Now open Create Audience.  This will be on the right side drop-down menu. Click on the Mobile App Custom Audience.  Now you are ready to Create Ad.

Set up your AdWords campaign

If you follow the given steps, you will be able to set up the campaign easily.

  • First, click on Campaigns.
  • Now, click the +Campaign button to create a new campaign.
  • Make the option Choose Display Network only after this.
  • You will get a new screen. Check the box next to Buy on your website. This will come under Marketing Objectives.
  • Set the location. Now, next two steps are Define your bidding strategy and then you should Choose your Budget.
  • Give a good name for your Remarketing Ad group. Set the Max CPC bid.
  • After you have done with the naming and setting the Max value for the CPC, you come to the Interests and Remarketing.
  • You have the Remarketing lists. Click on this and then on the Use Dynamic remarketing ads.
  • You have another drop-down menu where you must select Retail.

You must be careful to use the Remarketing tag for your campaign. Click on Set up re-marketing. AdWords will generate a remarketing tag which you need to add to your website. This tag is the piece of code that adds the visitors and customers to your remarketing lists. So, when you have visitors to your site, you can show them these ads. You can also use the Google Analytics tag instead of the AdWords Remarketing tag. But, you must get the permission of the Google Analytics edit.

Start the Working on Media Marketing

You can do the retargeting of the market in four separate ways. Each has its strategies, plus, and minus points.

  • Use of mobile
  • Using Facebook
  • Over the internet
  • Dynamic methods of re-targeting

The Google re-marketing code for your mobile app is the first step to take. Go to and click on Shared Library in the left side menu.

Create Custom audience 
  • Choose Set up Remarketing.
  • Give your email id to get the remarketing code.
  • Use the Tag Manager to add the remarketing code to your mobile app. You can easily integrate multiple codes including the Google Remarketing tags if you integrate the Google Tag Manager in your mobile.
  • You must add the remarketing code to the main pages in the mobile app. Adding them to the separate screens in the app will be difficult but possible.
  • Choose the in-app action and create the custom remarketing list. You can also use the Google Analytics in apps.

All that remains is to create the Marketing list. This is simple. Go to AdWords Account à Shared Library à Audiences à Create Remarketing List. Now, name the list and define the conditions.

Remarketing is an immensely and effective strategy to consider. It is important to gain new users for your app, but it is equally if not more important to retain who are already there.


Android OS Vs. Apple iOS – Which one Is Better for Developers?


The mass migration of the world to the internet regime soon as they wake up from sleep has become easier with the advent of the Smartphone. This device remains ruled by two operating systems – the Android OS by Google and the Apple iOS by Apple. Which one should the fountain bless? And why should it do that?

Use across multi platforms

Every app must have the capability of operating across all the platforms. The exception being apps that are Objective C based that cannot run on Android device and the Java apps that will not function on the Apple phone. You can use many tools to develop apps that work on many platforms. But, you may meet difficulties in displaying information when it comes to a different mobile OS. This is the challenge that game developers face today. The answer is to rewrite the app in the language of the device native language.

Doing multitasking

The Android OS has lots of features built-in for multitasking. This makes it difficult for new developers to understand, learn, and operate the app on the Android OS. Further, the Android has a highly fragmented platform that adds to the difficulty of the Android programmer.

When we compare the Apple iOS, the platform is stable and exclusive for developers. It defines tools clearly specifying the boundaries and capabilities. This helps Apple designers make apps easily.

Use of a programming language

The Android OS uses Java language which is most common among developers. In this respect, the Android OS is easy to do. The iPhone OS uses Objective C language. Only those that are well-versed in C and C++ languages can write programs. So, programmers who have not yet mastered the C and C++ languages will find it difficult to develop an app.

Openness of development

Developers on the Android platform have more freedom to do as they wish. This open development platform allows them to use third-party tools and this augments the functionality of the app. This makes the apps developed on Android platform more versatile.

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Apple lays many restrictions for the development of apps. The developer can only use a fixed set of tools to make the app. This lack of outside tools places a limit to what the developer can do.

Comparing demographics

The Android market is the larger of the two and it covers most of the lower-income areas. This is prominent in the developing world and among student pockets that prefer a cheaper solution to their app development.

The Apple iOS will have developers who are from the upper sections of society with higher education levels. They will spend more for developing their app and will show more engagement in their dealing. There are developers from the upper bracket who develop apps on the Android platform but they are few in number.

Testing of the mobile app

The developers on the Android platform get an excellent testing environment. Testing tools are neatly indexed and you can use the IDE to work the model source code. Developers can test their app thoroughly and debug them when there are defects. Thus, the model that comes out on the Android Market is perfect.

Xcode used by Apple does not have the same versatility. It lags years behind the Android platform.

Procedure for payment

iOS developers have to pay an annual fee of $99 to get access to the iPhone SDK. They get 70% of the revenue that the app sale generates. The app developers on Android platform too get 70% of the revenue but they need to pay $25 only once. Also, they can feature their app on other app marketplaces.

Boost up Performance of your Ruby on Rails Application

ruby on rails performance

Ruby on Rails or simply Rails is a server-side web application framework. The language used is Ruby and it is under the MIT license. So, you can design your web pages, web service, or a database using this model-view-controller framework. You can improve the performance using many well-known paradigms and software engineering patterns such as active record pattern, don’t repeat yourself, and convention over configuration.

Use the brakeman

The brakeman is a security analysis tool. When you run it, all the possible vulnerabilities are brought out after it runs through your application. The security warnings will be grouped according to their severity – High, Medium, and Low. Sometimes, you may not have any warnings but that does not mean your system is secure. This is because brakeman at times overlooks some of the basic security pitfalls. To make sure you have the security issue under control, use a second gem called the bundler-audit. This checks the security in your Gemfile.lock for all variable versions of gems.

Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY)

Every large software project is overwhelmingly complex. Most of us are not good at handling the complexities. The strategy for reducing the complexity is to divide the code into portions where each component represents a subsystem. This subsystem accomplishes everything you need in some specific segment.

Take the case where you are building a content management system. You can keep subdividing the portions into components such as user management which has a subsystem role management. When you reach the component that has a single responsibility we implement it in a class. This is assuming that we are building something using the object-oriented application.

The DRY principles states that you can only use these pieces of knowledge exactly once in the entire system. This unambiguous unique representation shows how we achieve something.

Use the Bullet

In the development process of the application, without the use of refactoring, you cannot spot the N+1 problems. But, this is a common occurrence in Rails. This means when an object is called a second object is also called. This results in a second query. This thing becomes huge and you find that instead of running 1 query with 100 results, you may be having 100 queries and trying to get one result. Because you use a tiny dataset, this thing is difficult to see. It only becomes apparent when moving to a database that is production sized.

To avoid this problem, we use eager loading. You use. include on querying code. The way to do this is to use the Bullet gem and this will clear all your N+1 queries. It works out of the box and you only need to install the app. It will visit the various routes in the development and you get alert boxes with messages that pop out when there are database queries.


You can clean the routes in Rail applications with this Traceroute tool. It will detect routes mapped to non-existing controller actions and finalize those applications that are not reachable. This simple rake task will thus eliminate needles time and effort. The controller helper methods both before and after filters must remain private because they will not figure in the public API. Even though this works fine, at times on mountable engines at time it shows false positive but you can see them and overlook those that are not true.

You can use many other principles such as YAGNI (You aint gonna need it) or the Deadweight tool. They function seamlessly once you download the tool and begin to run them. You see how to improve the speed of your Rail by using these simple tools. If you have any doubts about which one is the most appropriate, consult any web designer to clear your doubt.

What is Virtual Reality Technology and how does it works?

vertual reality apps

The virtual world is a synchrony of the senses projected to us through one single interface. It is like the cinema or the video that we capture of the events. The difference is that it is made to react with us and our senses and that is the reality of the situation. The method of doing all this is known as Virtual Reality Technology.

Immersion into virtual world

We become immersed in the virtual world – an allusion of the difference between the perception of the reality between the actual and the observed. This is where the magic of the virtual world comes in. It helps you modulate and control parameters that would alter the perception of the reality. The more this is closer to reality, the more the immersion we have.

VR units can involve up to 4 out of our five dominant senses (in reality, there are many dimensions of our senses such as balance which we do not consider) such as sight, smell, feel, and sound. We define the parameters for each of these and use in the Virtual Reality (VR) units. The problem is finding the VR units that are cheap enough for us to use. Google is presently using Google Cardboard in the Daydream ecosystem. But, at the present juncture it is not possible to acquire a VR unit without spending considerable amount of cash.

Working of the VR unit

So, how does a VR unit work? Would you believe that the VR unit tricks the brain into thinking the output coming from the VR unit to your eyes, ears, and nose is real? Yes, that is why the synchrony is so important. If there is the slightest error, the senses begin to detect something wrong and sometimes it leads to violent side effects. This is known as cyber sickness. Considerable exposure to cyber sickness could result in disastrous results for the person.

The VR unit projects two images to your eyes. The one on the left is synchronised to a point A somewhere in the screen. The other eye is focused a little to the right of the point A. The brain automatically adjusts for the parallax and we seem to see some depth in the scene. You also notice another thing when the scene begins to move. The objects far away move slowly while those nearest moves faster. This is actual life simulation but when it is applied to the picture we see, we begin to imagine as if the picture is real. Naturally, it is hard to differentiate the reality from the imaginary in the VR unit.

Check the refresh rate

The problems afflicting the VR unit lie in the presentation of the audio-visual output. When they record a piece of action, they do so at 90 Hz. This is standard for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR units. Playstation VR has 60 Hz display. So, the video will not play well on Playstation VR. Same is the case with the mobile phones that must have at least 60 Hz display for the video output to get decent pictures. So, your GPU is outputting images at 60 fps to the unit, whether it is the VR unit, the computer, or the mobile phone. Coming to your monitor, your unit must have a good refresh rate in order to see the images properly. If the fps speed is 120 and the refresh rate if 60 fps, then the picture experiences tearing. Parts of the image is displayed at unusual places on the screen and you get a disturbed output. To limit this, they use the Vsync that restricts the frame rate to the monitor refresh rate.

That is one thing you must check when you buy your VR unit. Of course, the other thing is the price. And check the unit to see if you experience motion sickness and then buy the unit.

With Virtual Reality in business, the possibilities are infinite as the experts make even deeper advancement into the technology. Having seen the top five ways in which VR can and will revolutionize your business, it is imperative to say that it is worth a go.

The technology is both exciting and promising leading to its warm reception by the serial marketers in the market today. Therefore, make your choice to adopt the VR technology regarding the facts stated in this post for positive growth.

Top Enterprise Mobile App Features for The Boosting Employee Engagement

Top Enterprise Mobile App Features

We see today most of the internet usage occurs through the apps rather than through the web browser as was the case until a year or two ago. The drastic shift in the focus has hastened the marketers to introduce more attention to the apps market segment and lesser attention to the bigger, computer segment. Is this really wise, and if so, what is the impact of such a move?

Improving employee engagement

Employee engagement is considered a sin in some companies that govern the functioning of the enterprise with an iron hand. And yet, many problems get solved when there is some employee engagement. These include things like timely reporting of facts and inaccuracies, employee satisfaction, increase in productivity, and improved accessibility of the resources.

Considering both the need to increase the employee engagement and the shift in the way people use the internet, it has become apparent that linking these two through a well-thought out plan would benefit everyone. This would involve designing or modifying the existing network to accommodate the needed features.

Extending use of company cloud networks

When the company brings out the umbrella for all its employees – workers and management alike – there is more cohesion in the work. To enhance this, one uses a simple step of extending use of the company cloud services to all its employees. There may be learning material, instructional material, and records of work executed stored there. The employees can go through this and get more familiar with the working of the company. By going through the company policy, they know how to implement it in their daily activity.

Messaging app for all employees in the concern

This involves a design consideration on the website of the company that allows their workers to interact with each other through their mobile phones. Of course, they can simply call each other but when they use the messaging app, their conversation and suggestions get stored. One can then evaluate these and use or delete them as needed.

This platform allows an effective way for the interaction of the employees. You see the more outgoing and innovative among the employees putting forward useful suggestions. The management can use them for bettering the working conditions and improving the quality of the work output.

Form a separate complaint sheet

This is the complaint sheet that goes to the core Find-and-Fix team. They work on upgrading the system, pushing incremental changes, without disrupting the ongoing work, and making the changes that the workers suggest. So, this work is merely an improvement on the existing work but does not do any regular work. Naturally, the size of the team is only about 3-4 members and they do not have any superior authority except for the company boss.

An alternative solution would be a recommendation column that is much like the complaint sheet. Here all suggestions of the workers are listed one after the other. As the complaints get solved, they are moved to the outbox in the same page with the recommendations, work executed mentioned.

Send company updates

One important feature urgently needed is the updating service. Form a group who gathers the information regarding the company’s present activities and the goals, inputs these into a small and neat form, and passes it on to all the employees of the concern. The app to use in this might be a part of the messaging service app or a standalone unit to give autonomy to the group that does the updating service.

Realizing the importance of employee engagement, most of the firms have incorporated a section in the company website where the views of the employees is displayed. They do this mainly to boost the morale of the workers but it proves to be effective. Depend on the internet to boost your company sales and quality of work output by simply raising the level of interaction within the company.

Technology Business Trends that Will Dominate 2018

technology business trends

Every age brings marvels in technology with it. Some are good, some not so good, and there are those that are downright bad. Identifying the business technology trends helps the entrepreneurs stay ahead of the game. The ordinary folk too need a perspective on what is in and what is not. From that viewpoint, let us check how technology has changed and whether it has left us behind.

Interconnected devices without the need for a connecting hub

The emphasis is on speed and ease of operation. Nobody wants to fiddle around and use hundreds of switches and devices to get going.

Integrate chats for everything – growth of video

The craze for chats – friends, business associates, and classmates – will increase the need for new types of chats. Chats that you can have without switching your phone on, chats you can have through the car visor… the possibilities are endless. One thing is certain, if society needs more interaction, the chat service will be the front runner in this field.

Naturally, the videos cannot be left behind. Videos already have a fair share of the entertainment market which stands worldwide at $2.152 trillion while the global video revenues will add more than $3.45 billion to touch the $64.8 billion mark by 2021.

Automation in everything

Can you iron my shirt while I have my bath? Can you make me a sandwich while I prepare the coffee? Can you send the files to the manager at H&R as soon as possible? Yes, the new Ro-Botic Man will do all this and more. You can leave your car parking worries to the robot you pull out of the backseat…the age of automation is upon us. This is the big dream for everyone.

Implementing Big Data with the human element involved

The word is that soon we will not need big computers to analyse the output from the Big Data machines. Humans will learn a modern technology that will convert all that we need into reality. Instead of waiting for an answer from the research company, we implement results directly in the applications – “App, drive my car” will be one of the several innovations presumably.

Growth in AR and VR – Augmented Reality mobile apps

Imagination is running the show, or rather the shortfall of it. The way we people crave the unimaginable makes this field of augmented reality and virtual reality a field ripe for plucking. Pokemon Go a AR game, Oculus Rift, and many other AR and VR applications are hitting the scene right now. There is talk that it may make forays into the education field too… “Hey, Tommy, are you reading your lessons or playing a game?”

Smart Home technology and IoT

You can be sure your dog will have its own door-opener button. Thing would be teaching it to use it properly. The Internet of Things is already cornering a part of the Smart Home technology encouraging more innovations in automation on the home front. Automatic lights and garage doors are already

there but we may see more developments by way of robotic services integration.

Mobile app market 2017

Mobile app market and B2B mobile integration

We will see an increase in smart phone users and mobile payments methods and utilities. Businesses will shift their services to the mobile phone segment quite profitably.

Since most of the changes involve the internet, things will follow the path described for some more time until something better comes to replace the internet. Unconscionable, yet most of the advancements we see today began that way. Meantime, enjoy the pleasures of today.

Building a Location-based Game or App Like Pokemon

building location based game

Building an App needs something that not many have – perseverance. Of course, we carry out our daily tasks with dedication. But, a game needs deep thinking and that is where we begin.

Apply some foresight

The game needs many things including the Pokemon like characters, the hiding place, some twists and turns in the plot, landscaping for the game, and more. As you think about them, they will grow, and you must put them down on paper so you will not go around in circles. For starters, make the list. Then, segregate the list into important and not important. You will see that this helps you get a better picture of what you are doing and what you have accomplished.

Pick the theme for the game

This is the fun part. You are not making Pokemon, only a Pokemon like game. This means you are doing an interactive geo-based game where you place the object for interaction in some public places. These are activated by the online game alone so they will not disturb anyone else. You might want to make cards for the game, just like you have in Pokemon but you could bring in your own modifications.

Build GPS based game

Design some roles

This is again fun. You can imagine the role playing you need in your story. It might be about vampires chasing innocent children or about aliens out to kidnap the small ones. Whatever it is, you must make the story run along without a hitch. There must be enough stops and the roles must fit in with the character of the story. You can add more roles for the higher versions of the game.

Or, you can have various levels with increasing difficulty of play. The children can choose the level according to their age. Also, plan some scale in the game. This means you need to have some side-plot that will turn the game into a smaller version of the main game. You could include lines such as the hero wanders off the main street and enters some side street.

Doing the design

You know how to use the Wikitude SDK to place the Pokemons around the user. You then list them in JSON format and you can fetch the creatures from any position. You also have features on the Wikitude SDK JavaScript API that fetches the user location and places videos 2D, and 3D content in geo spaces. These are AR.Geo Objects that have a callback function. You can use user movements, longitude, altitude, and latitude to run the code inside the Wikitude AR-View.

AR.context.onLocationChanged = function(lat, lon, alt, accuracy){

// store user’s location so you have access to it at any time

World.userLocation = {“latitude”: lat, “longitude” : lon, “altitude” : alt };


You can check Wikitude if you need more clarification on the codes. The real thing is to have an action plan and make the landscaping to suit the model you have in mind. Give users the option of choosing their own models and changing between them. It makes the game interesting for them but then it is your game.

Many alternatives to design

One of the best alternatives is to use Scratch to make the game and then improvise on it. The other one is to get a RPG Maker XP, download the Pokemon Essentials, and read the tutorials there. Then, you can make the game based on Pokemon.

Make realistic estimates for the game. You cannot just arrange a couple of objects and then hope to clinch the deal. It takes extensive planning and more often than not, you will be tempted to throw in the towel and start something else. This is because you have not thought the matter through entirely from all perspectives. Remember, planning is vital and only that will carry you through to the end. Wishing you luck on your journey.

Angular JS has gained Popularity as an open-source Web app development

angularjs-development services

Developing app is becoming a culture more than remaining a craze. The sheer number of ways to develop an app sets the tone of the challenge for the app developer. Angular JS is one choice for many of the developers due to its simplicity and easy integrability.

Easy for new developers

Angular JS is a JavaScript framework that helps new developers understand coding structure and application functionality. It works very well to manage heavy web applications, along with its complex requirements and many components. So, if you spend some time learning it, you will benefit.

Easy to adapt

The plug and play functionality helps the developer to copy and paste the existing features that he wants to use in the modern design. So, the old features will come in the modern design without any need for new code. But, this does not mean that the developer can become an expert without any knowledge. He will need to know JQuery and JavaScript. Once he knows these two, then the other things will move on easily. With more practice, the developer will become more proficient. With experience, one can design many stunning apps with Angular JS.

Most other codes need you to write an MVC pipeline. But, with Angular JS you need not do that. You can develop smaller data models using HTML. Besides, you have an evolving community because of the open-source nature of the language. Plus, Google developed it, so it will always have interested people and experts backing the entire project.

Less distraction during design

The development is so easy because the developer does not have to bother with the JQuery calls and DOM configurations. The UI developers find it easy to work with a greater focus on design. You get encouragement to work with models on the client side. And you also see the same thing happen on the server-side.

Developing apps with AngularJS is so simple and easy. The developers design new ones without breaking a sweat within a brief period. It is easy to get started and as easy to finish the design with simple HTML code. Another good feature that we see in AngularJS is that it exhibits two-way binding. So, you avoid writing enormous amounts of boilerplate code. The two-way data binding works to synchronize the model with the DOM working both ways.

Separation of the logic component

The MVC structure remains implemented by AngularJS; the logic component and the data remains separate. It then uses dependency injection to put in place server-side services in the traditional manner. Some of these are view-dependent controllers and web applications on the client side.

The AngularJS framework helps develop small one-page applications. This makes it a favorite among new developers. The custom tag attributes remain embedded into an HTML page. AngularJS framework first reads the HTML page and reckons the attributes as directives. These directives help bind the input and output parts of the page to any model denoted using normal JavaScript variables. You can set the values for those variables in the code or JSON resources that may remain static or dynamic.

AngularJS is the frontend of the MEAN stack. This MEAN stack is the combination of MongoDB database and Express.js web application server framework. AngularJS makes up another part of this stack with the Node.js providing the runtime environment.

The premise for the construction of the framework remains based on the argument that the business logic of the application is best defined by the imperative programming. The creation of user interfaces and connection to software components remains done by declarative programming. Thus, you develop a structure for the building of an app from designing the UI to the final testing the app phase.

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