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Affordable Homecare application is basically designed to customize the comfort zone of the corporate world. The application increases the interest of the employee in an organization by giving the points as per the response given by them.

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Place orders from your favourite dispensaries after surveying their menu. Pick it up at your convenience.

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Affordable homecare is built and tailored for the Pennsylvanian consumer market.

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Gain real-time data on customer shopping behaviours.

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It became essential for app designers Canada craft the designs of this unique app just like its goal of development. To layout the products in an eye-cooling way, the designers selected the colours and fonts in such a way that they all calmed the functions in the app.


Experienced designers of iQlance solutions selected a combination of eye-relaxing shades of blue, Light Orange, Light green shades.


To enhance the readability and make the typos more clear and attractive, Poppins as the font of the app is used.


To increase the processing time in this application homecare service app developers USA made use of trendy and easy to maintain technologies. In this product reviewing app, Android app developers Canada made use of the following technologies:


Flutter technology was used to innovate the app for the android platform by app development company Canada.


To give the best designs in the app by app designers of the iQlance solution made use of the Figma tool over here.


Here the leading affordable service providing app development company Pennsylvania made use of cloud technologies.


Here the direct service providing app developers Canada utilized database technology to complete the app.


To create an errorless backend feature of the application JS technology was utilized by app developers India.

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They stayed on top of their deadlines, were responsive, and communicated well. The designs created by the designers were excellent as well as the whole creation of the app was fabulous.

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iQlance as an on-demand service providing mobile app development company in Canada are firm towards following the four-step designing process to meet the client’s expectation. This results in the 100% satisfaction of the client towards the developed app.

UX Design

Here the app development process is designed. This combines branding, designs, layouts, usability, and features of the app.

UI Design

Here the screens of the app for reviews are designed by the experienced designers of iQlance Solutions and then are forwarded to the client for approval.

User Testing

The created designs are shared with the client to test and check the meet of the requirements.


After the final approval of the client over the listed designs and criteria documents are created, to ensure the security of the work

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The affordable homecare platform offers unique and innovative features for dispensaries and their patients. Our focus is on quick, easy, and efficient transactions.


Place orders from your favorite dispensaries after surveying their menu. Pick it up at your convenience.


Gain real-time data on customer shopping behaviours.


Affordable home care service app is capable of showing the latest news in itself.


This home care service providing an innovative platform alleviates retail congestion and increases customer satisfaction. This mobile platform allows customers to place mobile orders and skip dispensary lines.


Download the Affordable homecare app, create a profile and immediately find dispensaries near you. Choose a dispensary, view their menu and make purchases for pick up. You’ll be able to track your order from start to finish, and when you arrive in-store skip the line & save time.

All Screen

All the screens layout of this unique and innovative app developed by app developers Canada are as mentioned below.


Affordable homecare app was developed and launched to give Pennsylvanians affordable home care services. With this motto, it is ruling the market.

Successfully launched on respective platforms. You can simply download it and start using it.

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