Top Enterprise Mobile App Features for The Boosting Employee Engagement

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Top Enterprise Mobile App Features

We see today most of the internet usage occurs through the apps rather than through the web browser as was the case until a year or two ago. The drastic shift in the focus has hastened the marketers to introduce more attention to the apps market segment and lesser attention to the bigger, computer segment. Is this really wise, and if so, what is the impact of such a move?

Improving employee engagement

Employee engagement is considered a sin in some companies that govern the functioning of the enterprise with an iron hand. And yet, many problems get solved when there is some employee engagement. These include things like timely reporting of facts and inaccuracies, employee satisfaction, increase in productivity, and improved accessibility of the resources.

Considering both the need to increase the employee engagement and the shift in the way people use the internet, it has become apparent that linking these two through a well-thought out plan would benefit everyone. This would involve designing or modifying the existing network to accommodate the needed features.

Extending use of company cloud networks

When the company brings out the umbrella for all its employees – workers and management alike – there is more cohesion in the work. To enhance this, one uses a simple step of extending use of the company cloud services to all its employees. There may be learning material, instructional material, and records of work executed stored there. The employees can go through this and get more familiar with the working of the company. By going through the company policy, they know how to implement it in their daily activity.

Messaging app for all employees in the concern

This involves a design consideration on the website of the company that allows their workers to interact with each other through their mobile phones. Of course, they can simply call each other but when they use the messaging app, their conversation and suggestions get stored. One can then evaluate these and use or delete them as needed.

This platform allows an effective way for the interaction of the employees. You see the more outgoing and innovative among the employees putting forward useful suggestions. The management can use them for bettering the working conditions and improving the quality of the work output.

Form a separate complaint sheet

This is the complaint sheet that goes to the core Find-and-Fix team. They work on upgrading the system, pushing incremental changes, without disrupting the ongoing work, and making the changes that the workers suggest. So, this work is merely an improvement on the existing work but does not do any regular work. Naturally, the size of the team is only about 3-4 members and they do not have any superior authority except for the company boss.

An alternative solution would be a recommendation column that is much like the complaint sheet. Here all suggestions of the workers are listed one after the other. As the complaints get solved, they are moved to the outbox in the same page with the recommendations, work executed mentioned.

Send company updates

One important feature urgently needed is the updating service. Form a group who gathers the information regarding the company’s present activities and the goals, inputs these into a small and neat form, and passes it on to all the employees of the concern. The app to use in this might be a part of the messaging service app or a standalone unit to give autonomy to the group that does the updating service.

Realizing the importance of employee engagement, most of the firms have incorporated a section in the company website where the views of the employees is displayed. They do this mainly to boost the morale of the workers but it proves to be effective. Depend on the internet to boost your company sales and quality of work output by simply raising the level of interaction within the company.

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