Do you know the Importance of UI/UX in the Brand Development?


Today when we look around us, it’s all about smartphones and tablets. Be it work or play, smartphones and tablets have taken over the need to use laptops and desktops are practically extinct now. Due to this change in the way things are functioning around us, technology and even anything new that comes into play are centered around mobile and tablets. Hence, arises the need for mobile-friendly apps. In other words, now it’s not only about your venture having a website; the current technical requirements have to lead to the need of having a mobile-friendly website along with a mobile app, which is compatible with iPhones as well as Android phones. Only when these requirements are met, then can you expect your venture to succeed.

Now talking about mobile apps, as users we are well aware of how many mobile apps are launched and taken off the app store or the Google play store every day. There are even multiple apps for the same purpose created by different developers. However, not all apps work or in other words, succeed. The same app from one developer might be more popular than the same app from another developer. So what makes apps popular? What is that the developers like app developers in Toronto do so that the app is popular and more and more users are using the app?

Why is it important to design the UI/UX correctly?

So let’s look at apps from a users perspective. What would or what makes attracts you to a particular app? Once we have it, what keeps us hooked on to the app? The main thing about the mobile apps that different app development teams, like the App Development, need to understand that any app needs to have a stunning design. The look i.e., the design of the app needs to be eye-catching such that the user cannot let go of the app. The design of the app needs to ensure that the end-user experience is an effective User experience (UX) and User interface (UI) design. Mobile apps that are designed without considering the UI/UX, are mainly the apps that fail since they fail to attract users and keep the users connected. An outstanding user-interface needs to not only look spectacular along with being easy to use.

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So that people or end-users feel good after using them. Hence now app developers are putting more time designing the look and feel of the app since they are well aware that’s where the success story for the app would begin. As discussed, since the UI and the UX of the app are so vital, then let’s understand what goes into the UI and the UX that would help the app to succeed.

The UI or the User Interface:

When we talk about the User interface or the UI design of the app, we are referring to how the app would look and how it would feel when it’s being used. In short, this means how the experience of the user is when they interact with the app. So the designer, who works on this aspect of the app, mainly focuses on the appearance of the app. They have to prepare a graphical UI design keeping in mind the end user who would be finally using the app and ensure that the design of the app enhances the user experience.

The UX or the User Experience:

Now coming to the User Experience or the UX, which forms the deciding factor from the user point of view, when they use the app. The UX of the application is finally the part, which creates an impact on the mind of the end-user and thus further ensuring the perception or the impact that your venture has on the minds of the user. The main purpose of the app or the UX for that matter should be such that it should work on building satisfaction and trust in the mind of the end-user. This can be achieved by providing a simplistic design, improving the usability and finally it is the confidence that the user feels while interacting with the app. Hence the UX designer would ensure that he studies the market and does a comprehensive research of the targeted market, within the particular industry and understanding the end-users’ needs and so on before they initiate working on the design for the app.

The Elements that make up an efficient UI and UX

  • Colors and Fonts

These are probably the first things that catch the users’ attention. Also, these are very important when the company is a well-known brand or even a familiar brand for that matter. If the company has a design document or some policies, which determines these parameters, the designer needs to ensure that they follow these guidelines or parameters. This is further important as it increases familiarity with the brand and enables the user to recognize the brand, thus earning you goodie points at the first stage itself.

In cases, where the font style, font size, and the colors are not determined already, the designer needs to ensure that the right font style and the right font size is used while designing the app. The font should be too fancy or even too small or too big for that matter. And always ensure that there is no capitalization. As far as the app color knows, the right combination needs to be used, using light font colors on a light background and for that matter, dark font colors on a dark background is also not right, since the user would have difficulty reading the text in the app and might even cause the user to uninstall the app.

  • Language

The app language needs to be correct and simple to understand; so that even if the user has a basic knowledge of the language, they should be able to operate the app with ease. It shouldn’t be that the user feels a requirement to use the dictionary for using the app.

  • Visuals

Visuals always plan an important role, when it comes to sharing a story. Visuals in the app tell the user the story of your venture. Visuals are known to be more attractive and remembered easily, as far as human psychology is concerned. By looking at the icon of the app, the user should be able to easily relate to the venture associated with the app.

  • Notifications

Any app needs to ensure that they display the right notifications and with precise content, like notification for when the app needs to be updated, when its installed or even for that matter when it’s uninstalled or notification mentioning new features provided in the update. People and in other words the users, are always busy and sometimes don’t have time to check the apps repeatedly. In this way, you are motivating the user to use the app. Also along with this, it is important to ensure that the app loads fast. By considering these factors your are valuing the users’ time.


Importance of having an Effective UI/UX

In today’s world, with everything being very competitive, mobile apps also face the same scenarios. App development companies have to spend a lot of time in advance doing research and ensuring that everything is well planned, before initiating the work on the app design. Below are some of the reasons how the right app works for you.

Customer satisfaction

The main center of attraction for having a perfectly designed app, that it not only helps manage the content along with that if the app is simple to use, but you can also be ensured that the client is satisfied. A satisfied client will not only provide a great rating and feedback, but they also will recommend your app to others. Also, this ensures that they are loyal to you and will always be returning for more and in turn increasing your business.

Understanding the audience

Before building the app, it’s very important to understand and study the targeted audience. In other words, knowing who the client is. The app needs to be built based on what they need. If the app is developed keeping the targeted audience in mind, you also have a chance to convert the prospective clients into actual buyers on the app, which would again in result in increased sales.

Brand building

Ultimately, it’s all about building your brand. The more efficient the UI and the UX designs are, the more likely you will have more satisfied customers. Also, it’s human psychology that everyone likes to work with things that make him or her happy. Thus they become more open in giving you feedback and thus helping in building a relationship with the customer. This at the end of the day results in the growth and value of the brand and business.

Saves both time and money

It’s better to spend enough time developing and quality checking the app before it is launched. The reasons are simple, a well-developed app would mean that the user is less likely to find a loophole with the app, which also means lesser time spent on updates. Updating and upgrading the app also means that you would need to spend more time and money, thus causing losses to the business.



Finally, it’s important to understand that a mobile app needs to be used by the end-user and hence it needs to center around his needs and requirements. It’s also important to understand that the app needs to be easy to use as well engaging or the end-user will lose interest in the app. Developing the right app with an effective UI/UX design are the first steps to a successful app and in turn a successful venture.

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