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Foxx Legacy


Present Differently. Perfect Product Video Sharing Mobile Application.

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Brief Info


Foxx Legacy produces profoundly effective natural nutraceutical products. Foxx Legacy app is an easy to use set of messaging tools. The app automatically formats messages about products and the people who’s lives are changed by the predicts. Send text or email messages to recipients that directly request information in person or choose from existing contacts. All message are automatically linked to your Foxx Legacy site. The app’s messaging tool will customize the links so that you can see marketing activity results from your Foxx Legacy members back office.

WHY Foxx Legacy

Business Material Video

Sharing Via Email Or Text

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Sharing Via Email Or Text

Application simply allow user to share the product details along with the video presentation to visitor via email or text. It’s very user-friendly set of messaging tool. It automatically formats messages about products and the Foxx Legacy business opportunity.


Foxx Legacy mobile application creates business opportunities. Application allows to promote products through video presentation. Simply Enter Full name, Contact Number, Email and Choose option to either to share via Email or Text. Application allows you to select the contacts from Mobile to whom you like to invite.



Foxx Legacy is a product video sharing mobile application it automatically formats messages about products and the people who’s lives are changed by the predicts.

Video Description

Best way to present Product through Video Presentation. It covers Product overview.

Invite Users

User can also invite users from Contacts to share via email or send a text message. Application shares a link to view the product video.

Product Categories

User can search the product category to filter the video.

Share Product Video

Application allows to share video on different platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google +. User can preview the details before sharing on Social Media.

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