Android OS Vs. Apple iOS – Which one Is Better for Developers?

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The mass migration of the world to the internet regime soon as they wake up from sleep has become easier with the advent of the Smartphone. This device remains ruled by two operating systems – the Android OS by Google and the Apple iOS by Apple. Which one should the fountain bless? And why should it do that?

Use across multi platforms

Every app must have the capability of operating across all the platforms. The exception being apps that are Objective C based that cannot run on Android device and the Java apps that will not function on the Apple phone. You can use many tools to develop apps that work on many platforms. But, you may meet difficulties in displaying information when it comes to a different mobile OS. This is the challenge that game developers face today. The answer is to rewrite the app in the language of the device native language.

Doing multitasking

The Android OS has lots of features built-in for multitasking. This makes it difficult for new developers to understand, learn, and operate the app on the Android OS. Further, the Android has a highly fragmented platform that adds to the difficulty of the Android programmer.

When we compare the Apple iOS, the platform is stable and exclusive for developers. It defines tools clearly specifying the boundaries and capabilities. This helps Apple designers make apps easily.

Use of a programming language

The Android OS uses Java language which is most common among developers. In this respect, the Android OS is easy to do. The iPhone OS uses Objective C language. Only those that are well-versed in C and C++ languages can write programs. So, programmers who have not yet mastered the C and C++ languages will find it difficult to develop an app.

Openness of development

Developers on the Android platform have more freedom to do as they wish. This open development platform allows them to use third-party tools and this augments the functionality of the app. This makes the apps developed on Android platform more versatile.

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Apple lays many restrictions for the development of apps. The developer can only use a fixed set of tools to make the app. This lack of outside tools places a limit to what the developer can do.

Comparing demographics

The Android market is the larger of the two and it covers most of the lower-income areas. This is prominent in the developing world and among student pockets that prefer a cheaper solution to their app development.

The Apple iOS will have developers who are from the upper sections of society with higher education levels. They will spend more for developing their app and will show more engagement in their dealing. There are developers from the upper bracket who develop apps on the Android platform but they are few in number.

Testing of the mobile app

The developers on the Android platform get an excellent testing environment. Testing tools are neatly indexed and you can use the IDE to work the model source code. Developers can test their app thoroughly and debug them when there are defects. Thus, the model that comes out on the Android Market is perfect.

Xcode used by Apple does not have the same versatility. It lags years behind the Android platform.

Procedure for payment

iOS developers have to pay an annual fee of $99 to get access to the iPhone SDK. They get 70% of the revenue that the app sale generates. The app developers on Android platform too get 70% of the revenue but they need to pay $25 only once. Also, they can feature their app on other app marketplaces.

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