Why Do Companies Hire PMP® Certified Project Manager?

Krunal Vyas: Posted July 20, 2022 In Latest News

These days, many tech-based organizations are more focused on the betterment of the strategy of the operations. Project management is a crucial aspect of various types of domains in any organizational operation process. 

project management is based on the best communication with the stakeholder's meetings, time management, negotiation, cross-level domain understanding, hiring the best talent, leadership, empathy, risk-taking capabilities, critical thinking, technical proficiency, problem-solving, defining the cost, project scope and understanding the real-time challenging problems from the customer.

Poor project management can cause serious challenges in various IT sectors, such as Software Development companies, Custom Software Development, and ASP.NET Development companies in global locations in India and overseas. To define the proper modernization project plan and strategy, an organization needs trained project managers in order to execute a successful project. These days various types of global IT sectors and start-ups are hiring PMP certified project managers because they don't want to compromise the risk of failure of the project in any case.

Why Hire PMP Certified Project Manager for Mobile App/Software Development Project?

When we form a team for Mobile App/ software development projects, we need an experienced project manager who can handle the project plan and define the scope in a more streamlined process. Here are below insights about the reasons why IT/software development organizations need to hire a certified project manager:

  • Organize a productive conversation with the stakeholders according to the initial phase of the project to till launch as per the iterative process.
  • Provides the best adaptation and idea about the project and sets the priorities as per the business needs.
  • Tracking the essential milestones and defining the web application project plans/schedules and accountable to adjust as per the businesses demands
  • Responsible for defining the string project allocations and timescales as per the relationships with all core business partner teams.
  • Create the business use case and regular demonstration with the business and stakeholders and updates on the effects of the project on benefits, savings, and revenues.
  • In the mobile-based application types of projects, we have certain types of structuring and planning, hence we would need solid project management techniques to handle them.
  • To manage project management activities, we have various types of phases, such as:


  1. Define Goals
  2. Feasibility
  3. Create App ideas


  1. Define Scope
  2. Timeline
  3. Resource planning


  1. App development
  2. Test/Launch/Publish
  3. Create status report

Project Monitoring:

  1. Check assurance of quality
  2. Set Budget
  3. Team performance


  1. Release app
  2. Review 
  3. Closure report

Hance organization needs a PMP certified project manager who can handle these key areas.

What values can a PMP certified Project Manager can bring to your project?

As per the current work strategy, there are a lot of changes happening in the operations, management, and work patterns as people are more technical and moving into a project management role with lots of calibers. PMP provides a comprehensive vision of the PM function role and helps them to understand the real-time business challenges and scenarios and train them to manage the projects in the best manner ways.

Here are key values as PMP certified project manager can deliver for the successful project

Management and team leadership skills:

Well-Trained and capable of leading, motivating, and inspiring team members to accomplish standard project goals

Quicker Problem solver: 

Bring the solution as per the creative ideas and discover a workaround if any barricades in a certain project

Excellent Communication:

To communicate about the project statuses with the stakeholders and team members, PM should be able properly to communicate as per the regular updates.

Cultural Recognition:

This skill is required to avoid miscommunication or conflicts in a team.

Being an Optimist:

Dealing with certain changes on the project and contributing to new ideas and sharing with the team as per the project lifecycle.

Domain and industry knowledge experience

Deep understanding of the industry knowledge and domain experience and sharing knowledge with team members.

Expertise and up to date as per the current tech-trend

A better understanding of the advancement of new project management tools and techniques and defining an enhanced workflow project plan setup

Understanding of the latest project Frameworks

Expertise in the Agile, Program, and Portfolio management will be of tremendous value to being a successful project manager

What's difference between PMP PM Vs Project Manager?

When we compare and deep dive into why PMP certification is important for aspiring project managers, how it can make a difference, as per the current market trend, a certified PMP (Project Management Professional) can be a successful project manager, but not a PM (who is non-certified PM) can not be a PMP.

The PMP certification test is the most challenging to pass in the project management field.

Here are below reasons to make this definition more precisely:

Customers and business partners prefer the PMP certified project managers, as PMP certification provides the standard of best practices.

PMP-trained project managers have a solid establishment background in the various types of a factor of well-defined project management, which they learn from this certification and can easily execute a solid project management plan in their upcoming future projects.

The organization expects a project manager must execute multiple types of stages while defining the initial planning stage to till the end and monitor and control it in a better way.

The PMP course and certification support the Project Manager to determine the key foundations on all terms and maintain the best practices.

PMP certification enables various opportunities for the person who wants to be not only a project manager but also a program manager and portfolio manager.

A PMP certification allows the project manager to establish their knowledge and capabilities to manage, lead, and execute projects.It helps them perform their abilities and skills globally acknowledged.

The Project Management Professional (PMP) is a business-recognized certification for project managers multinational who are accountable for running the performance and development of miscellaneous projects at their organizations. 

As PMP certification provides proper real-time training and critical problem-solving examination as per the industry's best practices. It gives the best core understanding of managing the projects suitably. It enables the best skills and up-to-date techniques as per the latest project management technologies with hands-on experience in the project's execution in each phase.

PMP certification is worldwide known and globally recognized everywhere in multiple types of domains and geographies. As per the current data analysis, the number of certified PMs Organization certified managers' growth rate is much higher and their intelligence is so valuable, hence the success and productive rate are also increasing in IT and software development organizations.

Why Choose iQlance for your software development Project ?

We are ranked as one of the outstanding software development companies in India. At IQlance, we deliver various types of developments in the software, mobile-based and custom software development. Here is the list of software development tools we prefer to use in delivering our project at a fast pace:


We use the agile technique that helps us to build our solution in a more suitable way with the most profitable process.

It qualifies our teams to manage work more effectively and produce the highest quality of product within a certain budget cost. 


We also use the Kanban project management tool, it helps us to implement a smooth setup for software development and enables easier ways to configure CI-CD automation using DevOps. Using this tool, we can use the monitor feature and see the work items. It helps us to see the progress of activities of our team members.

JIRA Software:

We use JIRA software for tracking the defects/bugs/issues. It helps us to see real-time challenges to get insights about the mobile/web-based software development tasks and helps us to design a custom dashboard creation. hence, it can give us clarity and an overview of how we are progressing.

The Project Management Professional (PMP)

PMP  is a business-recognized certification for project managers multinational who are accountable for running the performance and development of miscellaneous projects at their organisations. Below are the roles of PMPs that can help the person who wants to perform the project management and leadership types of responsibilities.

  • Prepare and set the plan and define the scope of a project
  • Creating the project strategy and sequencing all the projects activities for successful project performance
  • Executing risk analysis
  • Delivering cost and deep analyses on the time management
  • Resource distribution or allocations and training budgets
  • Create Product process documentation and design charts & schedules
  • Define the tracking and reporting process as per the project completion
  • Helps to create an effective and productive team building and manage dysfunctional situations within the teams
  • Being responsible for team activities and strategic shaping
  • Implementing the best methods to leverage the PMP methodology
  • Establishing project submission as per the essential regulations and constraints
  • Support stakeholder’s confidence in the project
  • Keep and safeguard confidential data

About us

iQlance is a Toronto-based app and web development organisation. We are a team of proficient software developers, mobile developers, Product Owners, designers, and testers to help our business with effective and robust solutions ideas. iQlance delivers and uses the latest software. Here are our Expertise

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Our Team:

iQlance has a certified and experienced Project Manager on board with broad experience on software and mobile app development. 

Krunal Vyas, B.Eng, MBA, PMP has been helping clients to bring their software and app ideas into reality through PMI-PMP execution methods.  Here at, iQlance solutions we deliver the product under the Agile Methodology, Hybrid, and Waterfall model. Our Project Manager has more than 10 years of experience in handling the responsibilities of Client relationship management, Product budgeting, and Planning, Project execution (Agile- Scrum), and Product Consultancy. Krunal worked in various domains projects, such as  Financial Solutions, Logistic Software, SAAS, ERP Solutions, Social Networking App, Dating App Solutions, and many more.   

Let’s discuss your next great idea with our certified PMP Project Manager. 

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