Explore fitness Business Revenue with Smart apps


According to the Consumer Technology Association, portable consumer fitness tech (activity trackers, smartwatches, personal sound amplification products, smart basketballs and baseball bats, etc.) will generate around $6.4 billion in sales this year in the U.S.—a 10% increase year-over-year, but still only eight percent of the national fitness market. On the software side, fitness apps are expected to bring in just $619 million in revenue, which isn’t even one percent of the wider fitness market.

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Gym or fitness Center Business plan

Over the past few years, many fitness centers have been installed all over the country successfully due to rising consciousness of the people towards their health. There has begun a huge demand for gyms from consumers who are conscious towards fitness and also it has been a key for the owners of fitness centers and gyms to have an opportunity to make a profitable business with this opportunity. Opening and coming up with a fitness center requires from your end a lot of planning and research and in the below content we will look at the process which is involved in coming with a plan to earn revenue from a fitness business with newer techniques and making use of the technology to do so.

Instead of going physical with the gym, you can start your gym with a smart app. Canada Filings is a fitness app development company as well.

Most of the people of today’s age are involved in the world online. Almost all the people own a smart phone and have a number of apps installed on their cell phones which range from ordering food to ordering daily tools. Then, why not do something from others and instead of going along making gyms as a physical body, getting it done online. It is easy. Requires less capital and you can earn just like any other gym.


Having a fitness app online will bring your customers even who are not located near by your operating area which is a plus point, you can save on a lot of expenses which range from land, building, equipment, employees, and so much more. All you will need is a fitness app development company which in your case will be ours and you can get an app made handy. With that you can get all your workout regimes installed on the app and the target customer of yours can access the app easily and pay for accessing your workout regimes. It is an easy way for you to make money just by investing a lot less and a lot more lesser than in the installation of an actual gym.

The investment that you have to undergo is quite less and what you get is quite more in comparison. This is an extremely helpful idea. As people today have numerous options online in all the other fields. Then why not give them their own gym with personal trainer right at their home on their smart phone so that it is easily accessible for them and you can even generate revenue with the same.

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No matter what type of fitness regime you want to opt for. It does not have to be necessarily a muscle workout gym, it can be anything ranging from workout through aerobics, nutritional advice, and much more. You can get an app designed to generate business revenue through fitness regimes.

Our services in developing an app for you are excellent. We have a team of experts and professionals who can design an ultimate app for you with all the features that you would want to see in it. We make your app easy for you to operate and for your target customers to access and use and continue using it for a long time.


We build the apps fast for you without the headache of managing the infrastructure of the app by you. gives you numerous functionalities like databases, analytics, crash reporting, and messaging so that you can quickly respond and report to your customers. Our apps are backed by Google and trusted by top apps. We make your apps on the infrastructure of google and scales of the same for even the largest apps.

Our apps bring together a lot of products from our base to put together an app which works great with all the elements put into one. All these insights work the best together according to the needs you want to put in and the requirements you ask for. We make sure that all these elements are combined into one for you to be able to work in the best way possible without investing much and with the gain of more.

Ours is a comprehensive mobile app development platform. We build apps better than you can imagine. Not just once, we make sure that your app is improved and enhanced at all the steps in every way possible. With newer discoveries and newer techniques, we make sure that we add for you a number of updates with every step to make sure that your app is fully upgraded in all the possibilities and there is nothing that your app lacks.

After the making and building of your app, we make sure that we take it to our test labs to test its working and ope rationality just to make sure that what you always wanted in your app, it has it all. We do not want you to feel any disappointed with the work we do for you and so we make sure that what you always wanted, our experts fit it into the app you have asked for after the testing if there is anything you feel is left, we will make sure that we add it instantly to give you the best version of your needs in an app.

You can always enhance your app with us in-app messaging facilities, dynamic links, and much more.

We bring to your solutions to change the most demanding challenges that your app brings for you to grow and take up-gradations. Before putting a new up-gradation in your app, we make sure that we add your app to our test labs to check if the up-gradations are working fine and if they go well with your app. We test the up-gradations on the subset of your user base and see how the app works and responds to the new up-gradations we have put in your app. We progressively roll out the latest features for you in your app to make it the best that is prevailing in the market and to make sure that you have untold advantage over your competitors in all the ways. We have figured out all that.


We create for you a great look for your app. Not just with features, we want your customers to enjoy using the app due to its attractiveness and themes which make it unique. We make sure that all the app you get designed from us comes in attractive packages for you to make sure that your app is quite attractive for the customers, with beautiful themes and accessible features to put a lot of betterment into it in all the ways. Our simple and secure apps will create an excellent on-boarding flow for you.

You can always check the on-boarding process in all the ways with our app developments just to be sure that you have all the round accessibility with us and your app and it becomes easier for you to response to the needs of your customers in the ways to make your app better in each way with every day.

The best part about the development of the apps is that you can add chatting installment n your apps. With this feature you will be able to talk and communicate with your customers instantly and you can respond to them regarding all their queries and problems and provide them with solutions.

The app will make sure that your customers can send you feedback regarding the operating of the app and if there is a problem they are facing or an if there is change that they want. Feedback from the customers will help you to guide us to enhance the variability of your app and make it better for us from your customers end and their access. We can enrich in your app for you a user-friendly chat option to make sure that you can chat all the time with your users to make them know all the doubts they have about the app and the workouts and fitness areas that you are hosting on your app. In this, you can provide better tips to your customers and make them conduct a two-face communication with you for the betterment of their workout and for your business pulls.

Our apps will be easily integrated to iOS, android, and also the web. You can use them for all the scenes to make sure they are accessible to a major part of your customer area.


Our costs will always suit your pocket size and we make sure that you do not have lose a lot amount of budget on any of services.

Blockchain : Why it is the Future of Technology


The BlockChain cannot be described just as a revolution. It is a tsunami-like phenomenon, slowly advancing and gradually enveloping everything along its way by the force of its progression.

–William Mougayar

As per the research global technology market is forecasted to grow 2.3 billion in U.S dollars by 2021. Isn’t that huge enough? Ever since Santoshi Nakamoto published his invention in 2009, Blockchain technology has added the flavour not only in financial industry but also across other verticals.

What is Blockchain technology and what problem it can solve?

Today, with the advent of new technologies, internet has revolutionized the way people communicate. We make the use of payment gateways to share and transfer information back and forth; but is that really secured? Databases cannot communicate with each other, it needs error-free human administration or a centralized station to run every node.


So, here the Blockchain technology comes into existence. It is decentralized ledger shared by multiple users and works without the interference of third-party. This technology tracks every details that happens on the internet – every digital transaction, private data, service etc. Data is encrypted into blocks and gets scatter into pieces across worldwide network of distributed nodes.

Hence, because of this reason:-

  • Electronic ledgers can become cheap than traditional account system
  • Distributed ledger system nullifies repetitive task and results into less error
  • Lessen up the risk of pending transaction as processing delays

Blockchain has three main features of distributed ledgers:

  • Veracity – multiple copies (as opposed to a single copy) of the complete historical record of ledger entries are each verified by consensus.
  • Transparency – it is a public record of activity that can be seen by all market participants.
  • Disintermediation – Instead of specific central organization, this operates using peer-to peer network.

Blockchain technology is the pillar behind the success of the bitcoin and is the first digital currency to solve the issue of double- spending. This technology is transformative and several predicts expects that it will have massive impact in the market.

 “One Bitcoin can be divided by 100 million units, and each unit can also represent value in multiple ways – i.e.; cash, property, votes, energy.”

Implications of transaction in Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology will revolutionize the way we write, execute transactions and maintain records. Keeping accounts of all transactions is the core criteria for any business as it becomes easy to track the last performances and help in planning the need for the future. Some records consume time, energy and efforts and often creation and storage process results in errors.

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In the current scenario transactions can be executed immediately but settlement of the funds takes a long process. For instance: Someone selling in the stock exchange can sell stocks immediately but settlement can take few days. Similarly, if someone is making the new deal of buying property, price can be negotiated and signed quickly, but process of registering takes more time and may involve lawyer, government and employees.

But, in the Blockchain technology, transaction process is quick and permanent and distributed across nodes, and details of transaction such as price, asset etc. are recorded, verified and settled within seconds across all nodes and any change in one ledger simultaneously affect the other copies of ledger. Since each transaction is transparent and permanently recorded, there is no need of third party verification and is open for anyone to see.

What makes distributed technology different?


The key difference of Blockchain is the ability to transact without the need of trusted third-party through distributed ledger.

Ultimately, distributed ledger technology represent significant innovations. They have broad implications, including:

  • Operational simplification and fraud minimisation
  • Digital identity
  • More transparency in transactions.

Fraud minimization

One of the advantages of distributed ledger technology is that manual efforts to perform reconciliation and resolving disputes can be drastically reduced. Traditional accounting system means parties involved in one project need to check the system and find the reason why they disagree. Instead with the help of Blockchain the same thing can be migrated in number of ways as all parties involved share the same record.

For businesses, Blockchain increases the efficiency, reduction in duplicated and manual tasks and cut-cost and provides opportunities for businesses to focus on value-adding task and facilitate trust along with supply chain. Businesses which regularly deal with unknown customers faces risks, where a business is not sure that its customer will comply with contractual terms. Goods are delivered, but the customer may not make payment for days or weeks. This ties up capital and can cause cash flow problems. Blockchain technology has the capability to minimise risk and settlement times, which ultimately aids in improving balance sheet efficiency.

More transparency in transaction

Distributed ledger provides transparent information in real-time transactions and hence, those currently gaining competitive advantages via imbalance of information is likely to put an equal foots with the rest of the market. Individuals will be able to understand which organizations have used which data under what circumstances and this enables more consumer decision making. The tracking of goods over Blockchain will also provide greater transparency and simpler process for businesses and would enable increased cooperation between regulators and regulated entities.


SimplyVital Health is using Blockchain technology to give healthcare industry a facelift. The company is using the Blockchain-based data storage and analytics platform aimed for streamlining medical data storage and sharing.

The Bottom line

Blockchain technology is here to stay and is transforming the way society functions. Being still in an early stage, crypto currencies are only its major use case. Above perspectives may sound promising, but business need to come up with the kickass solution or connect with the Toronto Mobile Application Development Company that can nurture your product as per your requirements in a better way.

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