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Earn a skill that is a simplified but effective guard passing technique that is applicable to every guard system.

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The Closed Guard application has put together the essential closed guard defence. In this app, you will learn to escape, defend and counter-attack while in your opponents closed guards. Learn this technique and you will no longer feel threatened or deprived in any circumstances.

Customized Video Player

The App contains a customized Video Player that helps to play the videos for the training purpose.

Play Vide Of Individual Closed Guard Techniques

The app also helps to play videos of closed guard techniques to know and learn the techniques more clearly.

Developed Total 16 IOS Apps For Same Client

iQlance Solutions is the leading fitness app development company in Miami has successfully created and launched more than 16 iOS apps for the same Client.


The app is gracefully designed with shades of purple and blue colour perfectly blended with white colour which makes it even more engaging than expected.


Fitness app developers Florida made use of Poppins font to craft this fitness application. As they are excellent in view sight with a minute and fine curves in the typos.


To meet all the requirements of the client with this fitness app developers of iQlance solutions made use of cutting edge technologies. To innovate this fitness app iQlancers have utilized Swift for iOS, Kotlin for Android, Cloud technology for database, Laravel for backend and Adobe Xd for designs.

Client Feedback

As the application was presented to the client for the final launch, the app seeker was so impressed that he was happy to present words of praise for iQlance and app developers Florida which are mentioned below:

“It was like an internal absolute pleasure to work with this creative app developer Canada. I had a lot of doubts about my project but I’m so glad I got all answers politely. The entire team is friendly, very knowledgeable, diligent, and very effective in communication.”

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Design Thinking
Process Feedback

When it comes to the innovative app iQlance solutions leaves no effort to meet the requirement of the client. To satisfy all the requirements of the client fitness tutoring app developers USA strictly followed the below-mentioned design thinking process.


Here, app developers Miami make research on clients’ requirements and then innovate a plan to achieve those objectives.

User Insight

Here, app developers Canada examine a client’s needs and then devise a plan to achieve those objectives.


In this phase of development, designs of the whole working app are crafted and then is shared with client for approval.

Usability Testing

The produced design is tested from the user’s perspective to make it user-oriented.


All the screen layouts of the fitness app crafted by a leading fitness app development company Florida are listed below.

Video Based Health-Fitness App Solutions

To access the full session simply clicks on each video. Users can access the full video session too on the premium version. It opens a full video gallery.

Fitness App Solutions

Users can access the video along with the description of each session. It allows user to understand the value of Fitness.

Video Gallery

The fitness app is compiled of many videos in its video gallery.

Individual Content

The fitness app also possesses a feature that enables users to share their views as individual content.

Video Session

Users gain access to video sessions in this fitness app created by app developers Miami.

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