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Present Differently. Perfect Product Video Sharing Mobile Application. Porttitor et nisl sed dolor cursus.

About Project

Foxx Legacy produces profoundly effective natural nutraceutical products. Foxx Legacy app is an easy to use set of messaging tools. The app automatically formats messages about products and the people who’s lives are changed by the predicts. Send text or email messages to recipients that directly request information in person or choose from existing contacts. All message are automatically linked to your Foxx Legacy site. The app’s messaging tool will customize the links so that you can see marketing activity results from your Foxx Legacy members back office.

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Style Guide

It became essential for app designers USA craft the designs of this unique app just like its purpose of development. To showcase the products in an eye-catchy way, the designers selected the colours and fonts in such a way that they all highlight the functions and products for sale in the app.


Experienced designers of iQlance solutions selected a combination of eye-relaxing shades of blue colour.


To enhance the readability and make the typos more clear and attractive, Poppins as the font of the app are used.


To increase the processing time in this application app developers Canada made use of trendy and easy to maintain technologies. In this product reviewing app, Android app developers Wisconsin made use of the following technologies:


To give the best appearance of the app designers of the iQlance solution made use of the Figma tool over here.


To create an errorless backend feature of the application JS technology was utilized by app developers USA.


Here the leading product reviewing app development company Wisconsin made use of cloud technologies.


Here the direct messaging app developers Canada utilized database technology to complete the app.


.NET technology was used to innovate the app for the android platform by the USA app development company.

Client feedback

As a result of hard work to innovate this product reviewing application iQlance solution got the below mentioned praise of words in the form of feedback.

Mobile App Developer

Mobile Software Developer

Mobile Web Developer

Ready to Get

Looking to develop an app like Foxx Legacy, get consulted from experts for the idea with messaging app development Company Canada to develop your ideal app into a reality.

Plan of Action

iQlance as a custom software development company strictly follows the four-step designing process to fit it in the client’s shoes. This approves the 100% satisfaction of the client with the launch of the app.

UX Design

Here whole development process is designed. This includes branding, designs, layouts, usability, and features of the app.

UI Design

Here the outlay of the app screens are designed by the talented designers of iQlance Solutions and then are shared with the client for approval.

User Testing

The created designs are shared with the client to test and check the meet of the requirements.


After the final approval of the client over the listed designs and criteria documents are created, to ensure the security of the work.

Problem statement

To craft such a new conceptual application seemed like a challenge at the beginning of the start but later the development took a swift track and it became tremendously amazing! The challenge app developers Wisconsin faced is:


Foxx Legacy mobile application creates business opportunities. Application allows to promote products through video presentation. Simply Enter Full name, Contact Number, Email and Choose option to either to share via Email or Text. Application allows you to select the contacts from Mobile to whom you like to invite.

Sharing Via Email Or Text

Application simply allow user to share the product details along with the video presentation to visitor via email or text. It’s very user-friendly set of messaging tool. It automatically formats messages about products and the Foxx Legacy business opportunity.
Top Feautre

Foxx Legacy is a product video sharing mobile application that automatically formats messages about products and the people whose lives are changed by the predictions.


User can also invite users from Contacts to share via email or send a text message. Application shares a link to view the product video.


Best way to present Product through Video Presentation. It covers Product overview.


User can search the product category to filter the video.


Application allows to share video on different platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google +. User can preview the details before sharing on Social Media.

All Screen

Looking to see the screens of the Foxx Legacy app or want to know the functions of the app, Here is all your search. The below layouts states all the screens of the application.

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Foxx Legacy

Mobile App

Foxx is a product video-sharing mobile application. The app is able to format the messages related to products automatically.
The product reviewing the application is successfully launched on the Google play store and has gained the trust of thousands of users. Porttitor et nisl sed dolor cursus.

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