Afghan Smart Mobile App


Afghan smart an application on the app store is innovated by app developers Canada only for Afghan music lovers.

Why Afghan Smart Mobile App

AfghanSmart is particularly designed for lovers of Afghan Music. As the name suggests, this application will take you on a tour to beautiful afghan music and leave you under the era of enchanting Afghanistan Culture.

  • Live MP3 and Video music

  • Artist wise Music

  • Music Downloading


App developers Nevada made use of rose gold, white and black colour as they are giving a pleasant optical impact and to make it more intriguing. This mix of texture colours dramatically enhanced the app’s layout.


According to musical app development company Afghan, fonts are most important for expressing an app in a contemporary way. Afghan Smart uses the Poppins font, which is as curvy as the strings for music. Poppins is a serif font with beautiful curves and well-rounded edges that was an obvious choice for the Afghan Music App.


ATo increase the operational time in this application, music app developers USA made use of trendy and easy to maintain technologies. In this music app, Android app developers Canada made use of the following technologies:

Design technologies

To give the best appearance of the app designers of the iQlance solution made use of the Figma tool over here.

Cloud Technologies

Here the leading music streaming app development company Canada made use of cloud technologies.

Flutter technologies

Here the experienced developers of Canada made use of flutter technology to innovate the app in an exclusive way.

Database Technologies

Here the afghan music app developers Nevada utilized database technology to complete the app.

Backend Technologies

To create an errorless backend feature of the application JS technology was utilized by app developers India.

Help Documentation

To create a detailed document which helps how the product or service works flawlessly and how different parts of the application come together.

Client Feedback

IQlance was responsive within hours and they followed their development schedule faithfully..

The team communications were transparent and also proved to be a strong app development leader.

Plan of action

As the idea of this afghan Music app is so engaging, its designs must also be eye-catching and eye-cooling with a great compliment. To address each of these points, our devoted designer generated designs with unique representations. Following the method’s subsequent phases, the designs were verified.

UX Design

User experience design encompasses all parts of the application used to acquire and integrate the product, including branding, design, usability, and function.

UI Design

UI design is the process of creating all the screens through which a user will navigate, as well as the visual components and their interactive features that allow that navigation.

User Testing

User testing is the process of testing the application’s interface and functionalities by a real user, i.e. the client.


This entails the approval of designs and the acceptance of suggested designs for the application.

What our customers are saying

IQlance was responsive within hours and they followed their development schedule faithfully.. The team communications were transparent and also proved to be a strong app development leader.

Create Playlist

Here the afghan music users can create their own Playlists.

Video & audio Playlist

Here users can access and save Video as well as audio playlists.

Share Music

Users can share their own choice of Music

Set Auto Play Setting:

The music app of Afghan allows users to set autoplay settings.

Listen & Download & Share:

Afghan Smart is a record label associated with producing and marketing music recordings and music videos and is Afghanistan’s No.1 & fast-growing record label. Afghan Smart’s main office in London, United Kingdom and its branches all over the world, Kabul, Dubai, India and many more coming soon!

Your Favourite Song

Application simply allows users to filter the songs and can set a favourite song or Singer too. The amazing feature of an application is creating playlists, it enables users to create their own Playlist. The system also allows users to download the video or audio song, Photos and application settings. Afghansmart is a perfect Music Application if you’re a fan of music

Music Download

Here users are free to download their type of music from the application.

All Screen

The Designed screens of this Afghan music app are all below mentioned

Afghan Smart

Mobile App

Afghan Smart music application for all music lovers:

Afghan Smart music application for all music lovers: Afghan smart is delivering songs and video songs as the best entertainment platform. iQlance Solutions have successfully launched it on the app stores of IOS. The pp is loved by hundreds of users. You can simply download it on the apple app store and enjoy the afghan music.

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