Top 10 Innovative Mobile App Ideas To Boost Your Business

Mobile App Ideas

During the last decade, mobile app use has increased and they have become an important part of everybody’s life. Even our everyday chores like booking an appointment with the doctor, shopping, online classes, and a lot more is available at just a click. Innovative mobile app ideas for 2021 that offer people the ideal solution to their requirements have a solid possibility of succeeding.

Top 10 Innovative Mobile App Ideas To Boost Your Business:

Lyrics Tracker App

There are times when we hear some songs, we like them as well, but, we don’t remember their lyrics. All that we have is a fragment of a song or its humming part. And there are times when lyrics come to us and we do not know the song. In both these cases, we work hard to find its music. This gives us an outstanding idea for an app. A lyrics tracker app to find the song from the humming or some lyrics. What can be better is you just sing the part that you know and the mobile app finds the song and its singer.

Language Translation App

While traveling to foreign countries, most of us find us difficult to connect with the natives of the country because we don’t know their language. So, a language translation mobile app can be helpful. Its feature goes beyond basic translation like its ability to interpret a conversation immediately which can be very helpful for travelers. The right language translation app should be available in all languages, should be simple to understand and use, and have the most relevant features.

Remote Healthcare Service App

Considering the pandemic situation, it can be a good idea to create a healthcare mobile app . Making healthcare reach everyone is an excellent app idea. If you launch a healthcare app, it is sure to succeed in the present scenario. Build an app that offers the facility to get any doctor at your doorsteps so that people can get video consultations. You can also add the feature of making automatic appointments after a specific time. With advanced features like predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, the app should allow doctors to diagnose as well as treat diseases.

Travel Plan App

All of plan dreamy trips. However, when the right time comes, we get stuck. However, a smart travel planner can be beneficial. A Travel Plan app can give a new aspect to the older traveler apps. It allows the users to synchronize their office schedules with this app. The app should be able to collect data inputs of your favorite destinations. The travel app should also use your preference and schedule to meet your common trips to offer the best trip dates.

Scan And Shop App

These apps have become quite famous in the eCommerce industry. This kind of app will let you search for the product you like and find out about them at online stores or a closet alternative to them to help you buy them immediately. They let users communicate and interact flawlessly with print marketing, catalogs, items, or in-shop signage, offering them helpful experiences and content.

Restaurant Booking App

All of us enjoy arranging family get-togethers and dining out. It can be very helpful to make a reservation by phone or online between the daily hustle and busy lives. With a restaurant booking app, guests can make a reservation in advance to confirm a table at the restaurant at a specific time. By simply filtering your cuisine options by showing locations on the map, prices, and more, you will be able to check different restaurants.

Productivity App

This app can make your work as well as your personal tasks more efficient and simpler to complete. A productivity app is available in various categories like individual productivity apps, office, and business apps, and collaboration apps. In today’s world, most people use some kind of productivity apps to track their productivity. So, it is one of the topmost ideas for mobile app development.

Pregnancy Helper App

Nowadays, people focus more on wellness and health. The pregnancy helper apps help pregnant women and their families with helpful information during the different stages of pregnancy. They give information on what they should do, what should they eat, how should they complete care of themselves, what should they do and not do, and more. The information must be from qualified and authentic medical experts only.

Karaoke App

Even non-singers can now turn into singers with karaoke apps. Karaoke apps will not just offer the ability to sing for background music but will also include many enhancements that will sound similar to your singing idols. This idea can offer you a spark of creativity to make an app with creative functionalities that will offer targeted audience exceptional value-added services and assist you to earn healthy profits.

A Wish Fulfiller App

It’s an era where individuals make many new year resolutions, but don’t follow them. They make decisions like reading books, learning new things, staying healthy, and traveling around. But such decisions do not last for a month. However, things can become different if you keep getting continuous motivation for fulfilling your wishes. It’s human nature to become inspired when somebody motivates you every day. In this case, an app is a perfect option. If the app reminds you continuously about your targets, you will put in efforts. It would be excellent if there are a few appreciation messages as well once people reach their goals.

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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Real Estate App like Zillow?

cost to develop real estate app like Zillow

Real Estate is one of the important sectors in the source of the economy. The demand for Real Estate App development is rapidly increasing in the market because we all know that modern problem requires modern Solution. To make it easy for the property buyers, sellers, and realtors, Real Estate Industry is becoming highly digitalized that will reduce the people’s stress of visiting and contacting the different agents.

When you are planning to develop an application to register real estate properties, it is certain that you must be aware of the American Real Estate market and might know about the Zillow. No need to worry if you don’t know about this app, We will provide you with the entire details regarding how much will developing Zillow app cost. This application is meeting the need and demands of the users properly. To develop an app like Zillow , You must know the features that are used to build this app. This will make you understand better about the approach and the functionality of the application.

To understand properly what is the cost to develop a Real estate app like Zillow, You need to put the main focus on selling and leasing the most applications produced by the company Which turns out to be like Real Estate. Each company has its costing structure depending on the features of the application. Real Estate applications are prominent in the market today, So developing such an application will improve your business.

Cost to Develop an App like Zillow and its Business Model:

Let us explore Zillow’s business model first after that we will shift towards the costing. While developing a real estate application it is equally important to have the right people. You need a team of experts that will be able to understand to requirement properly and develop accordingly.

You will need Real Estate mobile app development company in Canada , with the professional front end and backend developers, designers, testers to handle the project updates and changes for develop an app like Zillow.

It is also important to know the development cost of real estate apps. This will allow you to have a better approach towards developing applications and achieving your goals in a guaranteed manner.

We are heading towards the idea of real estate apps and Cost to Develop Real Estate App like Zillow. Your application costing will depend on the features you want in your project. The development process, the team that you will choose will also add cost. Based on an hourly fee of the members of the development team and timeline, It will be possible for you to estimate how much you have to invest. You must be aware of one thing that the development cost of a mobile app like Zillow is location-specific.

How Real Estate Apps like Zillow Work:

Apps like Zillow make things better by helping people to overcome the problem of brokers, who usually cheat and ask for a high amount of brokerage. It becomes very important to hire the best iOS and Android app developers from the best mobile app development company in Canada that will develop the application that can stand in the competition with other Real Estate apps.

The development of Zillow Like Real Estate app can help the people to buy, sell, and rent the property and will also help those who are looking for any accommodation. It will also be helpful for those who are new to the city and looking for accommodation as per their needs. Users can search for accommodation using filters as per their requirements. A list of properties will be available to the user based on the budget, location, and facility preference of the users. This application will provide them with real-time help to find the best property to meet their requirements.

Basic Features that affect the Cost to Create Real Estate App like Zillow:

While you are planning to develop a real estate application, you need to keep few things in mind like Zillow app cost, This is important because it will help you to come up with a successful plan to develop the finest real estate application. Here are some features that you should incorporate in your real estate application:

• Advanced Search function
• Database
• Mortgage Extension
• Seling and Buying Applications
• Graphic list Appearance detail
• Save search for Retaining users
• Filters and Categories

Cost and Development time of Real Estate Mobile applications like Zillow depend upon all these features.

Advanced features that affect the cost of developing Real Estate App like Zillow:

• If you are planning to develop a real estate application like Zillow, You must think about the features that will help your application to grow. It will be better if you note-down the list of such features so that you can remember them when needed.

• You can offer better user interface and experience by providing the best searching and sorting options.this will help you to compete with other such applications in the market.

• User on boarding is the most important feature of a real estate app and it has to be as simple as possible. Each feature should be clear to the user.

• Property Profiles should be properly managed and should contain almost every information and the photos that will help the user to make a decision easily.

• The application should allow the user to shortlist and save their favorite properties.

• Integrating Maps with your app is the most important feature that will help users to get the proper location details.

• Push notifications are the most powerful marketing strategy to include in your app to succeed in the long run. This will allow you to stay on the customer’s mind.

• A Virtual tour is an incredible way to give buyers a real-time view of the property, they want to purchase.


Are you ready to develop the next Zillow app? For that, is important to choose the best real estate mobile app development company in Canada that has experienced professionals that will add more value to your idea.

We at iQlance Solutions have the best team of experts that will help your goal of entering the market with the proper strategy along with the best Real Estate Market applications that have excellent design and absolute features. You can hire the best Real Estate App Developers in Toronto from iQlance Solutions that will guide you from the very beginning of the project to turn your idea into reality and develop a stunning real estate app for your business that more number of users will be attracted towards your application.

If you have any further questions regarding the Cost of Real Estate App like Zillow, Feel free to Contact Us now. We are always ready to answer your questions and provide consultation by the team of experts.

How Much Will Mobile Application Development Cost in 2020?

 Mobile Application Development Cost

One of the ways to enhance the productivity of a business these days is by presenting the services and products of the business through a mobile app be it Android, iOS, or some other. So what does a business require from that app? Profit, what else? Another question that comes to mind while choosing a specific app development team is the app development cost that the business will have to endure.  Mobile app development cost, among other factors, plays an important role. If stats are to be believed there are more than 3 billion users worldwide as of today. Many of these users are having not only one mobile but more than one mobile – one for personal and one for office use. These mobiles have different types of apps installed that range from games, education, business, movies, and music apps (though there can be more categories as well). Let’s see how much of the amount does a business spends on getting a mobile app developed.

With the new year already in with different and up-coming new technologies for developing mobile apps, many of the businesses would be looking for formula to calculate the mobile app development cost in 2020. However, there are no such formula when it comes to mobile app development. But just for the convenience of the users, the following formula might hold good to calculate how much does it cost to make an app.

Cost of Mobile App Development =(App Features * Time Taken) * Rate per Hour

Steps Involved

To begin with, let’s see the steps involved in the development of a mobile app.

Step I: Get a quote from various mobile app development teams and compare them. See who is offering more features at a reasonable price

Step II: Select the platform(s) you want your mobile app to be available on. It may be an Android, iOS, Windows, or even all. This will add to the development cost though.

Step III: Specify the functionality you want your app to perform.

Step IV: Specify the features according to Priority. This will reflect your business requirements.

Step V: Last, but most important of all, ask the developers to include features that a business app must have such as authentication and authorization.

Cost Estimation

Having seen the steps, let’s start with each of the steps in detail.

  1. The Platform: Considering that you want your app to be available for Android, iOS, or both, certain facts need serious thinking. The business needs to know which OS would benefit them more. Just saying iOS or Android does not fulfill the needs.


  • iOS: Astonishing but true. iOS cost less than Android as far as their development is concerned. iOS apps find their market with the upper-class. Thus even paid apps are not a problem in the case of the iOS platform. Apps on iOS are easier to use for novice users even. Because of strict guidelines for the app quality, an iOS app finds more users than an Android app.
  • Android: In Asia, Android has a bigger market than iOS. It has lower download costs as compared to iOS. Android has low maintenance costs as it is not supposed to be regularly refreshed like iOS. Unlike iOS, Android doesn’t have strict guidelines for quality and as such developers are at ease while developing the Android apps.


  • iOS: iOS has a high-cost of hosting that can go up to $200. The number of iOS users in the Asia-Pacific region is quite limited as such. Also, one of its benefits is its disadvantage i.e. strict guidelines for app quality. Due to these strict guidelines, developers turn to Android or Windows.
  • Android: Well this is not a platform where you can easily sell your paid apps. Users of this platform like to download free apps more. As far as the development of an Android app is concerned, it takes a bit more time than an iOS app.
  1. Mobile App Type: While the Platform for which the app is developed matters, the type of the application also does. These days, mobile users prefer to have a mobile app rather than web apps. Here too, the mobile apps can be classified into Native and Hybrid apps. Native apps are built for a single operating system such as Android or iOS, but the Hybrid apps can function on both the platforms. Though Hybrid apps are being considered the future of mobile apps, they are still in their infancy and Native apps are more preferred than Hybrid apps.
  2. Development Location: This also affects the cost of the mobile app. If the mobile app is being developed in-house, then the cost is bound to decrease. In the case of outsourced mobile app development, the cost will certainly go up as extra money will have to be paid to the developers.

Features: The cost of the app will go up as more and more features are being added to the app. This is because the developers have to put in the number of hours to achieve the desired end-result. A user login-enabled app adds 20 man-hours, 24-hours for a push-notification feature, navigation bar adds up to 40 man-hours,64-104 hours for media content sharing,24 for Geolocation features, in-app messaging takes around 60 hours, while database connectivity takes around 18 hours. This beside the time taken for architecture development, environment setup, design, bug fixes, project management and documentation which collectively take up around 500+ hours. Further, the cost of the app will also rise if your app falls between one of the simple, moderate, and complex types of apps. The simple type of apps just have the core features, moderate have features such as payment gateways, API integration, and backend-server support. Complex apps on the other hand have a good UI, multi-language support, Real-time features through the use of the database, and custom animations as well. What method must be used to calculate which features to include and which not to? The answer is brought to you by a technique called MoSCoW which categorises features into

  1. features that must be present,
  2. important features that should be present
  3. the not so important features but can be considered in a later version
  4. the not required features.

All features can be categorized as thus when you go to the developers.

  1. Cost Charged by App Developers: Another factor that counts in when calculating the cost of a mobile app is the hourly rate charged by mobile app developers. However, this can differ from place to place and from developer to developer as well. Countries like the US and Canada have rates that range from $50 to $250 while the rates in India will vary from $10 to $80 per hour. As such the place from where the app is getting developed also matters a lot.

Let’s Conclude

Having said a lot about the factors that affect the cost of mobile app development, one thing is for sure – there are no fixed criteria to answer this question. This is because each mobile app has a unique business aim to solve problems, and is aimed at specific users.

In addition, various applications require a specific amount of space on mobile devices, use different third-party integration, and provide access to diverse amounts of information. To get a fair idea of the cost it would be better to ask some experts on this who has the technical as well as the commercial know-how about the matter.

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