Market For All, Buy Or Sell Organic Product

A mobile app from where you can either buy or sell any product related to categories like organic products, furniture, arts and crafts, household items, Health and beauty or even Handmade clothing.

You can also directly communicate with the respective dealer or wholesaler. User can assure regarding the product before purchasing by checking its rating and feedbacks. The seller can keep constant track on the status of its craft .


It’s an open platform in the form of mobile app for all the sellers and buyers of the town. It’s a common platform from where user can either buy any product or sell his product into the app.

Chat facility and allows to communicate directly to the seller or wholesaler

Allows seller to keep track on its craft Status .

The main categories of the app covers almost all the Product in the market.

Typography & Colors

To innovate the app designers of buying and selling app development company Virginia made use of Poppins as fonts to give the words beautiful and sharp curving look in the app


The blend of colour textures was kept somewhere similar to the name of the application i.e. Blue (dark shade), Grey and black.


To give the app user a swift processing experience, this online product selling App developers Virginia made use of cutting-edge technology. In this application, our expert made use of technologies such as Adobe XD, Laravel, AWS, Flutter.

How It Work

It can sell or buy the product by listing which falls under the category of organic products, furniture, arts and crafts, household items, health and beauty or even handmade clothing. Users can also directly communicate with the respective dealer or wholesaler.

Client Feedback

“In crafting this online organic product buying and selling app, IQlance solution provided efficient efforts, strong professionalism and responsive communications. I will always share recommendations for additional partnerships with iQlance solutions. The significant time difference was barely recognizable because they always responded quickly. “

Susan D. Smith

Co. Director
Clutch Awards

Clutch One of the renowned B2B platform has given iQlance solution the tag of leading app and software development company in the form of an award. It is our honour to receive this award.


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Category Craft List

This module will list all the crafts which are related to the Specific category for example Artwork. The buyer can get a list of all products with its rating views. Rating star and feedback will help user to judge the quality of the product and the seller .

Detail Craft Page

This page gives buyers detailed information about the product. It will help buyers to know about its seller background, the actual price of the product, different images of the product, charges, and the delivery days it will take to deliver that product .
Apart from that buyer can also check if the seller will be available to meet outside the app, and the current status of the product. For example, the product is organic fruit, then the seller can check its current status as Sprouting.

Design Thinking Process

iQlance as a mobile app development company Canada strictly follows the designing process before finalizing them. This approves the 100% satisfaction of the client towards the layout of the app.


Here online store app developers USA analyze the requirements of the client and then make a deep research to meet throughout requirements of the client

User Insight

Here app developers Canada make a strategy by analyzing the requirements of a client to meet the requirements of the client


A fully functional design of the app is drafted in this step.

Usability Testing

Here the created design is tested from the user’s point of view to make it user-centric.

Who Can Use App

Users who want to sell or buy the product which falls under the category of organic products, furniture, arts and crafts, household items, health and beauty or even Handmade clothing can use this app.

Post a Craft
Seller & Buyer Profile Creation
Rating & Feedbacks
Profile Creation
Searching Based On Location
Track On Craft Status
Buseor UI Screens

The attractiveness of the app can be easily predicted by the designed layouts of all screens of this buying and selling App.


Download the app today and enjoy shopping and selling organic products on your phone screen. Buesor is an online buying and selling application uniquely created by developers of iQlance solutions- a leading app development company in Virginia that exceeds all features with an excellent user experience. The application has been successfully published on the app stores of the IOS and Android platforms, with attractive looks.

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