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Requesting a truck is easy:

Logistic mobile app solutions are connecting customers and carriers with greater transparency using cutting edge technologies.

Introducing Logistic Mobile App Solutions

A Logistics for collective experiences

We Directly Connect Drivers, Carriers, and Shippers to One Another With Greater Transparency.

Step Driver Solution is a digital marketplace for the trucking and logistics indusrty who are seeking a more reliable and resposive method to balance service and demand. Plan and book your shipping needs in advance. Match your last minute needs with on-demand assets and resources. Frictionless experience that rewarding and incentivized.


The biggest challenge with logistic mobile app solutions was connecting shippers with drivers. The app demanded transportation services to find a driver for both Android and iOS devices.

To complete the project, we had to develop a feature that allows users to find nearby transportation vehicles and drivers.

Logistic mobile app solutions aimed to make a transportation solution that engages customers to book their drivers in real-time by selecting locations.

The app had to be really eye-catchy and fully functional. Our team has endeavoured all the right efforts in making local cabby a flawless app with appealing UI, easy-to-use features.

Project Scope & Timeline

The timeline was off Eight months and the process was carried out as displayed below.

Skills and requirements:

Here you can customize requirements and skills of driver for the job as per your needs.


To suit the needs of the client, iQlance Solutions created an out-of-box application.

Our client specified that the driver’s identity must be shown as per requirement. Furthermore, it was essential to execute this properly in order for users to discover appropriate drivers and vehicles based on their type of requirement.

The app is created using cutting-edge technology and thorough testing to ensure that it works smoothly and leaves no stone left in terms of impressing customers with its performance and user experience.

App developers Canada successfully created an app that was breathtaking to engage in, simple to use, and beneficial all at the same time for the customer.

Live Jobs

Live Jobs is a function that shows the requested jobs from the user side in this transportation vehicle requesting app. This feature also depicts the layout of the client name and amount to be collected at the end of the service.

The details of pick up and drop off destinations are shown.

The amount to be paid is also shown before the bookings.

The client’s identity and address is shown to the driver.

All Screens:

The logistic mobile app solutions is the leading truck requesting an application for transportation of goods equipped with all unique features. The app is much more than just booking a truck. Explore some amazing features in the below screen layouts:

Logistic mobile app solutions Key Features

Logistic mobile app solutions is a fully-fledged application designed with some must-have features for an ideal app that is leading in the market. The app consists of :

Color Palette & Typography

The colours selected hereby app developers Canada are light green, White and Navy Blue. This colour combination gives eyesight a feeling of silence and hassle-free peace while using the app hence this logistic app created by app development company Canada is just fab!

Our experienced designers in Canada made use of Roboto fonts to make it simple with a graceful layout look. The Use of these fonts is visually harmonious across the project.





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App developers Canada have designed the logistic mobile app solutions App by making use of trending technologies such as Google cloud, Laravel, PS, HTML5.








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