Content Marketing Tricks Must Showcase your Brand Value

Krunal Vyas: Posted October 24, 2017 In SEO

Content marketing can lose focus on a brand’s core purpose if marketers overemphasis editorial independence and assume their offerings are not interesting enough. Strongly communicated brand values and reflecting customers’ needs should lead to interesting and effective content.

We all are aware of the fact that content marketing forms an integral part of the entire marketing platform. But one ought to keep in mind that content marketing is not just about creating enough content rather it is more about creating content that is really good and not just good. The new era of content marketing emphasizes on telling a true story really well instead of just telling a story. Content is still king in SEO.

Videos should definitely be an essential part of your strategy this year. Even the facts say so. An average website user spends 88% more time on a website if it has a video and visitors who watch video are 85% more likely to buy your products than visitors who don’t. Also, 46% users say that they are more likely to search about a product if they watch a video. That’s the kind of impact of video on your consumers! Studies also tell that 74% of all internet traffic will be video centric by 2017. Statistics indicate 52% of marketing professionals worldwide say that video content brings in the best ROI. Clearly, videos are essential to reach the masses.

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To put in simple words the content marketing tricks of recent times must showcase the brand value. In order to achieve that there are certain factors that requires immediate attention.

Let us have a look at those

Your content should tell the real :

Story : In fact, the content that is created should show and not just tell. The main objective of the content should be to show the way the product exists in the real world. It should contain customer stories, perspectives from the customers. There should be a special mention as in how the product adds value to the life of the customer.

There should be greater usage of data :

Always keep in mind that data gives credibility to a particular content. In fact, facts, figures, and data should form the foundation of your story. The best way to put across this content is data before declaration. If you are trying to sell potential customers your thought process it is imperative that you let them know the reason as to why you think so.

Citing of sources also lends credibility to content :

When you are preparing content for marketing purpose always remember to cite the exact sources. This adds value to the content. For example, if you are using info graphics from a particular survey, it is better to give credit to the sources. At the same time, if you are using idea of a particular person it is recommended that you mention the name accordingly.

Try to mention that other perspectives do exist :

As you try to make your content go viral; keep in mind that it is important to mention that various perspectives exist to a particular issue. When you do so potential customers have the opportunity to think and independently and pick out the best. Here comes in the subtle marketing that your content should do.

You should keep things simple :

It is quite obvious that business can become quite complex at times. But when you are writing content you should aim at breaking down the complexity completely. The content must be written in accessible terms.

Last but not the least; try to make visual value addition to content because you are writing for the web and a story with visual elements easily catches the fancy of the target audience.

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