Why a Choose PHP Framework Rather Than others Framework?

Krunal Vyas: Posted June 14, 2017 In Reviews of Some Technology Trends
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PHP web frameworks are some of the most commonly used web development platforms in the world right now. In fact, over the years they have made a strong ecological unit of their own. These frameworks come with their own unique features and can provide functions that might not always be possible for the main PHP programming language to offer.

PHP frameworks are nowadays used for building web applications and websites of all sizes, functions and complexity. These web applications and websites range from simple, small static sites to complex, large scale content management systems for leading enterprises.

More than 80% of websites make use of the PHP programming language which makes it the most widely used web development program. However, the truth is that it would have been quite difficult to create such an extensive web footprint all across the online world by developing web applications that are made with raw PHP code created from scratch.

PHP frameworks have greatly helped the development of the PHP website development market all across the globe. The secret for the success of any website or web application lies in its ability to deliver the best results for the target users so that it has the desired response for a business owner. PHP frameworks help to achieve just that.

In the sphere of modern day web development, it is necessary to focus on quick development of the applications and websites along with well structured, easily maintained and reusable code, while at the same time ensuring availability. Such goals can be easily achieved with the help of PHP frameworks. The PHP frameworks come with ready to use libraries, components, features, enforce proven architecture models, ensure separation of the model, view and controller or MVC logic. They also enforce a robust file and coding structure and resolve all concerns associated with low level security measures. Due to such reasons.

Which PHP Framework Should I Choose?

  • Symfony 2 : Symfony is developed by SensioLabs, a French-based PHP development company.
  • Zend Framework 2 : Zend Framework 2 allows components to be implemented a la carte, and is also the product of a web development company by the same name.
  • Yii : Yii is supported by an international development team, not backed by a company.
  • Laravel : Laravel positions itself as “the PHP framework for web artisans.” Built on Symfony components, Laravel wants to be your go-to framework for convenient and beautiful web coding.
  • Codeigniter : Codeigniter is open source development framework which follow the MVC framework pattern. Its goal is to give you the easy and proper way to develop the project much faster that you could do.

What is the use of MVC in PHP

Now we will focus on Codeigniter, is better than other Frameworks?

  1. Execution Time: The first and the most important point which attracts the every developer towards the PHP, Php gives the response too fast that till now no technology is in this world which can give the execution so fast.
  2. File Organization: When you first install the codeigniter framework at that time only it contains the many files application which contains the sub-folders as controller, config, model, view etc.
  3. Configuration: Codeigniter mvc framework has very simple configuration, you just have to fist install the framework as per your system configuration then at the time of programming open the config.php load the library, database, arrays all in that and save that’s it then. You don’t have to write the database name everytime to use it. “Write once use everywhere”.
  4. Security: In PHP you will find many in-built functions to use in our project for the input and output filtering. Many Function available to for the encryption and decryption which helps the developer to send any data in the secret installation.
  5. Less Code and faster development: The php is called as the rapid development framework. You will write less code, which means less time spent typing. You will not have to chase down 3rd party libraries all the time for every new project because most of them will come with the default framework install.
  6. Community Support: As we all know that PHP is world’s largest using language so everyone come with their problem and solutions so in those problems and solutions you get your problem solved in very less time and with full support and all.
  7. Easy Error Handling: Error handling was never before so easy but in codeigniter you have to only write one line code to enable all the errors in front of you so that you can get what is the problem in the development code.
  8. Step by Step Testing With Development Phase: You can test the performance and the functionality of the project during the starting phase of project through that you can see each and every phase of the project and you can test it.
  9. Easy Template Solution: Now in world most of the projects are going based on the templates only. Template gives the complete idea of design of project even at starting phase of the development you just have to give the content in that.
  10. Codeigniter Cache Class: I think most of the clients love to make the cache class in their project because cache what do if you clicked on any button in the project then next time it gives the result from the cache instead of executing the completing the complete code again after clicking.

PHP frameworks can make the process of web development a lot more fun and help to enhance productivity. It is due to such factors that experts always recommend working with PHP frameworks as they can improve overall efficiency.

Frameworks are Helpful, not compulsory

What is the framework of PHP?

Keep in mind that frameworks are not required for every web development project, but for many projects the right PHP framework can save many valuable hours and web coding headaches.

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