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Krunal Vyas: Posted June 30, 2017 In Technical Research Daily Notes
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App and websites know that their initial offering is not going to work on all the websites and in all conditions. To know how good the Mobile App Development or website Development is, one must test them to find the bugs and check the performance issues.

Foremost among the testing methods it the load testing. This will do the tests to determine whether your application will withstand the load of the concurrent user, data volumes, and requests. This tells you about the viability of the application in real-time usage. While there are hundreds of load testing tools available, one must have at least one or two in hand to do the testing of the apps and websites before releasing them to the world.

Load testing is important

The first among the web testing tools is the load, stress, and performance test, which we discussed above. The second is the regression testing tool. This means you test those parts of the application that have not undergone testing. The test cases will be checked again whether the old functionality of the application has undergone change due to the introduction of new parts in the application. It may be that some new bugs have been introduced.

Verification of functionality

So, by doing the regression testing we verify that the previous version of the software are working fine and are not disturbed by the introduction of the new features. You also can check to see that all the previous bugs have been fixed. The functional testing is performed by testers when the new build is available. The tester will verify that the existing functionality is working as it should. You must consider regression testing as a part of the release cycle so that it is a part of the test estimation.

Regression testing is usually performed after the recent changes or the new functionalities have been verified. But this need not be the case. If the changes will take months to complete the regression tests are included as a part of the daily cycle. If the changes will be over within the week, then the testing will take place once the week is over.

Various things that you must test

mobile application performance testing

The other important thing on the minds of the software testers is cross browser testing. The things you need to check will consist of the following things:

  • CSS Validation
  • Page Validation
  • HTML Validation
  • Check Ajax and JQuery functionality
  • Page content alignment
  • Check the header and footer sections
  • Images and their alignment
  • Page layout for different resolutions
  • Validation for the font size

Other than these, you must also check for things like page zoom-in and zoom-out functionality, date formats, and page styles. Then, testing takes place for special character with HTML encoding. The entire range of tests will have to be done for different Operating Systems such as the Windows, Mac, and Linux. You may also have to check for different versions of the browser.

You have several free of charge and paid cross browser testing tools in the market. You need to decide on the browser compatibility testing tool according to your obligations. And, if cross browser testing is vital to your job, you should spend time and put in the effort and budget test the website on different browsers. When your project has more browser dependent functions, it is better to opt for the paid version rather than choosing the free version that has lesser functionalities.

The list compiled above contains both free open source and certified tools for web testing. But, the accredited tools will have free trial versions that allow you to decide which one works well for you. Try them for a while before you decide on one.

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