How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Real Estate App like Zillow?

cost to develop real estate app like Zillow

Real Estate is one of the important sectors in the source of the economy. The demand for Real Estate App development is rapidly increasing in the market because we all know that modern problem requires modern Solution. To make it easy for the property buyers, sellers, and realtors, Real Estate Industry is becoming highly digitalized that will reduce the people’s stress of visiting and contacting the different agents.

When you are planning to develop an application to register real estate properties, it is certain that you must be aware of the American Real Estate market and might know about the Zillow. No need to worry if you don’t know about this app, We will provide you with the entire details regarding how much will developing Zillow app cost. This application is meeting the need and demands of the users properly. To develop an app like Zillow , You must know the features that are used to build this app. This will make you understand better about the approach and the functionality of the application.

To understand properly what is the cost to develop a Real estate app like Zillow, You need to put the main focus on selling and leasing the most applications produced by the company Which turns out to be like Real Estate. Each company has its costing structure depending on the features of the application. Real Estate applications are prominent in the market today, So developing such an application will improve your business.

Cost to Develop an App like Zillow and its Business Model:

Let us explore Zillow’s business model first after that we will shift towards the costing. While developing a real estate application it is equally important to have the right people. You need a team of experts that will be able to understand to requirement properly and develop accordingly.

You will need Real Estate mobile app development company in Canada , with the professional front end and backend developers, designers, testers to handle the project updates and changes for develop an app like Zillow.

It is also important to know the development cost of real estate apps. This will allow you to have a better approach towards developing applications and achieving your goals in a guaranteed manner.

We are heading towards the idea of real estate apps and Cost to Develop Real Estate App like Zillow. Your application costing will depend on the features you want in your project. The development process, the team that you will choose will also add cost. Based on an hourly fee of the members of the development team and timeline, It will be possible for you to estimate how much you have to invest. You must be aware of one thing that the development cost of a mobile app like Zillow is location-specific.

How Real Estate Apps like Zillow Work:

Apps like Zillow make things better by helping people to overcome the problem of brokers, who usually cheat and ask for a high amount of brokerage. It becomes very important to hire the best iOS and Android app developers from the best mobile app development company in Canada that will develop the application that can stand in the competition with other Real Estate apps.

The development of Zillow Like Real Estate app can help the people to buy, sell, and rent the property and will also help those who are looking for any accommodation. It will also be helpful for those who are new to the city and looking for accommodation as per their needs. Users can search for accommodation using filters as per their requirements. A list of properties will be available to the user based on the budget, location, and facility preference of the users. This application will provide them with real-time help to find the best property to meet their requirements.

Basic Features that affect the Cost to Create Real Estate App like Zillow:

While you are planning to develop a real estate application, you need to keep few things in mind like Zillow app cost, This is important because it will help you to come up with a successful plan to develop the finest real estate application. Here are some features that you should incorporate in your real estate application:

• Advanced Search function
• Database
• Mortgage Extension
• Seling and Buying Applications
• Graphic list Appearance detail
• Save search for Retaining users
• Filters and Categories

Cost and Development time of Real Estate Mobile applications like Zillow depend upon all these features.

Advanced features that affect the cost of developing Real Estate App like Zillow:

• If you are planning to develop a real estate application like Zillow, You must think about the features that will help your application to grow. It will be better if you note-down the list of such features so that you can remember them when needed.

• You can offer better user interface and experience by providing the best searching and sorting options.this will help you to compete with other such applications in the market.

• User on boarding is the most important feature of a real estate app and it has to be as simple as possible. Each feature should be clear to the user.

• Property Profiles should be properly managed and should contain almost every information and the photos that will help the user to make a decision easily.

• The application should allow the user to shortlist and save their favorite properties.

• Integrating Maps with your app is the most important feature that will help users to get the proper location details.

• Push notifications are the most powerful marketing strategy to include in your app to succeed in the long run. This will allow you to stay on the customer’s mind.

• A Virtual tour is an incredible way to give buyers a real-time view of the property, they want to purchase.


Are you ready to develop the next Zillow app? For that, is important to choose the best real estate mobile app development company in Canada that has experienced professionals that will add more value to your idea.

We at iQlance Solutions have the best team of experts that will help your goal of entering the market with the proper strategy along with the best Real Estate Market applications that have excellent design and absolute features. You can hire the best Real Estate App Developers in Toronto from iQlance Solutions that will guide you from the very beginning of the project to turn your idea into reality and develop a stunning real estate app for your business that more number of users will be attracted towards your application.

If you have any further questions regarding the Cost of Real Estate App like Zillow, Feel free to Contact Us now. We are always ready to answer your questions and provide consultation by the team of experts.

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