Recently iQlance Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is honoured with a reward by Clutch:

iQlance Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is honoured with a reward by Clutch

We all are aware that success is not an accident. It is welcomed by hard work, dedication and planning.
It is a prestigious occasion for me to declare that iQlance Solution is recently awarded as a top-notch app and web developer of Canada among the top-30 Software development companies by CLutch- a B2B market research company.

iQlance Solution is a leading software development and mobile app development company in Canada and is at 25th position in Canada in the development of mobile app solutions, web apps solutions and software development solutions. App developers Canada has pushed themselves beyond the level of expertise by innovating more than 1000+ solutions for clients across the globe.

iQlance Solution is working to give 100% satisfaction to the assigned clients and takes care of every minute thing. And due to this dedication of experts, we have got this proud moment to share with you all that we are recognized as one of the top app developers in Canada. It is not just a piece of news but is a medal for us.

We are honored by clutch as Top B2B leaders of Canada of the year 2021. I am really very happy and excited to share that with the support of our clients and the team we are able to lead in between the app development companies of Canada.

We are humbled by this triumph, all the more so since it was facilitated by our clients. This, and all of our other honors, are owed to our clients, who have placed their trust in us and supported us. A warm Thank you to clients, for their humble support and trust which brought us to this recognition.

“One of our strengths is the ability of iQlancers to innovate market-grabbing customized solutions. When it comes to iQlance solutions, the sky is the limit. Clients have specialized needs, which iQlance solution is willing to provide. We have stretched our limits to handle any type of complicated solutions, this makes us a win.” — Team iQlance Solutions.

We pledge to work with more dedication and hard work to meet all the requirements of our client. Our team is capable of making more wins. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Let us collaborate to broaden our limits of achievement! Contact us to discuss your next great idea!

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