Top 6 Unique Real Estate App Ideas To Boost Your Real Estate Business

Real Estate app development

In today’s world, the app development sector is one of the most trending sectors these days. The app development sector has brought various solutions for the different business problems to help the business sectors to grow and increase their brand visibility in the market. People’s lives have been made much more comfortable with the help of the apps. In our day-to-day life, every need of ours is just a single click away with the help of apps. Due to this, we are looking forward to experiencing digital transformations in almost every business sector so that we can save a lot of time.

Real Estate is one of the important business sectors whose trend never goes down in the market and always keep on growing exponentially with the time. As we know nothing is perfect in this world, so this sector also needs some modernization to reach out to the bulk of people and need to incorporate some exciting features that can urge people to fall for them.

Real Estate app development is one of the finest solutions that can help you to take your business to the heights and increase your brand awareness among the people across the world.

Here is the list of Top 6 unique Real Estate app ideas to boost your Real Estate Business:

Property Detail App:

Real Estate app development helps the real estate developers to reach out to the huge masses of people with the help of an application. This kind of apps allows users to view any property and its proper details with the help of such type of apps. This type of apps allows users to search for the property depending upon their preferred area and can filter the property depending upon the price and accommodating capacity. This type of apps also has the functionality of notifying users with the latest deals for any new property or the property they were looking earlier through the app.

Repair Evaluation:

When we buy any old property, it also requires some repairs and maintenance so that it becomes properly fit and comfortable for staying. We keep on searching reliable people who can help us to repair the property at a reasonable price and it takes a lot of time to find such people. So, these types of app are a solution for this problem where the app helps the people to mention all the damages and things that need to be repaired and then generates an estimated cost need to fix all the issues. This type of apps sends their service persons to your property location to fix the issues and payment can be made online with the help of the app only.

Real Estate AR/VR App:

Visual appearance is one the first thing where people directly make up their mind regarding any property whether they want to purchase it or not. Augmented and virtual reality allows the user to have a realistic look at the property through the real estate apps to get a better idea about the property they are willing to purchase. This helps the people to a great extent while making any final decision regarding the property. The real-estate AR/VR app even makes it better for the realtors to connect with a greater number of users by providing them with the visual appearance of the properties.

Locality Review App:

While searching for a property we also consider the locality where the property is situated. Locality review app is one of the greatest Real estate App development solutions that would help people to see the ratings and feedback given by other users for that particular locality and can rate the locality area. The ratings are given on various aspects like amenities, Crime rate, cost of living and many more things. This App also provided the users with the comparisons for the other nearby societies in the same where the user is looking for properties.

Document Library App:

Buying and selling of properties require a lot of documentation process to undergo all the procedures smoothly. It becomes a difficult task to arrange all the documents at a particular time. This App plays an important role in helping the people to understand which documents are required to proceed further in terms of property buying and categorizes the document based on the realtor’s need. User can also upload documents and save them in the app for future usage. It also allows to do electronic signature on the documents and can print the hard copy immediately.

Property Investment App:

Real Estate is one of the profitable business among all the business sectors in the world. But for earning profits, realtors need to spend some amount first so that they can incorporate new and exciting features in the app that can attract a greater number of users towards them. A good Property investment app provides the users with a lot of detailed information regarding the property and assists on each step to continue further. This app helps users to go through the property designs, space and they make their decision This app also contains chatbot where user can connect with them to solve any of their queries.


If you are running a Real Estate business and want to reach out to the huge mass of people, then your business needs to go through the digital transformation. All the above-mentioned ideas will surely help you to take your business to the heights of success and increase your brand visibility in the market.

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Here Is Everything To Know About Restaurant Reservation App Development

Restaurant Reservation app development

We are all fortunate to be part of a generation where every need of ours for any product or service is just a click away. We are moving towards making everything digital at a fast pace. By making everything digital, we have brought solutions for many problems and a lot of time has been saved.

On-demand food delivery has become a trend in the market that almost everyone is using these applications to get their favourite food delivered at home. Besides these on-demand food delivery apps, Restaurant Reservation is another aspect the app development companies in Canada are focusing on. Whenever we make a plan for going to a restaurant during weekends mostly, the thought of the hassle and waiting in a queue if the tables are occupied for a long time force us to change our mind. But the Pre–Reservation concept has solved this problem with the help of developing an application that allows you to go through the restaurant’s menu, book table, order meals and make payment with the help of the mobile app.

This Restaurant reservation app development not only solves the problem of the customers but also of the Restaurant owners. The Restaurant owners are always flooded with work by managing the bookings manually, taking orders, checking about the vacant tables for the customers who are in waiting list. The Restaurant Reservation app development helps them to reduce their workload by managing the booking of tables, payments, cancellations online.

Types of Restaurant Reservation System

There are mainly two types of the online reservation system for restaurants.

1) Third-Party Mobile Applications that are developed by someone else and the restaurant owners can only list their tables on this application.

2) Exclusive Mobile app for your restaurant where the owners can customize the application as per their way to attract a greater number of people.

You have to choose among these two options that suit your budget and will be beneficial for your business.
If you have your eatery and you don’t want to invest more in developing the specific application for your eatery, then the best choice for you will be to go for the third-party apps.

On the other side, If you want to avoid the monthly and yearly expenses of the third-party apps, you can go ahead for Restaurant Reservation app development for your eatery.

Why build an Exclusive Reservation App for your Restaurant?

The major focus of all the restaurants is on their customers because they are the source of their earnings. In a restaurant business, customer satisfaction is a key point that creates an impact on their work. You don’t want your guest to choose another option besides you and for that, you should keep in mind that no customer should return from your restaurant just because could not find a table there. when you invest a lot on your business and the outcomes are not as per your expectations, you should think something different to attract the more number of customers and provide them with the satisfactory service.

All this can be achieved with just the Restaurant Reservation app development that provides an easy platform for the food lovers to book table, meal and pay the bill without any hustle.

How does a Reservation app benefit a Restaurant Owner?

♦ Gather all the information regarding the no. of guests and their schedule of visit in advance.
♦ Start preparing the meal booked by them in advance to avoid any delay.
♦ Reduce the chance of empty table and increase sales.
♦ Increases the brand awareness of your restaurant via exclusive reservation app.
♦ Helps to access key information regarding the food choice that helps to analyze guest’s expectations.
♦ Send direct messages about the non-availability to avoid disappointment among customers
♦ Attract customers by offering them exciting offers and discounts.

How does a Reservation app benefit guests in a restaurant?

♦ Customer can make a reservation online with the help of the restaurant reservation app and will get the confirmation on booking via email or SMS.
♦ Customers need to waste a lot of time in waiting for tables to get empty and deciding about which meal to order.
♦ Customers can see the rating and reviews about the restaurants before booking.
♦ Customers can browse the entire menu and book meal as per their choice and can add customizations also.

Important features of the Restaurant Reservation App:

Restaurant Reservation app development trend is also growing in the market like on-demand food delivery apps to make the booking of tables,meal and payment system digital that would be easy for the foodies who love to eat and do not want to waste their time by waiting for the tables to get empty.
Whenever you have an idea of a Restaurant Reservation app development, Here are some set of features for the Customers and the Restaurant owner that you should always keep in mind while developing the application.

Set of Features for Customers:

♦ Simple and easy sign up via email, phone number and other social media accounts.
♦ GPS navigation that helps the customers to reach their proper destination.
♦ Menu with detailed information about ingredients and pricing.
♦ Search filters by type of food, seating, location, suggestion, reviews, and the time required.
♦ Details about bookings and operational hours.
♦ Secure payment gateway
♦ Booking confirmation via SMS and email
♦ Exciting offers and discounts
♦ Push notifications about offers and
♦ Booking history details
♦ Help section to resolve any issue

Set of Features for Restaurant Owner:

♦ Ability to check bookings and vacant tables.
♦ Calendar to schedule bookings and manage the waiting list and display operational hours
♦ Manage all the transactions
♦ Sending confirmation message to customers on booking.
♦ Customizability of menu
♦ Seating arrangement for table management
♦ Reports on the sales
♦ Reservation history
♦ Guest information to suggest meals based on their previous orders.

Stages of developing a Restaurant Reservation app:

You have an idea with you for a restaurant reservation app, but for implementing that idea you need the help of best app development company that will guide and help you bring your idea into real-time.

1) Conceptualization:
This is the first step where app developers will understand your idea and make a blueprint of it.The blueprint will contain all the functionalities that should be in your application as per your requirement.

2) Analysis:
The idea and the blueprint will be properly analyzed to check the functionalities, opportunities and risk for the same. This will cover all the estimations in terms of time, money and branding.

3) Designing:
Developers will prepare a rough design of the application and will ask for your approval. The design will contain all the functionalities mentioned by you. In this phase, you need to be very careful because everything you approve will shape the way your app will look and work.

4) Development:
After all the three phases described above the final development of the application will start. Developers will start coding accordingly.

5) Testing:
The application goes under testing phase before its release in the market and is tested for bugs. The beta version will be given to the selected people to test the functionality and security of the application.

6) Launch:
The final phase in which your restaurant reservation app will be ready for launch, depending on the platform to choose, you will need permission from google or apple play store to get your app started.

Cost of Restaurant Reservation App development

The cost of Restaurant Reservation App Development mainly depends on the features offered. The final cost estimation cannot be made accurate. This is because every restaurant has its menu and unique aspects. Lower the complexity, Quicker development, lower the price and vice-versa.

Application with a low budget is the simplest and have the basic functionality where a customer can make an online reservation and the owner can confirm the same. But the third-party API’s integration is not possible in such applications due to which these application lag behind in backend.

Application with the medium budget has some custom features integrated, support third-party API’s integration like payment methods and simple backend structure.

Developing the best quality Restaurant Reservation app is highly complicated and costly which supports the third-party API’s and have a complex backend. These applications have some unique features which increase their development cost.


It is important to understand that the demand for the Restaurant reservation apps is increasing in the market to provide ease to food lovers to explore and enjoy a different kind of cuisines by booking tables in a simple manner using the application.

If you are owning an eatery and want to expand your business and brand awareness among the customers, then restaurant reservation app development will be a boon for your business. Our team will help you in developing the creative restaurant reservation app with simple and attractive UI that will attract more number of customers. It’s worth joining hands with the top restaurant app development company in Canada that will guide you step by step and will convert your idea into reality.

iOS 14 : Here’s Everything You Need To Know

iOS 14

No queue, no ticket confirmation worries, and no waiting for the event to begin as WWDC 2020 was on YouTube this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event streamed Tim Cook and his team addressing thousands of developers and millions of fans across the globe. There were some big announcements and one such is the announcement of iOS 14, the new update about processors coming to iPhone later this year. In the apple event, there were some major announcements that you might be excited to discover in the following reading.

Some biggest changes coming to iOS 14:

Digital Car Keys:

Apple wants to replace your car keys into your apple device. With iOS 14, it allows people to use an iPhone or Apple watch to lock, unlock, and start their car. At the initial level, it will be available in the new BMW 5 series 2021. Do you know the best thing about it is that it can be shared with other people among family members using messages? So, with this next generation, a user can unlock the car without taking their iPhone out of his pocket. It is expected to be available in the next year.

Mini Apps:

Do you need an app for a particular function, but you are loath to download it entirely? If yes, now be stress-free. Thanks to Apple for revealing an easy way to discover and access new apps and features is called App Clips. Now it becomes easy to order a dress from a boutique or order an on-demand scooter. The small size of these apps enables it to integrate with Apple Pay and users can opt-out to download the full version of the app from the Apple store. Apple further, said App clips could appear in different ways. There are different ways to access these apps including pop up at the bottom of the screen, scanning a new Clip Code, message, QR code, or via Safari web browser.

Home Screen Widgets:

Probably one of the biggest changes iOS 14 offers is home screen widgets. There are a variety of different sizes and can be used in the Today view & home screen of your mobile phone. The company has learned the way data-rich widget works on its Apple watch and that is why they are planning to bring this functionality for iPhone users also.


Are you fed-up with pausing the screen to read a message while watching Netflix? Of course, who doesn’t? Well with this picture-in-picture you don’t have to as it will allow you to keep watching video while using other applications. The best thing is that it will work for FaceTime calls too, allowing you to check something without disrupting the visual connection. Hire iPhone app developers for your customized app demand.

App Library:

Another significant news from WWDC 2020 is the iOS 14 App library which automatically organizes by category and allows you to hide app pages. It appears at the end of the Home screen swipe and also added a suggested app search folder along with a recently added folder. Here you can find out the full list of installed apps presented in alphabetical order. It is powerful and highly useful for those who have tons of apps as their struggle to remember the location gets over with this.


Till now, on activation of voice assistant, Siri has taken up the entirety of your mobile screen but now has been redesigned. It is redesigned so that it appears like a regular notification at the top of the phone. Now Siri is smarter with translation functions that support live conversation and in fact, it now has 20 times more facts as compared to Siri three years ago.

Translation App:

Apple gives a new spirit to the translation with iOS 14. The conversation mode lets you turn your phone into a landscape and can split it in half. All this can be done through voice command. Even if you downloaded something in another language, everything can be translated into the required language without using the data connection.

The translation feature can translate into 11 different languages and the app can translate in real-time when two people talking in two different languages to an iPhone.

Upgrade To Group Chats:

What if you can group chats at a point in time? Yes, it is possible with the iOS 14. Apple announced this announcement with the option to pin the important conversations at the top list of the messages and can mention others in group chats just like SLACK. On mentioning the name, users will be notified about the same. The interesting thing about it is that the user will be able to set a group photo using emoji or images. More hairstyle, face masks, and an age option is an additional option in Apple’s Memoji.


Apple announced updates for Airpods too during this digital event of Apple. Now it becomes seamlessly easy to switch between audio and devices with the new update. For example, while listening to an audiobook, when someone calls, the audio will be switched to the call and after finishing the audiobook you can watch your favorite TV show. The best thing is that its Pro version got a spatial audio feature that aims to reproduce surround sound to add better audio experience.


Apple is very much concerned about the privacy of its users and that is it has come up with a more strict move where it gives the option to users to share approximate location instead of a very precise location. Apps will have privacy under “nutrition label” showing how little or minimum information is collected from the users.

A Relief in the incoming call:

Apple relieves the major headache of iPhone and iPad users as incoming calls will no longer take over the whole screen. Instead, calls will appear as a banner at the top of the screen.

Other Features:

In iOS 14, health is also given a priority by adding a customized sleep schedule where users can set the hours for which they want to sleep by creating a schedule for bedtime and wake up time. Its Wind Down feature creates a personalized schedule to get ready for sleep and meet your sleep goal. It also features Do Not Disturb which dims the phone’s screen, display time, alarm for the next day.

Apart from this, Apple is adding another health checklist which manages all health and safety features like ECG, emergency SOS, fall detection, and more.

When Will iOS 14 Released?

Now comes the most important question, what will iOS 14 be released? So far, Apple has not made any announcement for the release date, but as Apple always releases the new version of iOS in September, so let’s hope for that.

Which Devices Can Be Run on iOS 14?

All those devices which run on iOS 13 can run with iOS 14. Following is the list:

  • iPod touch (7th generation)
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation)
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE (1st generation)

Apart from that if you wish to develop a strong and highly useful app using Apple technology, A mobile app development company can reach the highest level by providing the best services. Go and grab your business app with the help of a leading iPhone app development company.

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