TOP 10 Fantasy Sports Apps in USA

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TOP 10 Fantasy Sports Apps in USA

Fantasy! Everyone has one fantasy in life, whether it is a skydive or bungee jumping. Thanks to the internet and technology, which gave rise to a new fantasy in the life of sports enthusiasts. Fantasy sports has allowed newbie and veteran players to indulge in their favorite sports by allowing them to create imaginary teams for a particular player that is made up of real professionals, and earn real cash, based on the actual performance of the player’s. The exponential growth of fantasy sports can be associated with three reasons: first- it makes the sports more interactive and lively. Second- it converts regular followers from occasional, and third- it gives a better understanding of the sports. Whether it is basketball, baseball, cricket, football, volleyball- they are fun to play.

With the rise in popularity of fantasy apps, there is so much chaos and confusion in choosing the great apps that can deliver stunning game experience. To elevate your fun, we have filtered 10 best fantasy apps you can install today and show the world your sports skills. Check it out below

# 1 Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Sports lovers, live your sports fantasy on Yahoo. Yahoo covers the wide range of all famous sports; whether you are a lover of basketball, football, baseball, hockey, daily fantasy, Tourney Pick’em- you can participate in fantasy every day, year-round.

Yahoo is more than a pool of games
Yahoo not only covers the wide range of games but also offers various free and paid fantasy leagues- public league or private league (which you can build on your own) to challenge your friends, competitors and win big. Furthermore, yahoo fantasy app offers daily contests, instant updates, and a messenger to help you trash talk with your friends or fellow league members.

The best thing about Yahoo Fantasy Sports is that the platform is easy to use. Newbie players will not have to take hard steps in learning the app. The theme is attractive and works well. The app is designed so well that players can easily switch between games, and manage season-long games, without stressing about the app’s performance.

In a nutshell, Yahoo is a combo pack of
-Pool of games
-Make trades in the app
-Easy to use
-Perfect for the veteran as well as newbie
-Instant updates
-Fantasy messenger
-Daily Fantasy sports
-Optimum switch performance
-Instant updates.

#2 DraftKings

Win Big with DraftKings
So here is the second pick for you. You did have heard about DraftKings before. They boast about their huge winnings that no one will probably ever get through their daily and weekly fantasy sports games bucket. Yes, don’t think you can quit your job and become a full-time DraftKings fantasy player, it will definitely lead you in trouble. Draftkings is famous because of its big payout. Big as in really big, as their cash price can range from as little as $3 to one million dollars.

Get close!
The best thing about this app is its daily fantasy sports. Their weekly contest is very much popular among players. However, it does not have any free games; they offer various free contests to beginners. Also, you can win big with their daily and weekly fantasy pools. You can enjoy plenty of sports here including, fantasy basketball, golf, football, hockey, soccer, baseball, not only these but also Nascar, MMA, and the CFL.

#3 FanDuel

FanDuel is much like DraftKings. You can say they are competitors. Unlike DraftKings, it does not have any reliable free options, though they have cheap options. Like Draftkings it has all the major sports, even more, as you move forward the tournaments. You can set up a weekly and daily contest with your friends and win a big amount of real cash. You can play with everyone, with no season-long commitment.

Besides, FanDuel offers an amazing offer:
- Sign up for free, take the risk of bet up to $500, if you lose your first bet, they’ll give you a refund of up to $500 in site credit. Isn’t this amazing? If you win the bet, you win money.

Apart from contests and money, it is easy to play on FanDuel. It has a simple and intuitive UI with a smart sorting option. So, if your priority is to play on a clean and productive UI, go on, FanDuel is just right for you.
FanDuel best feature:
The best feature of this app is that it will allow you to check out your opponents even before you are engaged in gameplay with them.

#4 SuperDraft

Start winning super with SuperDraft. You can show your skills in a variety of sports and win money. Take super control of your fantasy sports and experience sports like never before. The app offers enthusiast players all the major leagues that include NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and PGA. Unlike salaries, players here are given a Multiplier. This is what makes SuperDraft unique from others. Hence, there will be no salary restrictions. Talking about multipliers, it will depend on players' performance, stats, and who they are playing against.

In terms of UI, the site is easy to run on mobiles and navigation is also remarkably easy. Beginners have nothing to worry about; they can easily find everything they are seeking for.

#5 ESPN Fantasy Sport

The most popular sports fantasy app. The reason for its popularity is its support in core sports i.e basketball, baseball, hockey, and football; topped with amazing features. All these games are completely free to play. We can create our own private league or join a public league. To customize our team, the app offers a collection of a large number of free logos that will give personalized fantasy sports team experience.

It comes along with material design, players ranking, projections, mock drafts, etc. One of the best things about ESPN is that you can track your weekly performance.

“Predict the winner”
With this small gamification ESPN feature, players can win big cash prizes. In addition, players can stay up-to-date with the latest news about the games.

#6 Draft

Live fantasy. Players can enjoy daily, weekly, and season-long fantasy here. The steps here are simple:
1. Select draft (choose the sport, then enter a draft (ranges from 2 to 12 players).
2. Pick your players (you’ll be on the clock, draft five players and outscore opponents)
3. Watch and win (follow along with the live scoring, to collect your winning check back when the game ends).

You can play for your favorite football, basketball, baseball, golf, and hockey.

#7 CBS Fantasy Sports

CBS is all in one sports fantasy app. CBS is like a king, a tough competitor to all. The app offers players to draft their players from anywhere with the support of mock drafts and snake drafts. The app features live and mock drafts, season projections for each player, latest news, advice, league, and more. Players can also track their score, watch weekly matchup recaps, and get accurate updates. The app is clean in aspect to team management pages, this is a good feature, especially with all the news and videos with information on the page to digest. Players can play fantasy games of football, basketball, baseball, and hockey.
The best:
Besides managing the team, eating information, and tracking score, you can also talk with players through league chat.

#8 LineStar for FanDuel

Gain a new perspective on daily basis fantasy sports with the spectacular LineStar App. The LineStar app is designed to provide its players easy to understand sports analytics that will train or help them confidently and successfully FanDuel, DraftKings, CBS, or any other fantasy sports apps. If you're one of those enthusiast sports lovers who spends hours watching sports to win FanDuel or Draftkings, then you better login here and experience the ease along with success. Play your favorite fantasy sports and let LineStar carry the baggage and help you win.

#9 RotoGrinders- DFS strategy, lineups, and alerts

Download RotoGrinder now, and top getting burned by late scratches and lineup charges! You can receive push alerts on your mobile devices as soon as a lineup or breaking news is announced using the RotoGrinders app. The aim of the app is to help players from charges. To ensure, their DFS professionals continually monitor countless sources to alert players to the latest news and analysis. So that players can build the best possible lineups. They are quicker than any other lineup checking app. If there is any change or update or new addition, they will send you a notification.

RotoGrinders is a reliable one-stop news and lineup alert notification app for all the fantasy sports apps.

#10 Fantasy Football My Playbook

The app is designed to help players take better game decisions. Players can manage lineups and dominate their league. Taking better decisions will help players win their league in a better and easy way. The app is a go-to app if you want to stay on the top of the latest updates, news, players news, and so on. If you are a person with a football fantasy, stop wondering and download Fantasy Football My Playbook now. Customers have experienced the best team fantasy with My Playbook.

With in-depth research and firm analysis of Fantasy sports app development experts, this will surely help you improve your’s and your’s team’s game.


So, what are you waiting for? Choose your app and start living your sports fantasy! Fantasy sports is surely the new addition, it is growing at the speed of light. More and more people are logging in different apps to enjoy fantasy games and pass their time. By far it is the best entertainment anyone could ask for from the technology.

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