5 Things You Need to Know When Writing a Mobile App RFP


When you are looking to undertake a new mobile app development project, you need to find the right vendors for your project that can ensure its success. However, finding the best mobile app development company for your needs can be a challenging task, especially when so many vendors are trying to attract your attention. In order to make sure that your mobile app project really takes off, you need to get the best vendor and this is something that you can accomplish with a mobile app RFP.

The importance of a mobile app RFP

importants of mobile rfp

The mobile app RFP basically serves as a document which is used for establishing a working relationship between you and the vendor that you choose for your project. It underlines the various requirements of the mobile app and functions as the statement for the work that is to be carried out in the project contract.

A comprehensive and well written mobile app RFP can help you to obtain accurate and reliable information about your specific project. The RFP can be a valuable document that can help you to find a good vendor for your app development project. The app development that you choose in this way can ensure complete success of your app and make it easier for you to stay away from unreliable app development companies.

Here are some of the most crucial factors that you should consider when you are trying to create a mobile app RFP.

The RFP should cover diverse aspects relating to the app


When you write the mobile RFP, you should make sure that it focuses on multiple grounds rather than just the basic functionalities of the app. The reason for this is that when you are creating an app, you will need much more than just app development services. For instance, your app may need APIs for connecting with other tools and services. The app may require backend server support and development as well. For a high end app with specific features, you may also need effective analytics integration. You may also want to invest on full-fledged UI/UX services for your app so that it is well received. Keeping such factors in mind will help you to come up with a better written RFP that contains all the minute details and requirements of your app which will in turn help you to obtain relevant responses.

The budget is going to determine effective responses

In many cases, companies that are looking to develop apps are somewhat hesitant to include their budget range within their mobile app RFP. If that is the case with you, you should remember that including the budget can actually help you to select a vendor that is suitable for your job. This can also help you to save time and energy in the process of finding out a reliable app developer for your project.

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Mobile app development companies vary greatly in their infrastructure, cost, scope as well as the quality of work that they are capable of delivering. Therefore when you include a budget for your project, it can actually help to eliminate vendors that are not capable to take up such a project. While it is one thing to communicate with your potential vendors, including the budget in your RFP can provide you with an idea from the very beginning if a particular app development company is competent enough to take up such a project.

Mobile app development projects should be backed up by proper maintenance and support

A well written and detailed mobile app RFP must not only cover all the various aspects related to its development but also cover everything relating to ongoing support and maintenance. Unless you back up the main app development project with sufficient support at all times, it is going to seem outdated and unreliable in a matter of few months. Therefore you must invest wisely in maintenance and updates so that your end users have a positive experience with the app. The vendor that you choose for your project should be able to provide you with proper support so as to make sure that the app is working perfectly according to the expectations of the end users.

The clarity of your RFP is going to determine the development scale

Mobile App Development companies Toronto offer a wide range of services that are crucial to ensure the success of an app among the end users. These include consulting and app store delivery to optimization. You may also need more time to develop your app and upload it with the app store in case you have not properly scoped its development. Writing an RFP for your mobile app development project does involve focusing on a lot of detail. In case you send an RFP that only contains some general ideas instead of specific points, it is inevitably going to increase the time required for production. You may not even end up with a finished product that is perfect according to your needs. Therefore you must make sure that your RFP includes all the vital details. Some app development companies may not even respond to your queries unless your RFP includes specific details. For instance, your RF must focus on the basic and core elements of the app and the features that should be included in it. You should include your marketing and business goals and how you want it to function in the long and short term. In short, you must express your vision with your app in great detail.

Well written RFP can greatly enhance the value of the project


When you write a mobile app RFP that includes all the critical features and points associated with its development, maintenance and upgrades, you are likely to have a product that can aptly match your business needs. When you include a lot of details in your app RFP, it can make the work of the app development vendor a lot easier, while at the same time making sure that the app meets the highest quality parameters.

Ultimately, the quality of your mobile app RFP will affect the quality of the responses you receive. The better it is, the more likely you are to get proposals that convey the capabilities of the vendor, include more accurate timeline and price estimations, and help you choose the company that is the perfect fit for your project.

Virtual Reality | The new reality of Real-Estate


Impact of Virtual Reality in Real-Estate industry

The wave of tsunami is flooding in the real estate market. Will you ride through the wave, or get crushed by it?

A way back before decade, virtual reality (VR) only seemed possible in the science fiction movies but the time changed when the tech was adopted by video game and entertainment industries. VR came up with the fresh headlines in 2014, when Facebook made $2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR.  Today, VR is booming up for all industries especially in real-estate sector as real estate marketers provide the buyers with headsets to explore the properties rather than visit site physically. More and more startups are entering this space and it is predicted to become the next hottewst trend. As per National Association of Realtors research 95% of customers searching for real estate online, 51% actually finding their ideal home that way and the market of real estate is predicted to touch at least $80 billion by 2025. Isn’t that great?

But why there is so much of hype for VR in real-estate?

It is because of

  • Real estate brokers had to manage the tight schedule from one visit to the other dealing with the traffic, weather condition and much more and this tends to be very tedious task.
  • Real estate brokers had to deal with the heart-broken phrase everyday “It doesn’t look like pictures”.

Virtual Reality can resolve these hurdles and offers the possibilities to virtually visit the spaces in less time. This will naturally increase sales efficiency and enables the ability to convert into potential leads.


Let’s zero down some ways on how can VR make the job of real-estate easier?

Gives 360 degree of insights to client: Using Virtual reality headset, you can showcase your project to the buyers and they can take stunning realistic 3D tours of their future homes. Buyers can experience movements in the house without being physically over there and can also experience activities like opening of doors, folding furniture, accessing built-in elements and much more. Instead of explaining to the clients what property will look like once it is finished, you can show them precisely how their future home would look even before the construction. Making a large investment solely based on plans written out on paper is risk and not all buyers will be willing to agree upon. But with such simple gesture and finger touch, buyers have the opportunity to augment their living standards once they take a tour. This helps in taking faster decision and feels less hesitant about investing in property that they can’t see physically.

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Enables the client to customize their homes: Suppose you are showing your client a fixer-upper; but how about if you can show your client a fixer-upper into many other layouts of the same property within minutes? It is always difficult to sell the homes that needs many reworks, but VR can make it easy for the buyers to imagine the potential. Within a few touches, you can showcase how kitchen would look like, new paint color on few walls etc.; this in-turn helps the client to feel more comfortable about the process and can hassle-free buy the space that needs some customization. VR can show them ‘what if’ possibilities before initiating any work. Our Clients had fabulous experience when they hired iPhone app developers from iPhone app development company known as iQlance Solutions.


Show homes that are staying 7 seas far: As per research, 20% of the home buyers are making offers on home without even seeing them in person.  With the advancement of VR in real estate, the risk can be mitigated of buying properties from a longer distance! Many international construction companies finds it difficult to reach the destination by car and are left with only flight option as the destination is located in other country. With VR, it is easy for the company to walk through the building sites of property and can even remotely guide the workers through the tour. Additionally, buyers are able to take real-time experience of property compared to the simply viewing of images; there is far less chance of misunderstandings and miscommunication and hence they are able to take quicker and educated decisions.

Keeps cost down: It costs high to create show homes, scale models, printing collateral etc and all needs to be redesigned and remade when the concept changes. From marketing and engagement to conversion, VR reduces cost everywhere and helps in avoiding travel and hotel expenses, and traveling hassles. As things are kept transparent and buyers know in advance what they will have in their budget, there is little scope for objections or refund like situations which often groove our income besides bringing disgrace to an organization. Hence, seeing the cost structure VR can be effective and efficient way to connect fresh prospects especially when real-estate industry is involved.

How VR in real-estate can benefit you?

It provides

  • Great visual engagement
  • Unprecedented clarity
  • Branding
  • Mobility
  • Extended reach
  • Cost saving
  • Improved brand loyalty
  • Enables to get more ROI
  • Reduces sales cycle time
  • No special hardware or software is needed

It’s all about imagination

Today, VR is rolling the balls and creating new intuitive way to interact with computer or smartphone. It enables the real estate marketers to visualize like never before and offers wider field of view, where the concept of the virtual desktop is no longer confined by the size of the physical display screen on our desktop or palm of our hands.

At the end of the day, the real-estate industry focus on how to make it easy for the prospective buyers to visualize and how they would feel living in that particular property.  And for this, VR has the potential to disrupt and improve the real estate buying process all while increasing sales efficiency and without having to hire more staff.

So, are you looking to develop VR app for your next big project? Write to us on info@iqlance.com

Getting Technological Advancement through the Internet of Things


With the expanding market in the smart devices increasing, many standalone devices have begun to dominate several aspects of our lives. These remain triggered by physical activity and do not need any monitoring to function. The best example of the Internet of Things (IoT) is in the field of medicine and healthcare, also IT Consulting & Managed IT Services Winnipeg can helps to solve your tech problems.

Need for IoT

In these new fields of healthcare and fitness monitoring, the dependence on the IoT grows daily. This has led the evolution of these devices into a niche where the total independent action was the priority. Fitness trackers do not need any connection to the internet but they are the forerunners in the field of IoT. The dependence is more on the radio frequency type of connectivity to link things together. Mobile medical applications will not need any internet based devices to work though they might prove useful. All they need is a battery and they will tell most of the things you need to know such as your temperature, blood pressure, and heartbeat.


Development of IoT in new fields is fast due to the mechanical nature of the development. Use of many networks, failure of Wi-Fi connectivity, insufficient software access, and many related aspects have led to the creation of devices that are self-sustaining. This trend is not a pioneering aspect but rather evolutionary in nature as already pointed out. It happened due to the need to establish precedence in their respective fields.

Interconnected systems using lasers and UV rays

The IT systems for hospitals and healthcare accommodate the growing needs by developing flexibility in the approach. The emphasis is on the interconnected system which depends on radio connectivity, lasers, UV rays, and more. Many of the investors in technology have examined the possibility of using Big Data to their advantage. This type of data mining and monitoring needed specialized skills and new kind of machine learning.

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The new e-learning technology promises new horizons in learning. So, this could provide a means for acquiring new skills within a short time. But, one needs to develop the base for implementation of data mining technology. You will need to operate a huge database with all the records in one centralized place for better access. IoT helps you put in place the needed technology using simple devices that you can fix to the arm or leg of the patient.

Early detection possible

Using machine learning, the remote intelligence platform will create an algorithm to detect as many as 89% of the hospitalizations four to five days ahead of time. This helps the doctor to impart better treatment and achieve a better cure for the ailment. It helps to connect to the cloud through the internet though you may not need this all the time.

There will be false positives but their incidence will remain as low as 2-3%. One case in point is that of the study of heart attacks. By constructing a virtual heart in the clouds, it is possible to study the variation of the patterns of the electrical signals during a heart attack.

Again, it took a long time. Furthermore, we shouldn’t reduce the Internet of Things to just these popular and widely known concepts, even if consumer-related attention for the IoT without a doubt has led to the grown attention for it as you’ll read further.


IoT Platforms

One IoT device connects to another to transmit information using Internet transfer protocols. IoT platforms serve as the bridge between the devices’ sensors and the data networks.

The following are some of the top IoT platforms on the market today:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • ThingWorx IoT Platform
  • IBM’s Watson
  • Cisco IoT Cloud Connect
  • Salesforce IoT Cloud
  • Oracle Integrated Cloud
  • GE Predix

Though the internet is always there for us as a means to fall back on, the Internet of Things has spread its tentacles over the newer horizons.

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