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Dane Street is a Locally Built and Nationally Recognized website. Dane Street offers IME and Peer Review services covering the lines of business and referral types listed below.

Technology: Ruby on Rails

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Dane Street provides IME and Peer Review services covering the lines of business and referral types listed below. Dane Street’s QA team of nurses and claims personnel provides quality assurance on 100% of files prior to delivery.
App developers Boston utilized Ruby on Rails technology to innovate Dane Street as a user-friendly website. The website is made user-oriented by a blend of colours shades of blue, yellowish-orange, black.

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Design Thinking Process

Being a top-notch app and web development agency iQlance solution follows a strict designing process to satisfy its client thoroughly. App developers Canada follow the following steps to complete the designing process:


App developers in USA study a company’s expectations before doing comprehensive research to meet all of the client’s requirements.

User Insight

App developers in Canada evaluate a client’s requirements and then create an approach to achieve those objectives.


At this stage, a fully functional software design is developed.

Usability Testing

To make the system increasingly user-centric, it is tested from the user’s point of view.

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