Consider this 10 Common App Rejection Reasons while going to live your app on App store

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As of January 2017, the Apple store has approximately 2.2 million apps in the market. Out of these 2.2 million, 26% of the apps are games. With the mobile technology growing drastically with every passing day, it is safe to assume that we would have an enormous growth in the app sector. With that being said, Apple certainly has some norms they follow to ensure that the apps released on their store are worth their shelf time. They would not want buggy and copied apps to flood over their store which would, in turn, hurt their reputation. Though there is no clear indication from Apple about what steps they take before authorizing a potential beta app to be published on the store, below are the top 10 reasons why Apple could reject an app before it goes live. read more about App Store Review Guidelines.

Not factoring the target audience: One of the top reasons why apps fail is due to the fact that the target audience is not considered when developing the app. The whole purpose of the app is to reach out to the required users in order for them to use it on a regular basis. However, many app developers overlook this crucial step during the early stage of the project. Focusing on the target consumer helps a developer understand what an average user expects from the app. Apple knows this and would want the app to relate to the consumer. Your app might be well made but if a layman cannot understand how the app works or what are the functionalities of the app; this would lead to the failure of the app.

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Inadequate market research: Another reason why apps fail to hit the shelf is because of incomplete or in-depth research. If you have thought of a brilliant idea for an app it is most likely that there would be somebody else who has had the same thought. Thorough research is required before even developing the app you intend to. This helps developers understand the number of competitors in the field you want to build your app on. Also, it will help you determine the shortcoming of the rival on the market giving you an opportunity to supersede them. Lack of market research prior the development can hamper the success of the app in a major way.

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Buggy App: Nobody likes a buggy app. And Apple is no different. Having a bug free app is every developer's dream. Such an app helps to build a reputation for the developer. Apple would not even consider apps that have bugs or crashes midway during the run time. As a good practice to thoroughly test the app for bugs and debug if any prior to submitting it for approval, you can see here many apps live in app store with bug free.

Incomplete App/Broken Links: The person who has set the Guinness record of the highest score on Pac-man said there was no end to the game. After a certain level binary codes and random computer language covers half of the screen. There are no credits, no background music or fade to black. You had nothing to do but go and die. The developers never expected anyone to reach that far in the game. The point here is that developers need to ensure that their app is robust and complete without any broken link. for best example like GPS Tracking app, The last thing Apple would want is the back-end code written in your favorite programming language shows on the phone screen.

Poor UI/UX: Apple has always strived on making their products stand out in the market. The design, form factor, and user interface of the phone is unlike any device in the market today. It is all the more true for an interface of the iOS.  An iPhone user usually finds it extremely difficult to switch back to an android or any other platform because of the simplicity and elegance of the iOS. And that is exactly what Apple would expect from their developers. Apps with a poor user interface or user experience would be rejected by Apple straight away because this would eventually harm their reputation.

Backward Compatibility: iOS 10 is currently the latest OS for iPhone. However, an app developer must realize that there are about 20% of iPhone users who are still using iOS 9 and 8. The reason for this could be because the users have not upgraded their OS or their iPhone. Whatever may be the reason, a developer needs to develop the app which will work on across all the variations of the OS. Apple will want every user with an iPhone can run the app from the app store.

No Monetization Strategy: An important part of app development is the monetization strategy. How the app makes money can make or break the deal? Apple knows that users do not want to pay money just to download the app. This leaves developers to either place ads on the interface of the app or gets paid for the number of times the app gets downloaded. Either way, if Apple feels that hosting the app on the store would not be profitable, it would be rejected.

Memory/Battery Usage: Apps which constantly run in the background draining the battery and using the phone memory are a big no. Users eventually feel that it is the phone which is facing issues when in reality the app is using up the phone memory making it run extremely slow. Users must be able to exit and quit the app whenever they want. Once the app is closed, it should not wake automatically and end up using the phone resources.

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Content:  The content of your app plays a crucial role in getting the approval from Apple. If your app is redundant or there are already apps like yours running in the market, it would be very difficult for you to attract consumers. Considering the competitor app has been on the market for a while, users will not want to have two apps of the same category on the phone. And eventually, would decide to stick with the current app they have.

Misleading users: Apps should never be misleading. Go to the App store and read the reviews of the lowest rated apps and you would realize that most of the customers had a different understanding of the description about the app.

Once you successfully done your apps with fixing this factors, you can easily make animations on view objects. Though, if you’d like to get to more advanced level, or make your iPhone application with advanced animations, graphics you may hire iPhone app development company and make recommendations for the improvement in your idea.

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