Top 10 Amazing SEO Companies that will Increase your Sales in 2024

Krunal Vyas: Posted December 13, 2022 In SEO
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Are you looking to give your business some organic leads through the internet? If yes, then SEO is surely something that you should try for your business website. With good Search Engine Optimization or SEO, your website gets better ranked on the SERP or Search Engine Result Page. Moreover, if you are getting services from your local SEO provider, then the results can be even better. Businesses established in Canada can surely go for top SEO companies in Halifax and get the best results for their businesses.

Aren't you aware of which company will serve you the best? Well, worry not! We are surely here to help you out on the same. We have created a curated list of the ten best SEO Companies in Canada that will provide you with the best SEO services in the Market. Do check the list below to know more.

Top Seo Companies in Canada

  1. iQlance 
  2. BlueHat Marketing 
  3. Social Media 55 
  4. Let's Get Optimized 
  5. RevenueWings - Online Marketing Solutions Inc.
  6. Aptitude Digital
  7. SocialGoose
  8. SEO Bros.
  9. True Market
  10. Gustin Quon

1) iQlance - Award Winning SEO Company in Halifax

If you are looking to get some of the best SEO services in Canada, then iQlance is the best digital marketing company you should contact. There are several reasons why iQlance has been one of the top choices for customers across the globe. The company uses some of the most advanced tools to provide your business with an upper hand over your competitors. Moreover, the company is also using analytical tools to ensure that the efforts are quantified and that you get to see the results in a better way.

The best part about their services is that they are transparent and open about them. They are there to assist you in your development. Their idea is to grow mutually. Check some of the testimonials that the clients have given for iQlance here.

Why Choose iQlance as your SEO service provider?

iQlance solutions Provides High- quality Digital marketing and Seo Services in Halifax, Canada. If you want to boost your sales, your online reputation or anything that will give your business a chance to generate revenue, iQlance is there to help you out.

iQlance have an excellent team of certified and Experienced SEO Experts, Digital marketers and dedicated developers. You will definitely get a solution for your every business requirement. The company has 96% client retention and is ISO certified. They are also a certified member of NASSCOM and have completed projects in over 21 countries across the globe.

Some of the clients that the company has catered to include,

  • Stringflix
  • Market Dojo 
  • Ciderr
  • Danestreet
  • Afghan Smart
  • Core App
  • VRV
  • Trackupro

There are many other renowned clients that the company has catered lately.

2) BlueHat Marketing - Best Seo Company toronto

If you are looking for a well-established SEO company, then BlueHat Marketing is surely one of the best companies you can go for. BlueHat Marketing is a well-known brand among website search engine optimization, web design companies, digital marketing, and social media marketing. The Google-certified team seeks to deliver cutting-edge services to enhance leads, site traffic, brand growth, and eCommerce sales.

The firm has been toe to toe with the newest trends and technology since its start. As a result, we are constantly voted one of the finest SEO Company in Toronto, Canada. It has conquered the global realm in a very short time by catering to enterprises of diverse backgrounds and sizes.

This Top SEO agency's notable customers include some of the most renowned brands, such as,

  • Priority Plumbing
  • Keller Williams Realty 
  • Tribecca Finance
  • Marlow's Diamond & Design

There are many other clients for the company that are evidence of their good work and amazing skills.

3) Social Media 55

Social Media 55 is an online marketing and SEO firm that was established in 2014. It is regarded as one of the greatest SEO service providers in both the United States & Canada. The firm serves enterprises of all sizes. It also specializes in branding, management of social media and site design and development, in addition to SEO. It offers solutions to all eCommerce and service organizations, from constructing bespoke webpages or websites to designing some of the best lead-generating landing webpages. Influencer marketing is another outstanding service offered by Social Media 55.

It has worked on several worldwide initiatives over the years, including,  

  • Century 21, 
  • Org, 
  • CycleBar, 
  • Arby's, 
  • Westmount Square
  • Creccal, 
  • Puffs, 

There are many other companies with which the firm has worked.

4) Let's Get Optimized

If you are looking for a company that will give you a holistic optimization experience, then you must surely go for Let's Get Optimized. 

Let's Get Optimized has been providing full-service digital marketing, site design, and economical SEO since 2008. Trevor Steward, the company's creator, is now a Google Small Business Advisor and Google Ambassador. LGO has helped countless small and medium-sized companies enhance their website exposure via organic and local SEO or search engine optimization services. LGO excels in content generation, on-page and off-page SEO services, keyword analysis and research, link building, and SEO audits.

Over the years, a small business SEO firm has offered several sectors quantifiable, inexpensive, and long-term digital marketing solutions. 

Some of the renowned clients of the company include, 

  • Honda, 
  • Ford, 
  • Toyota, 
  • Infiniti Motor Company 
  • Kia, 
  • Lexus, 
  • Nissan, 
  • Chrysler, 

The company is well-versed in local as well as international clients, so they will be able to procure your requirements easily and scale your business. 

5) RevenueWings - Online Marketing Solutions Inc.

The main emphasis of RevenueWings - Online Marketing Solutions Inc. is on results-driven solutions based on tried-and-true SEO tactics. 

They assist your site in ascending to the top of organic search engines by using industry-leading SEO methods such as a strong backlinking strategy and interesting content to keep visitors coming back. In reality, search engine results are the most influential component in customer purchase choices. Most of these purchases are done from the first page of search results. The ranking of your brand is critical for generating leads and revenues. RevenueWings - Online Marketing Solutions Inc. boost your web visibility with an effective SEO approach. They assist you in reaching the top of search engine result pages (SERP). They will help you increase your lead production and the return on your marketing spending.

6) Aptitude Digital

Aptitude Digital provides SEO service providers, website design, maintenance, and digital marketing services. Their websites are intended for medium to small-sized enterprises. Aptitude Digital has been serving small and medium-sized businesses for over 15 years. Aptitude provides some of the best SEO services, which will give your business the traction it requires. Moreover, they also provide great website design services and assistance to businesses all around the globe. Search Engine Optimization, Web Maintenance, Website Design, and Website Design are examples of these business lines. Their organization's basic principles serve as the foundation for all they do.

They aspire to establish a work atmosphere in which customers are successful, knowledgeable, and kind. These values are combined to form the Aptitude Compass. This is what they guarantee both their customers and themselves. Pay-Per-Click advertising might be the most successful marketing technique for small companies. If you don't properly set up and optimize your campaigns, you're undoubtedly wasting money. Their specialists can help you avoid expensive mistakes and achieve top performance with both Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads.

7) SocialGoose

Ishani Sen and Anushka, two young and bold entrepreneurs launched SocialGoose. They are both well-versed in social media and can manage any element of it. Their offices are in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, serving local and international businesses. They can manage any customer from any location. They are also able to manage each client's unique needs depending on their sector.

SocialGoose is also good at SMM or Social Media Management, and one evidence of their capability is that their social media posts are unique and creative, which helps to build the brand of different businesses. SMM and SEO are excellent approaches to expanding your social network and engaging with like-minded individuals. Everything from article curation to comments management and beyond. Thousands of prospective clients are exposed to your goods and services. SocialGoose wants to see your business on Google's first page with its curated SEO services.

8) SEO Brothers

If you are looking to get a company that solely provides SEO services, then SEO Brothers are the company you should go for. SEO Brothers is a remote team of smart and compassionate SEO specialists servicing online and digital agency communities. SEO Brothers, founded in 2015 by Adam and Devon Bate, aspires towards development via great service.

The company solely specialize in SEO. There are no paid or social benefits. Simple SEO. Over a decade of expertise delivering client-centric organic search solutions. They are also focused and growth-centric. You will get access to a world-class SEO staff. There is no need to locate, employ, or manage SEO professionals. Most of their SEO solutions have 50% margins. With unrestricted business development assistance, you can win more business with their help.

They also provide you with immense support. Training and assistance for your account management staff. They provide you with monthly webinars, which are pre-recorded on different industry news, and updates are available. With Slack as the medium, they provide real-time access to your SEO team.

Exclusivity is another aspect of their business. They only work with one agency in each big city; if you want to be one of them, do contact them today. If you specialize in industry-based marketing, you may have industry exclusivity, so get in touch.

9) True Market

True Market, founded in 2015, is a Search Engine Optimization provider with website design, digital marketing, and brand development business. It has been trying to meet the marketing demands of companies both offline and online since its start. It has effectively changed marketing into an income-generating venture for its worldwide clientele by delivering top-tier SEO firm services. The team also includes graphic designers that specialize in competitive digital and print design. True Market has also received other major awards, including,

  • Dotcom Magazine Impact Company 2019
  • Most Outstanding Full-Service Marketing Agency 2020, 

Some of the renowned clients of True Market are, 

  • Costen Insurance
  • The Melanson Company Inc.
  • Acumen Capital Parameters
  • Strike Energy Services
  • MicroWatt Controls
  • Studio C Architecture

Do check them out if you want an award-winning SEO provider for your company.

10) Gustin Quon

Gustin Quon, formed in 2017, is one of Canada's most popular SEO marketing firms. It has a great workforce committed to meeting the marketing and sales demands of both big and small growth-oriented businesses. Its data-driven marketing methods are centred on empowering businesses, engaging customers, and generating leads. Aside from the standard services, the firm offers free marketing analysis that is Google AdWords-approved. It has garnered over 2100 successful customers, 1 lakh quality leads, and hundred client testimonials during the last several years.

This is undoubtedly one of the greatest SEO firms and has been ranked as one of Winnipeg's top three advertising agencies. 

Some of the customers that Gustin Quon serves to include, 

  • Applewood Auto Group, 
  • Well Refined Renovations, 
  • Harlan Fairbanks, 
  • The King's University, 
  • Winnipeg Stonetops, 
  • North Coral Landscaping, 
  • Oakley Alarms, 


SEO is surely one of the most important aspects of business today. However, now you might have got some idea about the best SEO Company Halifax. You can choose any of them. However, our personal favourite is iQlance because of their expertise and the customer support that they provide. Moreover, they are easy to reach and have some of the best rates in the industry. If you feel that you require some assistance in getting their services, then check out their website today.

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