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string flx


Merges the best flicks of your life and attach it to a single string.

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Brief Info


Is your friend Daniel is shifting to Spain and you wanted to give him some really out of box farewell blast ? Or Is your small brother Cavin is turning 21 and you got to surprise him with one awesome collective video from all the best wishes from his entire clan ?But of course you don’t have time to knock every next door Dah!

Well relax ! Stringflix rescue boat is already on its way to save you from all this trouble and instead make your task a lot more efficient ,by just a click away .

It’s a Mobile app which completely justifies with its name “StringFlix” i.e. it merges the best flicks of your life and attach it to a single string.

WHY Stringflix App


It helps you to create, merge, add, edit different photos and videos into one final Stringflix. The most exciting part of this app is, it also provides you to add our already created specialized premium videos to surprise them.

Plus it also ensures that your stringflix is completed on time . Every stringflix is attached with one deadline and app takes that deadline pretty seriously ,so you don’t have to worry as to who and when can contribute . The participant of the stringflix will already know their deadline to submit it.

Add Co-Creators

This screen helps the creator of the Stringflix to add its participants. So irrespective of the participant being a part of the app or not , Creator still can invite them .

Each user of the app will have its unique username .So the creator can directly send them invitation via app and if the participant is not a member of the app , still creator can send them Invitation through its contact details .


This screen will allow the creator of the app to either delete the entire stringflix or any individual clip from the entire stringflix . This Deletion rights are distributed in the app as per the role of the user in the stringflix .

The creator can delete both i.e. the entire stringflix as well as any individual clip, while its participants or co-creator can only delete their own video in that stringflix .


The Profile screen of the app will give detail information of its owner. User can update its profile picture, username and password from here . User can also chat with other user from this module.

This module is a personal module for each user, which stores all their Stringflix, keeps track on its followers and following rate plus also can observe its start points.

Who can use app?


Everyone can use the app . From professional office colleagues to old nanny back at home, everyone can use this Photo and video sharing mobile app.

Technically the users who want to create video which should be collaboration of different images and videos from different people can use this app .

Create Stringflix
Add new video or image
User can Follow and unfollow
User can mark as Love It!
Purchase Premium Video- Inapp purchase
Invite via Contacts
Set deadline
Notification for every event
Select Category
Social Media sharing
Chat Module

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