What is Virtual Reality Technology and how does it works?

Krunal Vyas: Posted August 11, 2017 In Mobile Gamming Tech News & Trends
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The virtual world is a synchrony of the senses projected to us through one single interface. It is like the cinema or the video that we capture of the events. The difference is that it is made to react with us and our senses and that is the reality of the situation. The method of doing all this is known as Virtual Reality Technology.

Immersion into virtual world

We become immersed in the virtual world – an allusion of the difference between the perception of the reality between the actual and the observed. This is where the magic of the virtual world comes in. It helps you modulate and control parameters that would alter the perception of the reality. The more this is closer to reality, the more the immersion we have.

VR units can involve up to 4 out of our five dominant senses (in reality, there are many dimensions of our senses such as balance which we do not consider) such as sight, smell, feel, and sound. We define the parameters for each of these and use in the Virtual Reality (VR) units. The problem is finding the VR units that are cheap enough for us to use. Google is presently using Google Cardboard in the Daydream ecosystem. But, at the present juncture it is not possible to acquire a VR unit without spending considerable amount of cash.

Working of the VR unit

So, how does a VR unit work? Would you believe that the VR unit tricks the brain into thinking the output coming from the VR unit to your eyes, ears, and nose is real? Yes, that is why the synchrony is so important. If there is the slightest error, the senses begin to detect something wrong and sometimes it leads to violent side effects. This is known as cyber sickness. Considerable exposure to cyber sickness could result in disastrous results for the person.

The VR unit projects two images to your eyes. The one on the left is synchronised to a point A somewhere in the screen. The other eye is focused a little to the right of the point A. The brain automatically adjusts for the parallax and we seem to see some depth in the scene. You also notice another thing when the scene begins to move. The objects far away move slowly while those nearest moves faster. This is actual life simulation but when it is applied to the picture we see, we begin to imagine as if the picture is real. Naturally, it is hard to differentiate the reality from the imaginary in the VR unit.

Check the refresh rate

The problems afflicting the VR unit lie in the presentation of the audio-visual output. When they record a piece of action, they do so at 90 Hz. This is standard for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR units. Playstation VR has 60 Hz display. So, the video will not play well on Playstation VR. Same is the case with the mobile phones that must have at least 60 Hz display for the video output to get decent pictures. So, your GPU is outputting images at 60 fps to the unit, whether it is the VR unit, the computer, or the mobile phone. Coming to your monitor, your unit must have a good refresh rate in order to see the images properly. If the fps speed is 120 and the refresh rate if 60 fps, then the picture experiences tearing. Parts of the image is displayed at unusual places on the screen and you get a disturbed output. To limit this, they use the Vsync that restricts the frame rate to the monitor refresh rate.

That is one thing you must check when you buy your VR unit. Of course, the other thing is the price. And check the unit to see if you experience motion sickness and then buy the unit.

With Virtual Reality in business, the possibilities are infinite as the experts make even deeper advancement into the technology. Having seen the top five ways in which VR can and will revolutionize your business, it is imperative to say that it is worth a go.

The technology is both exciting and promising leading to its warm reception by the serial marketers in the market today. Therefore, make your choice to adopt the VR technology regarding the facts stated in this post for positive growth.

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