Ciderr is a registry system for your photography or videography business. It is a Branded registry for your business. To make ciders’ idea a reality app developers Tennessee made use of Ruby on Rails Technology.

Technology: Ruby on Rails

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Ciderr is a registry system for your photography or videography business. It’s fully branded to promote your business. You’ll give your clients the right tools to spread the word about your business and help them pay for your products and services! It’s easy and fun for your clients and for their friends and family. It’s a win-win for everyone!
The website is crafted with a blend of yellowish shades of green, White and block blend of colors giving it an eco-friendly look. The designs and layouts made are elegantly designed by expert web designers of iQlance solutions. Ciderr is successfully launched and is loved by thousands of people around.

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Design Thinking Process

iQlance, a Canadian award-winning mobile app development agency, values the planning process. This signifies that the client is completely satisfied with the site’s design.


App developers Tennessee assess a client’s goals before doing comprehensive research to meet all of the client’s requirements.

User Insight

App developers Tennessee assess a client’s requirements and then build a strategy to meet those objectives.


At this stage, a fully functional app design is produced.

Usability Testing

To make the design more user-centric, it is tested from the user’s point of view.

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